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In ter ces' sor, n. a medi- sisting of a dialogue.

tor ; an agent who in- In ter lo' per, n. an intrutercedes.

der. In ter changel, v. to ex- In ter med' dle, v. to in

change. n. an exchange ; terpose officiously. a bargain.

In ter me' di ate, a. inter. In ter change a ble, a. vening ; lying between.

given and taken mutual. | In ter' ment, n. burial. ly.

In ter min a ble, a.

Un In ter changel a blý, ad. bounded.

alternately, so that each In ter mis' sion, n. a ces

gives and receives. sation for a time. In' ter course, n. commu. | In ter mit' tent, a. not con

nication ; exchange. tinual. In ter dict', v. to prohibit ; In ter nal, a. inward. to forbid.

In ter po la' tion, n. some. In' ter est, v. to concern ; thing added or put into

to affect ; to influence. the original matter n. concern ; advantage; In ter poseb, v. to mediusury.

ate ; to intervene. In ter fere, v. to inter. In ter po 6si' tion, n. inter pose ; to intermeddle.

vention; agency between In ter jec' tion, n. a sud. parties ; mediation.

den exclamation. In ter' pret, v. to explain ; In' te rim, n. mean time. to translate. In te ri or, a. internal. In ter pre ta' tion, n. an In ter lard', v. to insert be. explanation.

tween ; to diversify by In ter' pre ter, n. an exmixture.

positor ; a translator. In ter leave', v. to insert In ter reg' num, n. the blank leaves.

time between the death In ter line', v. to write be- of a king and the acceso tween lines.

sion of bis successor. In ter lin e a'tion,

In ter' ro gale, v. to exa• correction made by wri. mine by questions.

ting between the lines. In ter rog' a to rý, n. 4 In ter lo cu' tion, n. inter. question ; an inquiry.

change of speech. In ter rupt', v. to hinder ; In ter loc' u to rý, &. con- to divide ; to separate.


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In ter rup' tion, n. hinder- 1 In' ti mate ly, ad. closely ; ance ; intervention.

familiarly ; nearly: In ter sect', v. to cut; to In ti ma' tion, n. a hint ; cross each other.

an indirect declaration. In ter section, n. a point in tim' i date, v. to frightwhere lines cross.

en ; to dastardize. In ter sperse', v. to scatter In tol' e ra ble, a. unsufhere and there.

ferable ; very bad. In' ter stice, n. a space be. In tol' e rant, a. not able tween two things.

to endure. In ter twine, v. to unite In tox' i cate, v. to make

by twisting together. drunk ; to inebriate. In' ter val, R. interstice ; In tox ica'tion, n. inebria

vacuity ; time elapsing tion ; drunkenness. between two periods.

In tract' a ble, a. unman. In ter vene', v. to come ageable ; unruly.

between things and per- In trench',v. to fortify with sons.

a rampart or trench. In ter ven' tion, n. inter. In trench' ment, n. a for. position , agency

tification, with a trench In' ter view, n. a sight of to defend against an atone another.

tack. In ter weave', v. to mix In trep' id, a. fearless ;

one with another in a resolute; brave. regular texture.

In tre pid' i tỳ, n. couIn tes' tate, a. dying with- rage ; boldness. out a will

In' tri ca cỹ, n. perplexity; In tes' tine, a. internal ; difficulty. inward

In' tri cate, a. perplexed ; In thrâr, v. to enslave ; to involved ; obscure. shackle.

In trigue', (in treeg!) v.to In th: âl' ment, n. servi.

carry on private designs. tude; slavery; difficulty. a plot ; cabal ; ag aLa' ti ma cý, n. close fa- mour. miliarity.

In trin' sic, a. inward ; In' ti mate, v. to hint ; to true ; real; natural.

suggest. familiar; In tro duce, v. to bring inniost. n. a familiar or usher in. friend ; a confidant. In tro duc' tion, n. a bring



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ing in ; a preface. to forge ; to feign. In tro duc to rý, a. previ. In ven' tion, n. a fiction

ous ; serving as a means discovery ; forgery.

to something farther. In ven' tive, a. apt to inIn trudel, v. to encroach ; vent ; ingenious

to force without right In vent' or, n. a contriver; or welcome.

a finder out. In tru'der, n an encroach. In' ven to rý, a cata. er; an interloper.

logue of goods. In tru' 6sion, n. the act of In vert', v. to turn upside intruding

down. In trust', v. to put in trust In vest', v. to clothe: to with.

adorn ; to place in posIn tui tivẻ lý, ad. by im session of a rank or of. mediate perception.

fice. In twine', v. to twist or In ves' ti gate, v. to trace wreath together.

or search out. In vade', v. to enter in a In ves ti ga' tion, n. hostile manner.

examination. In va' der, n. ad assailant; / In ves' ti iure, n. the act one who invades.

