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low gem.


grateful to the taste. to prove metals ; & test. Po paz, n. a precious yel- Touch' ġ, a. peevish ; irri

table ; cross. Topic, n. a general head Tough, (tuf,) a. stiff; not of discourse.

brittle ; viscous ; ropy. To pog ra phỹ, n. A des- Tour' na ment, n, a tilt;

cription of particular a mock encounter. places.

Tów, v. to draw by a rope, Top sẽ tur vỹ, ad. with particularly through the

the bottom upwards. water. Tor ment, v. to put to Toward, a. ready to do. pain; to vex ; to har.

ad. near

Towards“, pr. in a diTorment,

n. misery ; rection to ; regarding. anguish ; torture. Tow' er, n. a high buildTor ment' er, n. one who ing; a fortress. v. to torments.

soar ; to fly or rise Tor na' do, n. a hurricane; high. a whirlwind.

Toy, n. a plaything. v. to Tor pel do, n. a fish whose play ; to triffe ; to daltouch benumbs.

ly amorously: Torpid, a. numbed; mo. Trace, v. to follnw by the

tionless ; sluggish. footsteps ; to mark out. Tor' por, n. dulness; in- Track' less, a. untrodden.

ability to move. Tract, n. a region ; quanTorrent, n. a rapid tity of land ; course i

stream ; & violent cur. treatise ; small book. rent.

Tract' a ble, a. manageTorrid, a. violently hot ; able ; docile. parched.

Trade' wind, n. the monTortoiseo, n an animal

soon or periodical wind. covered with a hard | Tra di' tion, 1. oral acshell.

count from age to age. ,

n. ; an- ' al

guish"; judician tor: Fra di tion ary,} a. de


scending by oral com

ments. Tot' ter, v. to shake so as

to threaten to fall. Touch' stone, no

a stone

munication. Tra duce', v. to censure ;

to calumniate.

a copy

over :


Tra du'cer, n. a slander | Tran' script, n.

er ; a calumniator. from an original. Tra du'ci ble, 3. such as Trans fer', v. to make may be derived.

to convey ; to Tra duc' tion, n. deriva- remove; to transport. tion; tradition.

Trans fig u ra' tion, Traf' fic, n.

commerce ; change of appearance merchandise. v. to trade. or figure. Tra gel di an, n. a writer Trans fig' ure, v. to change or actor of tragedy.

the figure. Tra" ge dý, n. a dramat- Trans fix', v. to pierce ic representation of any through. serious action ; any Trans form', v. to metadreadful event.

morphose ; to change. Tragic,

Trans for ma' tion, n. a

a. mourn Tra" gic al, )

change of form. ful; sorrowful.

Trans fusea, v. to pour Trai·tor, n. one who be- out of one into another. trays his trust.

Trans gress', v. to vioTrail tor ous,

a. perfidi. late ; to pass over ; to ous ; deceitful.

offend. Tran' quil, a. quiet ; un- Trans gress' ion, n. & disturbed.

crime ; a fault. Tran quil' li tý, n. peace

Trans gress' or, of mind ; stillness.

offender ; a law breakTrans act', v. to manage ; to conduct ; to nego.

Tran' sient, a. not lasttiate ; to perform ; to ing ; momentary. carry on

Tran' sit, n. the passing Trans ac' tion, n. negotia- of a planet.

tion ; dealing between Transi” tion, n. a change; man and man.

a removal ; a passage. Trans cend', v. to ex.

Tran' si to rý, a. passing ceed ; to outgo ; to away speedily. excel,

Trans late', v. to remove ; Trans cend' ent, a.

to convey ;

to inter premely excellent.

pret. Tran scribe!, v. to write Trans la'tion, n.removal; from an exemplar.

change; version.




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Trans la' tor, n, one who of place ; to change as

turns any thing into to order.

another language. Trans po 6gi" tion, n. the Trans lu' cent, a. transpa. act of misplacing: rent ; clear.

Tran sub stan ti a' tion, n. Trans ma rine', a. foreign; change of substance.

lying beyond sea. Trans verse', a. being in Trans' mi grate, to a cross direction.

travel; to pass from Trap' pings6, n. ornament; one country to another.

dress ; finery. Trans mi gra' tion, n. pas. | Trav' ail, n. labour ; toil;

sage from one place or fatiz, uc. v. to toil; to state into another.

labour. Trans mit', v. to convey ;

Trav' el, n. a journey. V. to send from one place to make journeys; to to another.

go. Trans mu ta'tion, n. the Traverse, v. to sail &change from one

cross ; to wander over; ture or substance into to examine. another.

