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Grav i ta' tion, n. act of in tea, sugar, plums, tending to the centre.

and spices. Grav' i ty, n seriousness; Gro tesque', a. distorted weight.

of figure ; unnatural. Gra' vý, n. the juice of Grot' to, n. a cavern made roasted meat, &c.

for coolness ; grot. Gra' zier,

one who

Grove, n. a walk shaded feeds cattle.

by trees ; grot. Graze, v. to feed on grass; Grov' el, v. to be low to touch lightly

minded ; to creep on Gree' dý, a. ravenous; ea- the ground. ger ; voracious.

Ground' less, a. void of Green'gage, n. a species reason or truth. of plum.

Ground' work, the Greet'ing, n. a kind salu- ground; first principle.

tation at meeting. Groūp, n. a crowd; a clusGre ga' ri ous, a. going in ter ; a huddle. flocks or herds.

Grum lý, 8d. sullenly ; Gren a dier, a tall,

morosely. foot soldier.

Guar' di an, n. one who Grief, n. sorrow.

has the care of an orGrievance, n. hardship. phan. Grieve, v. to afflict; to Guard' less, a. without molirn.

defence. Grievous, a. afflictive ; Guest, n. one entertained

painful ; atrocious. in the house of another. Gri mace', n. a distortion Guil dance, n. direction ; of the countenance.

government. Grisól lý, a. dreadful ; hor- Guide, v. to direct ; to rible ; hideous.

regulate. n. director ; Grist lý, 3. cartilaginous. regulator ; guider. Griz zied, 3

Guild, n. a society ; a corGriz zlý S

poration ; a fraternity. what grey ; mixture of Guile, n. deceitful cunblack and white.

ning ; insidious artiGro'ce rý, n. wares which fice

are sold by grocers. Guile' ful, a. treacherous ; grocer's wares.

ar ful; insidious. Grocer, n. one who deals Guile' less, a. free from

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deceit ; innocent.

ugly. Guilt' less, a. free from Hair brained, a. wild ; ircrime ; innocent.

regular. Guil tŷ, a. not innocent ; Häil, v. to salute; to wicked ; corrupt.

call to ; to pour down Gull, v. to cheat ; to hail. in. a term of salu

trick ; to defraud. n. a tation. sea fowl.

Hale, v. to drag by force. Gun' ne rý, n. the science a. sound; healthy. of artillery

Hâl' berd, n. a battle axe Gus' tý, a. stormy ; tem- fixed on a long pole. pestuous ; rough.

Hal le lu'jah, n. praise ye Gut' tu ral, a.

pronoun- the Lord ; a song of ced in the throat.

thanksgiving Guz' zle, v. to drink gree- Hal loo', v. to incite by dily.

shouts ; to shout to.

Hallow, v. to consecrate; H

to make holy. HAB' ER DASH ER, n. Hâlt, a. lame ; crippled.

who sells small n. a stop in a march. v. wares ; a pedlar.

to limp ; to siop ;

to Ha ber' ge on, n. armour hesitate

to cover the neck and Ham' let, n. a small vilbreast.

lage. Ha bil' i ment, n. dress ; Hammock, n. a swing

clothes ; garment. Hab' it a ble, a. capable Ham' per, v. to shackle ; of being dwelt in.

to entangle ; to embar. Hab it altion, n. 2 place

of abode ; a dwelling. Ham' string, n. the tenHa bit' u al, custom- don of the ham. v. to

ary'; accustomed ; in- cut the tendon of the veterate.

ham. Ha bit' u ate, v. to accus. Han' di craft, n. manual

tom to ; to use often. occupation. Hack'ney, v. to practise Hand' ker chief, n. a piece

in one thing ; to use in of linen, silk, muslin, common.

&c. used to wipe the Hag' gard, 2. deformed ; face, or to cover the


ing bed.







in fit proportions. Handsome, a. beautiful ; Har' mo nỹ, n. concord ;

graceful ; generous. just proportion of sound. Hand some lý, ad. beau- Har poon', n. a dart to tifully ; liberally.

strike whales with. Hap haz' ard, mere Harp' si 'chord, n. a muchance ; accident.

sical instrument with Hap' less, a. unhappy ; keys. unfortunate ; luckless.

Har row, n.

a frame of Hap lý, ad.peradventure; timber set with iron by accident.

teeth to break the clods Hapo pi lý, ad. successful- of earth. v, to tear up; ly; prosperously

to disturb ; to break Hap' pi ness, 11. felicity ; with a harrow. good fortune.

Harsh, a. austere ; rough ;

; Har angue', n. a public rigorous.

speech. v. to make a Harsh' ness, n. roughness speech.

to the ear ; sourness. Har' ass, v. to weary ; to Hars' let, fatigue ; to vex.