of giving possession. In val' id, a. weak; of no In vet' e rate, a. long esforce or weight

tablished , obstinate. In ve lid', (in va leed'), pi. In vid' i ous, a. envious ; one disabled.

malignant. In val' i date, v. to weak

In vigo o rate, to en ; to make void.

strengthen; to animate. In vaľu a ble, a. precious In vin' ci ble, above estimation.

querable In va'ri a ble, a. unchange- In vil o la ble, a. not to be able ; constant.

profaned or broken. In val 6sion, n. a hostile In vil o late, a. uninjured ;

entrance ; an attack. unbroken. In vec' tive, n. railing ; In vis6l i ble, a. not to be

sharp expressions seen ; imperceptible. In veigh', (in va',) v. to rail In vi ta' tion, n. an invit

at ; to declaim against. ing ; a bidding In veil gle, v. to allure. In vitel, v. to bid; to call; In vent', v. to discover ; to entice ; to persuade.




pray to.



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In un da' tion, n. a deluge; confuted.

an overflow of waters. Ir re fu'ta ble, a. that eanIn vo ca' tion, n. a calling not be refuted ; certain. upon in prayer.

Ir reg' u lar, a. immethod. In' voice, n. a catalogue ical ; disorderly ; loose. of goods.

Ir reg u lar' i tý, n. a deIn voke', v. to call upon ; viation from rule ; disto

order. In volve', v. to inwrap ; Ir rel' e vant, a. inapplito comprise ;

cable. tangle.

Ir re li' gion, n. In voi un ta rý, not tempt of religion ; imdone willingly

piety: In ure), v. to habituate ;

Ir re li' gious, a. ungodly ; to accustom.

profane ; wicked. In vulner a ble, a. that Ir re me' di a Sle, a. not cannot be wounded.

to be remedied or curI ras' ci ble, a. apt to be ed. easily provoked.

Ir re movel a ble, a. not Irk' some, a. tedious ;

to be removed or chang. wearisome.

ed. I ron' i cal, a. spoken hy Ir rep' a ra ble, a. not to

way of irony ; sneering. be repaired or recoverI'ro nỹ, n. a meaning con- ed.

trary to words spoken. Ir rep re hen' si ble, a. exIr ral di ate, v. to illumin

empt from blame. ate

i to enlighten. Ir re proach' a ble, a.free Ir ra' tion al, a. void of

from reproach reason ; silly.

Ir re prove' a ble, a. not to Ir re claim'a ble, a. not be blamed.

to be reclaimed; shame. Ir re 6sist'i ble, a. what less.

cannot be resisted. Ir re con cil la ble, a. that Ir resó o lute, a, not de.

cannot be reconciled. termined ; not steady. Ir re cov' er a ble, a. not Ir re triev' a ble, a. irre.

to be regained or reme- coverable ; irreparable. died.

Ir rev' e rence, n. a want Ir re fra' ga ble, a. that of veneration.

cannot be denied or | Ir rev' e rent, a, not pay.



ing due respect.

deals in precious stones. Ir re ver' si ble, a. not to Jew' el le rý, n. jewels

be changed or recalled. and trinkets in general. Ir rev' o ca ble, a. not to Jo cose', a. jocular : given be recalled

to jesting; droll ; merIr ri tate, v. to provoke ;

ry to fret ; to agitate.

Joc' und, a. merry ; gay ; Ir rup' tion, n. an inroad ; airy ; lively

entrance by force. Joint' ure, n. an estate or Island?

income settled n. land sur

} Isle,

wife. rounded by water. Joll li tý, n. merriment; Is' sue, n. event; termina- festivity; gaiety.

tion ; offspring; vent. Jon' quille, n. a species of V to vent.

daffodil. Isth' mus, n. a neck or jut Jos' tle, v. to push with of land.

the elbows. I tin' e rant a. wander- | Jolvi al, a. jolly ; merry ; iog; unsettled.

Journal, n. a diary.

Jour' ney, n. travel by land JAR' GON, n. unintelli- or by sea.

gible talk; nonsense. Jour' ney man, n. a hired Jaun' dice, 1, a distemper workman.

caused by the obstruc- | Joy ful, a. full of joy. tion of the gall in the Joy' ful ness, n. joy : glad. liver.

ness ; exultation Jaunt, n. a ramble ; an Joy' less, a. destitute of

excursion. y. to walk or joy or pleasure. travel about.

Joyous. a. glad ; merry. a. suspicious ; | Jul bi lee, n, a public fesfearful ; cautious.

tivity. Jeal ous ý, n. suspicion Jo'cun' di tý, n. pleasant

in love; suspicious fear. ness ; agreeableness. Jeop' ar dý, n. danger ; Judg' ment, n. an opinion; peril ; hazard

sentence. Jes' sa mine, n. a very Ju' di ca to rý, n. a court fragrant shrub

of justice. Jewel ler, n. a man who ! Ju' di ca ture; n. a power

airy ; gay.


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