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a resi

be atoned for.

In fer' nal, a. hellish ; tarIn ex' pli ca ble, a. inca. tarean ; very bad.

pable of being explain. In fest', v. to annoy; hared

ass ; plague ; disturb. În ex pres' si ble, a. not In' fi del, n. an unbeliever;

to be told ; unutterable, à pagan ; a miscreant. In ex tri' ca ble, a. not to In fi del i tự, n, want of be disentangled.

faith ; treachery. In fal li bil i tř, n. exemp. In' fi nite, a. unbounded; tion from error.

immense ; unlimited. In fal' li ble, a. incapable In' fi nite lý, ad. without of mistake ; certain.

limits. In' fa mous, a. notoriously In fin' i tự, n. immensity : bad"; shameless.

endless number. In' fa mỹ, n. notoriety of In firm', a. weak of body bad cbaracter.

or mind ; not solid. In' fan cỏ, n. the first part In firm' a rý, n. of life.

dence for the sick. In' fan trý, n. the foot sol. In firm' i tý, n. weakness; diers of an army:

failing ; disease. In fat' u ate, v. to strike In flame', v. to set on fire ;

with folly ; to bewitch. to irritate. In fat u a'tion, n. a depri. In flam' ma ble, a. easy to vation of reason.

be set on fire. In fect', v. to taint ; to poio In flam ma' tion, n. an unson; to pollute.

natural heat of the In fec'tion, n. a contagion; blood ; state of being in

a corrupt effluvium. in a flame. In fec' tious, a. contagi- In flate', v. to swell or puff ous, catching

up with wind, In fer', v. to conclude. In ffect', v. to bend ; to from.

bow; to change ; to In' fer ence, n, a conclu.

vary: sion from premises. In flex' i ble, a. not to be In fel ri or, a. lower in bent ; immoveable. place or value. n. one In flict', v. to lay a punishlower in rank or station.

ment upon. In fe ri or' i tý, n. lower In' fu ence, v. to bias ; to

state of dignity or value. have power over. n. an

Savage ; cruel.

ascendant power.

In hab' it, v, to dwell in. In Au en' tial, a. exerting In hab' it a ble, a. that influence or power.

may be inhabited In' flux, n. act of Anwing In hab' i tant, n

one who into.

dwells in a place. In fold', v. to wrap up ; to In hale', v. to draw in with enclose

the air. In form', v. to tell ; to in: In he'rent, a. innate ; in. struct.

born. In for ma' tion, n. intelli In her it, v. to possess of gence given ; instrac

inheritance. tion.

In her it ance, n a hered. In fraction, `n. breach ; itary possession. violation.

In hos' pi ta ble, a. unkind Iu fringe', v. to violate ; to

to strangers. break a contract. In hu' man, a. barbarous ; In fringe ment, n. a violation; a breach

In hul man lý, ud. cruelly ; In fuxe, v to pour in ; to barbarously.

instil ; to inspire. In ject', v. to throw in. In fulsion, n. the act of in im' i cal, a. hostile ; ad

pouring in or steeping: verse ; unkind. In gel ni ous, a. witty ; in- In im' i ta ble, a. above ventive.

imitation. In ge nu' i tỹ, n. wit ; in

: In i" qui tous, a unjust. vention ; genius. la 1" qui tỹ, n. injustice ; In gen' u ous, a. open ;

wickedness ; sin. fair ;

candid ; generous ; In i" tial, a. placed at the noble.

beginning; incipient. In glorious, a. dishon- In il tiate, v. to admit; to ourable ; mean.

instruct. In gra' tiate, v. to put into In ju di' cious, a. void of favour.

judgment. In grat' i tude, n. untbank. In junction, n. & confulness

mand ; a precept. In gre' di ent, n. a part of In' jure, v. to wrong ; to any compound.

burt unjustly. In' gress,

entrance ; In ju'ri ous, a. unjust; power of entrance. hurtful; destructive.




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In' no


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In' ju ry, n. mischief ; out- curious.

rage ; annoyance. In' road, n. an incursion. In jus' tice, n. unfair deal. In sane', a. mad. ing ; i. iquity.

In san' i tý, n. madness. In' land, a remote ; back In sa' tia ble, a. not to be

from the sea ; interior. satisfied. In lay', v. to variegate. In scribe!, v. to write upIn nate', a. inborn ; natur- on ; to dedicate. al.

