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Lib' er tine, n. a dissolute | Light foot' ed, a nimble.

liver ; a rake. a. licen- Light head' ed, a. deliri

tious ; irregular. Lib' er tin ismo, n. irreli- Light heart' ed, a. cheer.

gion ; licentiousness ful. Liber tý, n. freedom ; Like' li hood, n. appear.

exemption"; leave. ance ; probability. Li bid' in ous, a lewd ; Like' wise, ad in like licentious.

manner ; also. Li bra' ri an, n. one who | Li' lach', n. a tree ; lilac.

has the care of books. Lil' ý, n. a flower. Li' bra rý, n. a large col. Lim' beck, n. a still.

lection of books. Limber, a. flexible ; pli. Li bra' tion, n. the state of able. being balanced.

Lim' bo, n. a place of mis. Li'cense, n. permission ; ery and restraint.

liberty. v. to grant leave; Lime' kiln, n. a kiln where to set at liberty,

stones shells are Li cen' tiate, n. one who burnt to lime.

has a license to prac- Lim' it, n. bound ; border;

tise any art or faculty. utmost reach. v. to cir. Li cen' tious,

cumscribe ; to restrain, strained ; disorderly. Lim it a' tion, 1. restricLic' or ice, n. a root of a tion ; circumspection. sweet taste.

Lim' ner, n. a painter ; & Liège, n. a sovereign. a. picture maker. subject ; trusty.

Lim' pid, a. clear ; pure ; Lieu ten' ant, 11. a deputy; transparent.

a second in rank. Linch' pin, n. an iron pin Life' guard, n. guard of a that keeps the wheel on prince's person.

the axle-tree. Life'less, a. dead ; with- | Lin' e age, n. race; proge. out force or spirit.

ny; family. Lig' a ment, n. a band to Lin' e al, a. composed of tie parts together.

lines ; descending in a Lig' a ture, n. a bandage ; direct genealogy

the act of binding. Lin' e a ment, n. feature ; Līght fin" gered, a. thiev. discriminating mark in ish ; dishonest.

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Lin' go,

Lin' en, n. cloth made of on stones. hemp or flax.

Lit' i gate, v. to contest in Lin' en dra' per, n.

law ; to debate. who deals in linen. Lit i ga' tion, n. a judicial Lin' 3ger, v. to remain contest ; lawsuit.

long ; to pine ; to hesi. Li ti" gious, a. quarreltate.

n. language ; Lit' ur gỹ, n. the public speech.

form of prayer. Lin" guist, n. one skilled Live' li hood, n. support. in languages.

Liv' e rý, n. clothes with Lin' i ment,n. an ointment. different trimmings, Lin' seed, n. the seed of worn by servants. fax.

Liv' e rý man, n. one who Lin' sey wool' seỹ,a. made wears a livery. of Aax and wool.

Liv' id, a. discoloured, as Lin' tel, n. the upper cross with a blow.

part of a door frame. Lil vre, n. a French coin, Lil on ess, n. a she lion. worth about 18 cents. Li' que fy, v. to melt ; to Lix iv' i um, n. lie made

; dissolve ; to liquate ; of ashes and water. to grow soft or clear.

Liz' ard, n.

an animal Li' quid, n. a fluid sub- resembling a serpent, stance.

with legs. Li" quor, n. any thing !i- Load' stone, n. the mag.

quid ; any strong drink. net. List' less, careless ; Lõam, n. fat unctuous

heedless ; inattentive. earth. Lit' a nỹ, n. a form of sup- Loath, a. vnwilling.

plicatory prayer. Loathes, v. to hate ; to Lit' e ral, a. exact ; plain; nauseate.

according to the letter. Loatlı' some, a. abhorred; Lit' e ra rý, a. what re- causing dislike.

lates to learning. Lob' ster, n. a crustace. Lit e ra'ti, n. the learned. ous shell fish. Lit' e ra ture, n. learning; Lo cal, a. relating to, or skill in letters.

being of a place. Li thog' ra phy, n. the art | Lodg'ing, n. a temporary

or practice of engraving abode ; rooms hired.


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Lof tŷ, a. high ; sublime ; | Lov' ing kind 'ness, n. tenhaughty ; proud.

derness ; mercy.. Logi a rithmsé, n. a series Lou'is.d'or (lue dore) a.

of artificial numbers, for a gold coin of France, the expedition of calcu- worth $4.44. Jation.

Lounge, v. to idle ; to Log' book, n. journal of a

live lazily ship's course.

Loun' ger, n. an idler. Logic, n. the art of reas- Lowlý, a.humble ; meek; oning

not lofty. Lo gi' cian, n. one versed Loy' al, a. true to a prince, in logic.

a lady, or a lover Loil ter, v. to linger ; to Loyl al ist, n. one faithful spend time idly

to his king Loll, v. to lean idly ; to Lu'bri cate, v. to make hàng out.

smooth or slippery: Lonel some, a. solitary. Lu bri" ci tý, n. slipperiLon gev' i ty, great length of life.


shining; Lon' gi tude, n. distance bright ; splendid. east or west from a

Lu' cid, shining : meridian.

bright ; pellucid ; clear. Loose, a. unbound ; wan. Luck' i lý, ad. fortunate

ton. v. to unbind , to re- ly; by grod hap

lax ; to set free. Lu'cra tive, a. profitable ; Lo qua' cious, a. full of gainful. talk ; babbling.

