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doctrine of minerals. ment ; laughter. Min' gle, v. to mix ; to Mis' an thrope, n. a hater unite.

of mankind. Min' i a ture, n. a repre- Mis an' thro pý, n. hatred

sentation in a small of mankind. ci mpass.

Mis ap ply!, v. to apply to Min' is ter, n. an officer of wrong purposes.

the state or church ; an Mis ap pre hend', v. to agent; a delegate. v. to misunderstand ; to misgive ; to supply; to at- take. tend on

Mis be have', v. to act Min is te ri al, a. pertain- improperly. Of ill.

ing to a minister. Mis be haviour, ill Min is tra'tion, n. agency;

conduct; bad practice. service ; office.

Mis cal cu late, v. to reck. Min' is trý, n. ecclesiasti. on wrong.

cal function ; agency in Mis car riage, n. abor. state affairs.

tion ; ill success, Milnor, n. one not of age. Mis cel la' ne ous, a. com. 2. less ; inconsiderable

posed of various kinds : Mi nor' i tơ, n. nonage ; i

mixed without order. state of being under Mis' cel la ný, n. a mass age ; the smaller num- or mixture formed of ber.

various kinds. Mint, n. a plant ; a place Mis chance', n. ill luck ; for coining

ill fortune. Mi nute', a small ; slen- Mis chief, n. harm ; hurtir der.

injury. Min' ute, n. the sixtieth Mis chiềv ous, a. hurtful ;

part of an hour. v. to malicious. set down in short Mis con' strue, v. to interbints.

pret wrong Mir' a cle, n. something Mis' cre ant, n. an infidel ; above human power.

a vile wretch. Mi rac' u lous, a. done by Mis deed', n. an evil aca miracle.

tion ; crime.

; a looking. Mis de mean' or, n an of glass ; a pattern.

fence ; ill-bebaviour Mirth, a. jolity : merri- | Milsser, A. a wretch ; one




Mod' ern,

age ill.

covetous to excess.

to delineate. Miso e rý, n. wretched. Mod' e rate, a. temperate; ness; calamity

mild ; sober. v. to regu. Mis for' tune, n. calamity; late ; to restrain. evil fortune.

Mod e ra' tion, n. calm. Mis guide', v. to lead ness of mind; equawrong.

nimity; frugality in ex: Mis hap', n. ill luck.

pense. Mis in form', v. to give a

a. late ; refalse account.

cent. Mis lead', v. to guide in a Mod' es tỹ, n. chastity; wrong way.

decency; humility. Mis man' age, v. to man. Mod' i fy, v. to qualify ;

to soften; to shape. Mis pris' ion, n. scorn ; Mo' dish, a. fashionable ; contempt ; negligence.

tasty, gay Mis rep re sent', v. to rep- Mod'u late, v. to form resent not as it is.

sounds to a certain key, Mis' sile, a. thrown by the or to certain notes. hand.

Moi' e tý, n. half. Mis' sion, n. a commis- Moist'ure, n. dampness ;. sion ; legation

juice ; juiciness. Mis' sion a rý, n. one sent Mo lest, v. to disturb ;

to preach the gospel. to vex ; to disquiet. Mis trust', n. diffidence ; Mo les ta' tion, n. disturb.

suspicion. v. to suspect. ance ; vexation. Mit' i gate, v. to alleviate; Moll' ient, a. softening i to assllage.

assuaging Mit' ti mus, A. & warrant Moll i fy, v. to soften ; to

by which a justice of the assuage ; to pacify. peace sends an offender Moment a rý, a. lasting to prison.

for a moment. Mixture, n. things mix. Moment' ous, a. import; eil.

ant; weighty. Mock' e rý, n. ridicule ; Mon' arch', n a sove: scorn ; vain show.

reign ; a king Modo el, n representa | Mon ar 'chị, n, a kingly

tion ; copy ; standard. government ; an y. to mould ; to shape ;






a dead

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Mon' as te rý, n. a 'con

Mor tal i tý, n. frequency vent ; a cloister.

of death; power of de. Mo nas' tic, a, pertaining struction ; human nato a convent.

ture. Mon' i tor,

one who | Mortgage, warns of faults, or gives pledge. v. to pledge ; to necessary hints.

put to pledge. Mo nop' o lize, v. to en. Mor ti fi ca' tion, n. a gan. gross all of a commodi

grene ; humiliation. ty into a person's own Mor' tise, n. a hole cut inhands

to wood that another Mon o syl' la ble,n. a word piece may be put into of one syllable.

it. Mo not' o nỹ, n. want of Mosque, n. a mahometan

variety in cadence ; uni- temple. formity of sound. Mo'tion, n. the act of Mon soon', n. a periodical moving; a proposal. trade wind.