In scription, n. a title, ence,

n. purity; name or character writharmlessness ; simplici. ten or engraved upon & ty.

ny thing. In' no cent, a. pure ; harm. In scru'ta ble, a. unsearchless ; innoxious.

able ; hidden. In no va' tion, n. the intro- In se cure', a. not secure ; duction of novelty.

not safe. In nox' ious, a. not hurt. In sen si bil' i tý, n. stuful ; harmless.

pidity ; torpor. In nu en' do, n. an oblique In sep' a ra ble, a. not to hint.

be disjoined. In nu' me ra ble, a. not to In sert', v. to place among be numbered.

other things. In oc' u late, v. to proga. In sid' i ous, a. treacher.

gate by insertion. In of fensive, a. harmless; In sig nif' i cance, n. innocent.

want of meaning. In or' di nate, a. irregular; In sig nif i cant, a. unim. disorderly.

portant; trifling. In or gan' ic al, a. without In sin cere', a. unfaithproper organs.

ful. In' quest, n. a judicial in- In sin' u ate, v. to hint art

quiry or examination. fully ; to wheedle. In qui' e tude, n. uneasi. In sin u a' tion, n. the ness ; disquiet.

power of pleasing or In quire', v. to ask about ; stealing upon the affecto seek out.

tions. lo qui' rý, n. an examina. | In sip' id, a. without taste; tion ; a search.

flat; duil. In quisa! i tive, a. prying ; ! In sist', v. to persist in ;



urge to ill.

pay debts.

to urge.

In' stant, n. the present In snare', v. to entrap ; moment or month.

to inveigle ; to entan- urgent ; immediate ; gle.

quick. In' so lence, n. haughti. In stan ta' ne ous, a. done ness ; pride.

in an instant. In' so lent, a. haughty : In stant' lý, ad. immedi

overbearing ; proud. ately ; momentarily. In' so lent lý, ad. haughti- In' sti gate, v. to tempt or

ly ; rudely. In sol' ven cỹ, n. an ina. In sti ga' tion, n. an incite

bility to pay debts. ment to a crime. In sol vent, a. not able to In sti ga'tor, n. an inciter

to ill. In spect', v. to look nar. In stil, v. to infuse by rowly into

drops ; to insinuate any In spec' tion, n. a close thing imperceptibly into examination.

the mind. In spec' tor, n. a superin. In' stinct, n. natural desire tendent.

or aversion ; the power In spi ra' tion, n. an infu- which determines the

sion of supernatural will of brutes.

ideas into the mind. In stinct' ive, a. acting In spire', v. to breathe or without the direction of

infuse into. In sta bili tý, n. fickle. In stinctive ly, ad. by the ness ; mutability.

call of nature. In stal hle, a. inconstant; In' sti tute, v. to fix ; to changing.

establish ; to appoint. n. In stâll', v. to put into pos. an established law ; a session ; to invest.

precept. In stall a' tion, n. the act | In sti tu' tion, n. an es of installing

tablishment; a law. In stâl' ment, n. payments in sti tu'tor, n. an estab

made at several times ; lisher ; an instructer ; installation.

educater. Instance, v. to give or In struct', v. to teach ; to

offer an example. n. im- direct ; to train up. portunity ; example. In stract' er, n. a teacher;



In' tel lect, n. perception; In struc' tion, n. the act of understanding

teaching : information ; In tel lect' u al, a. belong. mandate ; precept

ing to the mind. In struc' tive, a. convey In tel' li gence, n. notice ; ing knowledge.

understanding ; skill. In' stru ment, n. a tool ; | In telli gent, a. knowing; a deed or contract.

instructed ; skiiful. In stru ment' al, a. condu- In tel li gi ble, 2. easily

cive to some end; help- understood. ful ; performed by in. In tel li gi blý, ach clear. struments.

ly: plainly; distinctly. {n stru men tal i tý, n. In tem' pe rance, n. ex

subordinate agency. cess ; irregularity. In sut' fer a ble, a. insup- In tem' per ate, a. immod

portable ; intolerable. erate : ungovernable ; In suf fi" cien cỳ, n. in. excessive in meat or

adequateness ; inabili- drink. ty.

In tense,

a. vehement ; In sut fi' cient, a. inade. ardent ; attentive. quate to any purpose.

In tense' lý, ad. to a great In' sult, n. an act of inso- or extreme degree. lence or contempt

In tense ness, n. eagerIn sult', v. to treat with in- ness ; closeness. solence,

In tent', a. anxiously and In su'per a ble, a. insur- unceasingly diligent. n.

montable ; invincible. a design ; purpose. In sup porta ble, a. not In ten' tion, in a design ; to be endured.

a purpose. In sur mount' a ble, a. un- In ten' tion al, a designconquerable.

ed ; done by design. In sur rec' tion, n. a re In ter', v. to bury.

bellion ; a sedition. In ter cedel, v. to medi. In' te ger, n. the whole of ate. any thirg.

In ter cept', v. to stop and In' te gral, a. whole ; not seize in the way ;

to fractional ; complete.

obstruct ; to cut off. In tegóri lý, n. honesty ; In ter ces' sion, n. mediapurity of mind.

tion; interposition.

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