Lucre, n. gain ; profit. Lo qua” ci tỷ, too Lu cu bra' tion, n. a study much talk ; prate.

by candle-light. Lord' lý, a. proud ; impe. Lui di crous, a. sportive ; rious ; lofty.

merry ; burlesque. Loses, v. to suffer loss. Luff, v. to keep close to Lologer, n. one who has the wind in sailing. suffered loss.

Lug'gage, n. any cumLo'tion, n.

a medicinal brous heavy thing. wash.

Luke' warm, a. moderateLove' lý, a. amiable: ex- ly warm ; indifferent. citing love.

Lull, v. to compose Love' sūit, n. courtship. sleep ; to put to rest.

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to moon.

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Lu'mi na rý, n. any lum- dictedness to pleasure: inous body.

Lymph, n. a pure transpa. Lu' min ous, a. shining ; rent fluid.

enlightened ; bright. Lyre, n. a harp ; a musi. Lu'rar, a relating to the cal instrument.


a. pertainLu'na tic, n. a madman. Lyric al, &. mad.

ing to a harp, or to odes Luna' tion, n. the revolu. or poetry sung to a harp.

tion of the moon. Lunch,

M. Lunch' eon, S

n. a hand.

MAC A ROONE, n. a ful of food.

coarse, rude, low felLu net:e', n. a half moon low. in fortification.

Mace' beār er, n. one who Lungso, n the lights ; the carries the mice or en

organs of respiration. sign of authority before Lurk, v. to lie in wait. a magistrate. Lurk' ing place, n. a hid. Ma'l ce rate, v. to make ing place ; secret place.

lean ; to steep. Lus' cious, sweet ; Mach' i na'tion, n. an af. pleasing ; cloying.

tifice ; contrivance. Lus' ti lì, ad. stoutly ; Ma 'chine', (ma sheen') n,

with vigour ; with met- an engine ; a complitle.

cated piece work Lus' tre, n. brightness ; manship.

renown ; a sconce with Mac' u late, v. to stain; to lights.

spot. Lux4 u' ri ance,

Mag a zine', (mag a zeen')

n. a storehouse for prouberance ; abundant vision.s, &c.

plenty or growth. Ma" gic, n. the secret opeLux4 u' ri ant, a. superflu

rations of natural pow. ously plenteous.

ers. a. necromantic. Luxiuri ous, a. voluptu. Ma gi' cian, n. one skilled ous ; enervating ; ad

in magic ;

an enchantministering to luxury. er; a necromancer. Lux' u rý, n. delicious Ma gis te' ri al, a. lofty ::

fare i profuseness ; ad. arrogant ; proud



n. ex

Ma” gis tra cỹ, P. the of nance; defence.

fice of a magistrate. Ma jor' i tŷ, 2. the greatMa" gis trate, n. one vest- er number; the office ed with authority.

of a major. Mag na nim' i tý, n great. Mal' a dý, n. a distemper ness of mind.

a sickness. Mag nan' im ous, a. great Male ad min is tra' tion, n. of mind ; brave.

bad management of af: Mag nel 6sia, n. a powder fairs.

gently purgative. Male' con tent, a. disconMag' net, n. the load tented ; dissatisfied. n.

stone; the stone that a rebel attracts iron.

Mal e dic' tion, n. & curse; Mag net' ic, ?

an execration.

a. attracMag net' ic al, S

Mal e fac' tor, n. an offen. tive.

der against law. Mag' net ismé, n. the pow. Male prac' tice, n. bad er of attraction.

practice or conduct. Mag nif' ic, a. illustrious. Ma lev' o lence, n. ill-will; Mag nif' i cence, n. gran. malignity; spite

deur ; splendour. Ma lev' o lent, a. ill.naturMag nif' i cent, a. fine : ed ; malignant. splendid ; pompous.

Mal' ice, n. badness of de. Mag' ni fy, v. to make sign ; ill-will great ; to extol.

Ma li" cious, full of Mag' ni tude, n. great- malice ; malignant.

ness; comparative bulk. Ma lig' ni tỹ, i. malevo. Ma hog' a nỹ, n. a valua- lence. ble brown wood.

Mal lig' nant, a. maliciMa jes' tic, a. august ; ous ; mischievous. grand.

M? le a ble, a. capable Ma" ges tý, n. dignity; of being spread by ham

grandeur ; elevation ; mering the title of kings. Mâlt, n.

barley steeped in Măil, n. armour ; a post- water, and fermented, man's bag

then dried on a kiln. Māin tain' v. to defend ; Man' age, v. to conduct ;

to justify ; to support. to carry on ; to superin. Main' te nance, 1. suste.

tend affairs ; to trans.


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