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to chatter.

rosive mercurial medi. Pray' er, n, a petition to cine. a. headlong ; has. heaven; entreaty.

ty; violent. Preach, v. to pronounce Pre cip i ta' tion, n, hur.

a public discourse, on ry ; blind or rash haste.

religious subjects. Pre cise', a. formal; affecPrel am ble, n. an intro- ted; finical; exact. duction ; preface.

Pre cise' lý, ad. exactly ; Preb' en da rý, n. & stipen- nicely; formally.

diary of a cathedral. Pre cis' ion, p. exact limPre ca' ri ous, a. depend

itation ; nicety ant; uncertain.

Pre clude', v. to shut out Pre cau' tion, n. a preserv

or hinder by some anative caution.

ticipation. Pre cede', v. to go before Pre con ceive', v. to form in rank or time.

an opinion beforehand. Pre cel dence,

Pre con cep' tion, n. Pre cel den cý,

n. pris

previous opinion. ority ; superiority. Pre cur sor, n, a forerunPre ce' dent, a. former ; ner; a harbinger. going before.

Pred' a to rý, a. practising Pre" ce dent, n. example ; rapine; rayonous.

thing done before. Pred e ces' sor,n. one who Pre cent' or, n. he that was before another in leads the choir.

office or existence. Pre cept, n. a command ; | Pre des' ti nate, v. to de

injunction; mandate. cree beforehand; pre• Pre cep' tor, n. a teacher ; destine. a tutor.

Pre de ter' mine, v. to Prelcinct, n. an outward doom or confine by a limit ; a boundary.

previous decree. Pre" cious, a. valuable ; Pred' i cate, v. to affirm

costly; of great price. any thing of another Pre" ci pice, n. a perpen

thing. dicular declivity. Pre dict', v. to foretel ; to Pre cip' i tant, a. falling foreshow

headlong; hasty. Pre dic' tion, n. a prophe. Precip' i tate, v. to cast cy; a foretelling.

down; te hurry. n.cor. Pre di lec' tion, n. a prepossession in favour of Prel' a cỹ, n. the dignity any particular person or or office of a prelate. thing

Prelate, n.an ecclesiastic Pre dom' i nant, a. preva- of high order ; a bishlent ; ascendant.

ор. Pre dom' i nate, v. to pre- Pre lim' i na rý, a. prevail in, or over.

vious ; introductory i Pre em' i nence, n. supe- antecedently prepara

riority; precedence. tory. Pre emp' tion, n. the right Prelude, n. something

of buying before others. introductory, or that Pre en gage', v. to engage

shows what is to fol. beforehand.

low. Pref' ace, n. an introduc- Pre ma ture', a. ripe too tion to a book. v. to say

soon; too soon said or something introductory. done. Pre' fect, n. a governor

Pre med'i tate, v. to think Pre fer', v. to regard more;

beforehand. to advance ; to raise. Pre mise, v. to explain Pref' er a ble; a. eligible previously before another.

Prem' is eso, n. antecedent Pref' er ence, n. estima- matter ; houses, &c.

tion above another. Pre' mi um, n. an advance Pre fer' ment, n. advance- to a bargain ; a bounty. ment; preference.

Pre oc' cu pan cỹ, 1. Pre fig' ure, v. to exhibit first or previous possesbeforehand.

sion. Pre fix', v. to place be- Pre or dain', v. to ordain fore ; to settle.

or appoint beforehand. Preg' nant, a. breeding ; Prep a ra' tion, n. a mak. teeming ; fruitful.

ing ready for some purPre jurige', v. to judge or pose.

condemn beforehand Pre par' a tive, a. tending Prej u dice, n. preposses- to prepare. 11.something

sion ; mischief; hurt. v. used to pave the way. to fill with prejudice ; to Pre pare! v. to make fit ; hurt.

to provide. Prej u di' cial, a. hurtful ; Pre pense', a. preconceiv. intjurious.

ed; contrived before.


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pos ter'

ous, a. absurd;



give ; to prefer. Pre pon' de rate, v. to Pre 6sen ta' tion, n. the outweigh; to overbal. gift of a benefice.

Press, ent lý, ad. at presPre pos sess', v. to preju- ent; soon after. dice; to bias ; to influ- Presó er valtion, n. the act

of preserving Pre pos ses' sion, n. a first Pre 6ser' va tive, a. that

possession; prejudice ; has power to preserve. bias.

Pre serve', v. to save; to

keep ; to season fruits. perverted ; wrong.

n. fruit preserved in suPre rog' a tive, n. a pecu

gar. liar privilege ; a just Pre side', v. to be set over; right.

to direct ; to manage. Pres' age, n. a prognostic; Pregl' i den cỏ, n. super

intendance. Pre sage', v. to forebode ; Pres' i dent, n. one placed

to foretoken; to foretel. with authority over othPres' hỹ ter, n. & priest.

ers ; governor ; prefect. Preso bý te'ri an, n. a fol. Press, n. an instrument for

lower of Calvin. d. cal. squeezing ; an instruvinistic.

ment for printing; a Pre science, n. know. crowd ; a throng. v. to

ledge of future events. squeeze ; to urge ; to Pre scribe', v. to direct force; to distress.

medically ; to order ; Press' ure, n. force; afto direct.