Mo' tive, n. the reason of Mon' ster, n. a thing un- an action.

natural or horrible. Mot' ley, a. mingled of Mon' strous, a. unnatural; various colours. shocking

Mot' to, n. a sentence adMon' u ment, n. any thing ded to a device, or pre

to perpetuate memory, fixed to any thing writMo rality, n. doctrine of

ten. the duties of life.

Move'a ble, a. that may Moralsó, n. the practice be moved. pl. personal of moral duties.

goods ; furniture. Mo rass', n. a fen ; a bog; | Movement, n. motion ;

a moor ; a swamp. manner of moving: Mor' bid, a. diseased ;

Mouling, a. affecting; corrupted.

pathetic. Mo rose', a. cross ; peev- Moull der, v. to turn to ish ; surly ; sour.

dust ; to perish. Mor sel, n. a small piece. Mould'ing, n. ornaments Mor' tal, a. subject to of wood, stone, &c.

death ; human ; belong- | Mound, n. any thing rais. ing to man. n. man ; a ed to fortify or defend. human being

Moun' tain ous, a. full of mountains ; hilly.

Museb, n. the power of Mourn'ful, a. causing sor- poetry ; thought. v. to row; sorrowful.

study ; to ponder ; to Mourn' ing, n. the dress think close.

of sorrow; grief. Musel um, n. a repositoMu lat' to, n. one born of ry of curiosities.

parents of whom one is Music, n. the science of black and the other sounds ; harmony. white.

Mul Osic al, a. harmoniMul' ti form, & having ous ; sweet sounding: various shapes.

Mu 6si" cian, n. one skilte Mul ti pli cand',

n. the

ed in barmony. number to be multipli- Musk' mel on, n. a frag. ed.

rant melon. Mul ti pli ca' tion, n. the Mus' sul man, n. a Ma.

act or art of multiplying. hometan believer. Mul ti pli" ci ty, n a great Mus' tard, n. a plant and variety

its seed. Mul ti pli' er, n. the mul Mus' ter roll, n. a regis.

tiplicator in arithmetic; ter of forces.

that which multiplies. Mu ta bil i tự, n. change Mul ti tude, n. many ; a

ableness ; incopstaney. crowd or throng

Multi late, v. to maim ; Mum' mỹ, n. a dead body to cut off. embalmed

Mu'ti nous, a. seditious ; Mun' dane,' a. belonging tumultuous. to the world.

Mu' ti ný, v.

to rise a Mun' grel, a. of a mixed gainst authority. n. sebreed; base born.

dition ; revolt; insurMu ni" ci pal, a. belonging rection.

to a corporation. Mu'tu al, a. reciprocal; Mu nif' i cence, n. liberal- acting in return. ity ; generosity

Myr' i ad, n. the number Mu ni' tion, n. fortifica. of ten thousaud.

tion ; ammunition Myrrh, n. a strong are Mus' cle, n. a fleshy fi.

bre ; a shell fisb. Mys te' ri ous, a. full of Mus' cu lar, a. full of

mystery ; obscure. muscles ; brawny.

Mys' te rý, n. something

matic gum.

same name

secret or hidden.

in physics, or natural Mys' tic, a. mystical ; ob. philosophy.

scure ; secret; dark. Nat u ral i za' tion, n. the My thol' o gỹ, n. a system admission of a foreignof fables.

er to the privileges of a

native. N.

Nat' u ral ize, v. to invest NA'DIR, n. the point with the privileges of

under foot, directly op- native subjects. posite the zenith. Natural ly, ed. unaffectNå ked ness, n. nudity ; edly ; spontaneously. want of covering.

Na' ture, n. compass of Name' lý, ad. particularly; natural existence ; disspecially.

position of mind ; speName' sake, n. one of the cies ; physics.

Naugh' tý, a. bad; wickNap' kin, n. a cloth used ed.

at table to wipe the Nav' i ga ble, a. passable hands ; a handkerchief.

by ships or boats. Nar ra'tion,

Nav' i gate, v. to pass by Nar ra tive,

ships or boats. tory ; a relation.

Nav i ga' tion, n. the art Narrow, a. of a small of conducting a ship at breadth ; near ; covet.

Nau' se ate, v. to grow Na' sal, a. belonging to the squeamish.

Nau' seous, a. loathsome ; Na' tal, a. relating to na. disgustful. tivity ; native.

Nau' ti cal, a. pertaining Na' tion, n. a people dis- to ships or sailors.

tinct from others. Na'vỡ, nQ 8 company of Na' tive, n. offspring ; one ships of war; a fleet. born in any country.

Near, a. close ; not disNa tiv' i tý, n. birth ; state tant ; parsimonious.

or place of birth Nēat, a. elegant ; clean ; Nat' u ral, a. produced by pure. n. oxen.

nature ; easy. n. a fool ; Neb' u lous, misty ; an idiot.

cloudy ; overcast. Nat' u ral ist, n. a student | Ne' ces sa ries, n. things


n. a his




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