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a. care

not only convenient but | Neg lect. n. inattention ;

needful for human life. negligence. v. to omit Ne" ces sa ri lý, ad. indis- by carelessness ; to

pensably ; inevitably. slight. Ne" ces sa rý, a. needful ; Neg lect' ful, fatal ; unavoidable.

Neg li gent', Ne ces' si ta ted,a. forced ;

less ;

heedless; inatten. in want.

tive. Ne ces' si tous, a. in want; Neg' li gence, n. remissneedy : poor.

ness ; carelessness. Ne ces' si tý, n. compul- | Ne go'tia ble, a.that which

sion; fatality ; indis- may be negotiated. pensableness ;

want ;

Ne gotiate, v. to traffic ; poverty ; cogency.

to treat with. Neck' lace, n. a woman's No go ti a' tion, n. a treaty neck ornament.

of business." Nec' ro man cer, n. a con- Neigh' bour, (nalbur,) n. jurer ; a wizard.

one who lives near aNec' tar, n. the feigned nother.

drink of the gods. Neigh' bour hood, n. the Nec' ta rine, n. a fruit of people adjoining

the plum kind. a. sweet Neighbour lý, a friendly;

as nectar ; nectarous. civil; kind. Need ful, a. indispensably Neil Sther,con. not either;

requisite. Neel dle work, n. work Neph' ew, (neol ou,) n.

done with a needle ; the son of a brother or embroidery.

sister. Need less, a. unnecessa

a. sinewy ; ry: not requisite. vigorous ; also hayNeedsó, ad. indispensably; ing diseased or weak

inevitably. Nee' dý, a. distressed by Nest' ling, n. a bird just want ; poor.

hatched Ne fa'ri ous, a. heinous ; Net' tle, n. a stinging

wicked ; abominable. herb. v. to vex ; to Ne ga'tion, n. denial. provoke : to irritate. Neg a tive, n, a proposi- Nev er sthe less', ad. not. tion that denies.

withstanding that.

no one.



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n. a

a. of neither Night' piece, n. a picture Neu' tral, S

so coloured as to be party.

supposed to be seen by Neu tral i tý, n. a state of candle light. indifference.

Ni gres' cent, a. growing New el, n. the upright black. post in a staircase.

Nim' ble, a. quick ; acNew fan' gled, a. formed tive ; ready ; lively. with love of novelty.

Nin' ný,
New fash' ioned, a. lately Nin' ný ham mer,

} come in fashion.

fool ; a simpleton. News' mon ger, n. one Ni' trous, a. impregnated

whose employment is with nitre.

to hear and tell news. Niv' e ous, a. snowy. Ni' ce tý, n. minute ac- No bil' i ty, 1. persons of curacy ; punctilious

high rank ; dignity. discrimination ; effemi. No' ble, a. illustrious ; exnate softness. pl. dain- alted ; generous. n, one ties.

of high rank Nick' name,

a name Noble man, n. one who given in -scoff or con- is ennobled. tempt.

Noc' tu a rý, n. an account Niēce, n. the daughter of of night affairs.

a brother or sister. Noc turnal, a. nightly. Nig' gard, n. a sordid, Noi' some, a. noxious; ofcovetous person. a. sor

fensive ; stinking. did ; parsimonious ; nig- Noil 6sy, a, sounding loud; gardly.

clamorous. Night' gown, n.

Nom en cla' ture, n. a vo. dress.

cabulary; a dictionary. Night' in gale, n. a bird Nom' i nal, a.only in name; that sings at night ;

not real. philomel ; a word of Nom' i nate, v. to name ; endearment.

to entitle ; to appoint. Night' mare, n. a morbid | Nom i na'tion, n. the pow.

oppression during sleep, er of appointing resembling the pressure Non' age, n. minority ; of weight

time of life before legal breast.


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Non con form' i tý, n. re- Nos' trum, n. a medicine

fusal of compliance. not yet made public, but Non con form' ist, n. one remaining in some sinwho refuses to join the

gle hand. established worship of Not a ble, a. remarkable ; the church

careful ; bustling Non en' ti tý, n. non-exis. No' ta rý, n. an officer

tence ; an ideal thing. whose business it is to Non ex4 ist' ence, 'n. state take notes of any thing of not existing

which may concern the Non' plus, v. to contound; public.

to puzzle. n. a puzzle. No ta' tion, n. the act of Non res' i dent, n.

nuti. g; signification. who does not reside on No ti fi ca'tion, n. the act his estate.

of making known. Non re ósist' ance, n. pass. No'ti fy, v. to declare ; to ive obedience.

make known. Non' sense, n. unmeaning No' tion al, a. imaginary ; langilage ; trifles.

ideal. Non sen' si cal, a. unmean- No to ri' e tý, n. public ing ; foolish.

knowledge or exposure. Non sũit, v. to quash a le- No to' ri ous, a. publicly gal process.

known; manifest. Noon,

Not with standing, con. Noon'day, n. mid day. nevertheless ; although. Noon' tide,

Now el, a. new ; unusual. North,

a feigned story or Norths' ern, S a. lying to

tale. wards the north.

