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Sil roc,
Si rocco,


which lubricates the , Sphe noid', a. resembling joints of animals. a wedge. Si' nus, n. a bay ; gulph ; Sphe roid', n. a body al.

fold ; opening ; wind. most of a spherical form. ing hole.

Spher' ule,

small } n. the south

sphere ; a little globe ;

spheroid. east, or syrian wind. Spon' dee, n. a foot in poeSo'da, n. mineral ; fixed try of two long syllables.

alkali; the basis of Spo rad' ic, a. occuring in common salt.

single instances ; scatSo la'no, n. hot southeast tered.

wind in Spain, which Spu mes' cence, n. foam ; produces inflammatory froth ; act of foaming. effects on men.

Squam' i form, a. in the
Som nab' u lism", n. the shape of scales.

act or practice of walk- Squa mose',
ing in sleep.

Squa' malls,

a. scaly : Som nif' e rous,

rough ; hard; dry. Som nif' io,

Stad' i um, n. a furlong, or sing sleep ; opiate.

forty rods.

Sta" gý rite, n. an appel'

lation given to Aristosleepiness ; tle, from the place of his drowsiness.

Soph' i more, n. a student Sta lac' este, n. spar in the

in college of the second form of icicles.

Sta lag' mite, n. spar in
So po rif' er ous,

the form of drops. So po rif' ic,

Stam' en, n. the filament causing sleep.

of a flower. Spâthe, n. a calyx like a Stan' ic, a pertaining to sheath bursting length- tin or the acid of tin. wise.

Stat' ics, n the science of Spath' i form, a. resemb. weighing bodies. ling a sheath.

Sta tis' tics, n. a statement Spha" ce late, v. to gan- or view of the civil congrene ; to mortify ; to

dition of a people. corrupt.

Stau' ro lite, n. a silicious


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Som nolencey, }n. hea


viness ;



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d. re

stone, white or gray. bairs or prickles. Ste a tite, n. soap.stone ; Strob' il, n. scaly pericarp,

a species of magnesian as the cone of a pine. earth.

Stron' tite Stel li form,

Stron' tian,

n. & distinct Stel'lu lar,

a. like a

species of earth, of a star ; radiated.

whitish or light green Ste nog' ra phỹ, n. the art colour.

of writing short-hand. Stro' phe, n. a stanza; the Sten to ro pbou' ic, a.

first member of a poem. speaking or sounding Stru'thi ous, a. pertaining loudly.

to the ostrich. Ster co ra' ceous

Styp' tic, n. an astringent Ster co ra'ri ous,

medicine or lotion. Jating to dung

Sub cla' vi an, a. lying un. Ster e og' ra phy, n. the der the shoulder or col.

art of drawing solids on lar bone. a plain.

Su' ber ic, a. denoting the Ster e om' e trý, n. the art acid of cork.

of measuring solid bo. Sulber ous, a. corky ; soft dies.

and elastic. Ster nu ta' tion, n. the act Sub' stile, n. the line on

or effort of sneezing. which a gnomon stands. Stib' i a ted, a. impregna. Sub sul tive, a. bounding;

ted with antimony. leaping up; bubbling up. Sto lo nif' er ous, a. pro. Suc ce da' ne um, n. what

ducing shoots from the serves for something roots.


Suc cif' er ous, a. bearing n. & tree and

or conveying sap. very fragrant gum. Suc cin'ic, a. denoting Stral bisin 6, n. a squinting, the acid of amber.

or looking obliquely. Sut phate, n. a salt formStril æ, n. pl. small chan- ed by sulphuric acid nels in cockle-shells. and a base.

Sulphite, n. a combina Strila ted,

a. formed

tion of sulphurous acid into striæ, or channels, and a base. Stri gose', 4. having stiff Şu phu ret, R, combina

Sto'ras, Styrax,




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Syn Cape, n. a Painting fit. Talck, }

tion of sulphur with an Sys' to le,

n. the conalkaline, earthy, or me. Sys' to lý, tallic bảse.

traction of the hearts Su per'nal, a. placed a- the act of shortening a

bove celestial ; hea. long syllable.

