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in five years.

Ques' tion, n. interrogato- produced by division. ry; subject of debate.

Quo tid' i an, a daily; hapQuib' ble, v. to pun ; to pening every day. play on the sound of words.

R. Quick, a. living ; ready ; RAB' BET, n. a joint in swift. ad. nimbly; readi- carpentry ; a groove. ly. n. the living Aesh.

Rab' bi, Qui es' cent, a. resting.

Rab' bin,

n. a Jewish Qui' et, a. still ; peacea

doctor. ble. n. rest ; repose. V. Rab' bit, n. a furry ani. to calm ; to still.

mal. Quin quen' ni al, a. last. Ra' di ant, shining ing or happening once brightly; sparkling

Rad' i cal, a. primitive ; Quin tes' sence, n. a fifth implanted by naturebeing ; an extract con- Ra' di us, n. the semi di. taining all the original ameter of a circle. virtues in a small quan- Rage, n. violent anger. tity.

Ra gout', n. meat stewed Quire, twenty-four and highly seasoned. sheets; a choir of sin- Rail' le rý, n. satirical gers.

mirth ; slight satire. Quiv' er, n. a case for ar

Rai' ment,

vesture ; rows. v. to quake ; to garment ; dress. shiver.

Rainbow, n. the iris ; the Quo' rum, n. a bench of semicircle of various justices ; so many as are

colours which appears sufficient to do busi. in showery weather. ness.

Ral lý, v. to reupite disQuo'ta, n. a share ; a pro. ordered troops ; to ban. portion assigned to ter ; to ridicule. each.

Ram' bler, n. one who Quo ta'tion, n. the act of rambles about ; a ro

quoting; citation. Quote, v. to cite an author, | Ram i fi cal tion, n. or the words of an au- branching or spreading thor.

out. Quo'tient, n. the number / Ram' i fy, v. to separate




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or part into branches. Rare' lý, ad. seldon, Ram' pant, a. wanton; fris. Rar' i tỹ, n. scarcity ; UA

ky; ready to attack. commonness. Ram' part, n. a wall a. Ras' cal, n. a villain ; à

round a fortified place. scoundrel; a mean or Ran' cid, a. strong scent

bad fellow, ed; stinking ; musty.

Ras calo i tỷ, nvillany. Ran' cor ous, a. malignant; Rash, a. precipitate ; bas

spiteful in the utmost ty. degree.

Rasp' ber rý, n.

a speRandom, done by cies of bramble and its

chance. ad. without fruit. aim.

Ral 6stire, n. a scraping Range, v. to place in or. out of writing

der; to wander ; to | Rate, n. a price ; degree ; rove.

parish tax, v. to value ; Ran' sack, v. to search to chide hastily.

narrowly ; to plunder. Raths'er, ad. more willing; Ran' som, n. a price paid especially for liberty. v. to re

Rat i fi cal tion, n. a condeem.

firmation. Ra palcious, a. seizing by Rat' i fy, v. to confirm ; to violence ; very gree

settle; to establish. dy,

Ra' tio, n. a proportion ; à Rap' id, a. swift ; quick. rate. Ra pid' i tỹ, n. swiftness ; Ra'tion al, a. agreeable to quickness.

reason ; endowed with Rap'idsó, n. a place in a reason ; wise ; judici

river where the water runs swiftly over the Rats' bane, n. arsenic; poirocks.

son for rats. Rap'ine, n. plunder ; pil- Rav' age, v. to lay waste;

lage ; open violence. to ransack ; to pillage. Rap' ture, n. ecstasy ; Rav' en ous, a. voracious;

transport ; rapidity. hungry to rage. Rap' tur ous, a. ecstatic ; Rav' ish, v. to transport; transporting

to delight ; to rapture. Rar' e fy, v. to make or Ray, n. a beam of light. become thin.

Raze, v. to overthrow ; to

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efface; to extirpate. Re bell' ion, n. an insurRa'zor, n. a tool for shav. surrection, or taking up ing the beard.

arms against lawful auRa'zure, n. the act of thority erasing:

Re bell'ious, a. opposing Read' i lý, ad. with speed; lawful authority. expeditely.

Re bound', v. to spring Relal, a. true ;

certain ; back; to reverberate. genuine.

Re buff', n. a quick and Re al' i tý, n. truth; ver- sudden resistance. v. to ity ; real existence.

beat back i

to disRelal ize, v. to bring into courage. being or act.

Re build', v. to build a. Realm, n. a kingdom ; & gain; to repair. state.

Re buke', v. to reprehend; Rēam, n. twenty quires of to chide. paper.

Re cant', v. to retract an Re an' i mate, v. to res. opinion. tore to life.

