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Bi og' ra phỹ, n. a histori. , Blab, v. to tell tales or se

cal account of the lives crets n. a tell tale.

of particular people. Black, a. colour of night ; Bi quad' rate, n. the fourth dark; sullen; horrible ; power ; a square multi

dismal ; mournful. plied by itself.

Black'a moor,

n. a negro. Bird, n. a fowl, (a general Black' moor, '

term for the feathered | Black' en, v. to make or kind.)

become black ; to darkBird' lime, n. a glutinous en ; to defume.

substance used to en. Black-lead', n. a minerai tangle birds.

much used for pencils. Birth, n. thing born ; ex- Black' smith, n. a smith

traction ; lineage ; com- that works in iron. ing into life.

Blad' der, n. that vessel in Birth-right, n. the right the body which contains

of the first born; privi. the urine ; a blister. leges of birth.

Blade, n. a spire of grass Bis' cuit, n. a kind of hard or corn ; part of an inflat bread.

strument or weapon ; a Bi sect', v. to divide into

brisk man. two equal parts.

Blame'a ble, a. culpable, Bish' op, n. one of the

faulty. clergy in apostolic au- Blame, v. to censure ; to thority.

charge with a fault. n. Bish' op rick, n. the dio- crime ; imputation of a cess of a bishop.

fault Bis sex' tiie, n. leap year. Blame' less, a. guiltless ; Bit' ter, a, having a hot, innocent

acrid, biting laste ; se. Blame' worthys, 2. culpavere ; satirical.

ble ; blameable. Bit' ter lý, ad. sharply ; Blanch, v. to whiten; to severely.


to strip off Bit' ter ness, n. a bitter husks.

ste ; malice ; hatred ; Blanch' er, n. a whitener. affliction.

Blan' dish ment, , act of Bi tu' men, n. a fat unct- fondness; kinol speech.

uous matter dug out of es ; kind treatment.
the earth.

Blank, a. white, unwrit


wide gun

ten ; confused. n. a void blood ; sanguinary. space.

Bloom, n. the blossom of Blas pheme', v. to speak a tree ; prime of life ; blasphemy.

native beauty Blas' phe mous,

a. impi- Blub' ber, n the fat of a ously irreverent with whale, &c. regard to God.

Blud" geon, n.

a short Blas' phe mý, n. an indig. siick with one end load

nity offered to God him. ed. self.

Bluff, a. big ; surly ; blus. Blast, v. to injure ; to tering

wither; to blight. n. Blun' der buss, n, a short gust of wind ; sound of a wind instrument ; a Blun' der head, n. a stublight.

pid fellow. Blaze, v. to flame. n. a

Blunt' lý,

ad. without flame; a white mark sharpness; coarsely ; upon a horse.

plainly. Bla' zon, v. to embellish ; Blush, v. to betray confuto make public.

sion by a red colour in Blēak, a cold ; chilly. the cheeks. Blemish, n.

a spot or

Blus' ter er, n. a noisy perstain ; deformity.

son ; a swaggerer Blend, v. to mix ; to con- Board, v. to enter a ship found.

by force ; to attack; to. Bless' ing, n. good wish ; live where a certain rate divine favour.

is paid for eating Blight, v. to blast. n. mil- flat piece of wood. dew.

Board' er,

who Blind' ness, n.

want of

boards with any one. sight ; ignorance. Boast, v. to brag. n. Bliss, n. the highest de- proud speech.

gree of happiness. Boatswain, n. a certain Blīthe, a. gay; airy ; officer on board a ship. blithsome.

Bo" dice, n. stays Block ade', v. to shut up. Bo'' dy, n. matter as oppo

n. a siege carried on by sed to spirit ; a person ; shutting up a place.

a collective mass ; Blood' ý, a. stained with corporation.

n. a

n. One

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Bol re as,


Bog' gle, v. to start ; to fly rustic.

back ; to hesitate. Booths, n. a house built of Bog' gỹ,a. marshy; Swam- bonghs. py.

Boo' tý, n. plunder ; pil. Bo hea', n. a species of lage. tea.

the north Boil, v. to be agitated by wind. heat ; to seeth.

Bol (som, n. the breast ; Bois'ter ous, a. violent ; the heart.

loud ; stormy ; furious. Bot' a nist, n. one skilled Bõid, a. daring ; brave ; in pients. stout.

Botch, y: to put together Bolster, v. to support the clumsily.

head with a bolster. n Bot' tom less, a. without a pad ; a compress for a bottom ; fathomless. a wound.

