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tian religion.

v. to sob with a conHe ret' ic al, a. relating vulsed stomach. to heresy.

Hid' e ous, a. horrible ; Here to fore', ad. former dreadful. ly.

Hi' e rar 'chỹ, H. 4 sacred Her i tage, n. inheri

government ; ecclesitance ; estate by suc- astical establishment. cession.

Hi e ro glyph' ic, n. Her met' i cal, a. chemi- emblem ;

a figure by cal.

which a word is impliHer mit, n. a solitary ed. devout person.

High. Ai er, n. one who Her mit age,

n. a her.

carries his opinions to mit's cell.

extravagance. He'ro, n. a brave man; a High' mind ed, a. proud ; great warrior.

arrogant. He ro'ic, a. brave ; no High Ress, n. elevation ; ble.

height; the title of Her' o ine, n.

a female

princes ; supremacy. hero.

High way', n. public path. Her' o ism”, n. the quali. High way man, n. a high

ties of a hero. Hese' i tate, v. to pause ; Hilar' i tỹ, n. merriment; to delay ; to doubt.

gayety. Hesó i ta' tion, n. doubt ; Hin der ance, n. impedi

intermission of speech. ment ; let ; stop. Het' e ro dox, a. not or Hind'er most, a. the last; thodox.

the lag Het e ro gel ne ous, a. of Hip po pot' a mus, n. the

a nature diametrically river horse.

Hire' ling, n.
Hex' a gon, n. a figure of serves for wages ;

six equał sides or an. mercenary.

His to ri an, n. a writer Hex am' e ter, n. a verse of facts and events

or line consisting of six His tor' ic al, a. pertaining feet.

to history: His to ri og' ra pher, n. a

historian ; writer of

way robber.

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one who


Hic cough,} (hik' kup),

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er ; & murderer. His to rỉ og ra phy, n.the | Homỏi lý, n. 8 discourse employment of a histo- read to a congregation. rian.

Ho mo gel ne ous, a. havHis' to rý, n. a dignified ing the same nature or narration of facts and principles.

Ho mol' o gous, a. having Hitos' er to, ad. at every

the same

of time till now; yet. proportions. Hoarse' ness, n. a rough- Hon' est, a. upright ; sinness of voice.

cere ; chaste; righteHoar' frost, n. the white ous ; just frost.

Hono es tỷ, n. justice ; Hoa' rý, a. white or grey truth ; virtue ; purity.

with age ; white with Hon' or a rý, a. done in

frost ; mossy ; rusty. honour; conferring honHo di er'nal, a. of to-day. our without gain. Hol li ness,

n. sanctity ; Hon' our, n. dignity ; re. purity ; religious good- putation ; nobleness ;

glory. Hol' low, a. excavated ; Hon' our a ble, a. illusnot solid. n. cavity ; any trious ; noble ; great ; opening or vacuity. v. to equitable make hollow; to shout; Hon' our a blý, ad. magto hoot.

nanimously ; generousHol' o caust, n.

& burnt

ly ; reputably. sacrifice.

Hood' wink, v. to blind Hollster, n. a case for a with something bound horseman's pistol.

over the eyes. Ho' lý, a. good; pious ; Hoop ing cough', n. religious ; consecrated

cough so called from its to divine use ; sacred. noise. Hol' y day, n. an ecclesi, Hope, n. expectation in

astical festival ; a day dulged with pleasure. of gaiety and joy.

to expect with deHom' age, n. duty ; feal- sire.

ty; respect; service. Hopel ful, a. promising; Hom' i cide, n. murder ; full of hope.

manslaying ; a manslay- Hopel less, a. without


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hope ; promising noth- practice of entertaining ing pleasing

strangers. Horizon, n. the line that Höst, n, the landlord of

terminates the view. an inn ; an army ; sacri. Hor i zon' tal, a. parallel fice of mass.

to the horizon ; on the Hos' tage, n. one given level.

in pledge for the perHo rol' o gý, n. an instru. formance of conditions.

ment that tells the hour, Ho tel', n. a genteel inn. as a clock, watch, and Host'ess, a female hourglass.

host. Hor' os cope, n. the figure Hos' tile, a. adverse ; op

which shews the situa. posite ; suitable to an

tion of the planets, &c. enemy Hor' ri ble, a. dreadful ; Hos til i tỹ, n. open war ;

terrible ; shocking ; opposition in war.

hideous; enormous. Host' ler, n. one who has Horribly, ad. dreadfully; the care of horses at an hideously.

inn Hor' rid, a. hideous; dread. Hov' el, n. a shed open on ful ; shocking

the sides ; a cottage ; a Hor rif' ic, a. causing hor

mean habitation.

