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A nal' o gý, n. terem- An' gli cism, n., an eng.

blance ; proportion. lish idiom. A nal' ò sis, n. a separa- An' grý, a. touched with tion of the parts.

anger ; inflamed. An' a lyze, v. to resolve

An' guish, n. excessive into first principles. pain. An’ ar 'chy, n. confusion; An' gu lar, a having an.

want of government. gles or corners. A nath' e ma, n. an eccle- An i mad ver' sion, n. re. siastical curse.

proof ; severe censure ; A nath' e ma tize, v. to observation. pronounce accursed.

Animad vert', v. to con: A nat' o mist, n. one skil. sider ; to pass censures led in anatomy.

upon. A nat' o mize, v. to dis. An'i mal, r.. a living creasect.

ture. A nat' o mý, n. the art of Ani mal' cule, n. a small

dissecting ; a skeleton. 'animal. An' ces tor, n. a forefath.

An' i mate, v. , to make er.

alive ; to encourage. An' ces trý, n. lineage ; An' i ma ted, a. lively ;

the honour of descent. vigorous. An' 'chor, n. a large iron An i ma' tion, n. the state

to hold a ship fast. v. to of being enlivened. place at anchor.

An i mos' i tý, n. vehemAn' 'chor age, n. a place ence of hatred ; pas. to anchor ships.

sionate malignity An cho vỹ, n. a little sea- An' nalsó, n. histories difisi.

gested in the exact or. An' cient, a. old ; aged. der of time. An' ec dute, n. secret his- Annex', v. to unite to at tory

the end. An' gel, n. a spirit em. An ni' bi late, v. to des. ployd by God in hu

troy. man affairs.

An ni hi la' tion, n. desAn ge” ic, a. heavenly ; truction. angelical

An ni rer' sa rý, n. an anAn' iger, v. to provoke; to nual festival.

enrage ; n. resentment. An' no Dom in i, in the

befire ;

n. the

year of our Lord.

that feeds on ants. An no ta'tion, n. explica. An tag' o nist, n. an oppo. tion; note.

nent. An nounce', v. to publish ; An tarc' tic, a relating to proclaim.

to the south pole. An noy!, v. to incommode; An te am bu la' tion, n. a to vex.

walking before. An noy' ance,

n. that

Ante cede', v. to precede; which annoys.

to go before. An nu al, a. yearly. An te ce' dent, a. going An nu al lŷ, ad. yearly ;

n. what goes every year.

before: An nu' i tỹ, na yearly al. An te cham' ber, lowance.

chamber that leads to An nul', v. to make void. the chief apartment. An' nu lar, a. in the form An' te date, v. to date earof a ring:

lier than the real time. An nun ci a' tion-day, n. An te di lu' vi an, a. ex

anniversary of the an- isting before the degel's salutation of the luge. blessed Virgin.

An te me rid' i an, a. be: An'o dýne, a. what eases

fore noon. pain.

An te mun' dane, . a. that Anoint', v. to consecrate which was before the by unction.

world. A nom' a lous, a. irregu- An'te past, n. a foretaste. lar.

An te pe nult', n. the last A nom'a lý, n irregulari- syllable but two

ty : deviation from rule. An te ri or, a. going beA non', ad. quickly ; soon.

fore. A non' ý mous, a wanting An' them, n a holy song.

Anthology, n a chilecAn nths' er, a. not the tion of flowers, of devo:

tions, of poems. An' swer, v to respond : | An ti a cid, n. «Ikali. to correspond to ; to

An ti 'chris' tian, a. oppo. suit itb. n. what is said site to christianity.

in return to a question An ti' ci pate, v. to take Ant' beur, n.

an animal sooner than another, so

& name,


as to prevent him ; to which explains the type.

foretaste ; to preclude. | An' vil, n. a blacksmith's An ti ci pa' tion, n. fore- iron block. taste.

Anxt il e tý, n. solicitude ; An' tic, a. odd; ridicu- depression.

lously wild ; n. a buf- Anx' ious, a full of inqui. foon.

etude. An' ti dote, n. a medicine A pace', ad.quickly; spee

given to expel poison. dily ; hasiily. An ti feb' rile, a. good a- A part', ad. at a distance ; gainst fevers

privately. An ti mo nar ichi cal, a. A part' ment, 11. a room.

opposed to monarchy. Ap? a thỳ, n, exemption An' ti mo nỹ, n. a metal. from passion. An tip' a thị, n. natural Ape, v. to imitate ; n. a dislike.

kind of monkey. An tip' o desó, n people | Ap' er ture, n. an opening:

on the opposite side of A pliel' ion, 1. that part of the globe.

the orbit of a planet re. An' ti qna rý, n. one stu. mnotest from the sun.