Biction ; an impression. Pre scription. n. a medi. Pre 6sume', v. to suppose ;

cal receipt ; rule ; cus- to afirm; to venture. tom.

Pre osu' ming, a. conn. Pregl' ence, n. being pre

dent. sent; mien ; demeau- Pre osumption, n. confi. our; quickress at ex. dence; supposition ; ar. pedients

Preslent, a. not absent ; Pre sumptu ous,

not past; ready. n. a ha igiity ; irreverent. gift.

Pre tence', n. a pretext : Present', v. to exhibit; to an assumption.

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Pre stend' v. to allege, Priēst, n. one who offici

falsely ; to show hypo. ates at the altar. critically ; to claim ; to Prim, a. formal; precise ; presume.

affectedly nice. Pre ten' der, n. one who Pri' ma rý, a. first in or

lays claim to any thing. der ; chief; principal. Pre ten' sion, n. a claim ; | Prime, n. the dawn ; the a false appearance.

best part ; the spring of Pre ter nat' u ral, a. Aot life. a. first; first rate. natural ; irregular.

Pri mel val, a. original ; Pre' text, n. a pretence; a

such as was at first. false allegation.

Prim' i tive, a. ancient ; Pret' ty, a. neat ; elegant ;

original ; formal. handsome. ad. nearly ; Pri mo gel ni al, a. first in some degree.

born ; original. Pre yail', v. to be in force; Prin' ci pal, a. chief; capto overcome.

ital; essential. n. Pre vailling, a. having

chief; a sum placed at most influence.

interest. Prev' a lence, n. superior Prin ci pal' i tý, ity; influence.

prince's dominion. Prev' a lent, a. powerful : | Prin' ci ple, n. constituent pedominant.

part; original cause ; Pre var' i cate, v. to cavil; motive. to quibble.

Pri' or, a. former ; ante. Pre var i ca' tion, n. dou. rior.

ble dealing; shuffle. Pris' on, n. a place of conPre vent', v. to hinder ; to finement

; a jail. obstruct; to go before Pris' tine, a. first; ancient; as a guide.

original. Pre' vi ous, a. antecedent; Pri' va cý, n. secrecy; regoing before.

treat; taciturnity. Prey, (pra) n. something Private, a. secret; alone. to be devoured. v. to Priv' i lege,

n. public plunder ; to corrode. right. v. to exempt. Price, n. value ; equiva. | Prize, n. a booty

lent; rate of sale. Prob a bil' i tý, n. likeliPride, n. inordinate self "hood ; appearance of esteem.



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Pro' bate, n. the proof of fuse ; lavish; waste. wills, &c.

ful. Pro baltion, n. a proof; Prod i gal i tỹ, n. extravtrial ; noviciate.

agance; profusion. Probe, n. & surgeon's in- Pro di' gious, a.

strument. v. to search ; ing; monstrous ; vast.

to try with a probe. Prod' i gỹ, n. a preternatProb' i tỳ, n. uprightness ; ural thing; a monster.

honesty ; veracity. Produce', v.to bring forth; Problem, n. a question to yield; to cause.

proposed for solution. Product, n. the thing proProb' lem at' i cal, a. un. duced ; effect ; work.

certain ; disputable. Pro duc' tion, n. whatever Pro bos' cis, n. the trunk is produced.

of an elephant ; a snout. Pro duc' tive, a. fertile ; Pro cel dure, n. manner of efficient. proceeding

Prot a na' tion, n. the act Pro ceed', v. to go on ; to of profaning.

advance ; to arise from. Pro fane', v. to violate ; to Pro ceedling, n. a trans

pollute. a. not sacred; action ; legal process. irreverent ; polluted. Process, n.

course of Pro fess', v. to declare law ; order of things. openly and plainly. Proces' sion, n. a train Pro fes' sion, n. a vocation;

marching in solemnity. calling : declaration. Pro claim', v. to tell open- Pro fes' sor, n. a public

ly; to publish solemn- teacher of some art. ly.

Prof' fer, v. to propose ; Proc la ma' tion, n. a pub- to offer ; to attempt. n. lic notice given by au

an offer made. thority;

Pro fi” cien cỳ, ni imPro cras' ti nate, v. to de- provemeni gained.

fer ; to delay ; to put | Proficient, n. one who off.

has made good adProcrea' tion, n. produc vancement in any study tion.

or business Pro cure!, v to obtain. Pridit a ble, a. lucrative ; Prou' i gal, n.

å spend- beneficial. trift + a waster. 8 pro | Prof” li ga cỹ, n, profi


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