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Jaid up; for money

Bank, v. to lay up money er-glass

in a bank ; to enclose Bar' on, n. a rank in nobili, with banks :

n. earth

ty next to a viscount. a repository Bar' o net, n. the lowest

hereditary title, next in Bank' rupt, a. in debt be. rank to a baron.

yond the power of pay Bar' os cope, n. an instrument.

ment to shew the weight Ban’ ner,n. a fag ; a stand- of the atmosphere. ard.

Bar' rack, n. a building to Ban' quet, n a feast. v. to quarter soldiers in.

feast ; to fare daintily. Barren, a. unfruitful ! Ban' ter, v. to play upon ;

uninventive. to rally. n. ridicule, Bar ri cade), v. to fortify ; raillery.

to stop up a passage. Baptism“, n. a sacrament Bar' ri er, n. a boundary ; of admission into the

a defence. church.

Bar ris ter, n. a pleader Bap tize', y. to christen ; at the bar ; an advocate.

plunge ; to adminis- Bar' ter, v. to exchange ter baptism.

one thing for another; Bar ba'ri an, n. a savage.

to traffick. Bar" ba rism', n. an un- Base' ness, n. vileness ; couth manner of speaking; inhumanity.

Bash aw',

& turkish Barbar' i tỹ, n. inhumani- viceroy. ty; cruelty.

Bash' ful, a. timid, modest, Bar' ba rous, a. rude ; in- shamefaced. human ; cruel.

Basbl i lisk, n. a serpent : 2 Barber, n.

one whose cockatrice. trade is to sbave.

Balsin, 1. a small hollow Bard, n. a poet.

dish. Bare'ỹ, ad. merely ; 0- Ba' sis, n. the foundation penly; nakedly.

of any thing Bar' gain, v, 10 make a Bask, v. to lie in the heat

contract. n. a contract; of the sun. stipulation.

Bass, n. a mat used to Barm, n yest.

kneel on in churches. Ba Tom' e ter, n. a weath. ! Bas seon', R. a musica!






wind instrument. Baw' dý, a. obscene ; unBäste, v. to beat ; to sew chaste.

slightly ; to drip butter Bawl, v. to hoot; to cry

upon meat roasting. as a froward child ; to Bas ti nade', ?

v. to beat

proclaim as a crier. Bas ti nal do,

Bal yo net, n. a short with a cudgel.

sword fixed at the end Bas' tion, n. a bulwark ; of a musket.

a huge mass of earth | Bdell' ium, n. an aromatusually faced with sods, ic gum, brought from standing out from the Levant. rampart.

Bea' con, n. a mark erects Bate, v. to retrench ; to ed to direct travellers.

sink the price ; n. strife, Bea' dle, n. a petty officer contention,

in parishes. Bate' ment, n. diminution. Bea' gle, n. a small hound Bath, n. a place for bath- with which hares are ing.

hunted. Bathes, v. to wash in a Beam'ŷ, a. radiant ; shin

bath ; to wash with any ing ; having horns or thing:

antlers. Bat oon, n. a staff or club ; Beār, v. to carry ; to sufa marshal's staff.

fer n. an animal; a conBat tallion, n. a division stellation.

Bēard, n. bair on the face; Bat' ter, v. to beat ; to prickles on grain ; barb

beat down, to out with service.

Beard' less, a. without a Battle ar ray', n. order of

beard ; youthful. battle.

Bear' er, n. a carrier. Bat the door, n. a bat to | Beast' lý, a. brutal.

strike a ball or shuttle- Bēat, v. to strike ; to con cock with.

quer; to dash as a flood Bat' tle ment, n.

or storm. with open places to Be a tif' ick,

a. blissful. look through or annoy Be a titi cal. an enemy:

Be at' i fy, v. to bless with Baw' ble, n. a gewgaw ; a completion of celestial

a trifling piece of finery. enjoyment.

of an army


on an arrow

a wall


gant in form.

Beat'ing, n. correction by ward ; in front of ; pri. blows.

or to Be at'i tude, n blessed. Be fore' hand, ad. previ.

ness ; felicity ; happi- ously. ness.

Be friend', v. to favour ; Beau,(bo)n.aman of dress. to be kind to. Bea'ver, n. an animal ; the Beg' gar iỹ,a. mean; poor ; castor ; a hat of the best

indigent. kind,

Be gin', v. to commence. Beau monde', n. the fash- Be gin' ning, n. the first ionable world.

part of any thing. Beau' te ous, a. fair ; ele- Be gone', in. get away ;

away; hence. Beau' ti ful, a. fair. Be guile', v. to cheat ; to Beau' ti fy, v. to adorn ; amuse; to evade. to embellish.

