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velocity of the wind. An ti a" cid, n. that which A nem' os cope, n. an in- corrects acidity.

strument to shew the An ti feb' rile, a. expell

direction of the wind. ing or good against fe. An' eu rism', n. a tumour

from the bursting of an An' ti mo nỹ, n. a brittle artery.

heavy metal used in me. An gi'na, n. a sore throat. dicine and the arts. An gi og' ra phy,

An tiph' ra sis, n. the use description of the ves. of words in a sense con

sels in the human body. trary to their proper An gi ol' o gỡ, n. the doc- meaning

trine of the vessels of An' ti pode, n. one who the body.

lives on the opposite An gi os per' mous,

side of the globe. having seeds enclosed | An ti scep' tic, n. a medi. or covered.

cine or substance used An' o rex ý, n. want of to prevent putrefaction. appetite.

An tis' tro phý, n. second Ant arc' tic, a. relating to stanza of every three in

the southern pole. An te pe nult', n. the last | An tith' e sis, n.

an op syllable but two in position of words and words.

thoughts. An thel mint' ic, n. a rem- A o'risť, a. indeterminedy for worms.

ate with respect to An' ther, n. the top of the time.

stamen of a flower con- A or tal, a. pertaining to taining the fecundating the aorta, or great ardust.

tery which carries the An thol' o gý, n. a collec- blood from the heart. tion of poems or flow. Ap a go'' gic al, a. that

which proves any thing An thro pol' o gý,

by shewing the absur. discourse on human na- dity of denying it'; in. ture.

direct. An thro poph' a gi, n. A pe' rient, a. gently pure

those who feed on flesh; gative ; opening ; pur. cannibals.


an ode.



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a. san.

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A pet' a lous, a. having no Ar' chil, n. a species of petal or flower leaf.

lichen or moss. A phel li on, n. the great | Ar' 'che type, n. the oriest distance from the ginal; a pattern ;

model. Aph' o ný, n. the loss of Ar 'chi trave, n. princispeech.

pal beam ; the part of A phyllous, a. destitute a column next above the of leaves.

capital. Ap' oph thegm, n. a re

Ar e na ceous, markable saying ;

Ar e nose', maxim.

dy; full of sand. Ap o the o sis, n. the A re op' a gus, n. the sumaking a god ; a con- preme court of ancient

secration ; deification. Athens. Ap' sis, pl. Apsides, n. the A re om' e ter, n. an in

points in a planet's orbit strument to ascertain which are the farthest the specific gravity of possible from each oth


Ar gen tif' er ous, a. proAp' tersó, n. pl. insects

ducing silver. without wings.

Ar gil la'ceous, A qua for' tis, n. weak Ar gil' lous,

a. claynitric acid ; a corrosive ish ; consisting of clay. liquor obtained from Argonaut, n. one who nitre.

attended Jason in his A" qui line, a. like an ea. voyage after the golden gle or its beak ; hook- Aeece. ed.

Ar o ma, n. the fragrance A ra' ne ous, a. like a cob.

of plants. web or spider.

Ar' pent, n. a french acre, Ar bo're ous, Ar' bo rous,

or 100 square rods. a. belong.

Arse' nic, n. a poisonous ing to trees.

metal. Ar bo res' cent, a. having | Ar son, n. the malicious

the habits or resem- burning of a building. blance of trees.

Ar' te rý, n. & vessel conArcal num, n. a secret veying blood from the

mystery ; nostrum. heart.





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Ar thrit' ic, a. gouty ; self. belonging to the joints.

A ven a ceous,

a. likc As bes' tos, n. a species oats.

of fibrous earth, which Awn, n. the beard of is incombustible.

corn or grass. As the ni a, n. extreme Ax' il la rý, a. belonging debility.

to the armpit. As' tral, a. belonging to A' zote, n. a gas or air the stars ; starry.

which destroys animal As trol' o gý, n. the art life.

of foretelling by the

As trong ra phỷ, n. des- BAC CIF ER OUS, 8,

cription of the stars. bearing or producing As tron' o mý, n. the sci. berries.

ence of tbe stars. Ba le ar ic, a. pertaining As ymp tote, n. a right to Majorca and Mi

line which continually
approaches nearer to a Bal ne a'tion, n. the act of
curve, but will never

bathing coincide with it.

