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a conveyance.

ing so that the voice Vel lum, n. parchment;

appears to come from a fine kind of parch. a distant part of the

ment. Ve lo” ci tý, n. speed ; Ven tril o quist, n. one

swiftness ; quickness of who practises ventrilomotion,

quism. Velnal a. pertaining to Ven' ture some, a. daring;

veins ; mercenary; base. bold ; fearless. Ve nal'i tý, n, mercinari- Ve' nus, n. the goddess of ness ; sordidness.

love ; a planet. Vend, v. to sell; to offer Ve ra” ci tỷ, n. disposito sale.

tion to truth ; habit of Ven duel a sale of

speaking truth. goods or merchandise. Verb' al, a. derived from Ven' e ra ble, a. desery- a verb; spoken ; oral.

ing of reverence ; Verb' al lý, ad. by word spectable.

of mouth. Ven' e rate, v. to rever. Ver ba'tim, ad. word for

ence; to treat with ven- word ; literally ; truly. eration.

Ver bos' i tỷ, n. much Ven e ra' tion, n. a réver. empty talk ; prate.

ent or awful regard ; Ver' dant, a. green; flourhonour.

ishing ; beautiful. Ven' geance, n. punish- Ver' dict, n. a determina.

ment ; vehemence. tion by a jury. Veni' 6son, n. the flesh of Ver' dure, n. a green coldeer, &c.

our; greenness of trees, Ven' om, n. poison.

&c. Ven' om ous, a. poison- Ver' i fy, v. to confirm; to

ous ; destructive ; ma- prove true ; to justify. lignant.

Ver i lẽ, ad. truly ; cerVen' ti late, v. to fan; to tainly ; confidently. cool.

Ver' i tỹ, n. truth; cerVen tila' tor, n. an instru- tainty ; reality.

ment to supply fresh Ver' juice, n. acid liquor air.

expressed from crab Ven tril' o quism', n. the apples. art or practice of speak. Ver million, n. a beautiful

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red colour.

Vest' ment, n. a garment; Ver' min, n. small nox- a priest's upper robe. ious animals.

Vest' ure, n. garment ; Ver nac' u lar, a. belong. habit; dress ; vest.

ing to one's own coun- Vet' e ran, n. an old seltry.

dier; one long practi. Ver' nal, a. belonging to · sed. the spring

Vex a' tion, n. the act or Ver' sa tile, a. turning cause of plaguing or

round; variable ; fickle. teasing. Ver sa til ity, a. a versa- Ves altious, a. provoking.

tile state ; aptness to troublesome ; afflictive. change.

Vil ands“, n. meat dressed; Versed, a. skilled; well

victuals. learned ; well practi- | Vi' brate, v. to move to sed.

and fro. Ver si fi ca' tion, n. the Vi bra' tion n. a moving

act or art of making ver- with quick return. ses.

Vic'ar, n. the minister of Ver' si fy, v.

to make

a parish ; a substitute. verse ; to describe in Vic' ar age, n. the bene.

fice of a vicar; a church Ver' sion, n. a translation. living Ver tex, n. zenith ; point Vi ca' ri ous, a. deputed ;

overhead ; top of any delegated ; inferior; thing ; any point.

lower. Ver' ti cal, a. placed in the Vice ad' mi ral, 1. the zenith ; perpendicular.

second commander of a Ver ti go n. a giddiness ; feet. a quick whirling motion. Vice chan' cel lor, n. a Ves' persó,

n. evening second magistrate in prayers ; evening ser. universities. vice.

Vice ge'rent, a. acting in Ves' tal, n. a pure, sa- the room of another. n.

cred, or holy virgin. a. one acting by substitudenoting pure virginity tion. or holiness.

Vice' roy, n. the agent or Ves' tige, n. a footstep ; substitute of a king. trace; mark.

Vice roy' al tỹ, n. the dig.





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vity or post of a vice- lection of country hous.

roy. Vi cin' i tý, n. neighbour Villain, n. a vile wicked hood; state of being wretch.

Vil la nous, a. base ; vile; Vi" cious, a. faulty ; im. wicked.

moral; wicked ; unru- Vil la ný, n. baseness ; ly.

wickedness. Vi cis' si tude,n. a change; Vin' di cate, v. to justify;

revolution ; succession. to clear ; to defend. Vic' tim, n. a sacrifice ; Vin di ca' tion, n. a justi.

something destroyed. fication ; defence. Vic' tor, n. one who gets Vin dic' tive, a. revenge. the better ; a conquer

ful ; given to revenge.

