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Af fla'tus, n. communica- supposed to be settled.

tion of the power of Af' ter crop, n. second harprophecy.

vest. Af fict', v. to put to pain ; Af' ter noon!, n. the time

to grieve ; to torment. from the meridian to Af fiction, n. the cause the evening

of pain or sorrow; ca- Af' ter thought, n. refleclamity; misery.

tion after the act. Af Aic' tive, a. painful ; Af' ter wârd, ad. in suctormenting

ceeding time Af'Alu ence, n. exuberance Ag' ate, n. a precious stone of riches ; plenty.

of the lowest class Af' Au ent, a. abundant ; Agę, n. particular time,

esuberant ; wealthy as, the age of heroes : Af fux' ion, n. the act of time of lite ; the latter

flowing to a particular part of life ; a man is place.

said to be of age at 21 Af ford', v. to yield or years.

produce ; to be able to Agen cỹ, n business per. bear expenses.

formed by an agent. Af fran' chise, v. to make Algent, n. a substitute ; free.

deputy ; factor ; Af fray), v. to fright ; to who acts for anotier.

terrify. n. a tumultuous Ag' gran dize, v. to make assault.

great ; to enlarge ; to Af fright', v. to affect with

exalt. fear ; to terrify. n. ter. Ag gran dizel ment, n. the

state of being aggrandiAf front', n. insult; out- zed.

rage. v. to offend avow- | Ag' gra vate, v. to make edly.

any thing worse. i A fore men tion ed, a. Ag gra va' tion, n. that mentioned before.

which heightens guilt Afraid', a. terrified ; fear- or calamity.

Ag? gre gate, n. the sum Af' ter algesó, n. succeed- total. v. to collect to. ing times ; posterity.

gether. Af' ter clap, n. what hap. | Ag gress', v. to set upon ; pens after an affair is

to begin violence.


ror, fear.


of the ague.


Ag gres' sion, n. the first resemblance of one act of injury.

thing to another ; bar: Ag gress' or, n. the as. gain.

saulter, or invader. Ag ri cul' ture, n. tillage; Ag grievance, n. injury ; husbandry. wrong.

A ground', ad. stranded ; Ag grieve', v. to give sor- hindered in progress. row; to vex.

Algue, n. an intermitting Ag group', v. to bring to. fever, with cold fits suc

gether into one figure. ceeded by bot. A ghast', a. struck with | A'gue fit, n. the paroxysm

horror. A" gile, a. nimble ; ready; A'gu ish, a. having the active.

qualities of an ague. A gil i' tự, n. nimbleness ; A nead', ad. further on

quickness ; activity ward than another. A" gi tate, v. to put in | Aid, v. to help; to supmotion ; to shake.

port; to succour. A gi ta' tion, n. the act of help; in law, a subsidy.

moving any thing ; per- Aid' de camp, n. an officer turbation ; discussion.

who attends the geneAg' o nize, v. to be in ex- ral. cessive pain.

Ail, v. to pain; to affect Ag' o nỹ, n. the pangs of in any manner. death; violent pain.

A gra' ri an, a. relating to Ail' ment, n. pain ; dis-

fields or grounds.
A gree', v. to be in con- Ailling, a. sickly.

cord; to yield to ; to | Aim, v to direct ; n. di-
suit with.

rection ; design. A gree' a ble, a. suitable Air pump, n. a m chine

to; consistent with ; by which air is exhaustpleasing

ed fon ve ses. A gree' a bly, ad. consist- Airị, %. relating the

ently with ; in a manner air ; gay ; sprigssly suitable to.

n. the Vais il a A greed', pa. settled by Clich consent.

A kint. a rela ed to; aliA gree' ment, n. concord; ed to by bibull.




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of pity.

Al a bas ter, n. a kind of number which will not soft marble.

make up the number A lac' ri tý, n. cheerful- exactly.

ness; sprightliness ; | AV i quot, a. parts of a gaiety.

number which will A la mode', ad. according measure it exactly. to the fashion.

Al' ka lī, n. any substance, A larm', v. to call to arms; being mingled with a

to surprise ; n. notice cid, producing fermentof danger.

ation. A larm' ing, a. terrifying; | Al lay', v. to abate ; to

awakening ; surprising. quit; to debase metal. A las', in. a word express. Alle galtion, n. affirmaing lamentation ; a word tion ; declaration.

Al lege', v. to ffirm ; to Al be' it, ad. although ; declare ; to plead as an notwithstanding

excuse. Al 'chỹ mỹ, n. sublime | Al le gi ance, n. the duty chemistry.

of subjects to the gov. AĽ co ran, n. the ma- ernment. hometan's bible.

