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bate ;

bate ;

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out ;

to put in danger.

to annihilate. Ex po ósi" tion, n. being Ex' quiso ite, a. excellent ;

exposed; explanation ; consummate ; interpretation.

plete. Ex posa' it or, n. explain Ex' quiso ite lý, ad. per.

er; expounder ; inter- fectly; completely. preter.

Ex' tant, a. standing out Ex post' u late, v. to de to view ; now in being.

to demonstrate Ex tat' ic, a. rapturous. in a friendly manner. Ex tem' po ra rý, a. sudEx post u la' tion, n. de- den ; quick ; without

altercation ; premeditation. friendly discussion. Ex tem' po re, ad. with: Ex pol bsure, n. act of ex- out premeditation ; sud

posing ; state of being denly ; readiiy. exposed.

Ex tem' po rize,

to Ex pound', v. to explain ; speak extempore.

to clear; to interpret. Ex tend', v. to stretch Ex press', v. to represent

to enlarge ; to in words ; or by sculp- communicate ture or painting ; to Ex ten' si ble, a. capable utter; to squeeze out. of being extended. n. a messenger sent on Ex ten' sion, n. the act of pirpose. a. exactly a- extending ; state of belike.

ing extended. Ex pres' sion, n. a phrase ; Ex ten' sive lý, ad. wide

a mode of speech. ly ; largely. Ex pres' sive, a. having Ex ten' sive,

the power of utterance large.

or representation. Ex ten' u ate, v. to lessen Ex presso lý, ad. in direct to make small; to palli.

terms ; not by implica- ate. tion

Ex ten u a' tion, n. palEx pul' sion, n. the act liation ; representing

of expelling or driving things less ill than they out ; the state of being driven out.

Ex te' ri or, a. outward ; Ex punge', v. to blot out ; external

to rub out; to efface ; | Ex ter' mi nate, v. to root

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wide ;


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out; to tear up; to drive belonging to a different

away ; to destroy. substance. Ex ter mi na' tion, n. des. Ex tra or' di na rý, a. retruction ; excision.

markable ; more than Exter' nal, a. outward. common. Ex tinct', a. extinguished ; Ex tra pa rol'chi al, a. not

put out ; without suc- comprehended in any cession.

parish. Ex tinc' tion, n. destruc- | Ex tra pro vin' cial, a. not tion; excision ; sup

within the same prov. pression.

ince. Extin' guish,v. to quench; Ex trav' a gance, n. waste; to destroy ; to put out

vain and superfluous exfire or candle.

pense ; irregularity. Ex tin' guish er, n. a hol. Ex trav' a gant, a. wander. low cone to put upon a

ing out of due bounds ; candle to quench it.

irregular; wild ; wasteEx tir' pate, V.

to root

ful; prodigal; vainly out.

expensive. Ex tir pa'tion, n. excision; Es treme', a. the highest destruction.

or lowest degree ; ut: Ex tol', v. to praise; to

most. n. highest degree magnify; to celebrate. of any thing ; extremi. Ex tort', v. to draw by force ; to force away ;

Ex treme' lý, ad. in the to gain by oppression.

utmost degree ; very Ex tortion, n. usury ; op

much ; greatly. pression ; unlawful ex

Ex trem' i tỹ, n. the utaction.

most point. pl. remotest Ex tor' tion er, n. one who parts.

practises extortion. Ex' tri cate, v. to disem. Ex tract', v. to draw out ; barrass ; to free from

to select and abstract perplexity.

from a larger treatise. Ex4 u' be rance, n. overEx' tract, n. the substance growth ; superfluous aextracted ; an epitome.

bundance ; luxuriance. Ex trac' tion, n. lineage ;

Ex4 u' be rant, a. over adescent.

bundant ; superfluously Ex tra'ne ous, a. foreign ; plenteous.

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art ;


Ex4 u' be rant lý, ad. a- covering bundantly.

Fac' tion, n. a party or caEx4 ult', v. to rejoice a- bal; a tumult.

bove measure ; to tri- Fac' tious, a given to fac: umph.

tion ; seditious. Es ul ta'tion, n. joy ; tri- Fac ti" tious, a. made by umph ; rapturous de.

artificial. light.

Fac' tor, n. an agent for Eyel brow, n. the hairy another ; a deputy.

arch over the eye. Fac' to rý, n. a place inEye let, n. a bole through babited by mercantile which light may enter ; agents in a foreign coun

any small perforation. Eye ser vice, n. service Fac' ul tỹ, n. ability : powperformed only under

er of mind ; dexterity. inspection.

Fade, v. to wither; grow Eye' sore, n. something weak ; to wear away. offensive to the sight.

Faill ure, n. deficiency i Eyel wit ness, n. an ocu- becoming

insolvent; lar evidence; one who omission ; slip. gives testimony of facts Fāin, ad. gladly. a. forced; seen with his own eyes. glad.

