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bears pears.


port; to defend.

apple. Pat' ten, n. a shoe of Pearltree, n. the tree that

wood with an iron ring, worn under the Peagál ant, n. one who common shoe by wo- lives by rural labour.

Peas' an trý, n. peasants ; Pať te pan, n. a pan to country people.

bake small pies in. Pec' to ral, a. pertaining Pat' tern, n. a specimen ; to the breast.

archetype ; model. Pec u la' tion, n. theft of Pau' có tỷ, n. smallness public money. of number.

Pe cul' iar, a. appropriate; Pau' per, n. a poor person belonging to any one who receives alms.

with exclusion of others. Pauses, n. a stop. v. to Pe cu li ar' i tỹ, n. particu

consider ; to stop ; not larity; oddness. to proceed.

Pe cu' ni a rý, a. pertain. Pave' ment, n. a stone or ing to money. brick floor.

Ped' a gogue, n. a school. Pa vil ion, n. a tent; a master; a pedant.

temporary house, Ped' ant, n. a man vain of Pawn' bro ker, n. one who low knowledge. lends on pawns.

Pe dant' ic, a. like a pedPay' a ble, a. due ; that ant ; conceited.

ought to be paid. Ped' an trý, 11. ostentation Pay' ment, n. the dis

of shewing needless lit. charge of a debt or promise.

Ped' es tal, n. the basis or Peace, n. respite from foot of a statue. war ; rest;

silence. Ped' i gree, n. genealogy; in. silence ; stop.

lineage ; descent. Peace' a ble, a. not turbu- Ped' dle, v. to busy about

lent ; free from war. trifles. Pēal, n. a loud sound, as Ped' ler, n. a dealer in of bells.

small commodities. Pearl, n. a gem generated Peer, n. a nobleman ; an

in the body of a testa- equal. ceous fish.

Peer less, a. unequalled ; Pear' mäin, n.

a kind of

having no peer.



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Pee' vish, a. irritable; easi- receives a pension. ly offended.

Pen' sive, a. sorrowfully Pel lu'cid, a. transparent;

thoughtful ; serious. clear ; bright

Pen' ta teüch', n. the five Penal, a. enacting pun. books of Moses.

ishment ; vindictive. Pen' te cost, n. a jewish Pen' al tý, n. a punish- festival, 50 days after ment ; forfeiture.

Easter ;

whitsuntide. Pen' ance, n.

atone- Pe nul' ti ma, n. the last ment ; a mortification.

syllable but one. Pen' dant, n. an ear-ring ; | Pe nu' rious, a. sordidly

an ornament; a flag. mean ; scant. Pen' dent, a. hanging ; Pen' u rý, n. poverty ; injutting over.

digence. Pend' ing, a. depending ; People, n. a nation ; per: undecided.

sons in general. Pen du' lum,n. any weight Per ad ven' ture, ad. per

hung to swing back- haps ; inay be.

wards and forwards. Per am bu la' tion, n. Pen' e tra ble, that wandering survey.

which may be penetrat. Per ceivi a ble, a. that ed.

may be perceived. Pen' e trate, v. to pierce; Per ceive', v. to discover ;

to affect; to understand. to know; to observe. Pen e tra' tion, n. sagaci. Per cep' ti ble, a. that may

ty; a piercir:g through. be observed, Pen in' su la, n. land al. Per cep' tion, 11. the power

most surrounded by of perceiving; idea. water.

Per co late, v. to strain Pen'i tence, repre

through a sieve. tance; sorrow for sin. Per cus' sion, n. the act Pen' i tent, a. repentant ; of striking ; stroke; efcontrite for sin. n.

fect of sound in the ear. sorrowtul for sin. Per di" tion, n. destrucPen i en' tial, a. express

tion ; ruin ; death. ing penitence.

Per e gri na' tion, n. a traPen' sion, n. a settled aa- vel to foreign lands. nual allowance.

Per emp' to rý, a.dogmatPen' sion er, n. one who ical ; absolute.







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Per en' ni al, a. lasting | Pe rim' e ter, n. the cirthrough the year ; per

cumference of a figure. petual.

Pe'ri od, n.

circuit ; Perfect, a. complete ; epocha ; full stop. pure ; immaculate. v.

Pe ri od' ic al, a. regular ; to finish; to complete ; at stated times. to instruct.