Treach' er ols,

a. faithTrans mute', v. to change less ; perfidious ; false.

from one substance to Treach' e rý, n. perfidy ; another.

a breach of faith. Trans pa' rent, a. clear ; Trea' cle, a sort of

pellucid ; translucent. medicine ; molasses. Trans pire', v. to emit in | Treal oson, n. disloyalty ;

vapour ; to escape from treachery ; rebellion. secrecy to notice.

Treal bson a ble, a. of the Trans plant', v. to plant nature of treason. in a new place.

Treas' ure,

n. hoarded Trans port', v. to banish ; wealth ; riches. v. to to put into ecstacy.

hoard ; to lay up. Trans' port, n. a vessel of Treas6 ur er, n. one who

carriage ; rapture ; eco has the charge of the stacy ; conveyance ; money of a prince,state, transportation.

or corporation. Trans port a' tion, n. ban- | Treas6' u rý, n. a place

ist ment. Trans pose), v. to put out | Trēæt, v. to negociate ;


for money.


wheel or gun.

to bandle ; to maintain.

made in acknowledgn. an entertainment giv. ment of dependence. en ; pleasure.

Trident, n. a three forkTreal tisé, n. a written ed sceptre of Neptune. discourse.

Trig 3ger, . a catch of a Treat' ment, usage, good or bad.

Trig o nom' e trý, n. the Trea' tý, n. a negotiation; art of measuring trian

contract of parties. gles. Trem' ble, v. to shake ; Trin' i tý, n. three perto quake ; to shudder.

sons in one God. Tre men' dous., dread. Trip' ar tite, a. divided ful; awful ; horrible.

into three parts. Tremor, n. a quivering, Triph' thong, n. coalition or shaking motion

of three vowels. Trem' u lous, a. fearful; Tri' ple, a. treble : three tre.nbling ; vibrating.

times repeated. Tre pan', v. to cut with a Trip'let, n. three of a

trepan ; to perforate ; kind ; three lines. to catch; to

Trip'li cate, a. thrice as n. a snare ; a surgeon's much ; trebled. instrument.

Tri pli" ci tý, n. treble. Trep i da' tion,


ness ; a threefold state. state of trembling Tripod, n. a seat or ston! Tres' pass, n. a sin ;

with three feet. offence ; unlawful en. Triv' i al, a. inconsidertry.

able; worthless. Tress' eso, n. knots or Tri'umph, n.joy or pomp carls of hair.

for success ; victory ; n. a figure

conquest. v. to rejoice

for victory ; to obtain of three angles.

victory; to celebrate a Trib u la' tion, n. vexa- victory with pomp. tion : distress

Tri umph' al, a. used in Tri bu'nal, n. a court of celebrating a victory.

justice; a judge's seat. Tri umph' ant, a. cele. Trib' u ta rý, a. paying brating a victory.

tribute ; subject unto. Tri' une, a. three joined Trib' ate, n. a payment

in one.






Trollop, n. a slattern ; command ; a cudgel.

a slovenly woman. Trun' dle, v. to roll ; to Trope, n. a figure in bowl along. n. a round

speech; a word chang- rolling thing.
ed from its original Trunk, n. the body of any

thing ; a sort of chest; Tro' pbý, n. something the proboscis of an ele. taken in battle.

phant. Trop'ic, n. an astroncmi. Trunn' ionsó, n. the knobs calline of the sun.

on cannon. Trop' ic al, a. figurative ; Truss, n. a bandage for near the tropics.

ruptures ; a bundle of Troth, n. truth ; faithful- hay, 56 lbs. v. to pack

close together. Troth' plīght, a. betroth- Trus teel, n. one entrusted ; espoused.

ed with any thing. Trou' ble, v. to perplex. n. Trus' tặ, a. honest; true ; affliction.

faithful; strong. Trou" ble some, a. vexa. Tuesol day, n. the third tious; tiresome.

day of the week. Trough, (troff) n.: any | Tuft, n. a cluster

long thing hollowed. clump. Trounce, v. to punish. Tu i" tion, n. guardianTru' ant, n. an absenter ship ; instruction.

from school. a. idle ; Tu me fac' tion, n. a swelllazy.

ing. Truce, n. a temporary Tu' mid, a. puffed up ; cessation of war.

swelled ; pompous. Truc' kle bed, n. a bed Tu'mour, n.

& morbid that runs on wheels un. swelling

der a bigher bed. Tu'mult, n. riot ; Trudge, v. to jog on heav- bustle ; a wild comily ; to labour.

motion. Trum' pe rý, n. trifles ; Tu mul tu ous, a. turbu. trash; idle talk.

lent; full of riot. Trum' pet, v. to proclaim; Tune' ful, a. musical ; to sound one's praise. harmonious. n. an instrument.

Turban,n.a Turkish cap. Trun' 'cheon, n. a staff of | Tur' bu lent, a. tumultā.

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