Ba ril la, D. an impure alAt' o nỹ, n. a relaxation kali prepared from maof parts ; want of tone.

rine plants. At ra bi la'ri an, a. af. Ba rom' e ter, n. an in. fected with bile.

strument to shew the Au re'lia, n. the first density or weight of

change of a maggot or the atmosphere.
form from which an Bar ra trỹ, n. foul prac:
insect is hatched.

tice in law ; any fraud Au' ri cle, n. the external of a shipmaster.

ear; a part of the heart. Ba ry tesó, n. a very hea: Au rif' er ous, a. bearing

or producing gold. Ba sâlt', n. a species of Austral, a. of or tending rock generally found in

to the south ; southern. upright columns. A u' to crat, n. an absolute Ba sil' i con, n. a kind of sovereign.

salve or ointment. Au tom' a ton, n. an en- Basbl i lisk, n a serpent ; gine that moves of it- a kind of cannon.


vy earth.



Bass-re-lief', n. sculpture ral leaf.

whose figures do not Bram' a, n. the chief Dei. stand our from their

ty in India. ground in full propor. Brev' ia rý, n. a romish tion.

priest's office book. Be' he moth, n. the river. Bre vier', n. a small sort horse or hippopotamus.

of printing letter. Be lem' ni tes, n. fossils of Bron' 'chi al, a. belong

a particular kind; thun- ing to the throat.

derbolts ; arrowheads. Bron' cho cele, n. a tu. Ben zoin', n.

a balsam mour on the throat. which exudes from a Bro 'chot' o mý, tree in Asia.

incision of the wind. Bib li oth' e ca, n. a li- pipe. brary.

Bronze, n. a compound of Bi' fid, a.divided into two

copper and tin. parts.

Bru no' ni an, a. believer Bi fur' cate, a. shooting in the system of Dr.

into two heads or forks. Brown. Bi qom'ial, a having two Bu col'ic, a. relating to

parts, terms, or mem· shepherds. bers.

Bu col'ics, n. pastoral Bi quad' rate, n. or a. the

songs or poems. square of a square, or Bu ty ral ceous, a. hav. fourth power in arith. ing the qualities of butme ic.

ter. Bit' u men, n. a fat glutinous fossii substance.

C. Bom' bic, a. pertaining to CA'CHEC' TICAL, &. the silk worm.

having a bad habit of Bos' pho rus, n. a narrow body. strait, or arm of the sea. Ca 'chex' ġ, n.

a disorBot' ry oid, a. resembling dered habit of body.

a bunch of grapes Ca du'cous, a. falling at Brachi' ial, a. belonging the first opening of the to the arm.

flower. Brachyg ra pỹ, n short- Cal ca' re ous, a. of the nahand writing

ture of lime, as chalk. Brac' tę, n. a prop or flo Calce do ný, n. a species

of silicious stones. Car' bon, n.pure charcoal. Cale fac' to rý, a. tending Car' i ca ture, n. a figure

to warm ; heating. or description in which Ca lig' ra phy, n. fair or beauties are concealed beautiful writing

and blemishes exaggerCa lor' ic, n. the matter, ated.

or simple element of Car nellion, n. a silicious heat.

stone, red, yellow or Ca lo rim'e ter, n. an ap white.

paratus to measure rel- Car tel 6sian, n. a follower ative quantities of heat, of Des Cartes who or specific caloric of bo- taught the doctrine of dies.

vortices round the sun Cal' u met, n. the pipe of and planets.

peace among the In. Ca run' cu late, a. having dians.

a fleshy substance like Cal lyx, n. the cover or a coxcomb.

outer leaves of a flower. Ca' se ous, a. pertaining Ca melo, n. a picture of to cheese. only one colour.

Cat' a combss, n. burialCam' e ra-ob scu' ra, n. a places; vaults; caverns.

philosophical apparatus Cat a cous' tic, a. of or and optical machine u. relating to reflected

sed to exhibit images. sounds. Can a lic' u late, a. chan. Cat' a lep sỹ, n. a sudden neiled ; furrowed.

loss of sensation and Ca nic' u lar, a. of or be- motion.

longing to the dog star. Cat' a plasmo, n. kind of Can thar i desó, n. Span. poultice, or soft plaster.

ish flies used for blis Ca thol icon, n, an uniters.

versal or prime medi. Can' thus, n. the angle or cine.

corner of the eye. Cat' kin, n. the calyx of Cap il' la ry, a. small as certain plants, like a

or like a hair ; minute. thong. Cap' sule, n. a seed ves. Ca top tri cal, a. of or re

sel of plants ; a hollow lating to reflected vispericarp with cells for ion. seeds.

Cau lif' e rous, a. having

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