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Man'tel, n. raised work Man' age ment, n. con over a chimney.

duct ; administration ; Mantle, n. a cloak. v. to dealing

cloak or cover ; to ferMan' ci pate, v. to en- ment ; to froth, slave,

Man'tua mia ker, n. one Man' date, n. a command.

who makes gowns. Mēss, n.gh :st ; shade. Man' u al, a. performed Man' ful ly, ad. boldly; by the hand. n. a small strutly.

book of prayer. Man' ger, n. a long woodo Mar: u fac'ture, any

en trough for animals to thing made by art. eat out of

to make by art. Man' gle, v. to lacerate ; Man u fac' tur er, n. an

to cut or tear in pieces. artificer; a workman. Man' gỹ, a. infected with Man u mis' sion, n. the

the mange ; scabby. act of freeing slaves. Man' hood n. courage ; Man u mit', v. to release bravery ; virility.

from slavery. Ma'ni ac, a. affected with Ma nure!, v to enrich. n. madness. n. a mad per. soil for land.

Man' u script, n. a written Man' i fest, a. plain ; evi. book ; not printed.

dent ; clear. v. to shew Map, n. a geographical plainly.

picture ; a relineation Man i fes ta'tion, n. dis- of countries, &c. covery ; publication.

Mar a paltba, n.

a form Man i fes' to, n. a public of anathematizing or protestation.

cursing among the jews. Man' i fold, A. many in Marble, n. a stone cap number ; divers.

able of a fine polish. a. Man kind', n. the human made of or like marble.

Mar' ca sité, n.

a hard, Ma neulvre, n. skilful

bright fossil. management.

Morachion ess,

the Man' or, n. a lord's juris- wife of a marquis. diction.

Mare' schal, n.

a chief Man' sion, n. a dwelling commander of an ar houşe ; an abode,





Mar ma le,en}

Mar gin, n. an edge ; a sing between the foreborder.

legs. Mar gin al, a. placed in Martyr, n. one who dies the margin.

for the truth. Ma-rine',(ma reen',) a. be Mar' tyr dom, n. the death

longing to the sea. n. a of a martyr. sea soldier ; sea at Marvel, n wonder.v. to fairs.

wonder at. Mar' i ner, n. a seaman; a Mar' vel lous, a. astonishsailor.

ing ; strange. Mar' i time, a. performed Mas' cu line, a. male ;

on the sea ; relating to like a man ; manly. to the sea ; belonging to Mas que rade, n. an asthe sea

sembly of maskers, or Marl, n. a sort of fat clay, people masked. much used for manure. Mas' sa cre, n. butchery ;

n. quin

slaughter; murder. v.

to butcher indiscriminces boiled with sugar. ately. Mar quis, n. a title next Mas' sive, to a duke.

Mas' sý,

a. weighty ; Marriage, n. the act of bulky.

uniting a man and wo- Mas' ter ly, a. skilful; art. man for life.

ful; imperious. Mar shal, n. the chief of Mas' te rý, n. dominion ; ficer of arms. v. to ar

superiority ; skill. ranges to range in or. Mas ti ca'tion, n. the act der.

of chewing Marsh' ý, a. boggy ; wet; Match' less, a. having no swampy ; fenny.

equal. Mart, n, a place of pub. Ma te' ri al, a. important ; Jick traffick.

essential ; consisting of Mar ten, n. a large kind matter.

of weazel; a swallow. Ma te' ri alsó, n. what any Martial, a, warlike ; val

thing is made of. iant ; brave.

Ma ternal, a. motherly ; Mar' tin gal, n. a leathern fond ; kind.

thong, fastening the Math e mat' ics, n. that girth to the bridle, pas- science which contem,

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tion ; agency


plates whatever is cap- Mech' an ismo, n. artifiable of being numbered cial construction. or measured.

Me' di ate, v. io interpose Math e ma ti" cian, n. one an equal friend to

skilled in mathematics. both parties. Mat' ri cide, n. the mur. Me di a' tion, n. interposi

der of a mother. Mat ri mo'ni al, a. pertain- Me di' cin al, a. physical.

ing to marriage. Med' i ca ment, p. any Mat' ri mo nỹ, n.

thing used in healing. riage ; wedlock. Med' i cine, n. a remedy Mat' ron, n. a prudent in physic.

motherly woman. Me di oc' ri tý, n. a midMat' tress, n. a quilted dle state ; small de. bed.

gree. Ma ture', a. ripe ; perfect; Med' i tate, v. to contemwell disposed.

