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with grass. Tur gents

short space.

ous ; violent.

Twinge, v. to pinch ; to Turf, n. a clod covered tweak ; to torment.

Twin' kle, v. to open and a. swelling ; shut tlie eye ; to play protuberant ; tumid. irregularly. Tur gid, a. tumid ; swell. | Twink' ling, n. a sparked ; bloated.

ling intermitting light ; Turn' pike, n. a toll-gate

a motion of the eye ; a on a road. Turn' stile, n. & cross-bar | Twirl, v. to turn round

turned on a pin, to let quick. n. a twist. foot passengers through Twit, v. to reproach ; to and prevent horses. upbraid; to sneer. Tur pen tine, n. a gum Twitch, v. to snatch ; to

from the pine, &c. pluck forcibly. Tur pi tude, n. inherent Type, n. an emblem ; a

vileness; badness. printing letter; a stamp. Tur' ret, n. a small tow. Typ'ic al, a. emblemati. er or eminence.

cal ; figurative. Tur tle, n. a species of Ty po graphic al, a. be

dove ; a sea tortoise. longing to printing. Tu te lage, n. guardian. Ty pog' ra phỹ, n. the art

ship; protection ; care. of printing Tul te lar, having Ty ran' nic


a. like a guardianship.

Ty ran' nic al, S Tultor, n.

one who in- tyrant. structs ; a preceptor. Tyr an nise, v. to act Tutor age, n. education ;

the office of a tutor. Tyr' an nous, a. arbitrary; Tu'tor egs, n. a govern

cruel; despotic.

Tyr' an ný, n. severity ; Tweezers, n. small pin. cruel government. cers ; nippers.

Ty'rant, n. & cruel des. Twi' līght, n. the faint potic ruler, light before sunrise and

ter. after sunset ; obscure Ty'ro, n. a young schol. light.

ar ; a beginner ; a sta. Twin, n. one of two pro- denti a novice.

duced together,


the tyrant.






may not be altered. U BI" QUI TY, n. being U na nim' i ty, n. agree

in every place ; omni- ment in mind. presence.

U nan’i mous, a. being of Ug' lý, a. deformed; hor. one mind or sentiment. rid; offensive to the Un an' swer a ble, a. not sight.

to be refuted ; certain ; Ulcer, n. a dangerous

true. sore.

Un ap pro'pri a ted, Ul te' ri or, a. farther ; not appropriated ; va. lying beyond.

cant. Ul' ti mate, a. the last ; Un apt', a. unfit; unsuita. final ; extreme.

ble ; improper. Ultimate lý, ad. in the Un ar' gued, a. not ar last state

conse: gued; not disputed ; quence.

not censured Ul ti matum, n. a final Un armed', a. having no ans wer; final resolu

armour ; defenceless ; tion ; end.

weak. Ultra ma rine', a. foreign. Un asked', a. not asked ; n. blue.

not requested ; not deUm' brage, n. a shadow ; sired.

offence; resentment. Un as cer tain' a ble, a. Um' brel,

not reducible to cer n. a cover

tainty. from the sun or rain. Un as pi'ring, a. not amUm' pire, D. an arbitra

bitious ; humble ; con. tor; one who decides tented. disputes.

Un as sist' ed, a. not help. Un ac count' a ble, a. not ed ; alone.

explicable ; strange ; Un at tain' a ble, a. not to odd,

be obtained or acquir. Un ad vil sed lý, ad. in- ed.

discreetly ; inconsider- Un a void' a ble, 2. not ately.

to be shunned ; inevita. Uu al ien a bie, a. that ble. cannot be alienated; Un au' thor bised, a.

not fixed.

supported by due au. Un âl' ter a ble, 2. that thority.

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Un a wares, ad. sudden- ousness ; doubt; con

ly; unexpectedly. tingency Un be com' ing, a. Un change a ble, a. fix.

suitable ; improper ; in- ed ; that cannot be decent.

changed. Un be got' ten, a. not gen. Unchar' it a ble, a. haverated ; eternal.

ing no charity ; unkind. Un be lief', n. want of be. Un 'chris' tian, a. vile ;

lief; infidelity ; incre. contrary to christianity. dulity.

Un cir cum cised", Un be liev'er, n. an infi. hardened ; nor circum

del; a vile or wicked cised. person.

Un civ' il, a. unkind ; im. Un bla' ma ble, a. inno. polite ; rude. cent.

