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icate ; effeminate.

lars are beaten on the, Fen, n. a marsh; morass ; hand.

bog ; swamp ; moor. Fer' vour, n. heat of mind; Fence, v. to enclose ; to zeal; warmth.

guard ; to use the foil Fes' ti val, n. a day of civil scientifically.n. a guard; or religious joy; festivihedge.

ty. Fen' cer, n. one who prac- | Fes toon', n. an ornament tises fencing

of twisted flowers. Fer ment a'tion, n. a swel- Fet' id, a. stinking; ran.

ing or working; heat. cid ; having an offensive Fer' ment, n. intestine mo- smell. tion ; tumult

Fet' ters“, n.chains for the Fer ment', v. to exalt, or feet.

rarefy by intestine mo- Fiēf, n. a fee ; a manor ; a tion of its part.

possession held by some Fe rocious, a savage ;

tenour of a superior. fierce.

a disease in Fe ro' ci tý, n. fierceness ; which the body is heat.

cruelty i wildness. ed and the pulse quickFer ru' gin ous, a. partak- ened.

ing of the qualities of Few' el, n. combustible iron.

matter, as fire wood and Fer' rule, n. a ring put coal

round a thing to keep it Fi' bre, n. a small thread from cracking:

or string Fer' tile, a. fruitful; abun. Fic' kle, a. changeable ; dant.

inconstant ; unfixed. Fer til i tý, fruitful. Fic' tion, n, a story invent

ed ; a falsehood. Fer' til ize, v. to make Fic ti" tious, a. imagina

productive or fruitful. ry; false ; counterfeit. Fer' ven cý, n. ardour ; Fi del i tỹ, n. honesty ; eagerness ; zeal.

veracity; faithfulness. Fer' vent, a. hot ; vehe- Fiēnd, n. an enemy; sa

ment; ardent; zealous ; tan; an infernal being. fervid.

Fiērce, a. savage ; out. Fer' u la, n. an instrument

rageous ; vehement. with which yourg sche- / Fierce' lý, ad. violently ;



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Fixt' ure,

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furiously; vehemently. Fi'nite, a. limited; boundFig' u ra tive, a. meta- ed. phorical ; not literal ; Fir' kin, n.

a vessel contypical.

taining nine gallons. Figure, n. shape ; ex- Fir' ma ment, n. the sky

ternal form ; eminence ; the heavens. an image.

Firm' lý, ad strongly; imFig' ur ed, a. represent- penetrably; immoveably. ed ; adorned. ;

Fish' mon 3ger, n. a dealer Fil' a ment, n. a slender in fish. thread ; a fibre.

Fis' sure, n. a cleft ; Filch, v. to steal ; to pil. small chasm ; an open. fer.

ing File, n. a smith's tool ; & Fis' tu lar, a. hollow like

wire for papers ; a line & pipe. of soldiers

n. a piece of Filial, a pertaining to a furniture fixed to

son; befitting a son. house. Fil let, n. a bandage, Fla" ge let, n. a small Film, n. a thin skin or flute. pellicle.

Fla' gel la' tion, n. the use Filter, v. to strain ; to

of the scourge. percolate ; to filtrate. Flag' 3gý, a. weak ; Final, a, ultimate ; con- limber ; insipid. clusive.

Fla gi" tious, a wicked ; Fi nance', n. revenue ; villanous ; atrocious. income; profit.

Flag' on, n. & vessel of Fi nan cier', n. one who drink with a collects the public reve. mouth

Fla' grant,

ardent ; Fi nesse', n. artifice;

glowing; notorious. stratagem.

Fläil, n. an instrument to Fin' ger, n. a part of the thrash with.

hand. v. to touch light Flake, n. any thing that ly ; to pilfer.

appears loosely put to Fin' ic al lý, ad. fop- gether

pishly; superfluously Flam' bean, (flam' bo,) n, nice.

a lighted torch. Fi nis, n. the end. Flat' ter, v. to sooth with

lax ;




praises to praise



Tla' vour,

adorn. ly ; to give false hopes. Fluc' tu ate, v. to be irFlaunt, v. to make a Aut. resolute or uncertain. tering show in apparel. Fluc tu a' tion, n. uncer.

n. power of tainty; indetermination. pleasing the taste ; rel- Flu' en cỏ, n. volubility ; ish ; a sweet smell.

copiousness of speech. Flay, v. to strip off the Fluent, a. eloquent; flowskin.

ing ; liquid. Flēam, n. an instrument Flu'id, n'a liquid. a. run

used to bleed cattle. ning as water. Fledge, v. to furnish with Flush,v. to colour; to elate.

wings ; to supply with Flux, n, the flowing or tide feathers

of the sea; dysentery. Fleece, v. to strip ; to Focus, n. the place where plunder.

rays meet. Fieer, v. to mock; to jest Foible, n. a weakness ; with contempt.

a failing Fleet, a. swift of pace ; Foil, v. to defeat. n. a denimble. n. company of

feat. ships.

