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Out' er most, a. remotest

P. from the midst ; out PA CIF IC, a. mild ; most.

gentle ; appeasing Out land' ish, a. foreign : Pa ci fy, v. to appease ; not native.

to compose. Out' law, n. one excluded Pack' et, n. a small pack; from the benefit of the a mail of letters.

Pad' lock, n. a pendant, or Out' line, n. extremity ; hanging lock. contour ; a sketch.

Pæ'an, n. a song of triOut' par ish, n. a parish umph or praise. without the walls.

Pa' gan, n. a heathen ; one Out' rage, n. violence ; not a christian. a. hea

tumultuous mischief. thenish. Out ragelous, a. violent ;

Pa' géant rý, n. pomp ; .

; . Out right', ad. immediate- Pal god, n. an Indian idol, ly; completely.

or its temple. Out stretch', v. to extend ; Pāin, n. sensation of unto spread out.

easiness. v. to afflict ; Out strip', v. to outgo ;

to torment, to leave behind.

Pāir, two things suit Out vie', v. to exceed ; to ing one another. v. to surpass ; to excel.

join in couples ; to Out' wall, n. the outward suit ; to unite. part of a building.

a royal or Out' ward, a. external ; splendid house.

foreign. ad. to foreign Paľ at a ble, a. pleasing parts.

to the taste. Out' ward 'lý, ad. in ap- Pal ate' n. the instrument pearance ; externally.

of taste. Out weigh', v. to exceed Pa lat' in ate, n. the juris. in weight.

diction of a Count Pala. Out wit', v. to overcome tine, in Germany. by stratagem.

Paľ a tine, n. one possess. Out' works, n. externals ing royal privileges. pl. of a fortification.

subjects of a palatinOys'ter, n. a bivalve shell fish.

Pale' ness, n. wanness ;




want of colour.

stitched book. Palette, n. a light board Pan a ce'a, n. an univer

for a painter's colours. sal medicine ; an herb. Pal i sade', )

Pandect, n. a complete Pal i sa' do, s n. pales set


on any sciby way of enclosure or ence. defence. v. to enclose Pan e gyrlic, n. an eulowith palisades.

gy; an encomium ; Páll, n. a cloak or mantle praise.

of state ; a funeral | Pan' e gyr ize, v. to praise cloth. v. to cloy; to highly. weaken ; to become in- | Pan' el, n.

a square, or sipid.

any piece of matter inPal lat, n. a nut of a serted between other watch.

bodies. Pal' let, n. a small, mean Pang, n. extreme pain ; bed.


paroxysm of Pal' li ate, v. to excuse ; torment.

to extenuate ; to ease. Panic, n. a sudden and Pal li altion, n. favoura- groundless fear.

ble representation ; ex- Pannel, n. a kind of russ tenuation.

tic saddle. Pal' li a tive, 2. extenuat- Pann' ier, n. a basket cara ing; mitigating

ried on horses. Pal' lid, a. pale.

Pan' o plý, n. complete Palm, n. a tree ; triumph ; armour or harness.

part of the hand. v. to Pant, v. to beat as the cheat.

heart ; to wish earnestPal pa ble, a. that may be ly. felt ; plain ; gross.

Pan ta loon', n. a man's Pal' pi cate, v. to beat at

garment. the heart ; to flutter. Pan the' on, n. a temple of Pal pi ta' tion, n. a throb.

all the gods. hing of the heart. Pan' ther, n. a spotted Par osý, n. a privation of wild beast.

the sense of feeling: Pan' to mime, n. Pam' per, v. to feed lux. exhibited only in gesuriously ; to glut.

ture and dumb show. Pam' phlet, 11. a small / Pan' trở. the room

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a tale


* where provisions are of the highest order. n. kept.

the chief. Pa' pa cỹ, n. the pope- Par' a mour, n. a lover or

dom ; popish dignity. mistress. Pa' pal, a. popish. Par a pet, n. a wall breast Pal pist, n. one who ad...

high. heres to papacy.

Par a phrase, v. to transPar, n. equivalence. late loosely, n. a loose Par' a ble, n. a similitude. or lengthy explanation. Pa rade', n. military or Par a site, n. a Aatterer der ; guard ; show.

of rich men. Par a dise, n. the blissful Par' a sol, n. a small sun regions ; heaven.

umbrela. Par a dox, n. an asser- Parch' ment, skins tion contrary to appear-.

dressed for writing on. ance

Par don a ble, a. that may Par a dox' i cal, a. hay. be pardoned.

ing the nature of a par- Par' e gor ic, a. having the adox ; inclined to new power to ease pain. notions.