Syz ý gỡ, n. the conjuncSup' pu rate, v. to gener- tion or opposition of a

ate or grow into matter. planet. Sus' ci tate, v. to rouse ; to excite ; to stir up; to

T. awake.

TAB E FACTION, n. a Syl'la bus, n. an abstract; wasting or pining away.

the heads of a lecture. Tab' e fy, v. to waste or Syn a le pha, n. a contrac- pine away; to consume.

tion or excision of a syl. | Tac' tics, n. the art of Jable.

ranging in order of Syn' 'chro nous, a. exist- battle. at the same time.

n. a magnesian Syn ec' do 'che, n. a part earth, consisting of taken or put for the broad, flat, smooth lawhole.

mens or plates. Syn ge nel 6gia, n. a class Tal' iso man, n. magical of plants whose anthers

character; image; chain. are united in a cylinder. Tal' mud, n. the book of Syn' o nym,

Jewish traditions. which has the same Tan' gent, n. a line permeaning with another.

pendicular to the radiSy non' ở mỹ, n. the qual- us, or which touches ity of having the same meaning.

Tan talli um, n. a metal Sy nop' sis, n. a general or lately discovered.

short view of all parts. Tap root, n. the principal Sy no' vi a, n. the nutri. or chief stem of a root. tious juice proper to Ta ran' tu la, n. a spider

whose bite is said to be Syn' the sis, n. the act of cured by music. compounding or joining Tarifo. a table of da


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a name

à curve.

any part.


} a hel

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n. a me.


ties fixed by authority. Tet ra dy nam' ia, n., a Tar pe' ian, 2. denoting a class of plants in which

steep rock in Rome. four of the stamens are Tar tar, n. a concretion longer than the others,

on the sides of vessels Tet' ra gon, n. a figure of in which wine is fer- four sides ; a square mented ; a native of

aspect. Tartary.

Tet ra gyn'ia, n. an order Tar ta're an,

of plants with four pis. Tär ta're ous,

tils. lish ; infernal

Te tran' dri a, n. a class Tatter de mal' ion, n. of plants with herma

ragged, shabby fellow. phrodite flowers of four Tau' rus, n. a sign in the males or stamens.

zodiac ; the bull. Te'trarch, n. a governor Tellur,

of a tetrarchate. Tellu'ri um,

Teu ton'ic, a. denoting tal lately discovered, of what belonged to the a grayish white colour. Teutons, ancient Ten' don, n. a sinew; a Germans.

general ligature of joints. The og' o ný, n. the feignTen' dril, n. the clasp of a ed generation of the vine.

gods. Ten' sor,

a muscle The om' a 'chý, the which turns the thigh battle of the gods and Ter gem' inal,

giants. Ter gem' i nous,

Ther' mal, a. pertaining three fold; three dou. to heat; warm. ble.

Thora' cic, a. belonging Ter gi ver sa' tion,

to the breast. shift ; fetch ; evasion ; Thum' er stone, n. a sili. excuse.

cious stone of a brown Ter na ry, ?

colour. n. the num

Tib' i al, a. relating to & ber three.

pipe, or to the shin bone. Ter' tian, a. returning or

Tini cal, }

n. crude or coming every third day. | Tin' car, Tes' sel late, a chequered;

impure borax. variegated by squares.

Tit' an ite, 11. new discovo





To paz,

p. à spe | Triv' et,

ered fossil of a brown- sides, or an irregular ish red colour.

figure having four sides Ton' sil, f. a gland in the not parallel

throat, called almond. Traves tý, n. a burlesque Ton tine', n. a raising of translation. money on annuities.

Trea'cle, n. the spume n. & precious of sugar refineries ; à stone of a gold colour. medicine. Top’i cal, a. local ; limit Trel' lis, n. a lattice work

ed; fixed ; applied ; of iron or wood. general

Trem' o lite, n. a species Tor re fac' tion, n. the act of stone from mount

of scorching or roasting. Tremola in the Alps. Tour' ma lin,

Trev' et, Tur' ma lin,

n. a stool with cies of silicious stone,

three legs. remarkable for its elec. Tri an' dri a, n. a class of trical properties.

plants having hermaph. Tra 'chot' o mý, n. a cut- rodite flowers and three

ting of the wind pipe. stamens. Trac' tion, n. the act of Tri bom' é ter, n. an in

drawing; a being drawn. strument to Trag' a canth, n. goats

friction. thorn ; a plant and its Tri 'chot' o mý, n. a divigum.

sion into three equal Tra jec' to rý, n. a curve parts.

line described by a comet. Trans alp' ine, a. situated Tri cus' pid,

beyond the_Alps with ing in three points. regard to Rome, that Trident, n. a three forked is, on the north west of sceptre ; a sort of curve. the Alps.

Trig o nom' e trý,n. the art Trans at lan' tic, a. beyond of measuring triangles. the Atlantic ocean.

Tri hel dral, a. baving Tra pe zi um, n. a figure three equal sides.

bounded by four une- Trill' ion, .n a million of qual right lines.

millions of millions. Tra pel zoid, n. a figure Tri no' mi al, a.containing

having two parallel three terms or names.


Tri cuspidates} a. end



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