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utmost height.

Su per fi" cial, a. lying on Sum' mon, v. to call with the surface; shallow

authority ; to cite. Su per fi' cies, n. the outSum' monsó, n. a call of side or surface,

authority ; a citation, Su per fine', a. eminently Sympt' u a rý, 4. of or fine.

pertaining to expenses. Su per flu'i tý, n. more Sumpt' u ous, a. costly ; than enough.

expensive ; splendid. Su per' ily ous, a, exubeSun' bēam, n. ray of the rant ; unnecessary.

Su per in duce', to Sun' der, v. to divide or bring in as an addition. part asunder.

Su per

in tend', v. to over, Sun' drý, a. several ; V&. see ; to manage.

rious ; more than one. Su per in ten den cỹ, Su' per a ble, 2. that may the act of overseeing. be conquered.

Su per in tend' ent, n. ą Su per a bound', v. to be

chief overseer. exuberant.

Su pe ri or' i tỹ, n. preemSu per a bun' dance, n. inence ; being greater

more than enough. or higher in any resSu per a bun' dant, a. be- pect,

ing more than enough. Su pe' ri or, a. higher ; Su per add', v. to add over

greater ; preferable. and above.

Su per la tive, a. implying Su per an' nu a ted, a. dis- the highest degree.

qualified by age. Su per' nal, 4. coming Su perb', a. grand; pomp- from above ; celestial. ous ; stately.

Su per nat' u ral, a. above Su per car' go, n. a sea of. nature ; miraculous.

ficer to manage trade. Su per nu' me ra rý, a. aSu per cil' i ous, a. proud; bove a stated number.

haughty; arbitrary. Su per scribe', v. to inSu per em' i nent, a. emi. scribe upon the top or

nent in a high degree. outside. Su per er o gal tign, n. Su per scription, n.

doing more than duty. writing on the outside, Su per ex' cel lent, a. un- Su per sede', v. to set

commonly excellent. aside ; to make void by

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superior power.

rable ; moderate. Su per sti' tion, n. false Sup port' er, n. one that

devotion or religion. supports ; a prop. Su per

sti" tious, a. addic- Sup poseb v. to imagine ; ted to superstition. to lay down, or admit Su per structure, n. what

without proof. is built on another.

Sup po osi" tion, n. posiSu per vil 6sor, n. an over- tion laid down; hypoth.

seer ; an inspector. esis. Su pine', a. lying with the Sup poss i ti" tious, a.

face upward ; negli- counterfeit ; not genu: gent; drowsy.

ine. Sup plant', v. to displace Sup press', v. to crush; to by stratagem.

subdue ; to conceal. Supple, a. pliant; yield Sup' pu rate, v. to genea ing ; fawning.

rate pus or matter. Sup' ple ment, n. an ad. Sup pu ra'tion, n. a ripendition to supply defects. ing to pus or matter. al,

Su prem' a cỏ, n. the high

est authority ; state of additional.

being supreme. Sup' ple ness, n. pliant. Su preme' lý, ad. in the ness; flexibility

highest degree. Sup' pli ant, a. entreating: Sur charge', v. to over.

submissive. n. à peti. load ; to overburden.

tioner ; a supplicant. Sur cin gle, n. a girth; Sup' pli cate, v. to im. the girdle of a cassock.

plore ; to entreat. Surd, a. deaf; unheard ; Sup pli ca' tion, n.

incommensurable. humble petition. Sure, (shure) a. certain ; Sup ply', v to relieve; to safe. ad. surely; certain.

serve instead of.n. a re. ly. lief of want; aid ; sup- Sure tý, n. certainty ; se, port.

curity ; hostage ; bail. Sup port!, v. to sustain ; Sur' face, n. the superfi. to endure ; to maintain. cies ; the outside. a prop ;

mainte. Sur' feit, v. to make sick nance; supply.

with eating Sup port' a ble, a. tole. Sur' geon, n. one who

Sup ple ment' a'ry, }


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professes surgery:

a view; a prospect; &

measure. manual operation. Sur vey' or, n. an overSur mise6, n. an imper- seer ; a measurer.

fect notion ; a suspicion. Sur vive', v. to live after ; Sur mount', v. to rise a- to remain alive.

bove ; to overcome. Sus cep' ti ble, a. apt to Sur mount' a ble, a. con

take an impression ; querable ; superable. capable of admitting. Sur' name, n. å family Sus pect', v. to fear; to

name ; appellation. mistrust ; think guilty. Sur pass', v. to excel ; to Sus pend', v. to hang ; to

exceed ; to go beyond. delay ; to put off. Sur' plice, n. a clergy. Sus pense', n. an uncer.

man's white garment. tainty; a doubt; a stop. Sur' plus, n. overplus ; a Sus pen' sion, n. a hango remainder.

