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prudence ; injudicious. | In ad vert' ence, n. negliIn prus dent lý, ad. indig

gence ; inattention. creetly ; carelessly.

In ad vert' ent lý, ad. neg. Im' pu dence, n. shame. ligently carelessly.

lessness ; immodesty. In ad vert'ent, a inconIm' pu dent, a. shameless; siderate ; careless. wanting modesty.

In allien a ble, a. that canIm' pu dent lý, ad. shame- not be alienated. lessly ; saucily.

In an' i mate, 2.

void of Im' pulse, n. a communi. life ; without animation.

caled force ; motive ; | In ap' pli ca ble, a. not to idea.

be particularly applied. Įm pu'ni tỹ, n. exemption In ar tic' u late, a. not utfrom punishment.

tered distinctly. Im pure', a. unholy; un- In ar tic' u late ġ, ad. inchaste ; drossy

distinctly ; confusedly. Im pu' ri tý, n. lewdness ; In at ten' tion, n. disre. filthiness.

gard ; carelessness. Im pu ta' tion, n. an accu. in at ten' tive, a. regard. sation or charge.

less ; negligent. Im pute', v. to charge up- In at ten' tive lý, ad. care

to attribute ; to lessly ; heedless!y. reckon to one what does | In au' gu rate, v. to invest not properly belong to

with solemnity. him.

In au gu ra'tion, n. investIn a bil i tỹ, n. want of iture with solemnities. power; impotence.

In aus pi" cious, a. In ac ces' si ble, a. not to lucky; unfortunate. be come at.

In' born, a. implanted by In ac' cu ra cò, n. want nature ; innate. of exactness.

Ini can ta'tion, n. an enIn ac' cu rate, a. not ex- chantment; a charm.

act ; not accurate. In ca' pa ble, a. unable ; In ac' tive, a. indolent; disqualified ; unfit. sluggish.

In ca pa' ci tate, v. to dis. In ac tivi tỷ, n, idleness ; able ; to disqualify.

inaction ; sluggishness. In ca pa" ci tý, n. inabiliIn ad' e quate, a. defec. ty ; a want of power.

tive ; disproportionate. In car' nate, a. clothed or

on ;


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embodied in flesh. In chu' sive, a compreIn car na' tion, n the act bending ; enclosing.

of assuming a body. In cog', ad. unknown ; in In cen' di a rý, n. one who private ; incognito.

burns bouses, or sows In co he' rent, a. inconstrife.

sistent ; disagreeing ; In' cense, n. a strong per

without cohesión. fume offered to, some In co herence, n. incondeity.

gruity ; Want of connexIn cense', v. to provoke ; ion. to enrage ; to incite; to In com bus' ti ble, a. not

to be consumed by fire. In cen' tive, n. an incite In' come, n. profit ; rent;

ment or motive. In ces' sant, a. continual ; In com mode' v. to trou. unceasing

ble ; to embarrass. In' ci dent, n. an accider in com mo' di ous, a. vex

tal circumstance ; atious without great event ; a casualty.

mischief ; inconvenient. In ci dent' al, a. Casual ; In com nu'ni ca ble, ..

happening by chance ; not to be communicated

fortuitous ; occasional. or discovered. In cis6l ion, n. a cut ; a | In com' par a ble, a. ex• wound made.

cellent ; matchless. In cite' ment, n. an incen. In com pat' i ble, a incontive : impulse ; motive.

sistent with something In ci vil' i tỹ, n. rudeness; else.

& want of courtesy. In com' pe ten cỹ, n. inaIn clemo en cỹ, T. cruelty; bility; insufficiency.

harshness ; severity ; In com' pe ten', a. not ad. roughness.

equate ; not proportionin cli na' tion, n, tendency

to a point ; affection ; ; In complete, a not fig. natural aptness.

ished; not perfect In cline!, v. to bend ; to In com pre hen' si ble, a.

lean ; to be disposed. not to be conceived. In clude), v. to enc!ose ; : In con ceall a ble, a. not

to shut: to comprise ; to be hid or kept secret. to comprehend,

In con ceive a ble, a. not

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of purity.

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to be conceived or im: In cor po rate, v. to form agined

into one body ; to mix ; In con ceivia blý, ad. be. to unite.

yond comprehension In cor rect', a. not nicely In con clu'sive, a. not con- finished ; not exact.

clusive ; not convincing. In cor'ri gi ble, a. bad beIn con di' tion al, a un- yond amendment.

limited ; unrestrained. In cor rupt' i ble, a. not In con gru'i tý, n. incon: capable of corruption

sistency; disagreement. lecay In con' gru ous, a. incon. In cor rup' tion, n. a state

sistent ; not fitting. In con sid' er a ble, a. un- In crease', v. to grow; to worthy of notice.

make more. In con sid' er ate, a. care- In' crease, n. augmenta

less ; thoughtless. tion ; produce. In con sid' er ate lý, ad. In cred' i ble, a. not to be thoughtlessly

believed. In con sist en ey, n. In credulli tý, n. hard

steadiness ; incongrui- ness of belief. ty.

