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Re store', v. to relieve ; to Re tard', v. to hinder ; to give back.

delay. Re strain', v. to withhold; | Re ten' tion, n. memory; to repress ; to limit.

act of retaining Re straint', n. an abridg- Re ten' tive, a. having ment of liberty.

power to retain. Re strict', v. to limit; to Ret' i nue, n.

a train of confine.

attendants. Re stric' tion, n. confine-Re tire', v. to retreat ; to ment ; limitation. :

withdraw. Re stric' tive, a. express. Re tired', a. secret ; soliing limitation.

tary ; private. Restrin' gent, a. having Re tire' ment, n. a private power to bind.

abode, or habitation. Re “sult', n. consequence. Re tort', v. to throw back;

v. to fly back; to arise to return. n. à censure from.

returned ; a glass vel. Re gume', v. to

take sel. back; to begin again. Re trace' v. to trace back Resumption, n. the act or over again. of resuming

Re tract', v. to recall ; to Rego ur rec' tion, n. revi- recant ; to resume.

val from the dead. Re treat), v. to retire ; to Re sur vey', v. to review, take shelter. n. a place or survey again.

of retirement or secu Re sus' ci tate, v. to raise rity.

up again ; to renew. Re trench', v. to cut off ; Re sus ci ta'tion, n. the to confine ; to reduce.

act of raising up again, Re trench' ment, n. à reeither from sleep or

duction of expense. death.

Ret ribution, n. a repayRe tail er, n.

one who ment; requital. seils by small quantities. Retrieve', v. to recover ; Re tain, v. to keep ; to to repair ; to regain.

hire ; to continue, Re triev' a ble, a. that Re tal' i ate, v. to return;

may be retrieved. to repay ; to requite. Re tro ces' sion, n. the Re tal i a' tion, n. return act of going back. of like for like.

Re tro duc' tion,



ration ;



leading back.

with respect. n. vene Ret' ro grade, a. going

respect ; a backwards ; contrary.

bow. Re tro gres' sion, n. the Rev' e rend, a. venerable; act of going back.

deserving reverence ; Ret' ro spect, n. a looking the bonorary title of the on things past.

clergy. Ret ro spec' tion,

Rev' e rent,

a. humble ; looking backwards. testifying veneration. Ret ro spec' tive, a. look Rev e ren' tial, a. express. ing backwards.

ing reverence. Return' a ble, a. allowed Rev' e rý, n. irregular to be returned.

thought. Re veal', v. to disclose ; Re verse', v. to subvert ;

to lay open ; to impart. to repeal; to contraRev' el, v. to carouse. n.

dict. n. the opposite a noisy feast.

side ; contrary. Rev e la' tion, n. discov. Re ver' sion, n. succes

ery; communication of sion ; right of successacred and mysterious sion. truths by a teacher Re vert', v. to change ; from heaven.

to return. Re venge' v. to return an Re vert' i ble, a. that may

injury. n. return of an be returned.

injury or affront. Re view', v. to survey ; to Re venge' ful, a. vindic. examine. n. a survey ; tive; given to revenge.

a re-examination. Rev' e nue, n. an income ; Re vile', v. to reproach ; annual profits.

to abuse ; to villify. Re ver' be rate,v.to bound Re vil o sal,

back; to resound. Re vis6' ion, Re ver be ra' tion, n. a examination.

beating or driving back. Re vise“, v. to review. n. Re ver be ra to ry, a. re- a proof of a sheet cor

turning ; beating back. rected. Re vere', v. to reverence ; Re visol it, v. to visit a.

to venerate ; to honour gain. with an awful

respect. Re vil val, n. recal from Rev' e rence, v. to regard obscurity

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n. a re

life ;


Re vive', v. to return to Rhubarb, n. a medicinal to renew ; to purgative root.

Rhyme, n. harmony of verRe un'ion, n. a reuni.

ses ; metre ; poetry. ting

Rib' al drý, n. rude brutal Re u nite', v. to join a- language. gain.

Rib' and, Rev' o ca ble, a. that may Ribbon, S

n. & fillet of be recalled.

silk. Rev o ca' tion, n. act of Rid' dance, n. a clearing

recalling; a repeal. away; a deliverance; Re voke', v. to repeal ; to disencumbrance.

reverse ; to draw back. Rid' i cule, n. laughter Re volt, v. to fall off; to with contempt.

v. to rise against a prince or expose to laughter. state.

Ri dic' u lous, a, exciting Re volve', v. to perform a laughter ; odd ; silly ;

revolution ; to consider. mean. Rev o lu'tion, n. a return. | Right, a. fit; proper ;

ing motion ; a change true ; just. ad. properof government.

ly ; justly ; truly. n. Re ward', v. to recom- justice ; privilege. v. to

pense ; toʻrepay. n. re. adjust ; to relieve from compense given for

wrong good.

