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Phleg mat' ic, a. troubled a roof supported by pil

with phlegm'; dull; lars. cold ; frigid.

Pic a roon', n. a robber ; Phos' pho rus, n. a chemi

a plunderer: cal substance, which, Pick' axe, 'n. 'an axe with exposed to the air, takes a sharp point.

fire; the morning star. Pic' kle, n. a salt liquor ; Phrases, D. a mode of

a thing pickled. speech; an idiom.

Picture, n. resemblance Phra (se ol o gý, n. style ; of things in colours.

diction ; a phrase-book. Piel bâld, a. of various col. Phre net' ic, a. inflamed ours ; diversified in'col.

in the brain ; frantic. Phren' 6sý, n. madness ; Pièce, n. a fragment; & frantickness.

patch ; a gun; a coin." Phthis6'ic, n. a consump

v. to enlarge ; to join tion of the body:

to unite. Phthis' ic al, a. wasting Piēr, n. a column to supby disease.

port the arch of a Pby lac' te rý, n.

bridge. dage on which is in. Pierce, v. to penetrate ; scribed some memora- to affect ; to bore. ble sentence.

Pile tý, n. discharge of Phys' ic, n. the art of duty to God.

curing diseases ; medi. Pi" geon, n. a well known cines ; a purge.

bird. Phys! ic al, a. relating to Pi las' ter, a small natural philosophy; me

square column. dicinal.

Pilgrim age, n. a journey Phy 6si" cian, n. one who for devotion.

professes physic. Pill lar, n. a column ; supPhysics, 11. natural phi- porter. losophy.

Pill'ion, n. a soft saddle Physó i og' no mý, n. the set behind a horseman.

face ; the art of judging Pillow, n. a bag of feathby tbé face.

ers, to lay the head on. Physó i ol' o gý, n. the Pil lot, n. one who directs

doctrine of nature. a ship's course. V. to Pi az' za, n. a walk under steer.

a ban


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Pin' nace,


Pi men' ta, n. allspice ; the thoughts or writings Jamaica pepper.

of another. Pin' cers, in

an instru- Plague, n. pestilence ; ment to draw nails, or trouble ; vexation. v. to to gripe with.

tease ; to infect with Pin' ion, v.

to bind the pestilence. wings ; to shackle. n. a Pla' guý, a. vexatious ; fowl's wing ; fetters. troublesome; harassing.

a man-of-. Plāint, n. a lamentation. war's boat.

Plain' tiff, n. he who comPin' na cle, n. a turret ; a mences a suit.

high spiring point. Plain' tive, a. expressive Pi o neer, n. one whose

of sorrow business it is to level Plan' et, ne one of the cel. roads, throw up works, estial bodies in the solar &c.

system. Pilous, a. devout; godly; Plan ta' tion, n. a colony ; religious

a place planted. Pique, (peek) n. ill-will ; Plas' ter er, n. one who

petty malice. v. to of. plasters walls, &c.

fend ; to irritate. Plastic, a. having power Pil rate, n. a sea-robber. to give form. Pi rat' ic al, a. predatory ; Plat' form, n. a place laid robbing

out after & model ; a Pite ous, a. sorrowful ; level ; a scheme ; a plan.

tender ; wretched. Plau' dit, n. applause. Pit'i ful, a.tender; melan- Plau' 6si ble, a. superfici.

choly ; mean ; paltry. ally pleasing ; specious. Pit' tance, .n. an allow. Pleader, n. one who ar

ance ; a small portion. gues in a court of jusPit' ý, n. sympathy with tice.

misery. v. to compas- Pleas' ant, a. delightful ; sionate misery

cheerful ; merry. Pivi ot, 1. a pin on which Pleasó ant rý, n. gaiety; any thing turng.

merriment ; lively talk. Pla" cid, a quiet ; gentle ; Pleas6' ure, n. delight; miid , soft.

gratification ; choice. Pla' gia rý, n. a thief in lit- Ple be'ian, n. one of the erature ; one who steals

lower people.

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Pledge, n. a pawn. v. to

trine of the air. invite to drink.

Po'em, n. a composition Ple'ia desó, n. a northern

in verse. constellation ; the seven Polet,n. a writer of poems. stars.

Po et' ic al, a. pertaining Plen i po ten' tia rý, n.one

to poetry. invested with full pow. Pole trý, n. metrical com

position ; poems. Plen'i tude, p. fulness. Poign'ant, a. sharp ; irPlen' te ous, a. copious ; ritating ; satirical.

exuberant ; fruitful. Point, n. a sharp end ; an Pleu'ri sý, n. an inflamma- indivisible part of time

tion of the pleura, or or space ; a stop. sides.

Poilson, n. what destroys Pli' a ble, a. flexible ; apt life ; venom. v. to corto bend

rupt. Pliers", n. a kind of small Poise', v. to balance. n. a pincers.

balance ; an equipoise. Plonghi share, n. the iron Po'lar, a. found near the of s plough.

pole ; lying near the Plum, n. a fruit.

pole. Plu' mage, 11. feathers ; a Pole, n. the extremity of suit of feathers.

the axis of the earth; a Plumb, n. a leaden weight

long staff. on a line.

