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Tech' ì } a. peevish;

Tar' sget, n. a kind of Tax'a ble, a. that which buckler or shield.

may be taxed. Tar' gum, n. a Chaldee Tax a'tion, n, the act of

paraphrase on the pen. loading with taxes. tateuch

Teal board, n. a board for Tar' nish, v. to sully ; to tea cups, &c. lose brightness.

Teach, v. to instruct ; to Tar pawling, n. tarred inform; to show. canvass ; a sailor.

Technic al, a. belonging Tar' rier, n. one who tar- to arts; not common.

ries ; a small dog. Tart, a. sour ; severe. n. a Tetch ý, small fruit pie.

captious ; froward. Tart' ness, n. sharpness ; Tel di ous, a. weariuome; acidity ; ill-nature.

irksome ; slow. Task, n. employment ; Teem, v. to bring forth business imposed."

young ; to abound. Tas' sel, n. an ornament- Teg' u ment, n. a cover ; al bunch of silk.

the outward part. Taste' less, a. insipid ; Teint, n. colour ; shade ; having no taste.

touch of the pencil. Tat ter de mal ion, n. a Telegraph, n. apparatus ragged fellow.

for a rapid conveyance Tat' tle, v. to prate; to of intelligence by sig. talk idly.

nals. Tat' tler, n. an idle talk. Tel e scope, n. a glass er ; à prater.

used for distant views. Taunt, n. an insult ; scoff; Te mer i tỹ, n. rashness; reproach.

unreasonableness ; con. Tau tol' o gý, n. a repe. tempt of danger. tition of the same words. Temper, n. calmness of Taw' drý, a. ridiculously mind; moderation. v. to or meanly showy.

soften ; to mingle ; to Taw'ný, a. yellow, like make fit. things tanned.

Tem' per a ment, n. conTax, v. to lay a tax ; to stitution ; a medium.

censure ; to charge. n. Tem' per ance, n. modean impost ; tribute ration ; patience censure.

Tem' per ate, a. moder

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Ten ouer,}

ate ; calm ; not exces

a drift. sive.

Tender lý, ad, gently : Te n' per a ture, n. con- mildly ; kindly.

stitution of nature; tem | Ten'der ness, . suscep. perament; moderation; tibility of impression ; mediocrity.

kind attention. Tem' pest, n. a violent Ten' don, n. a sinew; &

wind ; a com notion. ligature of joints. Tem pest' u ous, a. stor. Ten' dril, n. the clasper my ; boisterous.

of a vine. Temple, n. a church ; Ten' e ment, n. any thing

the side of the head. held by a tenant. Tem' po ral, a. measured Ten' et, n. a position ;

by time; not eternal ; principle ; opinion.

secular ; not spiritual. Ten' on, n. the end of a Tem po rali tý, n. secu stick or piece of timber lar possessions.

fitted to a mortise. Tem' po ra rý, a. lasting Ten' or,

n. sense cononly for a time. Tem' po rize, v. to delay; tained ; purport; sound

to comply with the in music. times.

Ten' sion, n. the act of Tempt a'tion, n. the act stretching ; the state of tempting to ill.

of being stretched. Tempt' er, n. one who Tent, n. a pavilion ; a roll tempts ; an enticer,

of lint put into a sore. Ten' able, a. that which Ten' ter, n. an iron hook

may be held or kept. to stretch things on. Te na' cious, a. retentive; Ten' ūre, n. the condition

cohesive ; grasping whereby tenements are hari, holding fast an held.

opinion or privilege. Tep' id, a. warm in a Te na' ci tý, n, stiffness

small degree. in opinion.

Ter gi ver sal tion, n. & one who

subterfuge ; an evasion; rents of another.

a shift

; a change. Ten' ant a ble, a. fit to be Ter ma gant, n. å scold. inhabited.

ing, brawling woman, Ten' den cý, n. a coarse ; | Ter min a ble, admite

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Ten' ant,

ting of bounds or lim- Tes ta' trix, n. a woman its.

who leaves & will. Termin ate, v. to bound; Test' ed, a. tried by a to limit ; to end.

test ; witnessed. Ter min a' tion, n. a lim | Test' er, n. a sixpence ;

it , bound ; conclusion. the upper cover of a Terrace, n. a small gras. bed. sy mount.

Tes' ti fy, v. to witness ; Ter ra'que ous, a. com: to certify; to prove.

posed of land and water. Tes ti molni al, n. a cer. Ter res' tri al, a. earthly ; tificate or attestation. worldly.

Tes' ti mo nỹ, n. evidence; Terri ble, a. dreadful ; proof; profession.

formidable ; frightful. Tes' tý, a. fretful ; peevTer rif' ic, a. dreadful ; ish ; apt to be angry. causing terror.

