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restrain ; forcible. Co he'sive, a. that has the Co es sen' tial, a. partici. power of sticking to

pating of the same es. gether, sence.

Co helsion, n. the act of Coe ter nal, a. equally sticking together.

eternal with another. Co'hort, n. a body of warCo el val, a. of the same riors. age.

Coif, n. the head dress ; a Co ex4 ist' ent, a. having cap.

existence at the same Coil, v. to gather into a time with another.

narrow compass. Coffee, n. the berries of rope wound into a ring.

the coffee tree; a drink | Coin, n. money ; payment made of coffee.

of any kind. v. to mint Cof' fer, n. a money


or stamp money. y. to treasure up in Coin' age, n. the act of chests.

coining money. Cogen cỏ, n. strength ; Co in cide', v. to concur ; force.

to agree with ; to meet; Col gent, a. forcible ; re- to fit.

sistless ; convincing: Co in' ci dence, n. concurCogi ta' tion, n. thought ; rence ; agreement. meditation.

Coľ an der, 1 a straining Cog ni' tion, n. knowl- vessel; a sieve.

edge ; complete con- Cold' lý, ad. indifferently ; viction.

negligentiy Cog'ni za ble, a. that falls Col'ic, n. a distemper af.

under judicial notice. fecting the bowels. Cog'ni zance, n. judicial Cow lar, something notice ; trial.

round the neck; a band. Co hab' it, v. to live to. v to seiz- by the collar.

gether as husband and Collat' e ral, a side by wife.

side ; concurrent. Co heir, (ko are') n. one Colla'tion, 11. a repast ; a of several heirs.

gif Co here', v. to stick to Colleague, n. a partner. gether.

Coiloague',v. to unite with Co he' rent, a. sticking to- Coilcci', v. to gather together

gether ; to infer.


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Col lec' tion, n. things Com bus' tion, n. a burngathered.

ing; hurry ; confusion. Coi lec' tive lì, ad. in a Con' e dý, n. a laughable body; wholly.

dramatic piece. Collect or, n. a gather. Come' li ness, n. grace ;

er ; a tax gatherer. beauty ; dignity. College, n. a house or Com'et, n. a blazing star.

school for learning. Com' fort a ble, a pleas. Colle' gi an, n. a member ing; dispensing comof a college.

fort. Coll' ier, n. a digger of Com' ic al, a. diverting ; coals ; a dealer in coals.

merry ; queer. Colli ga' tion, n. the act Com mand' er, n. a chief

of binding together. who commands. Col lis6' ion, n. the act of Com mand' ment, n. man

striking together ; date; precept; command. clash.

Com mem o ra' tion, n. act Col lul6sive, a. fraudu

of public celebration. lent ; deceitful.

Com mence', v. to begin. Coľ o nise, v. to supply Com mence' ment, with inhabitants.

beginning ; date. Co' lour ing, n. an art in Com mend', v. to recom

painting ; an excuse. mend ; to mention with Co" lours', n. a banner ; approbation. flag ; streamer.

Com mend' a ble, a. laud. Col

umn, n. a round pil. able ; worthy of praise. lar ; part of a page.

Com men da' tion, Com' bat, n. a battle ; a praise ; declaration of

contest. v. to fight ; to esteem. oppose.

Com men' su rate, a. eCom' bat ant, n. a chain. qual ; proportionable.

pion ; an antagonist ; a Com' ment, v. to expound; fighter.

to annotate. n. exposiCom bi na'tion, n. conspi- tion racy ; an association.

Com' men ta rý, n. an ex. Com bine', v. to unite; to position ; annotation join.

remark. Com bus' ti ble, a. that | Cora men ta' tor, n. expos

which easily takes fire. itor ; annotator.

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Commerce, n. trade ; Com mu'ni ca ble, a. that traffick.

which may be impartCom mer cial, a. relating ed, or recounted. to commerce.

Com mu'ni cate, v. to reCon mis6' er ate, v. to pi- veal ; to impart know

ty ; to compassionate. ledge ; to celebrate the Com miso er a' tion, n. pi. Lord's Supper.

ty ; compassion; ten- Com mu ni ca'tion, n. conderness.

ference ; conversation. Com mis' sion, v. to em. Com mu'ni ca tive, a. lib. power ; to appoint. eral of knowledge ; not

; Com mis' sion er, n one

Selfish. included in a warrant of Com mun' ion, n. inter. authority.

course ; fellowship ; the Com mit', v. to intrust; public celebration of the to give in trust ; to im

Lord's Supper. prison ; to perpetrate.

