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Ob struct', v. to hinder ; ed to the memory or atto block up; to op

tention ; to meet. pose

Oc currence,

n. acci. Ob struc' tion, n. hin- dental event.

derance ; difficulty ; ob- O'cean, n. the main ; the stacle.

great sea; any immense Ob tain, v. to gain to

expanse acquire ; to prevail. O' 'chre, n. a rough yel. Ob trude', v. to thrust in- low or blue earth.

to any place or state by Olchre ous, a. consisting force or imposture.

of cchre. Ob tuse', a. not pointed ; Oc' ta gon, n a figure of

not acute ; dull ; stu- eight sides and angles. pid.

Oc' tave, n. the eighth Ob' vi ate, v. to meet in day after a festival, the the way; to prevent ;

interval of an eighth in to answer.

music. Ob' vi ous, a. plain ; evi- Oc ta'yo, n. a sheet fold

dent; easily discover ed into eight leaves. ed

Oc ten' ni al, a. done or Oc cal bsion, n. a casualty ; happening every eighth an opportunity ; an inci

year ; lasting eight dept. v. to cause ; to years influence.

October, n the tenth Oc ci dent al, a. west- month of the

year. ern.

Uc' cu lar, a. known by Oc cult', unknown; hilden ; secret.

Oc' u list, n. who Oc' cu pan cỹ, n. the act cures distempers in the

of taking possession. eyes. Oc' cu pant, n

he that O' di 018, a. hateful ; heitakes possession of any

nous ; abomina hle. thing

O' di um,

invidious. Oc cu pa' tion, n. employ. negs;

hatred ;

blame. ment; business ; call.

O do rif' er ous, ing : trade ; vocation. granti perfumed ; Oc' cu py, v. to possess ;

sweet. to keep ; to take up. O do rous, 2. fragrant ; Oc cur', v. to be presente perfumed.


the eye.



a. fra.

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Of dour, n. scent, good or oil ; fat ; greasy. bad ; fragrance.

Oint' ment, n. an ungu: Of fence', n. a transgress.

ent; a salve. sion ; injury ; anger. Old fash' ioned, a. obsoOf fend', v. to make an- lete ; out of fasbion.

gry ; to injure; to at. O le a' gin ous, A. oily tack.

unctuous. Of fend' er, n

one who Ol fac' to rý, a. having the commits an offence. sense of smelling: Of fen' sive, a. displeas- Ol i garch"'i cal, a. relating; hurtful; injuri- ing to an oligarchy.

Oligar 'chẽ, n. a form Of' fer ing, n. sacrifice or of government which oblation

places the

supreme Of' fer to rý, n. the thing power in the hands of

offered ; the act of of a small number ; arisfering

tocracy. Of' fice, n. public employ Ol' ive, n. a plant ; emment ; agency:

blem of peace. Of' fi cer, n. a command. Olym' pi ad, n. the space er ; ore in office.

of four years, by the Of fi' cial, a. pertaining

Greeks. to an office.

O me' gâ, n. the last ; the Offi' ciate, v. to perform last letter of the Greek another's duty

alphabet. Of fi' cious, a. importu. Omen, n. a good or bad

nately forward ; kind. sign ; a prognostic. Of' fing, n. deep water off Om' in ous, a portentous ; the shore.

inauspicious ; foreshew. Off' spring, n. propaga.

ing ill. tion; children

O mis' sion, n. a neglect Ogle, v. to view with side glances, as in fond. Om nif' ic, a. all-creat.

ing O'gling, n. a viewing sli. Om nip' o tence, n. al. ly or obliquely.

mighty power; unlimits Oili ness, n. unctuousness ; greasiness. Om nip' o tent,

al. 4. consisting of mighty; all powerful:

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of duty.


ed power.


Oil ỹ


Om ni prese' ence, n. ubi. notion.

quity, the quality of pin' ion a tive, 4. fond being every where pre. of preconceived notions. sent.

O'pi um, n. the juice of Om ni presel ent, a. pres.

Turkish poppies. ent in every place. Op po' nent, n. an adverOm nis' cience, n. infinite

sary ; an antagonist. knowledge.

