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gate behaviour.

scheme ; plan. Prof' li gate, a. wicked ; Pro lif ic, a. fruitful; gen

abandoned. n. an aban. erative. doned wretch.

Pro lix', a. long ; tedious ; Pro found', a. deep; learn- not concise.

ed; humble ; lowly. Pro' logue, n. a speech bePro funo di tỷ, nu depth of fore a play ; preface.

place or knowledge. Pro long', v. to lengthen Pro fuse', a. lavish; waste out; to put off. ful.

Prom e nade', n. a walk ; Pro fulsion, n. prodigali- walking

ty; exuberance ;. plen. Prom' i nent, a. jutting or ty.

standing out. Pro gen' i tor, n. an an- Pro mis' cu ous, a. min.

cestor in a direct line. gled; confused. Pro'' ge nỹ, n. offspring ; Prom' ise, v. to give one's issue ; generation.

word; to assure. Prog nos' tic, n. predic. Prom' is so rý, a. containtion ; a token.

ing a promise. Prog nos' ti cate, v. to Prom' on to rý, n. a head.

foretel ; to foreshow. Prog' ress,

n. improve. Pro motel, v. to forward ;' ment; motion forward. to advance ; to exalt. Pro gres' sion, n. regular | Pro mo' tion, n. preferadvance ; progress.

ment; encouragement. Pro gres' sive, a. going Prompt, a. quick ; ready ;

forward ; advancing: acute. y. to assist ; to Pro hib' it, v. to forbid ; remind. to debar; to hinder. Prompt' er, n.

one who Pro hi bi' tion, n. forbid. helps a speaker by re. dance ; interdiction.

minding him. ing prohibition.

', Project, n. a scheme ; lish, to teach openly.

contrivance; design. Pro mul ga'tion, n. pubPro ject', v. to scheme ; lication ; exhibition.

to contrive ; to jut out. Prone, a. inclined ; bendProjection, n. the act ing downward ; lying of shooting forward ; with the face down

land ; cape.

Pro hib' it oră, a. imply. Pro mulentes} v. to pub



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part ; ratio ; size. v. to Pro nom' i nal, a. having fit; to adjust parts. the nature of a pro- Pro por tion al, a. having

due proportion. Pro' noun, n. a word used Pro pose, v. to offer for for a noun.

consideration ; to mean. Pro nounce', v. to speak ; Prop o ósi' tion, n. 9 thing to utter; to pass judg- proposed ; an offer.

Pro pound', v. to propose ; Pro nun ci a' tion, n. the to offer ; to exhibit.

mode of utterance. Pro prile tor, n. a possessProf, n. trial ; test ; evi. or in his own right.

dence ; first sheet of Pro pri' e tý, n. an exclucorrection. 2. impene- sive right; accuracy ; trable.

justness ; fitness. Prop' a gate, v. to gene. Pro pulsion, n. the act of

rate ; to increase ; to driving forward. extend.

Pro rogue', v. to put off ; Pro pel, v. to drive for.

to protract ; to delay. ward.

Pro scribe', v. to doom to Pro pen' si tý, n. inclina- death ; to outlaw. tion ; tendency

Prose“, n.

common lanProp' er tỹ, n. peculiar guage; not in verse.

quality ; possession. Pros' e cute. v. to pursue; Proph' e cỹ, n. a predic. to follow; to sue ; to tion.

indict. Proph' e sỹ, v. to predict; Pros' e lyte, n. one converto foretel.

ted to a new opinion. Proph' et, n. a foreteller

v. to convert ; to turn. of future events.

Pros' o dỹ, the art of me. Pro phet' ic, a. foretelling trical composition. future events.

Pros' pect, n.

a view ; Pro pi ti a' tion, n. an a• ground of expectation.

tonement for a crime. Pros pec'tus, n. summary Pro pi' ti a to rý, a. sery- account of a new pubing to propitiate.

lication. Pro pi" tious, a. favoura- Pros' per ous, a. success

ble; kind ; merciful. ful, fortunate ; lucky. Pro por tion, n. an equal | Pros' trate, v. to lay flat;

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of an army.

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to fall down; to kneel. Prov o ca'tion, n. cause of Pro tec' tion, n. a defence; anger.

a shelter ; a passport. Pro voke', v. to rouse ; to Pro test', v. to declare; to enrage ; to challenge.

affirm, to give a sol. Pro vost', n. a chief of any emn declaration.

body ; the executioner Prot' es tant, n. one who

protests against pope-Prowesse' na bravery; ry.

military courage. Pro tes tal tion, n. a sol. Prowl, v. to rove over ; to emn declaration; a vow.'

wander for prey. Pro thon o ta Tỳ n. a Proxim' i tý, na nearness;

head register or nota. neighbourhood. ry:

Prox' ý, n. a substitute or Pro' to type, n: the origin. agent for another.

Prude, n. a woman over Pro tract', v: to draw out; nice or scrupulous.

to delay ; to lengthen. Pru' dence, n. wisdom apPro trudel, v. to thrust plied to practice. forward.