Pa rent' al, a. pertaining Par' s gon, n. something to parents.

supremely excellent. Pa ren' the sis, n. marks Par a graph, n. a distinct thus, (), including in a

part of a discourse. sentence, what may be Par al lax, n. the distance left out without injuring between the true and

the sense. apparent place of a

Parị tỳ, n, equality, restar.

semblance ; likeness. Par al lel, a. in the same Par ley, n. conversation ;

direction. n. lincs on oral treaty. v. to treat
the globe which mark by word of mouth.
the latitude.

Parlia ment, n. the asPar al lel' o gram,

sembly of the three esright lined quadrilateral tates, the king, lords, figure whose opposite and commons. sides are parallel and Par lia men' ta rý, a. enequal.

acted by parliament ; Par a lyt' ic, a. palsied. pertaining to parliaPar a mount', a. eminent; ment.

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Pa rol ichi al, a. pertain- odd; individual. n. a ing to a parish.

single instance or point. Pa role', n. word given as Par tic' u lar ize, V. to an assurance.

mention distinctly. Par' oxysm”, n. periodical Par tic' u lar lý, ad. disreturn of a fit.

tinctly ; peculiarly. Par ri cide, n. one who Par ti ósan, n. an adher. murders his father.

ent to a party: Par rý, v. to put by Par ti" tion, n. division. v.

thrusts ; to ward off. to divide into distinct Parse, v. to resolve by parts. grammar rules.

Part' ner ship, n. joint inPar si mo' ni ous, a. covet- terest or property: ous ; saving ; frugal. Par tridge, n.

a bird of Par take, v. to partici- game.

pate ; to have part in. Parts, n. qualities ; faculPar terre',

a level

ties; districts. ground ; a flower gar- Par' tý, n. an assembly ; den.

one of two litigants ; Par' tial, a. inclined to fa. side ; detachment of

soldiers. than the other.

Pas' 'chal, a relating to Par tial i tỷ,

the passover, or Eas. equal judgment.

ter. Partial ly, ad. with un- Pass, n. just favour.

trance ; permission to Par ti" ci pate, v. to par- go ; a thrust in fencing; take; to share.

state ; condition. Par ti ci pa' tion, a Pass' a ble, a. possible to

sharing of something. be passed ; tolerable. Par' ti ci ple, n. a word Pas' sage, n. a journey ;

partaking at once of the narrow street ; part of qualities of a noun and

a book. a verb.

Pas' sion, n. violent comPar ti cle, n. a small un- motion of the mind.

declinable word ; a Pas' sion ate, easily small part of a great moved to anger. substance.

Pas' sive, a. unresisting ; Par tic' u lar, 2. singular; suffering.


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Pass' o ver, n. a solemn not marked with paths.

festival of the jews. Pa' thos, n. warmth ; pasPass' port, n. permission sion ; feeling

in writing, to pass. Pa' tience, n. calmness of Pastel board, n. a thick mind ; endurance. kind of paper.

Pa' tient, a. not easily Pas' time, n. sport ; re

moved or provoked. n. creation ; diversion. a diseased person uno Pas' tor, n. a shepherd ; der the care of anoth

a clergyman who has

the care of a flock. Pa' tient lý, ad. with PaPas' to ral, a. rural ; rus- tience ; quietly.

tic ; like shepherds. n. Pat'ine, n. the cover of a a rural poem.

chalice. Pas' trý, n. pies, or baked | Paltri arch', n. a head of paste

a family Past' u rage, n. grounds Pa tri" cian, a. senatorial. grazed by cattle.

n. a nobleman. Past ure, n. land for graz

Pat ri mo' ni al, a. possessing ; food. v. to graze

ed by inheritance. on the ground.

Pat' ri mo ný, n. Pas' tỹ, n. a pie of crust tate, possessed by in.

raised without a dish. heritance. Pat' en, n.

a plate used Pat' ri ot, n. a real lover fr bread at the altar. of his country. Pat' ent, n. an exclusive Pat ri ot' ic, a. having pat

right or privilege. a. riotism. open to the perusal of Pat' ri ot ism”, n. love or all.

zeal for one's country. Pat en tee', n. one who Pa tro!', n. a guard to has a patent.

walk the streets. V. to Pa ter' nal, a. fatherly ;

go the rounds in hereditary.

camp or garrison. Pa ter-nos' ier,

the Pat' ron, n. one who counLord's prayer.

tenances, supports, or Pa thet' ic, a. moving the protects.

passions or affections ; Pat' ron age, n. support ; moving

protection, Path' less, a. untrodden ;Pat' ron ise, v.

an es

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to sup.

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