Right' e ous, a. just ; Rhap' so dý, n. an irregu. honest ; virtuo!is ; un

lar, unconnected wri- corrupted ; equitable. ting

Right'e olis ness, n. jusRhet' o ric, n. the art of tice ; honesty ; virtue ;

speaking properly ; ora- goodness. tory.

Right' ful, a. having the Rheto ri' cian,

right or just claim. skilled in rhetoric. Ri' gid, a. stiff : severe ; Rheum, n. thin watery inflexible ; sharp ; cru

matter from the mouth. el. Rheu met' ic, a. troubled Rig' our, severity ;

with the rheumatism. stenness ; strictness. Rheu'matismó, n. a very | Rig' or ous, severe i

acute, painful disorder allowing no abatement.




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Rinse, v. to wash the soap

out of clothes; to wash. Rilot, n. a sedition ; an

uproar. Rilot ous, a. luxurious ;

seditious; turbulent. Ri' pen, v. to grow ripe. Ripe' ness, n. maturity ;

perfection. Risol i ble,

a. excitiug laughter ; ludicrous. Risk, n. hazard ; danger;

chance of harm v. to hazard ; to put

to chance. Rite, n. a solemn act of

religion. Rit u al, n. a book of re

ligious ceremonies. a. solemnly ceremonious. Rival, n. a competitor ;

an opponent. v. to emu

late; to oppose. Riv' et, n. a fastening pin

that is clenched. v. to

fasten with rivets. Riv' u let, n. a small riv.

er; a brook. Road, n. a large way for

travelling; a path. Rõam, v. to wander; to

ramble ; to rove. Robust', a. strong ; sin

ewy; violent. Rogue, n. a vagabond ; a

knave ; a wag. Ro'guish, a. fraudulent ;

knavish ; waggish. Roll, n. a register ; mass

made round. v. to in. wrap; to move in a

circle. Ro mance', n. a fable ; a

fiction ; a lie. Ro man' tic, a. wild ; im.

probable ; painful. Roof, n, the cover of a

house ; the upper part

of the mouth. Rol (se ate,

rosy ; blooming ; fragrant. Ros' trum, n. the beak of

a bird ; a pulpit. Rolosy, a. like a rose in

bloom, Ro ta'tion, n. a turning

round ; succession. Ro tund' i tỷ, n. round.

ness; circularity Rough' ness, n. uneven

ness; harshness. Round' lý, ad. in a round

form ; plainly. Rout, n.

a tumultuous crowd. v. to defeat. Route, n. a road ; a way ;

march ; journey. Roy'al, a. kingly ; be.

coming a king. Roy'al ist, n. an adherent

to a king. Roy' al tý, n. the office or

state of a king. Rul bric,: ni directions

printedan prayer books

and books of law. Rude' ness, n. incivility;


report abroad.

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Ru' di ment, n. the first mies ; hosts.

elements of a science. Sab' bath, n. sunday ; Ruel ful, a. mournful ; day of rest and worwoful ; sorrowful

ship. Ruf' fi an, n. a brutal fel. Sab bat ic al, a. belonglow; a robber.

ing to the sabbath, or Ru'in ous, 2. fallen to to rest.

ruin ; mischievous. Sal ble, a. black ; dark. Ru' min ate, v. to muse; Sa' bre, n. a scimitar ; a to chew the cud.

falchion ; a short sword Rum' mage, v. to search with a convex edge.

places ; to plunder. Sab' u lous, a. gritty ; Ru' mour, n. a flying or sandy; gravelly popular report. v. to | Sac' 'cha rine,

a. having

the taste or any chief Run' a gate, n. a fugitive; quality of sugar. a coward.

Sac' er do' tal, be. Run' dle, n. the step of longing to the priesta ladder a round.

hood. Rup' ture, n. a breach of Sa' chem, n. the chief of

peace ; an eruption. an Indian tribe. Ru'ral, a. belonging to Sac' ra ment, n. an oath ; the country.

the Lord's supper. Rush' light, n. a candle Sac ra ment' al, a. with a rush wick.

stituting or pertaining Rus' tic, a. rural; rude ; to a sacrament. simple ; plain.

Sa' cred, a. holy; conse. Rus' ti cate, v. to banish crated ; inviolable. into the country.

Sac' ri fice, n. an offering Rus ti" ci tý, n. rural ap. made to God ; any

pearance ; simplicity. thing destroyed. v. to Rus? tì lý, ad. in a rusty

manner ; shabbily. Sac'ri lege, n. the rob. Ruth' less, a. cruel; piti.

bery of a church. less; barbarous. Sac ri le' gious, 2. vio

lating things sacred. S.

Sad' den, v. to make sad SAB'A OTH,

or gloomy. SAB A' OTH,

Sad' dle, n, a seat to pat


offer up.

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