Has' let, S

n. the heart, Har' bin ger, n. a forerun- liver, lights, &c. of a ner ; a messenger.

hog. Har' bour, v. to entertain ; Has' sock, n. a thick mat

to sojourn. n. a port or on which men kneel at. haven.

church. Hard heart' ed, a. inexo- Hate' ful ness, n. odious.

rable ; merciless ; cru. el.

Hal ven, n. a port ; a har Hard mouths' ed, a. diso- bour ; an asylum.

bedient to the rein. Haugh tý, a. proud : lofHard' ware, n. manufac. ty ; insolent ; arrogant; tures of metal.

contemptuous. Har dý, a. bold ; brave ; Haul, v. to drag by viodaring:

lence; to hale. n. pull. Harm' less, a. innocent; Haunt, n. habit of being in

innoxious ; unhurt. a certain place. v. to be Har mo' ni ous, a. musi- much about. cal ; well adapted.


oc, n. waste; wide Har' mo nize, v. to adjust and general devastation.

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v. to waste ; to des. | Heart' breāk ing, a. over troy.

powering with sorrow. Haur boy, (hol boy), n. a Heart' wound ed, a. filled

wind instrument ; with passion of love or large strawberry.

grief. Haz' ard, danger, | Heart' en, v. to encour chance. v. to expose to

age ; to animate. chance ; to adventure. Heart' i lý, ad. sincerely ; Haz' ard ous, a. danger- vigorously ; eagerly.

ous ; exposed to chance. Heart' less, a. without Ha' zý, a. dark ; foggy ; courage ; spiritless. misty.

Hear tỷ,

a. sincere ; Head' ach', n. pain in the warm ; in full health ; head.

vigorous ; strong. Head' land, n. a promon- Heat, n. a sensation caus

tory ; cape ; ground un- ed by fire; ardour of der hedges.

thought or elocution." Head' long,


Hēgth, n. a plant; a place thoughtless. ad. pre- covered with shrubs of cipitately. Head' piece, n. armour Hea' Sthen, n. a gentile ; a for the head ; under

pagan ; an idolater. standing ; force of gentile ; pagan. mind.

Hea' Sthen ish, a. pagan ; Head quartersé, n. the savage.

general rendezvous for Heave, v. to lift; to raise soldiers, where the from the ground ; to

commander resides keck. n. a lift ; an effort Head' strong, a.

to vomit. trained ; violent ; un- Heav' en, n. the regions governable.

above ; expanse of the Health, n. freedom from

sky; the residence of pain or sickness ; salva- the blessed. tion ; prosperity. Heav en ly, a supremely Heal thỷ, a. in health ; excellent ; celestial.

free from sickness. Heav' i ness, n. depression Hearling, n. the sense of mind ; weight.

by which sounds are Hec' , tomb, n. a sacrifice perceived ; audience. of a hundred cattle.

any kind.




Hedge, n. a fence made | Hem' i sphere, n. a half of thorns, shrubs, &c. globe.

to encircle for' de- Hence' förth, ad. from fence.

this time forward. Hedge' bog, n. an animal Hep'ta gon, n. a figure set with prickles.

with seven sides or anHeed, v. to take notice

gles. of. n. care ; attention ; Hep' tar chẽ, nQ a sevennotice.

foid government. Heed' (ul, a. watchful ; Her ald, n. an officer em

attentive ; observing ployed in martial messaHeedless, a. negligent ; ges ; a precursor.

inattentive ; careless. Her' al dry, n. the art or Heif' er, n. a young cow. office of a herald ; blaHeight, n. elevation above

zonry. the ground ; degree of Herb, n. a plant whose altitude.

stalk is soft ; chiefly Height' en, v

to raise the esculent kind. higher ; to improve Herb' age, n. herbs colHeil nois, (hal nus), a. lectively ; grass ; pas

atrocious ; wicked in a ture. high degree.

Herb' al ist, n. one skilled Heir, (are), n. a man who in herbs. inherits.

Her cu' le an, Heirless, (arel es), n.

great or difficult. woman who inherits.

Herd, n. a number of He'li o scope, n. a sort of beasts together. v. to

telescope fitted for associate. looking at the sun with Her e dit' a ment, n. a law out hurting the eyes. term signifying inheriHelmet, n. a helm ; a tance headpiece.

He red' it a rý, a. descendHelp'er, n. an assistant ; ing by inheritance. an auxilliary.

Here sỹ, n, a fundamenHel' ter skelter, ad. in tal error in religion ;

a hu ry; without or- belief not orthodox. der.

Her' e tick, n. one who Helve, n. the handle of

propagates opinions in in axe

opposition to the chris

a. very



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