Vine' yard,
Vic to'ri ous, a. conquer. planted with vines.

ing; superior; triumph-Vintage, n. time of gath. ant.

ering grapes ; produce Vic' to rý, n. conquest ;

of vines. success ; triumph; hon- Vintner, n. one who sells

wine, &c. Vict' ualsó, n. provisions ; Vilo late, v. to injure ; to food; meat.

hurt ; to infringe ; to a sight; pros

ravish. pect ; survey; display. Vilo lence, n. force ; fuv. to see ; to survey ; to ry ; outrage ; injury. examine.

Vi ra'go, n. A very bold Vi' gi lant, a. watchful ; resolute woman; a ter

circumspect ; diligent. magant. Vig' or ous, a. forcible ; Vir' tu al lý. ad. affectual.

full of strength or life. ly ; in reality. Vig'our,n.force; strength; Virtue, n. moral goodefficacy.

ness ; force ; efficicy. Vile' lý,ad.basely; shame. Vir tu oso, n. one skilled fully : badly.

in curiosities. Vil i fy, v. to debase ; to Vir' u lent, a. malignant ;

defame ; to abuse ; to inexorable ; venomous. undervalue.

Vigo! age, n. the face ; Village, n. a small col. countenance ; look ; as..




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orating ; lively ; fickle, Vis' cid, a. glutinous ; Vol ca' no, n. a mountain

adhesive ; sticky; vis- which emits fire and cous.

lava. Vig! i ble, a. apparent ; Vo li' tion, n. the act of plain ; conspicuous ; willing ;

power to clear.

choose. Visb' ion, n. sight ; a phan Vol leỹ, 0. a burst of

tom ; ghost; revela- shot. tion.

Vol u bil i tỹ, n. fluency ; Visb' ion a rý, a. imagina- quickness; mutability. ry; seen in a dream

Voi' u ble, a.

Auent in Visó' u al, a. belonging to

words ; nimble ; rol. the sight.

ling. Vi' tal, a. necessary to Volume, n. a book; a life.

roll. Vi' tiate, v. to deprave ; Vo lu' mi nous, a.consist. to corrupt.

ing of many volumes. Vit' ri fy, v. to convert into Vol' un ta rý, a. acting by glass by heat.

choice; willing; reaVi va' city, n. liveliness ; dy. sprightliness ; brisk- / Vo lupt' u a rý, n. one giv.

en to luxury or pleasVivid, a. lively ; sprightly ; quick.

Vo ra' cious, a. greedy to Viv'i fy, v. to make alive;

ravenous ; very to animate ; to quick- keen.

Vor' tex, n. a whirlpool ; Vo cab' u la rý,

whirlwind ; a whirling dictionary or collection motion. of words.

Volta rý, n. one devoted Volcal, a. uttered by the to any particular ser. voice.

vice, study, or worVoca'tion. n. a calling ; ship. employment

Vouch safe', v. to conde. Vo cif e ra' tion, n. scend ; to deign ; to

bawling ; noise ; out- grant ; to give.

сту. Vol a tile, a. flying;evap:

Voy' age, n. a travel by




eat ;






sea, &c.

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Vulgar, a. common; or. justify; to authorize.

dinary; mean ; low; tri. Wa' rý, a. cautious ; scruvial. n. the common or

pulous ; nice. lower people ; rabble. Wastel ful, a. destructive; Vul grity,n. meanness; lavish ; profligate. rudeness.

Watch' ful, a. attentive ; Vuľ ner a ble,

a. that

careful ; vigilant. may be wounded or in. Wa' ter coloursó, n. col. jured.

ours of a soft consist.

ence used with gum W.

water. WA'GES“, n. hire given Weak' ness, n. a defect ; for service.

feebleness ; failing. Wag' on ner, n. one who Wealthy, a. opulent ; drives a wagon:

rich ; abundant. Wain'scot, n. a lining for Weap' on, n. an instru. rooms.

ment of offence. Waistcoat, n. a part of a Wea' rý, a. tired. man's dress.

Weaths' er, n. the state of Walk, v. to travel on the air. v. to pass with foot.

difficulty. Wâl' nut, n. a large kind W tý, a. heavy ; imof nut.

portant ; strong. Wân, a. pale ; sickly. Wel' fare, n. happiness ; Wân' der, v. to rove ; to prosperity ; success, go astray; to ramble.

Whârf' age, n. rates for Wârd, n. district of a landing at a wharf.

town ; custody ; one Whârf' in ger, n. a keepunder a guardian.

er of a wharf. Wârd' robe, n. a place Wheat'en, 2. made of

where apparel is kept. wheat. War like, a. military ; fit | Wheel' wrīght, n.a maker

of wheels. Warm, a. a little hot; zea- Wher' rý, n. a light river lous ; furious.

boat. Warn' ing, n. a previous IV het' stone, n. a sharp.

notice ; a caution. ening stone. Warrant, n. a writ of Whim' si cal, a. caprici. caption ; authority.v. to ous ; freakish ; fanci



for war.

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