Be havliour, n. conduct ; Beau' tỹ, n. that assem. course of life.

blage of graces which Be head', v to kill by cutpleases the eye.

ting off the head Be causeo, con. on the Be' be moth, n, the river account that.

horse ; hippopotamus. Be calm', v. to still ; to Be hest', n a command ; quiet the mind.

order ; precept. Beck' on, v. to make a sign Be hold, v. to view; to

with the hand. Be come', v. to be suita- Be hold' en, 4. bound in

ble to ; to enter into gratitude. some state.

Be hoove!, v. to be fit ; to Be coming, a. graceful ; be meet.

pleasing i elegant. Beling, n. existence ; a Bed' lam ite, n.

a mad.

person existing con. man ; a noisy person.

since. Bedi' stead, n the frame | Bela' bour, v. to beat ; to

which supports a bed. thump. Bee' tle, n. an insect ; a Bela mour, n. a gallant ; large heavy mallet.

a consort. Be fåll', v. to happen; to Be la' ted, a. benighted. come to pass,

Bell foun der, n, one who Be fore', prep. further on- casts bells.





Bel frỳ,n. the place where | Ben e fac' tor, n. he that bells are rung:

confers a benefit. Be lie', v. to calumniate ; Be nef' i cence, n. active to slander.

goodness. Be lief", n. persuasion ; Be nef' i cent, a. kind ; opinion ; creed.

doing good. Be lieve', v. to credit upon Ben e fil cial, a. advan

the authority of another. tageous. Be liev' er, n. a professor Ben' e fit, v. to do good of christianity.

to ; to gain advantage. Belle, n. a gay young lady. n. advantage. Belles lettres, n. polite Be nev' o lence, n. kindliterature.

ness ; disposition to do Bel li' ge rent, a. waging good.

Be nev' o lent, a kind; Bellow, v. to make a

having good will. noise as a buil; to roar. Be nign', a. kind ; generBel lows, n. the instru- ous ; liberal.

ment used to blow the Be nig' nổ tỳ, n. gracious fire.

ness ; actual kindness. Bel met al, n. the metal Be nign' lý, ad, favoura

of which bells are made. bly; kindly. Be lov' ed, a dear.

Bent, n. degree of flexure ; Belt, n. a girdle ; a cinc- inclination. ture.

Be queaths', v. to leave by Be moan', v. to lament; to will to another. be wail.

Be quest', n. something Bench, n. a seat ; a seat left by will. of justice.

Be reave', v. to strip of ; Bend, v. to crook; to in. to deprive of.

cline ; to subdue. Be'ryl,n a precious stone.

flexure ; incurvation. Be seech', v. to entreat ; Be neaths', pr. under ; to supplicate.

unworthy of. ad. below. Be ser', v. to besiege ; to Ben e aic' tion, n. bless- embarrass. ing.

Be siege', v. to lay siege Ben e fec' tion, n. the act to ; to beleaguer.

of conferring a benefit ; | Be smear', v. to bedaub ; the benefit conferred. to soil.





Bes' tial, a. brutal ; car- | Biēr, n. a carriage for the nal

dead. Be' stow, v. to give ; to Big' a mý, n. the crime of confer upon.

having two wives at Be strew', v. to sprinkle over.

Big' ness, n. size. Be stride', v. to stride Big' ot ed, a. blindly preover.

possessed in favour of Be times, ad. seasonably ; something early.

Big' ot rý, n. blind zeal; Be tray', v. to reveal se- prejudice. crets ; to discover. Bil' ber rý, n.

a small Better, v. to improve ; fruit.

to surpass ; to advance. Bile, n. a thick bitter liq. Be tween', pr. betwixt.

collected in the Bev' e rage, n. drink ; gall bladder ; a painful liquor to be drunk.

swelling. Be wail', v. to bemoan ; Bilge, v. to spring a leak ; to lament.

the breadth of a Be ware', v. to be suspi- ship's bottom.

cious of danger from Bil' ious, a. consisting of Be wil der, v. to puzzle ;

bile to lose in pathless pla- Bilk, v. to cheat ; to de

fraud. Be witch', v. to charm ; Bill, n. the beak of a to please.

account of Be wray, v. to betray; to money ; an advertise

discover perfidiously. ment Bil as, v. to incline to Bil' let, n a small note or some side. n. propen

letter ; a stick of wood. sion ; inclination.

v. to quarter soldiers Bil ble, n. the book ; the Bil' let doux, n. a love-letsacred volume.

ter Bib li oth' e cal a. belong- Billiards“, n. a kind of ing to a library

play. Bid' ding, n. command ; Bil low, n. a wave swolorder.

len Bi en' ni al, a. continuing Bin' a cle, n. compass box for two years.

(sea term).


fowl ;


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