Com mu'ni tý, n. the comCom mit' tee, n persons

monwealth. selected to manage any Com mu ta'tion,n change; matter.

alteration ; exchange ; Com mo' di ous, a. venient ; suitable. Com mute',

to Com mod' i tý, n. inter change; to ransom one

est ; wares ; merchan. obligation by another. dise.

Com pact', a solid; close ; Com' mo dore, n. the cap. brief. v. to join together.

tain who commands a Com' pact, n a contract ; squadron of ships

an agreement. Com' mon al tỹ, n. the Com pact' lý, ad. close. common people.

ly; densely. Com' mon lý, ad. frequent-Com pan' ion, n. a partner ly; usually

an associate. Com' mon wealth, n. the Com' pa ný, n. persons as

public ; a republic. sembled ; a body corpoCom mo' tion, n. tumult ; rate ; persons united in

disturbance ; agitation. joint trade. Com mune', v. to con- Com' par a bie, a. worthy

verse ; to impart senti- to be c'mpared ; of ements mutually.

qual regard.



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Com par' a tive, a. esti- compense ; to counter.

mated by comparison ; vail; to compense. not absolute.

Com pen sa' tion, n. Com psr a tive lý, ad. in

compense. a state of comparison.

Com' pe tence, Com pare', v. to make one

thing the measure of a- what is sufficient, nother.

Com' pe tent, a. adequate; Com par i son, n. a com- qualified ; fit.

parative estimate. Com pe ti" tion, n. rival. Com' pass, v. to encircle ;

ry ; contest. to surround;

to ob

Com pet' i tor, n. a rival ; tain; to attain, n. a cir. an opponent. cle ; space ;

a well | Com pi la'tion, n. a col. known instrument of lection from various au

surveyors and mariners. thors. Com pas' sion, n. pity ; Com pile), v. to draw up commiseration.

from various authors ; Com pas' sion ate, v. to to compose. pity ; to commitate ; Com pi' ler, n. a collec.

inclined to pity ; tor ; one who compiles. merciful.

Com plal cence, } Com pas' sion ate ly, ad. Com pla' cen cý, S

mercifully ; tenderly. civility ; complaisance. Com pat' i ble, a. suitable Com pla'cent, a. civil ;

to ; consistent with ; affable ; mild. competible.

Com plain', v. to lament ; Com peer', n. equal ; com- to inform against.

panion ; colleague. Com plain'ant,n. one who Com pel', v. to ublige ; to wages suit against ano. constrain.

ther. Com' pend,

n. abridg- Complain'er, n. a lamentment; summary ; epit- er ; one who informs. ome.

Com plaint', n. an accusaCom pen' di ous, a. short ; tion; a lamentation ; a comprehensive.

disease. Com pen' di um,n. abridg- Com plaisance', n. civili. ment ; compend.

ty ; desire of pleasing: Com pen' sate, v. to re- Com plai sant', a. civil ;






desirous to please. Com pos6' i tor, n. one Com' ple ment, n. comple- who arranges the lettion.

ters for printing. Com plete', a. perfect; fin- Com pol 6sure, n. calm

ished ; concluded. v. to ness ; tranquillity.

finish ; to perfect Com pound', v. to minCompletelly, ad. fully; gle ; to come to terms perfectly.

with a debtor. Com p!e' tion, n. accom- Com' pound, n. a mass of

plishment; perfect state. ingredients. a. formed Com' plex, a. of many of several.

parts ; not simple. Com pre hend', v. to comCom' plex ion, n. the col. prise ; to contain in the

our of the face, &e. mind ; to conceive. Com pli' ance, n. submis-Com pre hen' si ble, a. in.

sion : act of yielding. telligible ; conceivable. Com' pli cate,

Com pre hen' sion, pounded of many parts. knowledge ; capacity. v. to entangle.

Com pre hen' sive, a. havCom pli ca' tion, n. a mix- ing the power to under

ture of many things. stand ; capacious. Com' pli ment, n. an act of Com press', v. to force in

civility. v. to flatter. to a narrow compass. Com ply', v. to yield or Com pres' sure, submit ; to agrée.

force of one body pressCom po' nent, a. constitu- ing against another. ting ; forming

Com priseo, v. to contain ; Com port', v. to agree ; to

to include. suit.

Com' pro mises, n. mutual Com poseb, v. to quiet ; to adjustment. v. to adjust setile ; to put togeth. by mutual concessions.

Comp trollier, (con troll Com pogled, a. calm ; se- er) n. director ; superdate ; serious.

visor. Com pogóler,n. an author; Com pulsion n. the act & writer.

of compelling ; force. ро osi" tion, n. a mix Com pul' sive, a. compul. ture ; a written work ;

sory , forcing. accommodation,

Com punc' tion, n. répera

n. the



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