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Ac com' mo date, V. to Ac cu' mu late, v. to heap

suit ; to supply with together. conveniences.

Ac cu mu la' tion, n. the Ac com mo da' tion, n. act of acoumulating.

provision of convenien- | Ac cu ra cỹ, n. exact. ces ; adjustment

ness ; nicety. Ac com' pa ný, v. to join ac cu rate, a. exact.

with ; to be with as a Ac cu rate lì, ad. exact.* companion.

ly; without error. Ac com' plice, n. an asso- Ac cu 6sa' tion, n. a crimi. ciate ; a partner ; a par

nal charge taker.

Ac cuse, v. to charge Ac com' plish, v. to com

with a crime; to censure. plete ; to fulfil.

Ac cus' tom, v. to habitu. Ac com' plish ment, n.

ate ; to inure. completion ; full per. A cer' bi tý, n. rough, formance ; ornament of Hour taste. mind or body.

Ache',n. a continued pain. Ac compt', (ak kount') n. v. to be in pain.

account ; reckoning. A chieve', v. to performs Ac cord', v. to agree ; to

to finish. adjust one thing to an: A chieve' ment, n.


formance, Ac cord' ing lý, ad. agree. A" cid, a. sour ; sharp. ably ; suitably ; con

A cid' i tý, n. sharpness ; formably.

sourness. Ac cost', v. to speak to Ac' me, n. the height or

first ; to address; to sa- top of a thing. lute.

Ac knowledge, v. to conAc count', v. to esteem ; fess, as a fault ; to own,

to compute ; to give an as a benefit. account.

Ac knowledge ment, n. Ac cou' tre, v. to dress ; confession of a fault, or to equip.

of a benefit Accoultre ment, n. dress; Ac quaint', v. to make fa

equipage ; trappings. miliar with ; to inform. Ac crue', v. to arise from ; Ac quaint' ance, n. famili. to be produced as pro

arity ; one with whom fits.

we are acquainted,

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e Ac qui esce', v. to rest in;

to comply with the Ac qui es'cence, n. atis

faction ; submission ;

compliance. Ac quire', v. to gain by

one's labour, or power. Ac quire' ment, n. that

which is acquired ; gain ; attainment. Ac qui si' tion,n. the thing

gained ; attainment. Ac quit', v. to set free ; to absolve ; to clear from

any obligation. Ac quit' tal, n. a deliver

ance from an offence. ain.

Ac quit' tance, n. a receipt

for debt. Ac rid, a. of a hot biting

taste. Ac ri mò ni ous, a. sharp;

corrosive. Ac' ri mo nỹ, n. sharpness;

corrosiveness ; severi.

ly A cros' tic, n. a poem, in

which the first letter of every line being taken,

makes the name of some D.

person or thing. Action, n. gesticulation. Ac' tion a ble,

a. that OP

which admits an action in law ; punishable. Active, a. busy ; nimble ;

quick. Activi tỷ, nQ quickness ;


Aco tu al lý, ad. in effect ;

really Ac' tu ate, v. to put into

action. A cu' men, B. a sbare

point. A cu' mi na ted, a. ending

in a point; sharp pointed, A cute), a. sharp ; inge

nious. A cute' ness,

n. sharpness; force of intellects. Ad' age, n. a maxim ; a

proverb. Ad a mant, n. a stone of

impenetrable hardness ;

a diamond. Ad a man telan, a. hard

as adamant. Ad a man' tine, a. made

of adamant. A dapt', v. to fit ; to suit ;

to apply. A dap ta' tion, n. the fit.

ness of one thing to an

other. Ad dict', v. to devote ; to

give up one's self to. Ad dict' ed, pa given up

to ; inclined. Ad di' tion, n. the adding

of numbers together. Ad di" tion al, a. that

which is added. Ad dress', v. to speak or

write to. n. courtship; manner of addressing another; manner of directing a letter,


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Ad ept', n. one well skill- of an intestate. ed in his art.

Ad min is tra' trix, n. she Ad' e quale, a. equal to ; who administers. proportionate.

Ad' mi ra ble, a. to be ad. Ad here', v. to stick to ; mired ; exciting wonto unite.

der. Ad be'rent, n. a follower; Ad' mi ra blý, ad. in an a partisan.

admirable manner. Ad hel 6sion, n. the act of Ad' mi ral, n. the chief sticking to.

commander of a fleet. Ad he' sive, a. sticking ; Ad' mi ral tỹ, n. the powe tenacious.

er, or officers appointed Ad já'cent, a. lying close ; for the administration of bordering upon.

naval affairs. Ad' jec tỉve, n.

a word

Ad mi ra' tion, n. expressing the quality der. of a noun.

Ad mire, v. to regard A dieu', ad. farewell.

with wonder or love. Ad journ', v. to put off for Ad mi' rer, n. a lover. a time.

