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of war.

Fre' quent, a often done, Fru i" tion, n. enjoyment;

seen, or occurring: pleasure given by posFrequent lý, ad. repeat- session. edly.

Frus' trate, v. to defeat ; Fret' ful, a. angry ; peev- to disappoint.

ish ; dissatisfied. Fulgi tive, n. a runaway. Fric as see', n. birds cut a. wandering ; unsteady.

small and dressed with Ful gent, a. shining. strong sauce.

Full'er, n. one who dressFric' tion, n. the act of es cloth. rubbing bodies togeth- Fulsome, a. nauseous ;

rank; offensive. Friend' ship, n. highest Fu' mi gate, v. to smoke; degree of intimacy ; fa- to perfume.

Func'tion, n. an employFrig' ate, n. a small ship ment ; an occupation.

Fun da ment' al, a servFri" gid, a. cold ; dull ; ing for the foundation. impotent.

Fu' ne ral, n. the solemniFrit' ter, v. to break or zation of a burial.

cut into small particles Fun'' gus, n. a mushroom; or fragments.

any excrescence. Friv o lous, a. slight ; Fun'nel, n. a tunnel.

trifling; of no moment. Furious, a. violent ; pasFron tier', n. the utmost sionate.

verge of any territory. Fur' long, n. the eighth Fron' tis piece, n.


part of a mile. part of a building, &c. Fur' lough, n. a temporawhich directly meets ry leave of absence from

military service. Fro' ward, a. peevish ; un- Fur' nace, n. an enclosed governable; perverse.

fire-place. Fru gal' i tỹ, thrift ; Furnish, v. to supply good husbandry ; par

with what is necessary: simony.

Fur ni' ture, n. household Fruit' er er, n. one who goods ; appendages ; detrades in fruit

corations, &c. Fruit' ful, a. abundantly Ful “si ble, a. capable of productive.

being melted.

the eye.


to vex


'Bu' 6sion, n. the state of cation ; a putrefaction. being melted.

Gāol, n. a prison ; jail. Fu'tile, a. talkative ; tri- Gar land, n, a wreath of fling; worthless.

branches or flowers. Fut' ure, a. what is to Garnish, v. to decorate ; come hereafter.

to embellish. Fu tu'ri tỹ, n. the time Gar' ri son, n. soldiers to to come.

defend a fortified place.

v. to secure by fortresG.

ses. GAILY, ad. cheerfully ; Gar ru'li tý, n. loquacity i airily : splendidly.

talkativeness Gain' ful, a. advantageous; Gar' ru lous, a. prattling ; lucrative.

talkative. Gain' say, v.

to contra- Gas, n, a spirit not capa. dict ; to controvert. ble of coagulation Gâll, v. to hurt ; to fret ;


Gas' co nade, v. to brag.

a boast ; a brava Gal' ax ý, n. the milky do. way.

Gau' dý, a. showy; splenGal lant, a. gay ; brave ; did ; pompous. fine ; specious.

Gāuge, v. to measure the Gal lant', n. a gay, spright

contents of a vessel ly man ; a lover.

a measure ; a standard. Gai lant lý, ad. bravely ; Gai e tỷ, 2

nobly ; generously Gay'e týS Gall lan trý, n. bravery ; ness ; pomp ; finery.

splendour ; courtship. Ga zette', n. an authen) Gal li cism“, n.

a mode

tic newspaper. of speech peculiar to Gel' id, a. extremely cold ;

the French language. frozen. Gall lows, n. a thing on Gem' i nous, a. double ;

which malefactors are twofold. hung.

Gen e a lo" gic al, a. per. Gam' bler, n. a cheating taining to pedigrees. gamester.

Gen e ař o gý, n. history Game' ster,.n. one vici. of family succession.

ously addicted to play. Gen er al is' si mo, Gan' grenę, n, a mortifi. commander in chief,


} n. cheerful


n. &






Gen e ral i tỹ, n. the taining to geography main body ; the bulk. Ge og ra phy,

n. the Gen' e rate, v. to beget ; knowledge of the earth.

to cause ; to produce. Ge om e tri" cian, n Gen e ra' tion,

n. off

skilled in the science of spring ; progeny ; race. geometry. Gen e ros?i tý, n. liberal- Geomet' ric al, a. perity.

taining to geometry. Gelni al, 2. that gives

neto ric al lẽ, ad. accheerfulness; festive ; cording to geometry. contributing to propa- Ge om' e trý, n. the scigation ; natural.

ence of quantity, exGeni us, n. intellectual tension, or magnitude. power ; a spirit either

Geor' gic,

a rural good or evil,

poem. Gen teel', a. polite ; ele- Gerne, n. a sprout or gant in behaviour

shoot. Gen' tile,

who Ger' min, n. a shooting knows not the true or sprouting seed. God.