Pe riph' e rý, n. circumPer fec' tion, n. the state ference.

of being perfect. Per' ish, v. to die ; to be Per fect lý, ad. totally ; destroyed ; to decay.

exactly; accurately. Per' ish a ble, a. subject Per fid' ious, a. treacher- to decay or perish.

ous ; false to trust. Per' ju rý, n. the act of Per' fi dý, n. treachery swearing falsely. Per' fo rate, v. to pierce Per' ma nent, a. lasting ;

through ; to bore. unchanged. Per fo ra' tion, n. the act Per mis' sion, n. grant of of piercing ; a hole.

leave or liberty: Per form', v. to execute ; Per mit', v. to allow ; to to succeed in an

suffer. n.

warrant ; tempt.

license ; leave. Per formance,

Per mu ta' tion, n. an expletion of something change ; barter. designed ; composition ; Per ni cious, a. destructaction.

ive ; very hurtful. Per form' er, n. one who | Per o ra' tion, n. the conperforms or plays.

clusion of an oration. Per fume',

sweet Per pen dic' u lar, a. that odour; fragrance. falls, hangs, or is diPer haps', ad. peradven- rectly downwards. n. a ture ;


line crossing the horiPer i cra'ni um, the zon at right angles. membrane that covers

Per' pe trate, v. to commit the skull.

a crime. Per' i gee, n. a planet’s | Per pet' u al, nearest distance from

ceasing ; continual. the earth.

Per pet' u ate, v. to make Per' il ous, a. hazardous perpetual. dangerous.

Per plex', v. to disturb









a fee

with doubts ; to vex. act of sweating Per plex' i tý, n. anxiety ; Per spire', v. to sweat ; intricacy:

to be excreted by the Per quiso ite, n.

skin. more than the salary. Per suade', v. to bring to Per' se cute, v. to oppress; an opinion ; to influence

to pursue with maligni. by argument or exposty.

'tulation. Per se cu' tor, n. an op. Per suasion, n. the act pressor.

of persuading Per se ve' rance, n. firm. Per sua' sive, a. able to ness ; resolution.

persuade. Per se vere', v. to be stead. Per tain', v. to belong ; fast ; to persist.

to relate. Per sist', v. to persevere ; Per ti na' cious, a. obstito continue firm.

nate ; stubborn ; wilPer sist' ance, n. obstina- ful. cy ; contumacy.

Per ti na' ci tý, n. obsti. Per' son age, n. a consid.

nacy; resolution. erable person.

Per ti nent, a. apt to the Per son ate, v. to coun

purpose ; fit. terfeit; to represent. Pert' ness, n. brisk folly ; Per son' i fy, v. to change sauciness ; petulence. from a thing to a per. Per tur ba' tion, n. disqui

et of mind, Per spect' ive, a. relating Per vade',

to vision ; optical. n. through. a spying glass.

Per verse', a. obstinate ; Per spi calcious, a. quick stubborn ; petulent. sighted ; sharp.

Per version, n. turning Per spi ca' ci tý, n. quick- to a wrong sense. ness of sight.

Per vert', v. to distort; Per spi cu' i tý, n. clear. to corrupt; to mislead.

ness; transparency. Per vi ous, a admitting Per spic' u ous, a. trans- passage. parent; not ambigu. Pe" ruke, n. a cap of false

hair ; a wig Per spi ra tion, n. excre. Peru'sal, n. the act of

tión by the pores; the reading over.



to pass

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Pet' it,

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a vial.

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Pe ruse, v. to read over ; apothecary. to observe.

Phar' ma cỹ, n. the trade Pest, n. a plague ; pesti- of an apothecary; the lence ; mischief.

art or practice of prePes' ter, v. to plague ; to paring medicines.

disturb ; to harass. Pharos, n. a light house ; Pes' ti lence, n. a plague ; a watch-tower.

a contagious distemper. Pha' sis, n. appearance of Pes' ti lent, a. producing a planet. pl. phases.

plagues ; malignant. Pheas6l ant, n. a kind of Pes ti len' tial, 2. infec. wild cock, or hen. tious; contagious. Phe nom' e non, n. an ex

traordinary appearance Pet' tý, a. small; incon

in the works of nature. siderable ; litlle.

Phil al, n. a small bottle Pe ti'' tion, n. a request ;

prayer ; entreaty. v. to Phi lan' thro pỹ, n. love

supplicate ; to solicit. of mankind; kindness. Pe ti tion er, n. one who Phil ip' pic, n. any invecoffers a petition.

tive declamation. Pet ri fac' tion, n. act of Phi lo lo' gic al, a. crititurning to stone.

cal ; grammatical. Pet' ri fy, v. to change to Phi lol' o gý, n. grammatistone,

cal learning ; criticism. Pet' ti fog ger, n. a petty | Phil' o mel, n. the nightsmall rate lawyer.

ingale. Pet' u lant, a. saucy ; per. Phi los'o pher, n. a man verse ; wanton.

deep in knowledge, Pew' ter er, 1. one who either moral or natural. works in pewter.

Phi los' o pỹ, nQ knowlPhaeton, n. a high open edge moral or natural ; carriage.

the hypothesis upon Pha' lanx, n. a troop of which natural effects

men closely embodied. are explained. Phan' tom, n. a spectre ; | Phle bot' o mý, n. the act a fancied vision.

of blood-letting. Phar i sa' ic al, a. exter | Phlegm, n the tough vis. nally religious.

cid matter discharged Phar ma cop' o list, n. an by coughing

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