Boun' da rý, n. limit, Bölt, v. to fasten ; to sift ; bound

to spring out. n. bar of Bound' less, a. unli:nited ; a door ; an arrow.

unconfined. Bolt' sprit,

Bould'te ols,

a. liberal; n. the slop

kind ; generous: ing mast on the bow of Bonn' ti ful, a. liberal ; a ship.

generous ; munificent. Bomb, n. a hollow iron Bow' elsó, n. intestines ; ball or shell

tenderness; compassion. Bom bard'. v. to attack Brace, v. to bind ; to tie with bombs.

close ; to strain up. Bom bast', n big words. cincture ; bandage ; a Bond, n that with which couple.

any thing is bound. Bracel let, n. an ornament Bond' age, n. cap:ivity

for the arty's Bondsman, n. one bound Brack' ish, a. somewhat for another.

salt. Bon' net, n. a hat or cap. Brag' 3ger, n. a boaster. Bon' ný, a handsome ; Brain'less, a silly.

beautiful ; gay; merry Bram' ble, n. any rough, Book' ish, n. given to prickly shrub books

Branch, v. to spread in Boor' ish, &. clownish branches. n. a part that

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shoots out from the Brew, v. to make liquors ; rest.

to contrive ; to plot. Bran' dish, v. to flourish ; Brew' is, n. bread soaked to wave or shake.

in boiling fat pottage, Bran' dý, n. a strong liquor

made of salted meats. distilled from wine Bribe, n. a reward given Bralósier, n. a worker in to prevent judgment. brass.

v. to give bribes. Brave' lý, ad. courageous. Bril he rý, n. the crime of ly; gallantly.

giving or taking reBraw' ný, a musculous ; wards for bad practices. Aeshy ; bulky.

Brick' bat, n. a piece of Brēach, n. infraction.

brick. Breadth, n. width.

Brick' kiln, n. a kiln ; a Break' fast, v. to eat the place to burn bricks in.

first meal in the day. n. Bri' dal, a. belonging to a the first meal.

wedding ; nuptial. Breast' work, n. works Bride, n. a woman newly

thrown up as high as married
the breast.

Bride' groom, n. newly Breathes, v. to draw

married man. breath; to live.

Bride' well, n. a house of Breaths'ing, n. aspiration ; correction. secret prayer.

Bridge, n, a building or Breath' less,

out of

pass over water. breath; dead ; spent Briēf, a. short ; concise. with labour.

Bri" gade, n. a division or Bree' ding, n. education ; body of forces.

instruction ; ranners ; | Brig' a dier Gen' e ral, n. knowledge of ceremo- an officer next below a

major general, Breeze, n. a gentle gale; Bri' gand, n a thief; freea stinging fly.

booter ; plunderer. Brev' i at, n. a short com. Bright' ness, n. lustre ; pendium.

splendour ; acuteness. Brev' ia ture, n. an abbre. Brilliant, a shining ; viation.

sparkling. n. a diamond Brev' i tý, n. conciseness; of the first cut. shortness.

Brim' stone, n. sulphur.




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Brine, n. water impregna- | Brute, n. a creature withted with salt ; tears.

out reason. Brink, n. the edge of a Bub' ble, v. to rise in bubplace ; precipice.

bles ; to cheat. n. Brisk, a. lively ; vivacious ; small bladder of water ; gay.

a false show. Brittle, a. fragile ; apt to Buck' ler, n. a shield. break.

Bud, n. the first shoot of Broad, a. wide; extended a plant ; a germ. in breadth.

Budg' et, n. a bag, such as Bro cade', n. a silken stuff

may be easily carried. variegated.

Buf' fa lo, n. a kind of Broil, n. a tumult ; a quar.

wild bull or cow. rel. v.

to cook on the Buf' fet, n. a blow with coals.

the fist; a kind of cupBro'ker, n. one who does board. to box ; to

business for another ; a beat. factor ; one who deals

Bu' gle, in old things.

Bu' gle horn, Bronze, n. brass ; brass

hunting horn. colour ;

a medal ; | Build' ing, n. a fabrick ; bronse.

an edifice. Brood, n.offspring; proge. Bulba' ceous,

conny; the number hatched Bul' bous, at once.

taining bulbs ; consistBroths' er bood, n. frater. ing of many layers.

nity; a class of men of Bulge, v. to take in wathe same kind.

ter; to founder ; to jut Brow, n. forehead ; the out.

edge of any high place. Bulk, n. magnitude ; the Browse", v. to eat the ends majority ; main fabrick.

of branches or shrubs. Bullion, n. gold or silver Bruise", v. to crush or

unwrought. mangle with a heavy Bul wark, 1. & fortificablow.

tion; a citadel ; a secuBru nett',n. a woman with rity.

a brown complexion. Buoy, n. a piece of cork Bru' tal, 2. savage ; cruel ; or wood floating, tied inhuman.

to a weight. v. to keep



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