Uncle, n. a brother of Un blem' ished, a. pure ;

one's farther or mother. free from blemish or Un clean', a. filthy; wick. reproach.

ed. Un blest', a. wretched ; Un comfort a ble, a. unhappy; miserable ;

miserable ; poor.

gad. Un blown', a. not blown ; Un com' mon, a. not frenot yet opened ;

quent ; unusual; rare ; ripe.

odd. Un bolt', v. to unbar ; to Un con cern', n. indiffertake out

ence; negligence; nego bolts.

lect. Un bol som, v. to reveal Un con cerned' a. unmov. in confidence.

ed ; indifferent ; easy. Un bred', not duly | Un con di' tion al, a.

taught ; badly educat. without conditions ; ab. ed : rude.

solute. Un bridled, a. not res. Un con fined", a. unre.

trained ; free ; loose ; strained ; free. licentious.

Un con' quer a ble, a. that Un bur' sthen, v. to rid cannot be conquered.

of a burden ; to ease. Un con' scion a ble, a. un. Un cer' tain, a. doubtful. reasonable ; unjust i Uncer' tain tý, na dubi- vast.

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an oint.

Un con' scious, a. not

Un der growth', perceiving or knowing. growth under trees. Un con test ed, a. not Un der hand', a. sly; cun

disputed ; evident. ning ; private ; secret. Un con trolled', a. not ad. slyly; meanly.

ruled or restrained. Un der hand' ed, a. sly; Un con vert' ed, a. not insidious ; mean.

converted ; not regen. Un der lay', v. to lay unerated.

der ; to strengthen ; to Un cor rupt', a. honest ; support. pure ;

sincere ; up- Un' der ling, n. an infe. right.

rior drudge ; a mean Un couth', a. awkward ; person. strange ; unusual.

Un der mine', v. to sap ; Un cover, v. to make to injure secretly; to naked.

destroy ; to ruin. Unc' tion, n. the act of Un' der most, a. lowest ; anointing ;

meanest i basesti ment.

weakest. Unc' tu ous, a. fat ; oily ; | Un der neaths\,ad. below;

greasy ; clammy; soft. beneath. Un cul ti va ted, a. not Un der pin' v. to prop ; cultivated ; unciviliz.

to support ; to lay the ed; rude.

foundation wall. Un daunt' ed, a. not daunt. Un der pin' ning,

ed ; very bold; daring; foundation wall; a prop. firm.

Un der rate', v. to rate Un de ci' ded, a. undeter- too low; to value too

mined ; unsettled ; low. vague.

Un der sell', v. to sell Un de filed', a. not pollut. cheaper or below the

not corrupted ; value. pure.

Un der stand', v. to com. Un de fined', a. not defin- prehend fully ; to be ed ; unlimited ; loose ;

informed. vague.

Un der stand' ing, n. inUn der go', v. to suffer ; tellectual powers; skill.

to endure ; to bear ; to Un der take', v. to engage sustain; to feel.

in ; to take charge ; to

pr. under.



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lested ; quiet ; not disUn der ta'ker, n. one who turbed

undertakes ; a mand- Un doubt'ed lý, ad. withger.

out doubt ; certainly. Un der ta' king, n. an en- Un dress', v. to strip. terprise i

business ; af. Un dress, n. a loose or fair.

negligent dress ; a dis. Un der value, v. to rate habille.

too low; to slight ; to Un' du late, v. to roll or despise.

move as a wave. Un der write', v. to write Un ea\ 6sý, a. unhappy; under another ; to in- disturbed ; painful ;

restless. Un der writer, n. Un ed' i fy ing, a. not im

who underwrites ; an proving ; not instruct insurer.

ing Un de scribed", a. not Un el' i gi ble, a. not wor.

described ; unknown ; thy to be chosen. confused.

Un em ployed, not Un de served',

not employed : disengaged. justly merited ; not in- Un en ga' ging, a. not encurred.

gaging or inviting. Un de serv er, n. a per

Un e quiv' o cal, a. not son of little or no merit. equivocal ; plain ; hon. Un de ter min a ble, a. est.

impossible to be deci. Un er ring, a. not misded.

taking ; certain ; inva. Un de ter mined, a.

riable. settled; undecided. Un ex am' pled, a. having Un di gest' ed, a. not di. no example or prece

gested ; not concocted; dent. fresh.

Un ex cep'tion a ble, a. Un di min' ished, a. not not liable to objection.

diminished ; entire; Un faths' om a ble, a. not whole.

to be sounded ; very Un dis' ci plined, a. unin- deep. structed; not duly train- Un fee!' ing, a.

void of ed.


insensible ; Un dis turbed', 2. unmo. cruel.



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