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As sist' ant, n. an auxilia. dubitable ry. a. helping

As sur' ed ly, ad. certainAs sizel v. to fix the rate ly, indubitably. of any thing.

A' te risk, n. a mark in As silzer, n. an officer

printing, as *. who has the care of As' te rism, n. a constel.

weights and measures. lation. As suciate, v. to accom As ter i'tesó, n. a precious

panv. n. a confederate ; stone. a companion

Asth' ma, n. a frequent, As so ci a' tion, n. union ; difficult, and short res.

society; partnership ; piration connexion.

A stern', ad. in the hinder As sort', v. to arrange in part of the ship ; behind classes.

the ship. As suage', v. to mitigate; A ston' ish, v. to confound to appease.

with fear or wonder ; to As suage' ment, n. what amaze. mitigates or softens.

A ston' ish ment, n. aAs su e fac' tion, n. the mazement.

state of being accus. As stray, ad. out of the tomed.

right way. As sume', v. to take ; to A strin'gent, a. binding,

arrogate ; to take upon contracting one's self.

As trol' o ger, n. a profesAs su' ming, a. arrogant ; sor of astrology haughty

As trol' o gý, n. the prace As sump' tion, n. a postu. tice of foretelling events

late, the taking of a by the stars.

thing to one's self. As tron' o mer, n. As sump' tive that who studies the celeswhich is assumed.

tial motions. As sul ranice,

n. confi As tro nom' ic al. a be. dence ; certainty ; se- longing to astronomy. curity ; want of modes. As tron' o mý, n. a sci. ty.

ence which teaches the As sure!, v. to assert posi- knowledge of the heav. tively ; to secure.

enly bodies ; their magAs sur ed, a. certain ; in. nitudes, motions, disa




tances, &c.

At tack', v. to assault ar A sun' der, ad. separate.

enemy. n. an assault. ly; in two parts. At tain', v. to gain ; to A sy' lum, n. a refuge ; a come to ; to arrive at.

place of protection. At tain' a ble, a procura. A'the ist, n. one who dis. ble. believes the existence At tain' ment, n. acquisi. of a God.

tion. A the is' ti cal, a. impious; At tempt', v. to venture

belonging to atheism. upon. 1. an attack; an A thirst, ad. thirsty.

essay: Ath let' ic. a. vigorous, Ar tend', v. to accompalusty ; robust

ny ; to fix the mind Ath wart', prep. across ; upon. transverse.

Atiend' ance, n service; At las, n. a collection of attention ; waiting up.

maps ; a mountain in Africa.

At ten' tion, n. the act of At mos phere, n. the air attending ; close appli

that encompasses the cation. globe.

At ten' tive, a. heedful, At om, n. a particle so regardful.

small as to be indivisi- At ten' tive lŷ, ad. heedble.

fully, carefully A tone), v. to agree ; to At ten' u ate, v. to make

answer for ; to expiate. thin or slender. A tone' ment, n agree- At test', v. to bear witness

ment; concord ; expia- of; to witness.

At tes ta' tion, n. testimoA top', ad. on the top ; at

ny ; evidence.

At tire', v. to dress ; to arA tro' cious, a. very wick- ray. n. clothes, dress. ed

At' ti tude, n. a posture. A tro' ci tý, n. horrible At tor' ney, n. a lawyer. wickedness.

At tract', v. to draw to ; At tach', v. to arrest ; to to allure ; to invite.

gain over ; to enamour. At trac' tion, n. the pow. At tachment, n. adher. er of drawing: ence ; regard.

At trac' tive, a, inviting

the top.


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alluring ; enticing bly of hearers ; a place At trib' u ta ble, a. what where lectures, &c. are

may be ascribed or im- read. puted.

A venge', v. to revenge ; Attri bute, n. an inherent

to punish. quality.

Avenue, n. entrance to At trib' ute, v. to impute a place ; an alley among or ascribe to.

trees. At tri' tion, n. wearing | A ver', v. to affirm ; to

things by rubbing one assert ; to declare. against another.

Av'e rage, n. a medium ; At tune', v. to tune ; to a mean proportion. make musical.

A verse', a. contrary to ; A vail', v. to profit ; to pro- not favourable to. mote ; to assist.

A ver sion, n. hatred ; dis. Av a rice, n. covetous- like ; antipathy. ness.