OP por tune' lý, ad. sea Om nis cient, a. infinitely sonably ; conveniently.

wise ; all knowing. Op por tu' ni tj. n. fit Once, ad. one time ; a place ; fit time ; conve

single time ; formerly. nience. O nei ro critic, n. an in- Op poseb, v. to act against;

terpreter of dreams. to resist ; to hinder. On' ion, n. & plant with Op' po 6site, a. placed in a bulbous root.

front ; adverse. an O paque', a. dark ; not adversary; an antagotransparent.

nist. Open hand' ed, a. gener. Op po 6gi" tion, n. hostile

ous; liberal; bounti- resistance ; contrariety ful.

of interest, conduct, or O'pen ing, n. a breach ; meaning,

an aperture ; the dawn. Op press', v. to crush by O pen ness, n. freedom

harshness ; to subdue. from disguise, obscuri- Op pres' sion, n. cruelty ; ty, or ambiguity.

severity ; dulness. Op' e ra, n. a musical en

Op pres' sive, a. cruel ; tertainment.

inhuman ; heavy. Op' e rate, v. to act; to Op press' or, n. one who produce effects.

harasses others. Op e ra' tion, n. agency : | Op pro' bri ous, influence ; effect.

proachful ; disgraceful. Op' e ra tive, a. having Op pro' bri ous ness,

the power of acting scurrility; abuse. O'pi ate, n. a medicine Opti cal, a relating to that causes sleep.

the science of opticks. Opin' ia tive, a. stubborn ; Op' ticks,

n. the science imagined ; not proved. Op'tics, Opin' ion, n. a sentiment ; of vision.

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Op' tion, n. a choice ; elec- to ordain. tion ; power of choos- Or' der lý, a. methodical ; ing

regular. ad. methodiOp' u lence, n. wealth ; cally ; regularly. afluence.

Or' ders6, n. admission to Op' u lent, a. rich ; weal- the priesthood. thy ; afluent.

Or' di nal, n. a ritual; a Or' a cle, n. something book containing orders. delivered by supernatu.

a. noting order. ral wisdom ; one fam. Or' di nance, n. a law ; a ed for wisdom.

rule ; an appointment. Oral, a.

delivered ver- Or' di na rý, a, common ; bally ; not written. regular ; mean ; ugly ; Orange, n. a well known not handsome. fruit.

Or di na' tion, n. the act O ra' tion, n. a public dis- of ordaining. course or speech.

Ordnance, n.

cannon ; Or' a tor, n. an eloquent heavy artillery. public speaker

Ore, n. metal yet in its Or' a to rý, n. rhetorical mineral state. skill: eloquence.

a natural or Orb'ed, a.circular; form- musical instrument. ed in a circle.

, Or bic' u lar, a. spherical; circular.

mental. Or bit, n. the path in Organize, v. to construct which a planet moves.

so that the parts co opOrchard, n.

a garden of perate harmoniously fruit trees.

Or giēsó, n. frantic revels. Or 'ches' tra, n. a place Ori en' tal, a. eastern.

for musicians to play Or' i fice, n. any opening in.

or perforation. Or dain', v to appoint; to Origin, n. beginning;

establish ; to invest. source ; descent. Or de' al, n. a trial by fire ri" gin al, n. first copy. or water

a. pristine. Qr der, n. method ; O ri' gin ate, v. to bring

mandate ; a rule. v. to into existence. regulate; to command ; Or' na ment, n, decora:

Or gan, n

Or gan'ical,} 2. instru


tion ;

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of the poor.

embellishment. O ver bear', v. to subdue ; v. to adorn ; to embel. to bear down. lish.

Over board, ad. off or Or' phan, n. a child be- out of the ship

reft of parents, one or O ver bur' den, v. to load both.

too much. Or' re rý, n. ad instrument O ver cast', a. clouded.

which represents the rever come', v. to subvolutions of the heaven- due ; to vanquish. ly bodies.

O ver run', v. to ravage ; Ortho dos, a. sound in to outrun ; to

overopinion and doctrine. spread Or thog ra phụ, n. the art over seel, v. to superinof spelling

tend. Os ci ta' tion, n. the act | ver seer', n.

one who of yawning ; unusual រ

superintends ; a parish sleepiness.

officer who has the care Os cu la' tion, n. the act of kissing

O ver set', v. to overturn ; Os ten' si ble, a. that may to subvert.

be shown ; apparent. Ol ver sight, n. a mistake; Os ten taltion, n. an out- superintendance.

ward or vain show. Overt, a. open ; maniOs ten ta' tious, a. boast

fest ; public i appad ful ; vain; fond to ex- rent. pose to view.

Of ver ture, n. an openOst' ler, n. the man who ing ; a disclosure ; pro

takes care of horses at posal ; flourish of muOt' to man, a. belonging Over whelm', v. to crush ;. to the Turks.

to fill too much. O'val, a. shaped like an Ovip' a rous, a. bringing

egg O ver anx' ious, a. too | Out' cast, n. an exile ; one careful.

rejected. O ver awe', v. to keep Out' cry, n. a cry of dis. awe ; to terrify.

tress ; noise ; clamour, O ver balance,

Out do', v. to excel ; to ponderate

an inn


forth eggs.



to pre

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