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apart ; to exclude.

mutinous ; turbulent. Se clu' sion,n. a secluding; Se duce', v. to tempt ; to a separating

corrupt ; to mislead. Sec' ond ly, ad. in the Se duce' ment, n. the act second place.

of seducing; the means Secrecy, n. privacy; sol. used to seduce.

itude; close silence. Se duc' tion, n. the act of Sec' re ta rý, n. one who seducing ; deceit.

writes for another. Se du lity, n. assiduity ; Se crete', v. to hide; to application ; industry: ; conceal ; to separate.

Sed u lous, a. assiduous ; Se cre'tion, n, a separa

industrious; painful. tion of animal fluids. See, n. the diocess of a Secret ly, ad. privately ; bishop. v. to perceive ; in secret.

to descry. Se cre' to rý, a. perform- Seed' time, n. the season ing the office of secre

for sowing: tion.

Seek, v. to look for ; to Sect, n. men united in solicit ; to make search. certain tenets.

Seem, v. to appear. Sec' u lar, a. not bound Seem' lý, a. decent ; be.

by rules ; worldly. coming ; proper ; fit. Se cure', a. free from fear Seer, n. a prophet ; one

or danger ; safe. v. to who foresees events.
make certain ; to pro. Seeths, v. to boil.
tect; to insure.

Seg' ment, n. part of a Se cu' rity, n. protection; circle comprehended defence ; pledge.

between a chord and Se date', a. calm ; quiet ; still; serene.

Seign'ior, n. an Italian ti.' Sed' en ta rý, a. sitting tle for lord. much inactive.

Sēize, v. to take by force; Sedge, n. a growih of

to fasten on. narrow flags.

Seiz' ure, n. the act of Sed' i ment, n. what set- seizing the thing seized.

tles at the bottom. Sel' dom, ad. rarely; not Se di' tion, n. a tumult; frequently. an insurrection.

Se lect', v. to choose in Se di' tious, a. factious ; preference to others. a.

an arc.




nicely chosen.

persuaded ; convinced. Se lection, n. choice ; Sen' si tive, a. having

the act of choosing. sense, but not reason. Self' ish, a. void of regard Sen so'ri um,

Sen' so rý for others.

n. the Sell'er, n. one who sells; seat of sense ; the ora vender.

gan of sensation. Semblance,

Sens' u al, a. pleasing to blance ; appearance.

the senses ; carnal. Sem' i cir cle, n. half a Sens u al' i tý, n. addiccircle.

tion to carnal pleasures. Sem i cir cu lar, a. half | Sen' tence, n. a determiround.

nation ; a period. Sem i co' lon, n. a point Sen ten' tious, &.

short made thus. (:)

and energetic. Sem i di am' e ter, n. half Sen' ti ment, n. thought ; a diameter.

motion ; opinion. Sem' i nal, a. belonging Sen ti ment' al, a. reflectto seed ; radical.

ing; thoughtful. Sem' i na rý, n. & seed Sen' ti nel, plot ; original ; school.

Sen’ trị,

n. a soldier Sen' ate, n. an assembly of on guai

counsellors who share Sep' a ra ble, a. that may in the government.

be separated. Sen' a tor, n. a member of Sep' a rate, v. to break ; the Senate.

to disunite. a. divided ; Senior, a. older than an- disunited from. other.

Sep a ra' tion, n.
Se ni or' i tỹ, n. priority junction ; a divorce.

of birth ; eldership. Sep tem' ber, n. the ninth Sen sa' tion, n. perception

month of the year. by the senses.

Sep ten' ni al, a. lasting Sense, a faculty of per. or happening once in ceiving ; meaning

seven years. Sen si bil 1 tỷ, n. quick- Sep ten' tri on, ness of sensation.

north ; Charles' wain. Sen' si ble, a. having Sep' tu a gint, n. the old

quick intellectual feel Greek version of the ing ; of good sense ; Bible.

a dis.

n. the

Se pulchral, a. relating Ser' mon, n. a pious, in. to burial.

structive discourse. Sep' ul'chre, n. a tomb; Ser' mon ize, v. to preach

a grave ; a monument. or write a sermon. Sepul ture, n. interment; Ser' pen tine, a. winding burial

like a serpent. Se qua' cious, a, follow. Ser' rate, ing; attendant ; duc. Ser' ra ted,

a. jagged tile.

like a saw. Se qua' ci tý, n. ductili

Ser' vant, n.

one who ty; toughness.

serves another. Se' quel, n. a conclusion ; Ser' vice, ñ. an office ; consequence.

obedience ; favour. Se'quence, n. a following Service a ble, a. active ; order.

diligent; useful. Se ques' ter, v. to put Ser' vile, a. slavish ; mean;

aside ; to deprive of. fawning ; cringing. Se

ques tra' tion, n. a de Ser vil' i tỹ, n. slavish. privation of profits.

ness ; meanness. Se ragl' io, n. a house Ser vi tude, n. slavery :

where concubines are dependence. kept.