Ger' min ate, v. to sprout; Gen til i tỷ, n. good ex. to shoot; to bud or put traction ; elegance of

forth. behaviour

Ges tic u la' tion, n. antic Gen' tle ness, n. softness

various posof manners ; sweetness tures. of disposition ; meek

action or

posture expressive of Gen' trý, n. class of peo

sentiment. ple above the vulgar, Gew' gaw, n. a showy Gen' u ine, a. not spuri.

trifle ; a toy ;

a ball. ous.

ble. Gelnus,

a class of Ghast' lý, a. like a ghost ; beings, comprehending horrible ; shocking ; many species.

dreadful. Ge og' ra pher, n. one who 3Gher' kin, n. a pickled

describes the earth ac- cucumber. cording to its different

Ghost, n. the soul of man; parts.

a spirit appearing at: Ge o graph' ic al, a. per- ter death,

tricks ;

Gest' ure,




Ghost' lý, a. spiritual; re Glal zier, n.

one who lating to the soul.

glazes windows. Giant, n. a person larger Gleam' , a. Aashing ;

than the ordinary rate darting light. of men.

Glēan, v. to gather any Gib' bet, n. a gallows. V. thing scattered. to hang up

Glebe, n. turf ; soil ; land 3Gib' bous, a. convex ; for the use of the minis

protuberant ; swelling ter of a parish.

into inequalities. Glee, n. merriment. Gib' lets, n. the parts of Glim' mer, v. to shine or a goose which are cut

appear faintly. off before it is roasted. Glimpse, n. a faint light; 3Gid' dý, 2. whirling ; a short view.

heedless ; changeful. Glob' u lar, a. spherical ; 3Gift' ed, a. endowed with round ; globose. eminent powers.

Gloom' , a. obscure ; Gi gan' tic, a. giantlike; sullen ; melancholy.

big ; enormous; bulky. Glori fy, v. to honour; 3Gig' gle, v. to laugh idly ; to extol ; to worship. to titter.

Glori ous, a. noble ; il3Gild' ing, n. gold laid on lustrious ; excellent.

a surface for ornament. Glo'rý, n. bonour ; praise; 3Gim' let, n. a nail-pier- renown. v. to boast in ; cer or borer.

to be proud of. Gin' gle, v. to make a Glu'ti nous, a. gluy ; vistinkling noise.

cous ; tenacious. shrill resounding noise. Glut' ton, n. one who eats Glad i a' tor, n. a sword. to excess player; a prize-fight- Gnash, v. to grind the

teeth in a rage. Glaire, n. the white of an Glomon, n. the hand or

egg. v. to smear with pin of a dial. the white of an egg.

Göal, n. the starting post; Glare, n splendour. v. to the final purpose.

shine so as to dazzle the Goblin, n. an evil spirit ; eyes.

a phantom. Gla' ring, a. blazing out ; Gool' lý, a. beautiful barefaced.

graceful; gay; splendid.


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Good' ness, n. desirable | Gram' mar, n. the science qualities.

of speaking and writing Gor' di am knot, n. an in- correctly. extricable difficulty.

Gram ma' ri an, Gor geous, a. fine ; splen. who understands gram

did ; glittering Gor' man dize, v. to feed Gra'na rý, n. a storehouse ravenously,

for threshed corn. Gospel, n. the christian Grand, a. great ; illustri

revelation ; divinity ; ous ; high in power. theology.

Gran dee!, n.

a man of Govern, v. to rule ; to high rank or power. manage; to direct.

Gran dil o quous, a. usGov' ern a ble, a. submis. ing a lofty style. sive to authority.

Gran' ite, n. a kind of Gov er nant', n. a govern. fine speckled marble ;

ess of young ladies. granate. Gov' ern ment, n. an es. Gra niv' o rous, a. eating

tablishment of legal au- or living on grain. thority.

Grate' ful, a. willing to Grace, n. favour : kind. acknowledge and repay

ness ; effect of God's benefits. influence, &c. v. to a- Grat' i fy, v. to indulge ; dorn.

to please ; to requite. Grace' ful, 8. beautiful Gratis, ad. for nothing ;

with dignity; come- without reward. ly.

Grat' i tode, n. duty to Grace' less, a. without benefactors. grace; abandoned.

Gra tui tý, n. 8 free gift; Gra' cious, a. benevolent; a recompense.

virtuous ; graceful. Grat' u la to rý, a. exGra da' tion, n. regular pressing congratulation.

advance step by step. Grave, a. solemn ; seriGrad' u al, a. done by de- ous ; sober. n a place grees.

for the dead. v. to enGrad' u ate, v. to mark

grave. with degrees.

Gray' i tate, v. to tend to Gram i niv' o rous, a. the centre of attrac. grass eating


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