Al le gor' ic al a. in the Al cove, n. a private re. form of an allegory; not

cess to sit or lie under. literal “Al der man, n. a city of Al le go rý, n. a figuraficer.

tive discourse, in which A lert', a. watchful : vigi- more is meant than ex

lant; brisk ; lively. pressed. A lex i phar' mick, a that Al le lu'jah, (al le lu' yah) which drives away poi.

n. praise ye the Lord.

Al le' vi ate, v. to make Al ge bra, n. a peculiar light; to ease.

kind of arithmetic. Al le vi a' tion, n. the act A'li as, ad. otherwise. of making easy or light. Allien, n. a foreigner Al li' ance, n. union by Allién ate, v. to transfer ; treaty, or marriage.

to withdraw from. Allied, pa. united ; re. Ali ment, n. food ; nour- lated to. ishment.

Al lis' ion, n. the act of AY i quant, a. parts of a striking one thing **

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gainst another.

present time; before the Al lo cu' tion, n. the act present.

of speaking to another. | “Al so, ad. in the same Al lot' ment, n. the part ; manner ; likewise. the share

“Altar, n. place to offer Al low', v. to admit ; to sacrifices on ; commugrant.

nion table. Al low ance, n. sanction ; \“Al ter, v. to change ; to license ; stipend.

make different. Al loy, n. baser metal mix. Al ter a' tion, the

ed in coinage ; abate- change made. ment.

Al ter ca'tion, n. debate; Al lude', v. to refer to; to controversy hint at.

Alternate, a. being by Allure', v. to entice to any turns ; reciprocal. thing:

Al ter nate lŷ, ad. reci. Al lure' ment, n. entice- procally by turns.

ment; temptation. Alter' native, n. the choice Al lu' 6sion, n. a hint ; an given of two things, so implication

that if one be reject. Al ly!, v. to unite by con- ed, the other must be

tract; n. a friend ; a con- taken. federate.

Al tim' e trý, n the art of *Al' ma nack,n. a calendar. measuring heights. Almigh'tý,a.omnipotent. Al ti tude, n. the height n. the Deity.

of a place or thing. Almsó, n. what is given in `Al to geths' er, ad. comcharity.

pletely; without excepAlms' house, n. a hospital tion.

An' ways, ad.perpetually. A loft', ad. on high ; in A man u en' sis, n. one the air ; pr. above.

who writes what angA loof', ad. at a distance. ther dictaies. All pba bet, n. the letters, A mass', v. to collect ; to or elements of speech.

heap op; Al pha bet' i cal,

Am a teur', n. a lover of cording to the series of the arts. letters.

A mazel, v. to confuse Al read' ý, ad. at this with terror.

for the poor.

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A maze' ment, n. confus- pleasing

ed apprehension. Am' i ca ble, a. friendly ; A ma'zing, a. wonderful ; kind astonishing

Am' i ca blý, ad. in a Am bas' sa dor, n. a man friendly way:

sent from one sovereign Am' ì tý, n. friendship.

power to another. Am mu ni' tion, n. miliAm bi des trous, a. hav.

tary stores. ing equal use of both | Amnes tỹ, n. an act of hands ; double dealing.

oblivion Am' bị ent, a. encompass- Am' o rous, a. inclined to

ing : surrounding: to love ; fond. Am bi gu' s tý, 11. doubt. A mount', n. the s'im total.

fulness of meaning. A mour', n. an affair of Am bigo u ous, a. doubt. gallantry; intrigue. ful.

Amphib' ¡ ous, that Am bi" tion, n. desire of which can live in two preferment.

elements. Am bi' tious, a. aspiring. Am phi thela tre, n. a cir. Am brosial, a. of the chlar or oval building

quality of ambrosia; de- properly seated. li ious.

Am' ple, a. large ; wide. Am bu la' tion, n. the act Am pli fi ca' tion, n. exof walking:

tension. Am bus cade', n. a private | Am' pli fy, v. to enlarge ;

station for surprising. to improve. Am' bush, 1. state of lying Am' pli tude, n. large

in wait. A me' na ble, a. respon- Am pu ta' tion, n. cutting sible.

off a linb A mend', v. to correct ;) A muzeál v to entertain ; to grow better.

to deceive. A nenigol, recom• A museo ment, n. enter

peu.se; compensation. tainment; what amuA merce'. v. to punish with a fine.

A nach ro nism, n. an erAm' e thyst, n. a precious ror in computing time.

stone of a violet colour. Analogize, i. to explain Ami a bie, a. lovely; by way of analogy,



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