plate ; to plan; to scheme. Ma tu'ri tý, n ripeness ; Med i ter ra' ne an, a. en. completion

circled with land. Mau so le' um, n. a pomp- Me' di um, n. a mean or

ous funeral monument. middle state Max' im, n. a general Med' leỹ, n. a mixture ; &

principle ; an axiom. mingled mass. Maylor, n. the chief ma. Meekiness, n. gentleness.

gistrate of a corporation. Mellan 'chol ř. n. sad. Maze, n. a lahyrinth ; ness ; pensiveness. confusion of thought.

gloomy ; dismal. Mead' ow, n. pasture or Me' li o rate, v. to make hav land.

better; to improve. Mea' 3ger, a lean ; poor Me lo' di ous, a harmos in Aesh ; hungry.

nious; full of melody. Me an' der, v. to run Mel o dý, n. music ; bar.

winding; to be intricate. na serpentine winding. Mem' brane, n. a web of Measbl ure ment

n, the act of measuring ; men- Me.men'to, n a hint ; a suration

memorial. Me 'chanic, n. an artifi. Me moir', a an account cer i a manufacturer. of any thing ; hint:

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mony of sound.

many fibres.

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Mem' o ra ble, a. worthy pardon ; mildness.

of remembrance. Me rid' i an, n. mid day ; Mem o ran' dum, n a note a line from north to

to help the memo- south which the sun ry.

crosses at noon. Me mo'ri al, n. a monu. Mer it, n. desert ; due ;

ment ; something to reward. v. to deserve. preserve memory ; Mer i to'ri ous, a. deserve writing about public ing of reward. business by a public Mes' sage, n. an errand : minister.

advice sent. Men' ace, v. to threaten. Mes' sen ger, n. one who n. a threat.

carries a message. Men da' ci tý, n. a false Mes si' ab, n. the Saviour hood.

of the world ; Christ. Men' di cant, n.

a beg. Mes' suage, n. a dwelling gar.

house and ground. Me'ni al, n. a servant. Met al, n. i hard body, Men' stru al, a. monthly. malleable and capable Men su ra' tion, n. the art of fusion

of measuring ; result of Me tal lic, a. pertaining measuring

to metal. Men' tal, a. intellectual ; Met' al line, a. impregnain the mind.

ted with metal. Mer can tile, a trading ; Met a mor' phose, v. to commercial.

change the form of any Mer' ce na rý, n. a hire. thing

ling. 2. venal ; selfish. Met a phor, n. a simile Mer chan discó, n. com- comprised in a word ; &

merce ; trade; wares. word applied in a sense Merchant,


different from its real der.

meaning Mer' ci ful, a. compas. Met a phor' ic al, a. figur

sionate ; tender ; kind. ative. Merci less, a void of Met a phys6' ios, n. the mercy : pitiless

science of immaterial Mer cu rý, n. quicksil beings.

ver; sprightliness. Me' te or, n. a body in the Mer , . clemency i

air or sky, of a lumina



ous, transitory nature. Mildew, n. a disease in Met e or, ol' o gý, n. the plants ; spots in linen.

doctrine of meteors. Mild' ness, n. gentleness ; Mę theg' lin, n. a drink

clemency. made of honey, spices, Mil' i tant, a. fighting;enwater, &c. boiled to gaged in warfare. gether.

Mil' i ta rý, a. warlike ; Me thod' ic al, a. ranged suiting a soldier. in due order ; exact

Mil' i tate, V.

to differ Meth' od ises, v. to bring from ; to oppose,

into good order. Mi li' tia, n. inhabitants Met'ri cal, a. pertaining enrolled for national de to metre,

fence. Me trop' , lis, n. the chief Mil ký-way', n. the gacity of a country.

laxy ; a broad white Me tro pol'i tan, n. track in the heavens archbishop.

caused by the light of an Met' tle some, a. lively ;

infinity of fixed stars. brisk ; i courageous. Mil len' ni um,

the Mez zo tin' to, n. a kind space of 1000 years, duof engraving on cop- ring

which some image per.

ine Christ will reign on Mich'' ael mas,

n, the

earth after the resurrecfeast of St. Michael. tion. Micro cosm“, n. the little Mim' ic, v. to imitate lu

world ; the body of man dicrously, n. a buffoon ; is so called.

one who imitates ser. Micros cope, n. an opti- vilely.

calinstrument, by which Mince, .v.
the smallest objects are small; to palliate.

Mind, n. intelligent faculMid' sum mer, n.

the ty ; opinion. v. to mark; summer solstice.

to attend. Mid' win ter, n. the win- Mine, n. & place where ter solstice.

minerals are dug. v. Migh' tý, a. powerful. ad. to sap or ruin by mines.

in a great degree. Min' e ral, n. matter dug Mil grate, v. to remove ;

out of mines. to change place Min e ral'o gý, n. the


to cut very

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