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rage. Whirlpool, n. water mo- Wrath' ful, a. angry ; re. ving circularly.

ging; furious. Wholesome, a. contribu-IVrēak, v. to revenge ; to ting to health.

execute. Wid' ow, n. a

It'rēaths, n. a garland; any whose husband is dead. thing twisted. Wil der ness, n. a desert; Wreck, n. a shipwreck ;

wild uninhabited destruction ; ruin. country.

TDrench, v. to pull by Will, n. a choice ; com- force ; to wrest.

mand ; a bequest. Wrest, v. to twist by vio. Win' ning, a. attractive. lence.; to writhe. Wisó' dom, n. knowledge Wretch' ed, a. miserable;

and judgment conduct- despicable. ed by discretion. Wrīght, n. a workman; an Withs' ersó, n. the joint artificer in wood.

uniting the neck and Wring. v. to twist.

shoulders of a horse. Wrist band, n. the fast. Wo, n. grief ; sorrow. ening about the wrist. Won' der ful, a. admira- Write, v. to form letters ble; strange.

made of Writhes, v. to distort ; to wool.

twist ; to wrest. World, n. the earth; man- Wrong, a. not right. n. in

kind; universal empire. jury ; injustice. v. to Worship, n. religious injure.

reverence ; adoration. Wry, a. crooked ; distort. v. to perform acts of ad. ed ; wrested.

oration; to adore. Wor' ship ful, a. respec.

Y. ted for dignity.

YACHT, n. a small ves. Word Sthy, a. deserving; sel for carrying passen. valuable ; noble.

gers. Wran' gle, v. to dispute Yawl, n. a ship's boat. peevishly.

Year' ling, a. being a year Wrap'per, n. a cloth or old. paper cover.

Yearn, v. to feel great une Wrath, 1, anger ; fury ; easiness.

with a pen.


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Yellow, a. the colour of

gold. Yeo' man, n. a gentleman


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the heavens directly over our heads ; opposite the nadir.

Yeoman rý, n. a collect. Zephyrus, }n. the west



ive body of yeomen.

wind. Yield, v. to produce ; to Zest, n. a relish ; a taste afford ; to give up.

added. Youth' ful, a. young; frol- | Zo' di ac, n. a great circle icsome ; vigorous. of the sphere containing

the twelve signs. 2.

Zone, n. a girdle ; a divis. ZEAL, n. passionate ar- ion of the earth. dour ; warmth.

Zo og' ra pher, n, one who Zeal' ot, n. a person full describes animals.

of zeal ; a fanatic. Zo og ra phỹ, n. Zealous, a. ardently pas cription of animals.

sionate in a cause. Zo ol' o gý, n. a scientihe Ze' nith, n. that point in treatise of animals.

a des.

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the act of wandering i

a deviation. Ab' la tive, a. taking away;

the sixth case of Latin

nouns. Ab o ri' gi nal, a. first or

primitive. A bra' 6sion, n. a rubbing

or wearing off A cat e lep'sis, n. uncer.

tainty in science ; in.

comprehensibility. Accip en sers,

genus of amphibious

fish Ac cip' i ters“, n. an or.

der of fowls with hook. ed bills.

A ceph' a lous, a. without

a head ; poor. Ach! ro mat' ic, a. with:

out colour. A cin a' ci form, a. shaped

like a cimeter. A" cināse, a. full of ker. nels or grains. co ty le'don, n. a plant whose seeds have no

side lobes. A cous' tics, n. pl. the

science or theory of

sounds. A cron' ic al, a. rising or

setting at sunset. Ac tin' i' a, n. a genus of

sea animals. Ac tin o lite, n. a species



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of magnesian stone. vessel ; a kind of still. Ad e nog' ra phy, n. Al ex an' drine, n.

an description of the glands English verse of twelve of the body:

Ad'i pous, a. fat; greasy ; A lex i phar' mic,
unctuous ; oily.

A lex i ter' ic,
A er ol' o gý, n. the doc. what expels poison.

trine or theory of air. Al' ge bra, n. literal and A er om' e trý, n. the art universal arithmetic.

of measuring air. Al' ka li, n. a substance A' er o naut, d. one who which has an acrid,

sails through the air in caustic taste, and which a balloon.

combined with oily matA er os ta' tion, n. pass- ters forms soap. There

ing through the air in are three Alkalis : Pot. balloons.

ash, Soda, and AmmoAg' a ric, n. a species of nia. fungus.

Al ka les' cent, 2. tending Ag glom' e rate, to to an alkali. gather into a ball.

Al li a' ceous, a. pertain. Agi o, n. the difference

ing to garlic ; onions. of exchange between Al lit e ra' tion, n. the bebank bills and current ginning of two or more money.

words with the same A gra' ri an, a. relating to letter.

an equal division of Al loy', n. a baser metal lands.

mixed with a finer; or All a bas ter,

n. a soft the mixture of different white marble.

metals ; evil mixed with white.

good. Al che mờ, n. the highest Allu' vi al, a. washed to

and most secret chem- land ; added by water. istry ; transmutation of Al' u mine,n argil, or pure metals.

clay; the base of alum. Alco hol, n. highly reco Alu' mi nous, a. contain: tified spirit ; the pure

ing or like alum or aluinflammable part of spi. mine. rituous liquors.

Al ve o late, a. deeply A lem' bic, n. a chemical pitted, like, a honey


. very


a hard


Am phyc'tions,n.pl. memAl' vine, a. belonging to

bers of the supreme the intestinal canal.

council of Greece. A mal gam, n. a mixture Am ý la'ce ous, a. par

of quicksilver with oth- taking of the nature of er metals ; a well mixed starch, or the farinacompound.

ceous part of corn. A man u en' sis, n. a wri- An ach'' ro nism", n. an

ter of another's works error in the account of or words.

time. Am' ber, n. a hard se- An' a gram, n.

a trans. mi-pellucid substance, posing the letters of a white or yellow, found name so as to form some in the earth, or thrown other word or sentence.

on shore by the sea. An a lep'tic, a. comfort. Am' ber gris, n.

ing; strengthening. opaque, resinous sub

A nal' ġ sis, n. a separa. stance formed in the tion of the parts ; a respermaceti whale.

solution. Am bi dex'ter,

n. one An' a pest, n. a poetic foot who uses both hands of three syllables, the equally well; a double two first short,

the dealer.

third long. Am' ent, n. a catkin ; a An a sarca, n. a kind of

calyx consisting of a dropsy. slender axis.

An as tom' o sỹ, n. the Am' e thyst, n. a precious opening of one vessel

stone of a violet blue, into another as veins white, gray, or green.

and arteries.

A nat' o mý, n. the art of n. a gum

dissection ; a skeleton. my resinous substance ; An dro' gin al, 1 also a volatile alkali Andro'' ginous,

a. par. very pungent.

taking of both sexes. A mor phous, a. not hav. Ane mog' ra phý, n. des.

ing a determinate form. cription of winds. Am phi bol' o gỹ,n. doubt. Ane mom' e ter, n. fulness of expression ;

instrument used to as. equivocation.

certain the force and


Am mo' ni ac, }



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