Hough, (hok), n. the low. n. terror mix

er part of the thigh ; a ed with detestation ; kind of hoe. v. to ham. gloom ; dreariness. string Horse' man, n one skilled Hound, n. a dog used in in riding ; a trooper.

the chase. Hoosan' na, n. an exclama- Hour lý, a. happening or

tion of praise to God done every bour. ad. Hosier, n. one who sells frequently stockings.

House' break ing, n. bur. Hos' pit a ble, a. kind to glary. strangers.

House' hold, n. a family Hos' pital, n. a place for living together. a. do.

the reception of the mestic. sick, or support of the House hold er, n. a maspoor.

ter of a family; houseHos pi tali tỷ, . the keeper.




House6' wife, n. the mis- | Hum' drum, n. a stupid tress of a family ; a fe

person. a. dull. male economist.

Humid, a. wet ; moist. Houlosing, n. a cloth fixed Hu mid' i tý, n. moisture;

to a saddle to prevent dampness.

dirt from the horse. Hu mil i a' tion, n. the act How be' it, ad. neverthe- of humility less.

Hu mil i tỹ, n. modesty : How ev' er, ad. in what freedom from pride.

soever manner ; at all | Humor ous, a full of groevents ; at least.

tesque or odd images ; Huck' a back, n. a kind of pleasant : jocular.

linen on which figures Humor ous lý, ad. merriare raised.

ly: jocosely ; caprici. Huck' ster, n. a retailer of ously

small wares ; a trickish Hul mor some, a. peevish; mean fellow.

petulant ; odd , humor. Hud' dle, v. to crowd to

gether in a confused Humour, v. to gratify. n. manner.

present disposition. Hue n. sbade of colour.

n. desire of Huff, v. to chide with in- food. v. to desire with solence.

great eagerness. Huff' ish, a. arrogant ; in- Hun" grý, a. in want of solent; hectoring.

food. Huge, a. vast; immense ; Hunts' man, n. one who large ; enormous.

hunts. Hu' man, a. having the Hurl, v. to throw with vioqualities of a man.

lence. Hu mane', a. kind ; good Hur' ri cane, n. a violent natured ; tender.

storm ; a tempest. Hu man' i tỹ, n. benevo. | Hurt' ful, a. pernicious ; compassion ;

mischievous. generosity

Hus' band, n.

a marriec Hum' ble, a. modest ; sub- man; an economist. V

missive. v. to subdue ; to manage frugally. to condescend.

Hus' band man,

One Hum' blý, ad. submissive- who works in tillage. ly; lowly.

Hus' ban drý, n. tillage ;

Hun ger,

lence ;


a sys

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an in



melancholy; dispirited. Hush mo neỹ, n. a bribe Hy poe' ri sý, n. dissimuto induce secrecy

lation with regard to Husbl bsý, n. a vile woman. morality or religion. Hus' tie, v. to shake to: Hyp' o crite, n. a dissemgether.

bler in religion Huz za', in. a shout or Hyp o crit' i cal,

a. discry of acclamation.

sembling i insincere ; Hy drau' lics, n. the sci- false.

ence of conveying water | Hy poth' e sis, n. through pipes or con- tem upon supposition. duits.

Hy po thet' ic al, a. sup: Hy dro ceph' a lus, n. a posed ; conditional.

drop:y in the head. Hys ter' ic al, a. troubled Hy drog ra phỷ, n, des- with fits.

cription of the sea and Hys ter' ics, n. fits pecuits boundaries.

liar to woinen. Hy drom' e ter, n strument to

I. the extent of water. I AM' BICK, n. verses Hy dro pho' bi 4, n. a dis- composed of a short and temper occasioned by

Jong syllable alternatethe bite of a mad dog. ly. Hy dro stat' ics, n. the Ice, n. frozen water ; con

science of weighing creted sugar. v. to turn fluids, or of weighing to ice ; to cover with bodies in fluids.

concreted sugar. Hy me' ne al, a. pertain- Ich' thỹ ol' o gý, n. the ing to marriage.

doctrine of the nature Hyper bolic al, a. exag.

of fish. gerating beyond fact. Ici cle, n. a shoot of ice Hy per' bo le, n. a rhetor. hanging down

ical figure by which I dela, n. a mental image. things are represented | I de' al, a. mental ; intel. much greater or less lectual. than they are.

I den' ti cal, a. the same Hy per crit' i cal, a. criti- implying the cal beyond use.

thing. Hyp o 'chon' dri ac, 8. ! I den' ti fy, v. to make two



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