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By' word, n. a cant word ; Bur' den, n. a load ; some- a saying; a proverb.

thing grievous; burthen. Bur' den some, a griev.

C. ous ; troublesome.

CA BAL', n. an intrigue ; Bu reau', (bu ro) n. private junto v. to plot chest of drawers.

privately. Bur' gess, n. a citizen. Cab'inet, n a set of drawBur' gla rý, n. robbing a ers ; a room in which house by night.

state consultations are Bu' ri al, n. interment.

held. Bur lesque', n. ludicrous Ca' dence, n. a fall of the language.

voice. Bur' nish, v. to polish ; to Ca jole, v. to flatter ; to grow bright.

sooth. Bur row, n. a corporate Cail tiff, n. a mean villain ;

town. v. to mine as con- a despicable knave. ies or rabbits.

Cal a man' cn, n. a kind of Bu' rý, v. to inter ; to woolen stuff conceal.

Ca lam' i tous, a. misera. Bush' el, n. a measure con- ble ; unhappy ; wretched." taining eight gallons Ca lam?i tỷ,

11. misfor. Bu' si ness, n employment tune ; cause of misery. Bus' tle, v. to be husy ; Calcu late, v. to stir. n. a tumult; a

pute ; to reckon. hurry.

Cal cu la' tion, n. the reBut' ler, n. a servant em- sult of arithmeticai ope

played in furnishing the ration. table.

Cal cu la'tor, n. a compuBut' ment, n. the support ter: of an arch.

Câl' dron, n. a pot; a boiBut'le rý, n. a place for ler ; a kettle. provisions

Cal' en dar, n. an alma. Bux' om, a. lively ; brisk; nack; a yearly register. jolly ; wanton

Cal'en der, n, a hot press By law, n. private rule for smoothing cloth. in a society.

Cai'i ber, n. the bore, the By' stand er, n, a looker diameter of a gun baron,


to com



Ca li" gin ous, a. obscure ; corrode. dim

Can' ni bal, n. a man-eatCâll'ing, n. vocation ; profession; trade.

Can non ade', v. to batter Cal lous, a. hardened ; in

with cannon. sensible.

Ca non' i cal, a fixed by Caľ o mel, n. mercury six ecclesiastical laws. times sublimed.

Can on i za' tion, n. the Ca lum' ni ate, v. to slan. act of declaring a saint. der.

Can' o pý, n. a covering Ca lum' ni a tor, n. a slan- spread over the head. derer

Canthar' i dēsó, n. spanish Caľ um ný, n. slander ; flies, used to raise blisfalse charge.

ters Calx, n. any thing render. Can' ti cle, n. a song. pl. ed reducible to powder

songs of Solomon. by burning.

Can' vass, v. to sift ; to Cam paign', n. a large o- examine : to solicit.

pen country; the time a kind of coarse cloth. an army keeps in the Ca pa bil i tỹ, n. capacity.

field in one year. Ca pa' cious, a. large ; ex: Cam' phire,

tensive ; able to hold Cam' phor, n. a white

much. gum

Ca pa" ci tý, n. power ; Ca naille', n. the lowest ability ; condition. people

Ca" pil la rý, Can' cel, v. to efface ; to bling hairs ; small; mi

obliterate in general. nute. Can' cer ous, a having the Cap' i tal, a. criminal in

virulence of a cancer. the highest degree ; Can' did, a. white ; fair; large ; principal. n. the open ; ingenuous.

chief city of a nation. Can' di daic, n. one that ca pit' u late, v. to yield

solicits advancement. upon certain terms Can' dour, n. sweetness Ca pri" cious, a. whim

of temper ; purity of sical ; fanciful

mind; ingenuousness. Ca'pri corn, v one of the Can' ker, v. to corrupt ; signs of the zodiac ; the to grow corrupt ;

to winter solstice.




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Cap'tion, n. the act of ta- ful. king any person.

Care' less, a. unconcernCap' tious, a. given to ca- ed ; negligent. vils ; insidious.

Cargo, n. the lading of a Cap' ti vate, v. to take ship.

prisoner ; to charm ; to Car i ca ture', n. a ludi. subdue.


droll likeness. Cap' tive, n. one taken in Car' nage, n. slaughter ; war ; one charmed by havoc , devastation.

Car pal, a. fleshly ; senCap tivi tý, n. bondage ; sual.

slavery ; servitude. Car' ni val, n. shrovetide ; Cap' tor, n. he that takes a a feast before lent.

prisoner, or a prize. Car niv' o rous, a. eating Cap' ture, n the act of tak

flesh ; greedy. ing a prisoner or a prize Ca rouseo, v. to drink

hard ; to tope. Car bine,

n. a small

Carp, v. to censure ; to kind of fire arms.

cavil. n. a fish. Car bin ier', n. a sort of Car' pen ter, n. an artifilight horseman.

cer in wood ; a builder. Car' a van,

n. troop of Car' pet, n. a covering for merchants or pilgrims.

a floor. Car a van' sa rý, n. a house Carriage, n. a vehicle ; for the reception of tra

behaviour ; manners. vellers.