Ad mis' si ble, a. that Ad journ' ment, n. a put.

be admitting off to another time. ted. Ad' junct, n. something Ad mis' sion, n. admit. joined to.

tance, Ad jure', v. to tender an Ad mit', v. to suffer to enoath.

ter ; to allow. Ad just', v. to regulate. Ad mit' tance, n. permis. Ad just' ment, n. regula- sion to enter.

tion ; putting in order. Ad mun' ish, v. to warn Ad meas6l ure ment, n. of a fault ; to reprove

the act of measuring by gently rule.

Ad mo ni" tion, n. coun. Ad min' is ter, v. to give ; sel ; gentle reproof. to supply; to afford.

Ad o les' cence, Ad min is tra' tion, n. the Ad o les' cen cỏ,

n. the executive part of gove

age succeeding childernment.

hood, and succeeded by Ad inin is tra' tor, n. he puberty.

who manages the affairs | Adopt', v. to make choice

which may

of ; to make one a son Ad' vent, n. a coming ; or a daughter who is not four weeks anterior to so by birth,

Christmas. A doption, n. the act Ad ven' tine, a. adventi

of adopting; being a- tious; extrinsically adddopted.

ed. A dora ble, a. that which Ad ven ti' tious, a. that

ought to be adored. which advenes ; acciAd o ra' tion, n. external dental.

homage paid to the Di. Ad ven' ture, n. a chance ; vinity.

a hazard.

v. to try the A dore', v. to worship ex. chance ; to dare.

ternally ; to love great | Ad ven' tur er, n. he who ly.

seeks occasions of haz. A do'rer, n. he that a- ard.

dores, or loves greatly Ad' verb, n. a word join. A dorn', v. to dress; to ed to a verb or adjec

deck with ornaments. tive. A drift', ad. floating at Ad verb' ì al,


that random.

which bas the quality A droit', a. active : skilful. of an adverb. A droit' ness, n. dexteri: | Ad' ver sa rý, n. an oppo.

ty; readiness ; activity, nent ; an agonist; eneA dry', ad. athirst ; thirs

my. ty.

Ad' verse, a. contrary ; ca Ad sci ti" tious, a. taken lamitous ; afflictive. in to complete some- Ad ver' si tý, n. affliction;

calamity ; misfortune. Ad stric' tion, n. the act of Ad vert', v. to attend to ; binding together.

to regard ; to observe. Ad varice', v. to bring for. Ad vert' ence, n. attention

ward ; to come ; to im- to ; regard to ; advert.

prove ; to aggrandize. ency. Ad vance' ment, n. prefer- | Ad ver tise“, v. to give in

ment; improvement. telligence or informa. Ad van' tage, n. benefit; tion.

superior power. Ad van tage'ous, a. profit- | Ad ver' tise ment, able ; useful.

telligence ; information;

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Ad ver tiseen ment} n.in

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notice of any thing, pub- | Af' fa ble, a. easy of manlished in a paper of in ners ; courteous ; comtelligence.

plaisant. Ad ves' pe rate, to Af ft ct', v. to act upon ; to

draw towards evening aim at ; to aspire to; to Ad vice', n. counsel ; in- move the passions.

struction; notice ; in- Af fec ta' tion, n. artificial telligence.

appearance ; awkward Ad vice' boat, 11. a vessel imitation.

employed to bring intel. Af fect' ed, a. moved ; ligence.

touched with affection ; Ad viseo a ble, a. pru. using afft ctation.

dent ; fit to be advised. Af fection, n. love ; fondAd vise, v. to counsel ; to inform

Af fec' tion ate, a. fond ; Ad vil sed ly, ad. delibe- tender.

rately ; purposely ; pru- Af fil ance, n. a marriage dently

contract ; confidence. Ad u laltion n flattery ; Af fil an cer, n. he who high compliment

makes a

contract of Ad' u la to rý, a. fiatter- marriage between two ing.

parties. A dult', a. grown up n. a Af fi dal vit, n. a declara

person above the age of tion upon oath: infancy.

Aí fil i a' tion, n. adopA dul' te rete, v. to cor. tion.

rupt ; to mix with some- Af fin'i tý, n. relation by thing foreign.

marriage; kindred; like. A dul te ra'tion, n. the act of adulterating;

Af firm', v. to declare ; to Ad' vo cate, n. he who assert confidently;

pleads the cause of an- Af fir ma' tion, n. the act other.

of affirming ; confirmaA e' ri al, a. belonging to tion. the air ; high.

Af fir ma tive, D that A er ol' o gý, n. the doc. which affirms ; opposed trine of the air.

to negative. Af fa bil' i tự, n. easiness Af fis', v. to fasten to ; to

of manners ; civility. join at the end.

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