Fold, n a pen for sheep ; Fieerling, a. passing &• a double or plait. v. to way continually.

double up ; to enclose ; Flesh lý, a. corporeal; to shut. human.

Fol li age, n. the leaves, Flex' i ble,

or tufts of trees. Flex' ile,

a. pliant ;

Fo'li o, n. a book in which manageable.

a sheet makes two leaves. Flex' ure, n. the part bent; Fo ment', v. to cherish the joint.

with heat ; to bathe Flip' pant, a. nimble ; pert; with lotions ; to talkative.

courage. Flitch, n. the side of a Fool' ish, a. weak of in

hog salted and cured. tellect ; imprudent. Florid, a. Alushed with Fop' pish, a. affected ;

red ; blooming · rosy. foolish ; idle ; vain. Flor' ist, n one who cul. For age, n. provisions in tivates flowers.

general. v. to wander Flour' ish, v. to thrive ; to in search of provisions.



For as much', con. where. tioned before.

as; because ; since. Fore runner, n. a harbinFor bear', v. to pause ; to ger ; one sent before ; abstain; to intermit. à prognostic ;

a preFor' ci ble, 4. strong ; im. sage. petuous; powerful. Fore see', v.

to see beFord' a ble, a. passable foreband ; to foreknow.

without swimming: Fore'sīght, n. provident Fore bode', v. to foretel ; care of futurity ; foreto prognosticate.

knowledge. Fore'cast, n. contrivance ; For' est, n. a woody, un.

antecedent policy. v. to tilled tract of ground. scheme,

Fore stâľ. v. to buy up Fore' cas tle, n. that part things before they come

of a ship where the to market in order to foremast stands.

advance the price Fore closeo', v. to shut up; Fore' taste, n. anticipation to preclude.

of. Fore gol, v. to resign ; to Fore tel, v. to predict ; go before,

to prophesy. Fore' head, n. the upper Fore' thought, n, provipart of the face.

dent care anticipation. Fo" reign, a. alien ; es. For feit, n. a penalty ; a traneous.

fine for an offence. v. to Fo" reign er, n. one of a. lose by some offence. nother country.

For ge rý, n. the crime of Fore knowledge, n. pre- falsification

science; knowledge of For get' ful ness, n. loss what is to come

of memory Fore' man, n. the first or For give ness, n. pardon ; chief person.

the act of forgiving. Fore' noon, n the time be. For lorn', 2. deserted ; fore mid-day

helpless ; desperate ; Fo ren' sic, a. belonging lost.

to courts of judicature. For' mal, a. ceremonious; Fore or dain', v. to pre affected ; methodical.

destinate ; to predeter. For mal' i tỹ, n. ceremo

mine ; to preordain, ny; preciseness. Fore re cited, a.

men- For mi da ble, , terria


Fra' grant,

ble; dreadful ; terrific. sin of springing water. For mu la, n. a prescrib- Frac' tion, n. a broken ed rule or pattern.

part of an integral. For' mu la rý, n. a book Frac' tious, a. cross; peevof stated forms.

ish ; quarrelsome. For sake', v. to leave ; to Fracture, a breach. desert.

v to break a bone. Forth with', ad. immedi Fra" gile, a. brittle ; easiately.

ly broken ; frangible. For' ti fy, v. to strength- Frag' ment, n. a part broen ; to encourage.

ken off. For ti tude, n. courage ; Fra' grance, n. sweetness

bravery ; strength ; of smell. force

. odorous ; Fort' night, n. two weeks. sweet of smell. Fortress, 1. a fortified Fraill tý, n. weakness ; place.

instability of mind. For tu' it ous, a. acciden- Fran' chise, v. to make tal.

free. For' tu nate lŷ, ad. happi. Frank' ness, n. openheartly ; prosperously.

edness ; liberality. Fort' une, n. chance ; es Fran' tic, a. mad; distate ; portion.

tracted ; transported. Forward, a. eager ; bold; Fra ter nal, a. brotherly.

confident ; early ripe. Fra ter' ni tŷ, n. a corpoFor ward ness, 1. eager

ration ; a society. ness ; immodesty. Frat' ri cide, n. the mur: Fos' sil, n. a mineral. der of a brother. what is dug up.

Fraud' u lent, a. full of Fos' ter, v. to nourish ; to

artifice ;

deceitful ; cherish.

trickish ; subtle. Foun da' tion, n. the ba. Freak' ish, a. capricious ; sis ; establishment.

humorsome. Foun' de rý,

Freel hold, n. land held Foun' drý, S

n. a cast

in perpetual right. ing house.

Free think' er, n. a con. Found' ling, n. a desert- temner of religion. ed infant.

Fre quent', v. to visit of Boun’tain, n. a small ba- ten ; to șesort to.

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