Po lem' ic, a. controverPlumb' er,

one who sial ; disputative. n. a wurks upon lead.

disputant. Plume, n. a feather. v. to Po lice', (po leese',) n. the

adorn with plumes ; to regulation and governbe proud of.

ment of a city or coun: Plum' met,

a leaden try, so far as regards the weight or pevcil; a inhabitants. plumb.

Pol'i cỹ, n. art of govern: Plunder, n. spoils gotten ment ; prudence.

in war. v. to pillaye; to Polisi, n. artificial gloss; rob by force.

elegance. v. to smooth ; Plu rai' i tý, n. a number to gloss ; to make ele: more than one.

gant of manners. Pneu mat'ic3, n. the doc. ! Po lite', a. elegant of man



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Political,} 2. relating Pope' dom, n. the juris


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of Rome. ,

diction of the pope. to politicks ; prudent ; Po' pe rý, n. the popish cunning:

religion. Pol i ti" cian, n. one skil. Pop' u lace, n. the multiled in politicks.

tude ; the vulgar. Pol'i ticks, n. the science Pop' u lar, a. pleasing to of government.

the people ; vulgar. Pol' i tỹ, n. a form of gov. Pop u lar' i tỹ, n. the fa

ernment civil consti- vour of the people. tution.

Pop' u late, v. to breed Pollu'tion, n. the act of people.

defiling ; defilement. Pop u la' tion, n. the numPo lyg' a mý, n. plurality

ber of people. of wives.

Pop' u lous, a. full of peoPolo ý gon, n. a figure of ple ; well inhabited. many angles.

Por' ce lāin, n. China Pol y syllable, n. a word Ware ; an herb. of many syllables.

Pol rous, a. full of pores ; Pol' ġ the ism”, n. the doc. having small passages.

trine of a plurality of Port, n. a harbour; a gate ; gods.

a kind of wine from Pomp, n.splendour; pride. Oporto in Portugal. Pom pos' i tờ, n. an affec- Port' a ble, a. that which tation of pompousness.

may be carried. Pom' pous, a. splendid; Por tend', v. to forebode ;

magnificent; grand. to foreshow. Yon' der,v. to weigh men. Por ten' tous, a. foretok.

tally ; to think ; to muse. ening ill; monstrous. Pon' der ous, a. heavy ;

Por ti co, n.

a covered weighty ; momentous. walk ; a piazza. Pon' iard, n. a dagger. Por tion, n. part ; alot. Pon' tiff, n. a priest ; a

ment ; wife's fortune. high priest ; the pope.

Port' lý, a. majestical ; Pon tifl'i cal, a. popish ;

grand of mien. splendid; magnificent. Port man' teau, n. a bag to Pope, i).


supreme carry clothes in. bishop of the church Por trăit, n. a picture

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drawn from the life. Po ta' to, n. an esculent Por tray', v. to paint; to root.

describe by picture. Potent, a. powerful ; ef. Posi' tion, n. a situation ; ficacious į mighty. an assertion.

Polten tate, n. a monarch; Pos' i tive, a. absolute ; sovereign ; prince.

assured; certain. Poltion, n. a draught, Pos' se, n. an armed pow. commonly in physic.

er ; a large body. Pot' sherd, n. a fragment Pos sess', v. to have as an of a broken pot.

Pov' er tý, n. indigence ; Pos si bil itý, n. the pow.

meanness ; defect. er of being or doing. Poull tice, 1. cataplasm ; & Pos' si ble, a. having the mollifying application. power to be or do.

Poul' trý, n. all kinds of Pos te' ri or, a. happening domestic fowis.

after; backward. Power, n. command ; an. Pos ter' i tý, n. succeed. thority ; ability

ing generations. Prac' ti ca ble, a. performPost hu mous, a. done; able ; capable to be

had, or published after practised. one's decease.

Prac' ti cal, a. relating to Post me rid' i an, a. being action. in the afternoon.

Prac' tice, n. habit ; use; Post' of fice, n. a place for dexterity ; method. leilers; a post house.

Prac' tise, v. to do ; to Pos: pone', v. to put off ; exercise ; to transact. to lelay.

Prac ti" tion er, 13. one enPost' script, 11. a writing gaged in any art.

acded to a letter. Prag mai' ic al, a. med. Pos' iu late, n. a position dling; impertinent.

assumed without proof. Prāiseo, n. renown ; laud; Pos' ture, n. a position ; commendation. v. to

place ; disposition. commend ; to applaud. Polosy, n. a motto on a Praise wor stby, a. dering; a rosegay.

serving praise. Po'tble, a. fit to drink Prate, v. to talk carelesse Po ta' tion, n. a drinking

ly ; to chatter. bout ; a draught. Prat' lie, v. to talk lightiy;

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