dious of antiquity. Aph' o rismo, n. a maxim ; An' ti qua ted, a. old

unconnected posi. fashioned.

tion. An tique', (an teek") a. an- A'pi a rý, n. the place

cient ; of old fashion where bees are kept. Anti" qui tỹ, n. old times. A piecel ad to the part An' ti scor bu' ti cal,

or share of each. good against the scurvy. A pish, a. imitative ; silAn' ti spasó mod' ic, a. ly; trifling ; playful.

what has the power of A pit' pat, ad. with quick

relieving the cramp. paipitation An' ti splen' e tic, a. effi A poc' a lypse, n. revela:

cacious in diseases of tion. the spleen

A poc rý pha, n. books An tith' e sis, n. opposi- aderd to the sacred tion; contrast.

writings, of doubtful An' ti lype, n. that which authors.

is shewn by the type. A poc' rý plmal, 's. not can. An ti typ' i cal, a. that i onical ; of uncertain au



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V. to

an excuse.



A pos' tro phize, v. to adApogælon,

dress by an apostrophe. Ap' o gee, n. that point

Ap'o stūme, n. a tumour in the heavens in which filled with purulent mata planet is at its greatest

distance from the earth. A poth' e ca rý, n. one A pol o get' ic al,? who keeps medicines A pol o get ick, S for sale.

what is said in defence | Apo thelo sis, n. deificaof any thing

tion. A pol' o gist, n. one who Apjal', v. to fright; to makes an apology.

depress. A pol'o gize, v. to plead Ap pa ra' tus, n. tools ; in favour.

furniture ; equipage. Ap' o logue, n. a fable. Ap par' el, n. dress ; cloth. A poľ' o gỹ, n. a defence ; ing ; vestments ;

clothe. Ap' oph thegm, n. a re. Ap pa' rent, a. plain ; evimarkable saying:

dent ; certain. Ap o plex ý, n. a sudden | Appa' rent lý, ad. evị

deprivation of all sensa- dently ; openly. tion.

Ap pa ri' tion, n. appearApo plec' tic, a. relating ance ; a spectre. to an apoplexy.

Ap peach', v. to accuse, A pos' ta cỹ, n. departure to impeach ;

from what one has pro- sure ; to reproach. fessed.

Ap peach' meni, n. an acA pos' tate, n. one who has cusation ; charge.

forsaken his religion. Ap peal', v. to refer to anA pos' ta tize, v. to for- other as judge ;

sake one's religion. application for justice. A pos' tle, n. a person sent Ap pear, v. to become vj.

to preach the gospel. sible ; to be evident. A pos tol' ic al, a. deliver. | Ap pearl ance, n. coming ed by the apostles. into sight; mien ;

sembA pos” tro phẽ, n, a diver- lance.

sion of speech; con- Ap peasól a ble, a. reconcitraction by a comma, as

lable. tho', for though. Ap pease“, v. to quiet ; to



n. an


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to settle. Ap pel lant, n. a challeng. Ap point' ment, n. stipu. er ; one that appeals to lation ; salary ; post.

a superior court. Ap por tion, v. to divide Ap pel la' rion, n. name ; into just parts. title ; term.

Ap po site, a. proper ; Ap pel la tive, n. a name fit ; well adapted.

common to all of the ip po osi" tion. n. addition same species.

of new matter; two Ap pen' dage, n.

nouns in the same case. thing added.

Ap praise, v. to value Ap pen' dant, n. an adven

goods for sale. titious part.

Ap praise ment, n. valuAp pen' dix, n. supple. ation.

ment; addition made. Ap praiser, n. one who Ap per tain', v. to belong values or appraises.

to ; to depend upon. Ap pre hend', v. to seize Ap per te nance, n. what on ; to arrest ; to un. belongs

to another derstand ; to fear. thing; appurterance. Ap pre hen' sion, n. fear ; Ap' pe tite, n. hunger ; seizure ; sentiments ;

violent longing; keen. opinion. ness of stomach.

Ap pre hen' sive, a. quick Ap plaud'; v. to extol ; to understand ; fearful.

to praise; to commend. Ap pren' tice,n. one bound Applauseo, n. approbation to a tradesman, to learn loudly expressed.

and be taught his occuApple, n. common fruit ; pation or business.

pupil of the eye. Ap pren' tice ship, n. the Appli ca ble, a. suitable,

time which an appren

tice is to serve a mase Ap pli ca' tion, n. the act ter.

of applying ; intense Ap prize', v. to inform.

study ; great industry. Ap proach', v. to draw Ap ply', v. to put one near to; to bring near

thing to another; to to ; 11. the act of draw. put to a certain use ; ing near. to address to.

Ap pro ba'tion, n. the act Ap point', v. to determine; of approving

proper, fit.

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