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Bi og'ra phy, n. a histori- | Blab, v. to tell tales or se

cal account of the lives of particular people. Bi quad' rate, n. the fourth power; a square multiplied by itself.

Bird, n. a fowl, (a general term for the feathered kind.)

Bird' lime, n. a glutinous substance used to en tangle birds. Birth, n. thing born; extraction; lineage; coming into life. Birth'-right, n. the right of the first born; privi leges of birth.

Bis' cuit, n. a kind of hard flat bread.

Bi sect', v. to divide into

two equal parts. Bish' op, n. one of the clergy in apostolic authority. Bish' op rick, n. the diocess of a bishop. Bis sex' tile, n. leap year. Bit' ter, a. having a hot, acrid, biting taste; se. vere; satirical. Bit' ter ly, ad. sharply; severely.

Bit' ter ness, n. a bitter taste; malice; hatred; affliction.

Bi tu' men, n. a fat unctuous matter dug out of the earth.

crets n. a tell tale. Black, a. colour of night;

dark; sullen; horrible;
dismal; mournful.

Black' a moor,
Black' moor,


n. a negro.

Black' en, v. to make or

become black; to darken; to defame. Black-lead', n. a mineral much used for pencils. Black' smith, n. a smith

that works in iron. Blad' der, n. that vessel in

the body which contains the urine; a blister. Blade, n. a spire of grass or corn; part of an instrument or weapon; a brisk man.

Blame' a ble, a. culpable, faulty. Blame, v. to censure; to charge with a fault. crime; imputation of a fault.


Blame' less, a. guiltless ; innocent

Blame' worthy, a. culpable; blameable. Blanch, v. to whiten; to bleach; to strip off husks. Blanch' er, n. a whitener. Blan' dish ment, n. act of fondness; kind speeches; kind treatment. Blank, a. white, unwrit

ten; confused. n. a void


Blas pheme', v. to speak blasphemy. Blas' phe mous, a. impiously irreverent with regard to God. Blas phe mỹ, n. an indig

nity offered to God himself. Blast, v. to injure; to wither; to blight. n. gust of wind; sound of a wind instrument; a blight.

Blaze, v. to flame. n. a flame; a white mark upon a horse. Bla zon, v. to embellish; to make public. Bleak, a cold; chilly. Blem' ish, n. a spot or

stain; deformity. Blend, v. to mix ; to confound.

want of

Bless' ing, n. good wish; divine favour. Blight, v. to blast. n. mildew. Blindness, n. sight; ignorance. Bliss, n. the highest degree of happiness. Blithe, a. gay; airy;

blithsome. Block ade', v. to shut up. n. a siege carried on by shutting up a place. Blood' y, a. stained with

blood; sanguinary. Bloom, n. the blossom of a tree; prime of life; native beauty. Blub' ber, n the fat of a whale, &c.

Blud" geon, n. a short stick with one end loaded.

Bluff, a. big; surly; blustering.

Blun' der buss, n. a short wide gun.

Blun' der head, n. a stupid fellow.

Blunt' ly, ad. without sharpness;



Blush, v. to betray confu sion by a red colour in the cheeks.

Blus' ter er, n. a noisy per

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son; a swaggerer Board, v. to enter a ship by force; to attack; to live where a certain rate is paid for eating n. a flat piece of wood. Board' er, n. one

who boards with any one. Boast, v. to brag. n. a proud speech. Boat swain, n. a certain officer on board a ship. Bo" dice, n. stays Bo" dy, n. matter as opposed to spirit; a person; a collective mass; corporation.


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Booths, n. a house built of boughs.

Boo tỷ, n. plunder ; pillage.

Bo' re as,

n. the north

wind. Bo' som, n. the breast; the heart.

Bot' a nist, n. one skilled in plants.

Botch, to put together clumsily.

Bot' tom less, a. without

a bottom; fathomless. Boun' da ry, n. limit, bound Bound' less, a. unlimited; unconfined.

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generous; munificent.

Bow' els", n. intestines; tenderness; compassion.

Bom bard'. v. to attack Brace, v. to bind; to tie

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Bond' age, n. captivity

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Bondsman, n. one bound | Brack' ish, a. somewhat

for another. Bon' net, n. a hat or cap. Bon' ný, a handsome; beautiful; gay; merry Book ish, n. given to books

Boor' ish, a. clownish;


Bragʻ 3ger, n. a boaster. Brain' less, a silly. Bram' ble, n. any rough, prickly shrub Branch, v. to spread in branches. n. a part that

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Braw' ny, a musculous; fleshy bulky. Breach, n. infraction. Breadth, n. width. "Break' fast, v. to eat the first meal in the day. n. the first meal. Breast' work, n. works thrown up as high as the breast. Breathes, v. to draw breath; to live. Breathing, n. aspiration;

secret prayer. Breath' less, a. out of breath; dead; spent with labour. Bree' ding, n. education ; instruction; manners; knowledge of ceremo

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Brew, v. to make liquors; to contrive; to plot. Brew' is, n. bread soaked in boiling fat pottage, made of salted meats. Bribe, n. a reward given to prevent judgment. v. to give bribes. Bri' be ry, n. the crime of giving or taking rewards for bad practices. Brick' bat, n. a piece of brick.

Brick' kiln. n. a kiln; a

place to burn bricks in. Bri dal, a. belonging to a wedding; nuptial. Bride, n. a woman newly married

Bride' groom, n. newly married man.

Bride' well, n. a house of correction.

Bridge, n. a building or

pass over water. Brief, a. short; concise. Bri" gade, n. a division or body of forces.

Brig' a dier Gen' e ral, n. an officer next below a major general. Bri" gand, n a thief; freebooter; plunderer. Bright' ness, n. lustre ; splendour; acuteness. Brill' iant, a shining; sparkling. n. a diamond of the first cut. Brim' stone, n. sulphur.

Brine, n. water impregna- | ted with salt; tears. Brink, n. the edge of a place; precipice. Brisk, a. lively; vivacious;


Brit' tle, a. fragile; apt to break.

Broad, a. wide; extended in breadth.

Bro cade', n. a silken stuff variegated. Broil, n. a tumult; a quar rel. v. to cook on the coals. Broker, n. one who does business for another; a factor; one who deals in old things. Bronze, n. brass; brass colour; a medal ;

bronse. Brood, n. offspring; progeny; the number hatched

at once. Broths' er hood, n. fraternity; a class of men of the same kind. Brow, n. forehead; the

edge of any high place. Browse, v. to eat the ends

of branches or shrubs. Bruise, v. to crush or mangle with a heavy blow.

Bru nett',n. a woman with

a brown complexion. Bru' tal, a. savage; cruel; inhuman.

Brute, n. a creature with

out reason.

Bub' ble, v. to rise in bubbles; to cheat.

n. a small bladder of water; a false show. Buck'ler, n. a shield. Bud, n. the first shoot of a plant; a germ. Budget, n. a bag, such as may be easily carried. Buf' fa lo, n. a kind of wild bull or cow. Buf' fet, n. a blow with the fist; a kind of cupboard. V. to box ;



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