Car ti lage, n. a gristle ; Car' bun cle, n. a jewel a tough substance.

shining in the dark; red Car' tridge, n. a paper spot or pimple.

case to hold powder. Car ca net, n. a chain or Car ving, n. sculpture coliar of jewels.

figures carved. Car di nal, a. principal ; Cas cade', n. a cataract ; chief. n. a chief govern

a water fall. or in the church. Cash ier', n. a cash-keepCa reer', n. full speed ; er. v. to discard.

swift motion; course of Cas' ket, n. a small box action.

for jewels. Carel ful, a. anxious ; pro

Cas' sia, n. a very fragvident; diligent; watch- rant, aromatic spice.

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Cas' ti gate, v. to chastise; tive medicine. to punish.

Ca thel dral, n. the head Cas' tle, n.

a fortified church of a diocess. a. house ; a project. episcopal ; venerable. Casó' u al tý, n. accident; Cath' o lick, a. universal.

what happens by chance. n. a papist. Cas'u ist, n. a person who Ca thol' i con, n. an uni

studies and settles cases versal medicine. of conscience.

Cav al cade', n. a procesCast' u is trý, n. the sci. sion on horseback.

ence or skill of a casu. Cav a lier, n. a horseist

man ; a knight. a. brave; Cat' a logue, n.

a list of haughty. names, articles, &c.

Cav' al rý, n. horse troops. Cat' a plasmó, n. a poul- | Cav' ern, n, a cave ; den ; tice ; soft plaster.

hollow place. Cat' a racı, n. a cascade ; Cav' il, v. to raise objeca disease of the eye.

tions; to wrangle. Ca tarrh', n. a disease of Cav' i tỹ, , n. a hollow

the head and throat. place ; a cavern. Ca tas' tro phe, n a final Cauli flow er, n. a spe.

event, generally unhap: cies of cabbage, py:

Causeól less, a. having no Cat e 'chet' i cal, a. con- just reason ; original. sisting of questions and Causes' way, ?

Cau “sey,

n. a raisCat' e 'chise', v. to ques

ed and paved way. tion ; to examine i to Caus' tick, n. a burning interrogate.

application. Cat' e 'chismo, n. a cat- Cau' tion,. n. prudence ;

echetical form of religi- care; warning: v. to

ous instruction. Cat e 'chu' men, n. Cau'tious,a. wary; watcli

who attends catechism. ful ; prudent. Cat e gor i cal, a. abso- Cease, v. to leave off ; to lute; positive ; express.

stop. Cat e nation, n. a regular Cease' less, a. never ceas

connexion ; a link. ing ; perpetual. Ca thar' tick, n. a purga.. Cede, v. to yield up ; to






surrender up.

years. Ceiling, n. the inner roof. Cer e mo'ni al, a. formal ; Cel e brate, v. to praise ; ceremonious.

to commend ; to distin. Cer' e mo ný, n. external

guish by solemn rites. form in religion ; forms Cel e bra' tion, n. solemn of civility.

remembrance ; praise. Certain, a. sure ; induCe leb' ri tý, n. fame ; re- bitable.

Certain tý, n. exemption Ce ler' i tý, n. swiftness ; from doubt ; certitude. velocity.

Cer tif' i cate, n. a testiCel'e rý, n. the name of mony in writing a salad herb.

Cer' ti fy, v. to give cerCe les' tial, a. heavenly. n. tain information of. inhabitant of heaven.

Ce rulle an, ? Celi ba cỳ,

Ce ru' le ous, S

a. blue ; Cel i bate, S

n. single

sky coloured. life.

Ces sa'tion, n. a stop i Cel' lar, n. a place under rest ; respite. ground.

Ces' sion, n. act of giving Ce ment', v. to join to

way ; retreat. gether ; to cohere. Chaf' fer er, n. a dealer ; Cel ment, n. mortar ; that hard bargainer. which unites.

Cha' fing dish, n. a portaCer' e te rý, n. a burial ble grate for coals.

place; a church yard. Cha grin', n. ill humour ; Cen so'ri ous, a. addicted vexation. v. to vex ; to to censure ; severe.

tease ; to hurt. Cen' su ra ble, a. deserv. Chair' man, n. the presi

ing censure ; culpable. dent of an assembly or Cen' sure, v. to blame ; to meeting revile.

Chal' dron, n. a measure proach.

of 36 bushels. Cen' tre, n. the middle. v. Chalice, n. a cup ; & to rest on.

bowl; the communion Cen tu'ri on, n. an officer cup

who commanded a hun- Châlk, n. a well known dred men.

white fossil. Cen' tu rý, n. a hundred Challenge, v. to call to a

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n. blame ; re.

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