A vert', v. to turn aside ; Av a ri" cious, a covet- to keep off.

ous ; greedy ; mean. Aug ment', v. to increase; A vast', ad. hold ; stop. to add ; to enlarge. A vaunt', in. begone ; Aug men ta' tion, n. the

word of abhorrence. act of increasing: Auc' tion, n. public sale. Au' gu rý, n. the act of Auction ier', n. the ma- prognosticating by 0nager of an auction.

mens. Au da cious, a. impudent; | Au gust', a. noble ; grand;

bold ; daring: saucy. magnificent ; holy: Au da" ci tý, n. boldness, Au' gust, n. the eighth impudence; audacious

month in the year.

n. a place to Au' di ble, a. that may be

keep birds in. distinctiy heard. A vid' i ty, n. greediness, Au' di ence, n. an assem

eagerness. blage of persons to hear Avoca'tion, n. the busiany thing

ness that calls; calling Au' dit, n. a final account ; aside.

v. to examine ; to scru. A void), v. to shun ; to tinize.

escape. Au' di to rý, n. an assem- A vouch', v. to affirm lo


A' vi a ry,

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A wake', v. to rouse from A vow', v. to declare ; to sleep ; to put into new

assert ; to profess. action. a. not asleep. A vow' al, n. an open de- A ward', v. to adjudge ; claration.

to determine ; to give. Au ric' u lar, a. within A ware', a. vigilant ; atten

hearing; told in secret. tive ; cautious. Au ro ra,

n. poetically, Awe, v. to strike with the morning ; an herb. reverence or fear; n. Aus' pice, n. an omen ; in- reverential fear. fluence

Aw' ful, a. what strikes Aus pi' cious, a. prosper.

with awe, or fills with ous; fortunate ; happy. reverence. Aus tere', a. severe, rigid, A while', ad for some harsh.

space of time. Aus ter' i tỹ, n. severity : Awk' ward, a. inelegant;

sourness of temper ; impolite ; clumsy.

barsh discipline. Awk” ward lý, ad. clumAu then' tic, a. genuine, sily; inelegantly. original.

Ax' iom, n. a maxim or Au then' ti cate, v. to es- proposition which is tablish by proof.

selfevident. Author, n. the beginner As' is, n. a real or imagin

of a thing ; the writer ary line, which passes of a book.

through the centre of Au thor' itý, n. legal pow- any thing that revolves.

er; influence ; rule Ax' le tree, n. that on Author ize, v. to give which a wheel turns ;

authority ; to justify. axle. Au' tumn, n. the third Az' ure, a. blue ; a faint

season of the year ; fall. blue. Au tum' nal, a. belonging

B. to autumn.

BAB' BLE, V. to talk A vul' sion, n. pulling one idly ; to tell secrets ; n.

thing from another. idle talk. Auxt il' ia rý, a. helping ; Bab' bler, n. an idle talkaiding ; assisting

er ; a teller of secrets. A wait), v. to expect ; to Bab oon', n. a monkey of

wait for ; to attend. the largest kind.


Bac 'cha nallian, n. scales; sum due on comdrunkard.

parison of accounts. Bach' e lor, n. a man un- Bal co nỹ, n. a small gal

married ; one who takes lery on the outside of the first degree at a uni- a house. versity.

Bal' last, n. weight in a Back, v. to mount a horse; ship’s bottom to keep

to justify ; to second. n. her steady: the hinder part.

Bâld'ness, n. want of hair. Back' bite, v. to reproach Bale' ful.a. sorrowful ; sad. the absent.

Bal loon, n. a globe made Back' bi ter, n. a privy of silk, inflated with calumniator.

gas, for air sailing: Back slide', v. to fall off. Bal' lot, n. a ball or ticket Back sli' der, n. an apos.

used in voting. v. to tate.

choose by ballot Back' wardsó, ad. with the Balm. n. any thing that back forward ; regres

sonths or mitigates pain. sively.

Balm' ý, a. having the Back' ward, a. hesitating ; qualities of balm ; soothsluggish ; dull.

ing ; fragrant. Badge, n. a mark or cogni- Bal' sam, n. an ointment,

za ice worn : v. to mark. a shrub. Baf' fle, v. to elude; to Ba? sam' ic, a. mitigating ;

confound ; to crush. softening; healing Bag a telle', n. a trifle. Bam boo', n.

an indian Bag' gage, n. the furni

cane, or measure. ture of an army ;

Bam boo' zle, v. to trick ; worthless woman.

to deceive ; to cheat. Bagn' io, n. a house for Ban dit' ty, n. a company

bathing and sweatirg. of outlawed robbers. Bag' pipe, n. a musical in- Ban” dỷ legged, a. having strument.

crooked legs. Bail, v. to give bail. n. se. Banel ful, a. poisonous,

curity for debt or ap- destructive. pearance at court.

Ban' ishi. v. to drive away; Bal' ance, v. to counter- to condemn to leave. poise ; to regulate an

one's country. account : n. a pair of Ban' ish ment, n. exile.

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