Ses' sion, n. a sitting of Ser' aph, n. an angel of magistrates ; time of

one of the heavenly or- sitting:

ders. pl. &eraphim. Set tee' n. a long seat with Se raph'ic, a. angelic.

a back. Ser e nade', v. to enter- Set' tled, a. confirmed ;

tain with nocturnai determined. music.

Set' tle ment, n. legal posSe rene', a. calm ; placid; session ; a colony : quiet ; unruffled.

jointure. Se ren'i tý, n. calmness ; Sev' er, v. to force asun.

peace ; sereneness. der ; to divide ; to dis. Ser' geant, n. a petty of. join. ficer in the army

Sev' e ral, a. divers ; m&Se' riēsó, mi sequence;

ny; distinct. succession ; order, Sev e ral lẽ, ad. distinct Seri ous, a. grave ;

ly : separately. lemn; important. Se vere', a. sharp ; aus

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six years.

tere ; cruel; painful. Shape' lý, a. well formed; Se ver i tỳ, n. cruel treat- symmetrical. ment; rigour.

Share, n. a portion ; diviSew, (30) v. to join with dend ; plough blade. v.

a needle and thread. to divide. Sex a ges' i ma, n. second Shark, n. a voracious sea.

Sunday before lent. fish ; a sharper. Sex en' ni al, a. lasting Sharp, a keen; piercing ;

acute ; sour. Sex tant, n. the sixth part Sharp' lý, ad. severely : of a circle.

keenly; afflictively: Sex' tile, n. the distance Shatter, v. to break into of sixty degrees.

pieces; to impair. Sex' ton, n. an under offi- Sheath, n. a scabbard ; cer of the church.

the case of any thing. Sex' tu ple, a. sixfold ; Shēaths, six times told.

v. to enclose

Sheathes, Shab' bý, a. ragged ; in a sheath or scab.

mean ; slovenly ; pal- bard. try.

Sheet, n. linen for a bed ; Shac' kle, v. to chain ; to fetter ; to bind.

Shelter, v. to defend ; Shade, v. to cover from to protect : to give

light or heat. n. sha- shelter, n. a cover. dow.

Shelving, a. sloping ; Shad' ow, n. a shade; a slanting

faint representation. v. Shep' herd, n. one who to cloud ; to darken ; tends sheep to represent.

Sher' iff, n, a chief county Shad' ow ý, a. typical ; officer. gloomy; dark.

Shịēld, v. to cover ; to Sha' dý, a. cool ; secure defend ; to secure. n. a

from light or heat. buckler ; a defence ; a Shaft, n. an arrow.

protection. Shame' less, a. impudent; | Shine, v. to glisten ; to audacious.

glitter; to be splenSham' ois, n. a wild goat. did. Shank, n. middle joint of

n. unwilling the leg; bandle.

ness ; reservedness.

a sail : paper.

Shi' ness,




Shi'ný, a. bright ; lumin. push. ous ; splendid.

Shoulder, v. to push with Ship' ping, n. vessels for insolence and violence; navigation.

to put upon the shoulShip' wreck, n. loss of a der. ship by rocks.

Shout, v. to cry in triumph Ship' wrīght, n. a ship. or exultation. carpenter or builder.

Shred, n, a small piece Shire, n. a division of a cut off ; a fragment.

kingdom ; a county. Shrew, n. a peevish, ma. Shirt, n. the under linen lignant, clamorous, tur: garment of a man. v. to

bulent woman. cover with a shirt. Shrewd, a. having the Shīve, n, a slice of bread; qualities of a shrew

i a thick splinter.

maliciously sly ; cun Shiv' er, v. to quake ; to ning ; mischievous.

tremble ; to shatter. Shriēk, v. to scream. Shoal, n. a crowd ; a sand Shrill, a. sounding with bank.

acute tremulous Shock, n. a conflict; a sound.

concussion ; an offence. Shrine, n. a cabinet or v. to shake violently ; to case to hold relics. disgust; to offend ; to Shrink. v. to contract it. be offensive.

self; to express fear, Shoe, (shu) n. the outer by contracting the bocover of the foot.

dy, Short' hand, n. a writing Shriv' el, v. to contract inin characters ; stenog

to wrinkles. raphy.

Shroud, n. a dress of the Short lý, ad. quickly ; dead; a shelter. v. to

shelter. Short sight' ed, a. defect. Shrouds, n. large ropes ive in the sight.

extended from the mast Shot' free, a. clear of the head to the side of the reckoning:

ship. Shot' ten, a. having eject. Shrub, n. a bush ; spirit

with acid and sugar. Shove, (shuv) v. to push. Shrug, n. a contracting of

n. the act of shoving ; a the shoulders to signify


ed the spawn.

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