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Lib' er tine, n. a dissolute liver; a rake. a. licentious; irregular. Lib' er tin ism6, n. irreligion; licentiousness

Lib' er ty,

n. freedom; exemption; leave. Li bid' in ous, a. lewd;

licentious. Librarian, n. one who has the care of books. Li' bra ry, n. a large col

lection of books. Li bra' tion, n. the state of being balanced. License, n. permission; liberty. v. to grant leave; to set at liberty, Li cen' tiate, n. one who has a license to practise any art or faculty. Li cen' tious, a. unrestrained; disorderly. Lic' or ice, n. a root of a

sweet taste.

Liège, n. a sovereign. a. subject; trusty. Lieu ten' ant, n. a deputy;

a second in rank. Life' guard, n. guard of a

prince's person. Life'less, a. dead; without force or spirit. Lig' a ment, n. a band to tie parts together. Lig' a ture, n. a bandage; the act of binding. Light fin" gered, a. thiev ish; dishonest.

Light foot' ed, a nimble. Light head' ed, a. deliri


Light heart' ed, a. cheerful.

Like' li hood, n. appear

ance; probability. Like' wise, ad

in like

manner; also. Li' lach', n. a tree; lilac. Lil' y, n. a flower. Lim' beck, n. a still. Lim' ber, a. flexible; pliable.

Lim' bo, n. a place of misery and restraint. Lime' kiln, n. a kiln where stones or shells are burnt to lime.

Lim' it, n. bound; border; utmost reach. v. to circumscribe; to restrain. Lim it a' tion, n. restriction; circumspection. Lim' ner, n. a painter; a picture maker.

Lim' pid, a. clear; pure ; transparent.

Linch' pin, n. an iron pin that keeps the wheel on the axle-tree.

Lin' e age, n. race; proge ny; family.

Lin' e al, a. composed of lines; descending in a direct genealogy.

Lin' e a ment, n. feature; discriminating mark in the form.

[blocks in formation]

Li" quor, n. any thing liquid; any strong drink. List' less, a. careless; heedless; inattentive. Lit' a ny, n. a form of sup

plicatory prayer. Lit' e ral, a. exact; plain; according to the letter. Lit' e ra ry, a. what relates to learning.

Lit e ra' ti, n. the learned.
Lit' e ra ture, n. learning;
skill in letters.
Li thog ra phý, n. the art

or practice of engraving

on stones.

Lit' i gate, v. to contest in law; to debate. Lit i ga' tion, n. a judicial contest; lawsuit. Li ti" gious, a. quarrel


Lit' ur gy, n. the public form of prayer. Live' li hood, n. support. Liv' e ry, n. clothes with different trimmings, worn by servants. Liv' e ry man, n. one who wears a livery.

Liv' id, a. discoloured, as with a blow. Livre, n. a French coin,

worth about 18 cents. Lix iv' i um, n. lie made of ashes and water. Liz' ard, n. an animal resembling a serpent, with legs.

Load' stone, n. the mag


Loam, n. fat unctuous earth.

Loath, a. unwilling. Loathes, v. to hate; to


Loath' some, a. abhorred; causing dislike. Lob' ster, n. a crustaceous shell fish.

Lo' cal, a. relating to, or

being of a place. Lodg' ing, n. a temporary abode ; rooms hired.

Lof ty, a. high; sublime; | haughty; proud. Log a rithms, n. a series of artificial numbers, for the expedition of calculation.

Log book, n. journal of a ship's course. Lo" gic, n. the art of reasoning Lo gi" cian, n. one versed in logic.

Loi ter, v. to linger; to
spend time idly.
Loll, v. to lean idly; to
hang out.

Lone some, a. solitary.
Lon gev' i ty,

length of life.

n. great

Lon' gi tude, n. distance east or west from a meridian.

Loose, a. unbound ; wanton. v. to unbind; to relax; to set free. Lo qua' cious, a. full of talk; babbling. Lo qua" ci ty,

n. too

much talk; prate. Lord' ly, a. proud; imperious; lofty. Lose, v. to suffer loss. Loser, n. one who has suffered loss. Lo' tion, n. wash. Love ly, a. amiable; exciting love. Irove' suit, n. courtship.

a medicinal

Lov' ing kind 'ness, n. tenderness; mercy. Lou' is-d'or, (lu' e dore) n. a gold coin of France, worth $4.44. Lounge, v. to idle; to live lazily. Loun' ger, n. an idler. Lowly, a. humble; meek; not lofty.