Pu dent lý, ad. wisely, Pro tul be rant, a. promin. discreetly. ent; swelling:

Pru' de rý, na overmuch Prov' erb, n. a maxim ; a nicety in conduct.

common saying. Prune, v. to trim or dress Prov' i dence, n. divine trees, &c. n. a dried

superintendence ; pru. plum.

dence ; foresight. Psalm, n. a holy song. Prov' i dent, a. cautious ; Psalm' o dý, n. a singing prudent.

of psalms. Provi den' tial, a. effected Psâl' ter, n. a book of by providence.

psalms. Province, n. a country Pu' ber tý, n. ripeness of

governed by a delegate. age: Pro vigs' ion, n. measures Pub' lic, a.common. n. the

taken; food; victuals. people; the body of a Pro vich' ion al, 2a tempo- nation.

rarily established. Pub li ca' tion, n. the act: Pro vil6go, n. ai stipula- of publishing

tion ; a caution. Publ' lists, v. to make

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ed ;


known; to set forth. sharp ; acrimonious. Pu' e rile,: a. childish ; Pun' ish ment, n. chastise

boyish ; trifiing. ment ; punition. Pu is' sant, a. powerful ; Pun' ster, n. a quibbler; a mighty ; forcible.

low wit. Puke, n. a medicine caus- Pu' pil, n. a scholar ; the

ing a vomit; an emetic. apple of the eye. Pull leỹ, v. a small wheel Pu' pil age, n. minority ;

for a running cord. wardship ; the state of Pui' mo na rý, a. pertain. being a scholar.

ing to the lungs. Pur' blind, a. short-sightPull pit, n. an exalted ; near-sighted. place to speak in.

Pur' chase, n. any thing Pul sa'tion, n. a beating bought for a price, v. to like the pulse.

buy. Pulse, n. motion of the Pure, not sullied ;

blood; pease, beans, chaste. &c.

Pur' ga tive, 2. cleansing Pulsion, n. the act of downwards. driving forward.

Pu ri fi ca' tion, n. the act Pulver ize, v. to reduce of purifying

10 powder or dust. Pu'ri fy, v. to clear; to Pump, n. a water engine ; make or grow pure.

a sort of shoe. v. to work Pu' ri tý, n. cleanness ; a pump; to examine chastity ; innocence. artfully:

Purl, v. to flow with a Punc til' jo, n. a nicety of gentle noise, as a brook. behaviour.

Pur loin', v. to steal; to Punc tik' ious, a. exact ; pilfer ; to filch.

nice ; ceremonious. Pur port, n. a design; tenPunc' tu al, exact,

dency ; meaning. y. to nice ; punctilious.

shew. Punc tu a' tion, n. the Pur' pose, n. intention ;

method of pointing design; effect. v. to de. Punct' ure, n. a hole made sign ; to intend ; to rewith a sharp point.

solve. Pun' gen cỹ, n power of Purse, n. a small bag to

pricking ; acridness Pun' gent, a. pricking; | Pursu'ance, n. in process;


contain money.



in consequence.

Quâd' ru ped, n. a fourPur su' ant, a. done in con- footed animal.

sequence or prosecu- Quâd' ru ple, a. fourfold.

tion of any thing: Quâg' mire, n. a shaking Pur sue', v. to chase; to marsh ; a bog. continue.

Quake, v. to shake with Pur suit', n. the act of fol. cold.or fear.

lowing; a chase. Quâli fi ca' tion, n. an acPur suil vant, n.

complishment. tendant on heralds ; a Quân da' rý, n. a doubt ; a state messenger.

difficulty. Pur vey or, n. one who Quan' ti tý, n. bulk!; provides victuals.

weight ; portion. Puru lent, a. full of cor- Quar an tine!, n. the time rupt matter or pus.

which a ship, suspected Pu sil la nim'i tý, n. cow- of infection, is obliged ardice ; timidity.

to forbear intercourse, ?u sil lan' im ous, a. cow- or commerce with a

ardly ; mean spirited. healthy place. Pus' tule, n. a pimple. Quâr' rel some, &. inclinPu tre fac' tion, n. rot

ed to quarrels. tenness.

Quâr' rý, n. a stone mine. Pultrid, a. rotten ; cor- Quâr' ter age, n. a quarrupt.

terly allowance. Pyr' a mid, n. a pillar end- Quârto, n. a book in ing in a point.



sheet Pyr' i tesó, n. a firestone ; makes four leaves. a marcasite.

Quay, (e) n. a key, an

artificial bank to the Q.

sea or a river. QUAD' RAN GLE, n. Quell, v. to crush ; to suba square ; a surface

due. witb four right an. Quench, v. to extinguish gles.

fire ; to allay thijst. Quâd' rant, n. the quar- Quer' u lous, n. mourn ter of a circle; a mari. ing; habitually comner's instrument.

plaining. Quad ren' ni al, com- Que' rý, n. a question. Y. prising four years.

to ask questions.

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