In crust a' tion, n. an ad. In con sist' ent, a. contra- herent covering

ry ; incompatible. In cu ba' tion, n. the act In con so' la ble, a. not to of sitting upon eggs. be comforted.

In cul cate, v. to impress In con stan cỹ, n.

by admonitions. steadiness ; mutability. In cum' bent, a. imposed In constant, a. not firm ; as a duty; lying or lean

unsteady ; variable. ing upon. n. one in posIn con test' a ble, a. not session of a benefice.

to be disputed ; certain. In cum' ber, v. to embarIn con' ti nence,

rass chastity.

In cur', v. to become liaIn con' ti nent,

ble to; to deserve. chaste.

In cu' ra ble, a. hopeless ; In con vel ni ence, n. un- not to be cured. fitness ; disadvantage. In cur sion, n.

an inva. In con ve' ni ent, a. incom- sion ; attack; inroad. modious ; unfit.

In cur va' tion, n. the act







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of bending

In' dian, n. a native of IR. In debt' ed, a. in debt ; dia. a. belonging to In

having incurred a debt; dia. obliged.

In' di cate, v. to point out; In del cen cỹ, n. indeco. to shew,

rum; any thing unbe- In di ca' tion, n. a mark or coming

sign ; a symptom. In de'cent, & unbecom. In dic' a tive, a. she wing

ing ; unfit to be known. or pointing out. In dec' o rous,

In dit fer ence, n. imparIn de col rous,

a. in

tiality; negligence ; undecent ; unbecoming. In de fat' i ga ble, a. In dif' fer ent, a. of little

wearied with labour. concern; careless; im. In de feil bsi ble, a. not to partial ; passable.

be cut off; irrevocable. In dif' fer ent lý, ad. im. In de fen' si ble, a. what partially ; tolerably.

cannot be defended. In' di gence, n. want ; povIn def' i vite, a. unlimit

erty ; great need. ed ; undeterminate. :

In' di gent, a, needy; poor; In del i ble, a. not to be in want.

erased, or annulled. In di gest' ion, n. the state In del i ca cý, n. a want of fond unconcocted.

of elegant decency In dig' nant, a. angry; ra. In del' i cate, a. wanting ging; infiamed. decency; rude.

In dig na' tion, n. anger In dem' ni fy, v. to main- mixed with contempt. tain unhurt.

In dig' ni tý, n. contumeIn dem' ní tý, n. exemp- ly; contemptuous inju.

tion from punishment. ry. In den' ture, n. a covenant | In di rect', a. not straight; or deed indented.

not fair ; not honest. In de pend' ence, n. free. In dis creet', a. imprudent;

dom ; exemption from injudicious.

reliance or control. In dis cre' tion, n. im. In de pend' ent, a. free prudence; inconsidera

not conirollable. In de ter min ate, a. in. In dis crim' i nate lý, ad.

definite ; not defined. without distinction,


In dis pen' sa ble, a. not to tle ; favourable. be remitted.

In dus' tri ous, a. diligent; In dis pol sed, a. disor. laborious.

dered ; disqualified. In duy trỹ, n, diligence ; In dis po 6si" tion, n. a dis- assiduity.

order of health ; dis- In el bri ate, v. to intoxi. like.

cate ; to make drunk. In dis pu' ta ble, a. incon: In e bri a' tion, n. intoxi. trovertible.

cation; drunkenness. In dis' so lu ble, a. binding In ef' fa ble, a. unspeaka

forever ; firm ; stable. ble. In dis tinct', a. not plainly In effect' u al, a. without marked ; confused.

power to effect; weak. In di vid' u al, a. single ; | In ef fi calcious, a. inef

undivided. n. every sin. fectual ; feeble ; weak. gle person.

In ef' fi ca cỹ, n want of In di vig6' i ble, a. what

power; want of effect. cannot be divided.

In el' e gant, a. not be. In' do lence, n. laziness ; coming ; mean ; despi. inattention.

cable. In' do lent, a. lazy ; care- In e qual'i tý, n. unevenless ; inattentive.

ness ; disproportion.. In dul bi ta ble, not In ert', a. sluggish ; dull. doubtful.

In es' ti ma ble, à. above In duce', v to persuade ; all price ; invaluable. to influence ; to bring In ev' i ta ble, a. unavoid.

not to be esca. In duce' ment, n. motive ped.

for doing a thing In ex cul bsa ble, a. not to In duct', v. to put in actual be excused or palliated.

possession of a bene. In ex haust'i ble, a. not to fice.

be drained. In due', v. to invest. In ex' o ra ble, a. not to be In dulge', v. to favour ; to moved by entreaty. fondle.

In ex pe' di ent, a. improIn dul' gence, n. fondness; per inconvenient.

forbearance ; tender In ex pe'ri ence, n. a want

ness; favour granted. of experience. In dal' gent, a. kind; gen- \ In ex' pi a ble, do not to



able ;

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