Fāint, a. languid ; weak. F.

v. to decay ; to sink moFA'BLE, n. an instruc. tionless. tive fiction.

Fair, a. beautiful ; clear; Fab' rick, n. a building; an just. n. the female sex. edifice ; a system.

ad. gently ; civilly. Fab' ri cate, v. to build ; Fāith, n. belief ; fidelity;

to frame; to forge. confidence. Fab' u lous, a. feigned ; Faith' ful, a. firm to the

full of fables ; forged. truth ; sincere ; loyal. Fa ce'tious, a. gay; cheer Faith' less, a. unbelier

ful ; witty ; lively. ing ; perfidious. Fa cil'i tate, v. to make Fâl' 'chion, n. a kind of easy,

short crooked sword. Fa cil' i tỹ, n. easiness ; Falcon, 8. a small hawk readiness ; aftability.

trained for sport. Fa' cing, n. an ornamental 'Fal la' cious, a. deceitful ;


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ror ; frail.


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easy by habit.

false ; sophistical. Fan tas' tic, ?

a. whimFal' li ble, a. liable to er

sical. False bood, n. a lie ; an Farce, n. ludicrous untruth ; a falsity. dramatic

representaFâl ter, v. to hesitate in

tion. speech ; to stumble.

Far' del, n. a bundle ; & Fame, n. honour; renown; pack; a burden. glory; report.

Fare well, ad. the part. Famed, a renowned ; cel ing compliment ; ebrated.

dieu. Fa mil' iar, a. domestic ; | Far i na ceous, a. mealy ;

affable ; unceremonious. tasting like meal. n. an intimate.

Far ra' go, n. a medley ; Fa mil i ar i tý,

a confused mass. quaintance; easy inter- Far' ri er, n. a horse doccourse.

tor; shoer of horses. Fa mil' iar ize, v. to make Far' ther, a. more remote ;

further. Fa mil' iar lý, ad. uncere

Fur ther more, ad. moremonjously ; easily.

over; besides. Fam?i lý, n. household; Fas' ci nate, v. to be witch; rice ; generation.

to enchant Fam' ine, n. scarcity of Fash' ion, n. form ; manfood ; dearth.

ner; custom ; mode. v. Fam' ist, v. to starve ; to to form ; fit; shape ; die of hunger.

mould. Fa' mois, a. renowned

Fash' ion a ble, a. approcelebrated

ved by custom ; moFanatic, 11. an enthusi. dish.

ast. a. enthusiastic. Fast, v. to abstain from Fa pat' i vism“, n. a reli- food. n. an abstinence gious frenzy; enthusi- from food. a. firm ; fix

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ed ; swift. Fan' ci ful, a. imaginative; Fas' ten, v. to make fast; whimsical.

to cement ; to hold toFan” cy, n. imagination ; gether.

inclination; idle scheme; Fas tid' i ous, a. disdaincaprice. v. to like. ful; squeamish.


causes ;

Fa' tal, a. deadly ; mor- make of the face. tal; inevitable.

Feb' rile, a. constituting Fa tality, n. predestina- a fever.

tion ; a decree of fate. Feb' ri fuge, n. a mediFate, n. destiny ; an eter- cine to cure fevers. nal series of successive Fe cun' di tỹ, n. fertility ;

death ; des- fruitrulness. truction.

Fed' e ral, a. relating to & Faths' om, v. to penetrate league or contract.

into; to sound the depth. Feel ble, a. weak ; sickly;

n. in length six feet. debilitated. Faths' om less, 2. bottom- Feign, (fane) v. to invent;

less; impenetrable. to dissemble. Fa tigue', (fa teeg'), n. Feint, (fante) n. a false

weariness. v. to tire ; appearance ; a mock asto weary; to perplex.

sault. Fat'ling, n. a young ani

Fe li" ci tate, v. to make mal fed for slaughter. happy; to congratuFat' ten, v. to make fleshy; late. to grow fat.

Fell' mon ger, n. a dealer Faul tŷ, a. guilty of a in hides.

fault; wrong; bad. Fel loe, n. the circumferFa' vour, v. to support ; ence of a wheel.

to assist. n. kindness ; Fel low, n. an associate ; something given. equal ; a

mean per Falvour ite, n. a person or thing beloved.

Fel' low ship, n. companFawn, v. to flatter ; to ionship ; association ;

cringe, n. a young deer. equality. Fe' al iờ, n. homage ; loy. Fel on, n. one guilty of a alty ; submission.

capital crime ; a whits Fear ful, a. timorous; a- low. a. cruel. fraid awful ;

dreadful; Fe lo' ni ous, a. wicked ; terrible.

traitorous ; villanous ; Feal 6si ble, a. practica- malignant.

ble ; that may be done. Fel' o nỹ, n. a capital of Fēat, n. act ; deed ; ex. fence or crime. ploit ; a trick.

Fem' i nine, a. like a fe. Feat' ure, n. the cast or male ; soft; tender ; delo


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