Tete-a-tete, (tate'-a-tate) Ter' ri fy, v. to fright; to a. face to face. n. a primake afraid.

vate conversation be. Ter ri to'ri al, a. belong- tween two.

ing to a territory. Teths' er, n. a string to Ter si to rý,

prevent cattle pasturing country ; dominion.

too wide. Ter' ror, n. great fear ; Tet' ra gon, n. a square ;

dread ; cause of fear. a four sided figure. Tertian, a. returning Tel trarch', n. a Roman every y third day.

governor. Test, n. a vessel to try

web ; metals; examination. manner of weaving. Tes ta'ceous, a. consisto Thank' ful, a. full of grating of shells.

itude ; grateful. Tes' ta ment, n. a will ; | The'a tre, n. a play-house.

either volume of the The at' ri cal, a. suiting & scriptures.

theatre. Tes ta ment' a rý, a. re- Thēme, n. a subject ; a lating to a will.

short dissertation. Tes' tate, a. having made SThence, ad. from that a will.

place ; for that reason. Tes ta'tor, n. one who S Thence' forth, ad. from leaves a will. a

that time,


land ;

Text' ure,


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Thence for wârd, ad. on Thor' ough fare, n. a pas. from that time.

sage through a place. The oc' ra cy, n. divine Thor' ough lý. ad. com. government.

pletely ; fully The o logi an. n. a pro- Thought' ful, a. contemfessor of divinity.

plative ; careful. The o lo' gic al, a. relat. Thought' less, a. airy ; ing to theology.

gay ; careless ; dull. The ol' o gý, n. the sci- Tlowl, n. a place or pin ence of divinity.

for oars to turn in. The'o rem, n. an estab. Thrâl' dom, n. slavery ;

lished truth ; a position servitude. laid down as an estab- | Thrash, v. to beat corn ; lished truth,

to beat or drub. The o ret' ic al, a. specu- Thread, n. a small line ; lative.

uniform tenor. The'o rist, n, one given Threat' en, v. to menaces to speculation.

to denounce evil. Thelö ry, n. a specula- Thresh' old, n., en.

tion ; a scheme ; a plan, trance ; a gate ; a door. Ther mom' e ter, n. an | Thrift, n. profit ; gain ;

instrument for measur. parsimony.

ing the heat of the air. Thrif' ty, a. frugal; sparThe sis, n. a position ; ing ; well husbanded.

proposition ; subject. Thrill, v. to pierce ; to Thiev'ish, a. given to penetrate ; to tingle. stealing

Thrive, v. to prosper; to Thirst, v. to be dry ; to

feel the want of drink. Throb, v. to heave; to Thirst' , a. suffering for beat ; to palpitate. want of drink.

Through out, ad. quite Thong, n. a strap or through ; in

every part. string of leather.

Thrust, v. to push ; to Tho'rax, n. the inward intrude ; to stab. n. an part of the breast.

assault ; a push. Thorn' ý, a. full of thorns; Thwârt, v. to cross ; to perplexing

traverse ; to oppose. Thorough, a. complete; | Thyme, n. a fragrant passing through.


grow rich.

Ti a'ra,

fire ;

n. & diadem ; | Tit u lar, a. nominal; dress for the head. having only the name. Tide' wāit er, n. a cus- Toast, v. to dry at the tom house officer.

to propose a Tildings, n. news ; in- health.

telligence; information. To bac' co nist, n. a vend. Til dý, a. seasonable ; er of tobacco.

neat ; clever ; spruce. To 3geths' er, ad. not a: Tiēr, n. a row or rank; a part ; in company. set.

Toillet, n. a dressing taTill' a ble, a. arable ; fit ble. for the plough.

Toill some, a. laborious. Till' age, n. the art of To'ken, n. a mark; a sign;

ploughing or culture. a remembrance. Time' lý, a. early ; soon. Tol' er a ble, &. supporta. ad. seasonably.

ble ; passable. Tim' id, a. fearful; want. Tol' er ance, n. the act or. ing courage.

power of enduring: Ti mid' i tỹ, n.

fearful. Tol' er ate, v. to allow ; ness ; timorousness. to permit ; to suffer. Tim' o rous, a. fearful ; Tole ra' tion, n. sufferbashful ; nice.

ance ; permission. Tinct' ure, n. a colour ; Tõll, n. an excise of

extract of drugs. v. to goods. v. to ring a bell, imbue; to tinge ; to Tom' a hawk, n. an Incolour.

dian hatchet. Tinge, v. to impregnate Tomb, (toom,) n. a sepwith a colour.

ulchre for the dead ; a Tint, n. a die ; a colour. vault.

n. cloth inter. Tongue, (tung,) n. the or. woven with gold. gan of speech; language. Tithes, n. the tenth part. Ton' nage, n. a duty up. Tiltle, n. appellation ; on every tun.

claim of right; name of Ton tine', (ton teen',) n. a honour ; the first page raising money by annui

of a work. v. to name. ties. Til tle-page, n. the page

Tooth' ach', n. a pain in containing the title of a the teeth. book.

Tooth'some, a. palatable ;

Tis' sue,

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