Nov' el ist, n. an innova

tor ; a writer of novels.

Novel tý, n. newness; inwards the north.

novation, Noseos gay, n. a posey ; a Nought (nawt) n. nothing.

bunch of flowers. Novice, n. an unskilful No' 63le, n. the extremity person : a fresb man.

of any thing -as the no- No vi" tiate, n. the state

sle of a pair of bellows. of a novice ; the time Nos' tril, n. the cavity in

in which the rudiments the nose.

are learned.


Norih' ward;} ad. to

Nourish, v. to support | Num' skull, n. a dunce ; a

with food ; to train ; to dolt ; a blockhead. foment.

Nun chion, n. food eaten Nour' ish ment, n. food; between meals.

nutrition ; support. Nun' ne rý, n. a convent Now' a days', ad. in the of nuns. present age.

Nup' tial, a. pertaining to Nol where, ad. not in any marriage. n. pl. marplace.

riage or wedding. No wise, ad. not in any Nur' se rý, n. a place manner or degree.

where children are nur. Nox' ious, a. hateful; bane- sed ; a spot of ground ful ; offensive.

for raising young trees. Nu cif' e rous, a. nut-bear. Nurs' ling, n. one nursed ing.

up ; a fondling. Nu' di tỷ, n. nakedness. Nurt' ure, n. food ; diet ; Nu' ga to rý, a. trifling ; education ; institution. futile ; ineffectual. Nut' meg, n.

a kind of Nuisance, n. something spice imported from In

noxious or offensive. dia. Nul' li tý, n. want of force Nu'tri ment, n. nourishor existence.

ment; food ; aliment. Num' ber, v. to count ; to Nu tri" tion, n. the act or

tell; to reckon. n. many. quality of nourishing. Num' ber less, a.

Nu tri" tious, 2 than can be reckoned ; Nultri tive,

a. nourinnumerable.

ishing; nutrimental. Numbness, n. torpor ; | Nymph, n. a goddess of

deadness ; stupefaction. the woods, meadows or Nu' mer a ble, a. capable waters; a lady.

of being numbered. Nu'me ral, a. pertaining

O. to number.

O AF ISH, a. dull Nu me ra' tion, n. the art pid ; doltish of numbering

Oaklum, n. cords untwistNu mer' i cal, a. denoting ed and reduced to number ; numeral.

hemp. Nu'me rous, a. containing Oath, n. a solemn affirmmany.

ation, corroborated by

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the attestation of the di. ness ; amnesty. vine being

Ob' long, a. longer than Obo du ra cỹ, n. hardness broad. of heart ; impenitence ;

Oh lo quý, n, censorious Ob du rate, a. bard heart

speech ; blame

slaned ; impenitent.

der. O bel di ence, n. submis- Ob nox' ious, a. liable ; sion ; obsequiousness. i

exposed ; accountable. O be' di ent, a. submissive Ob scene', a. immodest ; to authority.

disgusting ; offensive. O bei'sance, n. an act of Ob scure', a. dark ; glooreverence; a bow.

my; abstruse ; difficult. Ob' e lisk, n. a pyramid of v. to darken; to perplex.

marble or stone ; a mark | Ob scu' ri tý, n. darkness ; in a book, thus t.

unnoticed state. O bey', v. to pay submis- Ob' se quiesó, n. funeral

sion to ; to comply with. solemnities. O bit'u a rý, n. a register | Ob sel qui ous, a. compliof the dead.

ant; obedient. Ob la' tion, n. an offering ; Ob serv' a ble. a remarka sacrifice.

able ; eminent. Ob' li gate, v. to bind by Ob serv'. ance, n. respect; contract or duty.

attention. Ob li ga' tion, n.

Observ' a to rý, n. a place gagement ; a bond ; a built for astronomical contract.

observetion. Ob lig' a to rý, a. binding; Ob óserve', v. to watch ; to

coercive ; imposing an note ; to regard ; to oobligation

bey. O blige', v. to bind ; to Ob' so lete, a. disused ;

compel ; to gratify. grown out of use. Ob li gee', n. one bound Ob' sta cle, n. a let ; a hin. by a contract.

derance; an obstruction. Ob lique, a. not direct ; Ob' sti na cỹ, n. stubborn.

not perpendicular ; not ness ; persistency parallel.

Ob' sti nate, a. stubborn ; Ob lit' e rate, v. to efface ; contumacious to destroy.

Ob strep' e rous, a. noisy; Ob liv' i on, n. forgetful. loud ; vociferous.

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