Re can ta'tion, n. a retracRe as cend', v. to climb ting an opinion.

or mount up again. Re ca pit' u late, v. to reReal bson, n. a faculty of peat again distinctly ; to the soul by which we

detail again. distinguish good from Re cap it u la'tion, n. evil ; cause ; principle ; distinct repetition of motive. v. to argue or the principal points.

examine rationally, Re cede', v. to fall back ; Real son a ble, a. endued to retreat; to desist.

with reason; just. Receipt', n. the act of Real bson ing, n.


receiving ; prescription; ment.

an acquittance. Re as sem' ble, v. to col Re ceive', v. to take ; to lect anew.

admit. Re as sume', v. to resume; Re'ceilt, a. new; late. to take again.

Recent lý, al. newly ; Re bate', n. discount. v. freshly ; latels.

to lessen ; to blunt. Recep'ta cle, n. a place Reb' el, n. one who oppo- to receive things in.

ses lawful authority. Recep' tion, 1. act of re,

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4 seiving ;

admission ; badge. welcome.

Rec' og nises, v. to ac. Re cess' n. retirement ; knowledge ; to review;

departure ; privacy. to recollect. Re ces' sion, n. the act of Re coil', v. to rush back retreating

to fall back ; to shrink. Re" ci pe, n. a medical Rec ol lect', v. to recover prescription.

to memory Recip' i ent, n. 2 receiv. Rec ol lec' tion, n. a re

er ; a vessel to receive. vival of former ideas in Recip' ro cal, a. mutual ;

the memory. alternate.

Re com mence', v. to be. Re cip' ro cate, v. to act gin anew.

interchangeably. Rec om mend', v. to comRecip ro ca'tion, n. action mend to another. interchanged.

Rec om men da' tion, n. Re cis6' ion, n. cutting the act of recommend.

off, a making void. ing. Re ci' tal,

Rec om men' da to rý, a. Re" ci tation; }n.

n. "

recommending hearsal ; repetition. Rec'om pense, n. Re" cita tive', n. a kind quital ; an amends, v.

of musical pronuncia- to repay ; to requite. tion.

Rec' on cile, v. to make Re cite', v. to repeat; to things agree. enumerate.

Rec on ci la ble. a. that Reck' on, v. to number; may be reconciled. to esteem; to

Recon cile' ment, n. re

conciliation. Reck' on ing, n. an esti. Rec on cil i a' tion, n.

mation ; a calculation. renewal of friendship. Reclaim', v. to reform ; Rec on cil' i a to rý,

to correct ; to recal. tending to reconcile. Re cline', v. to lean side. | Recon dense', v. to con.

dense anew. Re clusel, a. shut up; re- Re con duct', v. to contireil.

duct back again Re cog' nisance, Re con noi' tre,.v.to view; bond of record ;


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ways or back.


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to examine.


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Recon vene', v. to assem- ness ; uprightness. ble anew.

Rec' tor, n. minister of a Record', v. to register ;

parish ; a ruler. to celebrate.

Rec' tor ship, n. the office Rec' ord, n. an authentic of a rector. enrolment.

Rec' to rý, n. a parish Re cord' er, n. a law offi. church, or spiritual liv.

cer; a sort of flute. ing, with all its rights, Re cov' er, v. to regain ;

glebes, &c. to grow well again. Recum' bent, a. lying Recover a ble,

a. that

down; leaning may be restored. Re cur', v. to have re• Re coyl e rý, n. a resto- course to.

ration from sickness. Re currence, n. a Re count', v. to relate in turn. detail.

Re cur' rent, a. returning Re course' n. an applica- from time to time. tion for help.

Re cur va'tion, n. a bendRec' re ate, v. to refresh ; ing backwards.

to delight ; to revive. Re cul sant, n. a non-conRec re a' tion, n. relief formist.

after toil; diversion. Re cuseb, v. refuse ; to Re crim' i nate, n. to ac- reject. cuse in return.

Re cus' sion, n. the ect Re crim i nal tion, n. an of beating back.

accusation retorted. Red' den, v. to make or Recruit' v. to repair ; to

grow red ; to blush. replace ; lo supply. n. Re deem', v. to ransom; a new enlisted soldier ; to relieve by paying a a supply

price ; to atone for. Rec' tan gle, n. an angle Re deem'a ble, a. capa of ninety degrees.

ble of redemption. Rec tan' gu lar, a. having Re deem'er, n. one who right angles.

ransoms; the Saviour Rec' ti fy, v. to make of the world.

right ; to reform. Re de liv' er, v. to deliver Rec ti lin' e ar,

or give back. sisting of right lines. Re demp' tion, n. Rec' ti tude, n. straight. som ;

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