ing up; ceasing for a Sur priseb, n. a sudden time; being suspend

confusion or perplexis ed from an office. ty. v. to take unawares; Sus pi' cion, n. the act of to astonish.

suspecting Sur pri 6sing, a. wonder. Sus pi" cious, a. inclined ful ; astonishing

to suspect ; liable to Sur ren' der, v. to yield ; suspicion.

to give one's self up. n. Sus tain', v. to bear ; to the act of yielding or support ;

to defend & resigning

position. Sur rep ti' tious, a. done Sus' te nance, n. mainten

by stealth or fraud. ance ; victuals. Sur ro gate, n. 2 deputy ; Swâl low, v. to take down a delegate.

the throat. n. the throat; Sur round', v. to encom

a bird. pass; to enclose.

Swârd, n. a green turf. Sur silid, n. the fifth Swâr' thị, a. dark of com. power of any

plexion ; tawny. Surtout', n. a large upper Swathes, v. to bind with Cat; a great coat.

rollers or bands. Sur vey', v. to overlook ; Swale,

v. to waste e

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; }


for a part

way ; to melt.

Symp' tom, n. a sign ; 2 Sweet' meat,

n. fruits

token ; an indication. preserved with sugar. Syn' a gogue, n. a place Swel ter, v. to be pained of Jewish worship.

or cried with heat. Syn' ichro nism“, n. a con. Swin' ging,

a great ; currence of events. huge.

Syn' co pe, n. a fainting Swoon, v. to faint. n. a fit ; a contraction fainting fit.

Syn ec' do 'che,n. a figure Sword, n. a military weap- of rhetoric, by which

part is taken for the Sword' play er, n. a gladia- whole, or the whole

tor; a fencer. Syc' o phant, n. a para. Syn' od, n. an ecclesiastisite ; a flatterer.

cal assembly. Syl la ble, n. one articula. Sy non' ý mous, a. of the

tion, or part of a word. same signification. Sy?' lo gismé, n. an argu. Sy nop' sis, n. a short

ment of three proposi. view, or epitome ; an tions.

abridgment; a general Sylphs, n. a kind of fairy view.

nymphs ; elves. Syn' tax, n. a system ; Syl van, a. woody; shady. that part of grammar Sym' bol, n. an abstract ; which teaches the con

compendium ; type. struction of words. Sym bol ic al, a. repre. Syr' inge, a pipe to

sentative ; typical. squirt liquor with. Sym' bol ize, v. to repre- Syri tis, n. a quicksand ;

sent ; to resemble. a bog. Sym' me trý, n. a due pro. Sys' tem, n. a method ; portion of parts ; har- theory; scheme. mony:

Sys tem at'ic, n. one who Sym' pa thize, v. to feel

observes system. with or for another. Sys tem at' ic al, a. meth. Sym pa thỳ, n. mutual odical ; connected. sensibility ; fellow feel. Sys' tole, n. the contracing ; compassion.

tion of the heart; the Sympho ný, n. harmony shortening of a long of mingled sounds. syllable.


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bird of prey.


Tab' ret,



who makes and sells TAB' ER NACLE, n. a tallow candles.

place of worships a Tel lý, v. to fit ; to con

temporary habitation. form ; to be suitable. Tab' la ture, n. painting Talmud, n. the book con.

on walls or ceilings. taining the Jewish tra. Tab' let, n. a small table ; ditions.

a surface written on or Tal on, n. the claw of a painted. Ta'bour,

Tam ba rine', (tam ba a small

reen',) n. a small drum; drum beaten with one a tabour. stick to accompany the Tame' ness, n. gentleness; barp.

want of spirit. Tab' u lar, a. formed in Tam' per, v. to meddle squares or laminæ.

with ; to practise. Ta" cit, a. silent; impli- Tan' gent, n. a line per ed or meant, though pendicular to a radius. not expressed.

Tank' ard, n, a drinking Ta ci tur ni tỹ, n. habitu

vessel with a lid. al silence.

Tan' ta lize, v. to torment Tac' tic, a. relating to the with false hopes. art of war.

Tan' ta mount, a. equiva: Tac' tics, n. the art of dis- lent; worth as much.

posing men in form of Tan tiv' ý, ad. with baste; battle.

with full speed. Tai'lor, n. one who makes Talper, n, a wax candle. men's clothes.

a. sloping. v. to grow Taint, v. to stain ; to cor- smaller. rupt.

Tap' es trý, n. cloth wov. Talel beār er, n. a malig. en with figures. nant, officious telltale. Tap' ster,

one who Tal ent, n.

a certain draws beer. weight ; faculty Tar ant' u la, n. a venomTalk' a tive, full of ous insect, whose bite

prate ; loquacious. is said to be cured by Tal' low, n. the fat of music.

beasts melted ; suet. Tar dý, a. slow ; late ; Tal' low chand ler, n. one dilatory

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