Loy' al, a. true to a prince, a lady, or a lover. Loyal ist, n. one faithful to his king. Lu' bri cate, v. to make smooth or slippery. Lu bri” cả tỷ, n. slipperi


Lu' cent, a.


bright; splendid. Lu' cid, a. shining: bright; pellucid; clear. Luckily, ad. fortunately; by good hap Lu cra tive, a. profitable; gainful. Lucre, n. gain; profit. Lu cu bra' tion, n. a study by candle-light. Ludi crous, a. sportive ; merry; burlesque. Luff, v. to keep close to the wind in sailing. Luggage, n any cumbrous heavy thing. Luke' warm, a. moderately warm; indifferent. Lull, v. to compose to sleep to put to rest.

[blocks in formation]

n. a hand.

Lunch, Lunch' eon, S ful of food. Lu net:e', n. a half moon in fortification. Lungs, n the lights; the organs of respiration. Lurk, v. to lie in wait. Lurk' ing place, n. a hiding place; secret place. Luscious, 8. sweet; pleasing; cloying. Lus' ti ly, ad. stoutly; with vigour ; with mettle.

Lus' tre, n. brightness; renown; a sconce with lights. Lux4 u' ri ance,

Lux+ u' ri ance; }

n. ex


uberance ; plenty or growth. Lux4 uri ant, a. superfluously plenteous. Luxurious, a. voluptuous; enervating; administering to luxury. Lux' u ry, n. delicious fare; profuseness; ad

a. pertain

ing to a harp, or to odes

or poetry sung to a harp.


MAC A ROONE', n. a coarse, rude, low fellow.

Mace bear er, n. one who

carries the mace or ensign of authority before a magistrate. Ma" ce rate, v. to make lean; to steep. Mach' i na' tion, n. an ar

tifice; contrivance. Ma 'chine', (masheen') n an engine; a cated piece manship.


Mac' u late, v. to stain; to spot.

Mag a zine', (mag a zeen1) n. a storehouse for provisions, &c.

Ma" gic, n. the secret operations of natural powers. a. necromantic. Ma gi" cian, n. one skilled in magic; an enchant

er; a necromancer.

Ma gis te ri al, a. lofty :. arrogant; proud.

Ma" gis tra cy, n. the of fice of a magistrate. Ma" gis trate, n. one vested with authority. Mag na nim'i ty, n greatness of mind.

Mag nan' im ous, a. great

of mind; brave. Mag ne 6sia, n. a powder

gently purgative. Mag' net, n. the load. stone; the stone that attracts iron. Mag net' ic,

Mag net' ic al,}


a. attrac

Magnet ism,n. the power of attraction. Mag nif' ic, a. illustrious. Mag nif' i cence, n. grandeur; splendour. Mag nif' i cent, a. fine; splendid; pompous. Mag ni fy, v. to make great; to extol. Mag' ni tude, n. greatness; comparative bulk. Ma hoga ny, n. a valuable brown wood. Ma jes' tic, a. august; grand. Ma” ges ty, n. dignity ; grandeur; elevation; the title of kings. Mail, n. armour; a postman's bag. Mãin tain'. v. to defend;

to justify; to support. Main te nance, n. suste

nance; defence. Ma jor' i ty, n. the greater number; the office of a major.

Mal' a dỹ, n. a distemper; a sickness.

Male ad min is tra' tion, n. bad management of af fairs.

Male' con tent, a. discontented; dissatisfied. n. a rebel.

Mal e dic' tion, n. & curse;

an execration. Mal e fac' tor, n. an offen、

der against law. Male prac' tice, n. bad practice or conduct. Ma lev' o lence, n. ill-will; malignity; spite

Ma lev o lent, a. ill-natur

ed; malignant. Mal' ice, n. badness of design; ill-will

Ma li" cious, a. full of

malice; malignant. Ma lig' ni ty, n. malevolence.

Mal lignant, a. malici

ous; mischievous. Mal' le a ble, a. capable of being spread by hammering. Målt, n. barley steeped in water, and fermented, then dried on a kiln. Man' age, v. to conduct; to carry on; to superin. tend affairs; to trans

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