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guity of speech ; double pally ; chiefly ; particumeaning

larly E'ra, n. an epoch; a point E spou' osalsó, n. marriage; of time.

the act of betrothing. E ra di a' tion, n. a send- Es' sence, n.the substance

ing forth brightness. or virtues of any thing; E rad' i cate, v. to pull up scent ; perfume. by the roots.

Es sen' tial, a. necessary ; E rase', v. to destroy ; to very important.

rub out ; to root up. Es tab' ish, v. to settle E ralosure, n. a blotting to confirm ; to fix. out; erasement.

Es tab' lish ment, n. set. E rect', v. to build or set tiement; a stated sala

up; to exalt. a. upright; ry. bold : confident.

Es teem', v. to value ; to Erralta, pl. of erratum, think well of; to prize.

n. faults made in print. n. regard ; respect. ing:

Es' ti ma ble, a. worthy of Er rol ne oils, a. subject esteem; valuable.

to errors ; full of errors. Es' ti mate, v. to rate ; Error, n. mistake ; blun

to compute. n. a valuader

tion ; a calculation. Er u di' tion, n. learning ; Es ti ma' tion, n. esteem knowledge.

honour ; opinion. E rup' tion, n. a breaking E ter' nal, a. without be

out; bust; pustule ; ginning or end spot.

E ter ni tý, n.

duration Es capel, v. to get out of without end.

danger ; to avoid. 11. a El ther, n. an element fi

getting clar; flighit. ner and more subtile Es cutch' eon, n. a coat of than air ; air refined ; a

chemical preparation. Es cort', n a convoy ; a Eth' ics, n. the doctrine guard by land. v. to con- of morality

Et i quet', n. forms of civ. Es' cu lent, a.

eatable; ility and ceremony. good for food.

any Et ý moll' o gý, n. the foo!

true derivation of E spe” cial lý, ad. princi. words.


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Eu''char ist, n. the Lord's | Ev er last' ing, a. perpetSupper.

ual; having no end. Fu rope an, n. a native Ev er more', ad. eternally: of Europe.

without end ; forever. E vac' u ate, v. to make Ev' i dence, n. proof; tesvoid ; to quit ; to emp

timony ; witness. v. to ty.

prove. E vac u a'tion, n. an emp- Ev' i dent, a. plain; clear; tying.

apparent ; notorious. E vade', v. to avoid ; to E vince', v. to prove ; escape ; .to batile.

to show ; to make plain. Ev a nes' cent, a. vanish: E vin' cive, a. tending to ing ; small ; impercep

prove ; making plain. tible.

Ev o lu'tion, n. a display: E van gel' i cal, a. agreea- motion ; extraction.

ble to the gospel ; di- Ex+ act', a. nice ; vine.

rate ; methodical; puncE van' gel ist, n. a writer tual. v. to demand ; to,

or preacher of the gos- require. pel.

Ex4 act' er, n. a person E van' ge lize, v. to preach who exacts ; an extor. the gospel.

tioner. E vap' o rate, v. to resolve Ex+ ag' ger ate, v. to eninto vapours ;

to fly

large ; to aggravate ; to off.

heighten by represenE vap o ra' tion, n. the tation.

flying off in fumes or Ex4 agl' ger a tion, n. hyvapours.

perbolical amplification. E valosion, n. an escape s Ex4 âl ta' tion, n. the act

excuse ; equivocation of raising up, or being shift.

exalted. E va' sive, a. elusive ; e- Ex4 am in a' tion, n. the

quivocating : shuffling: act of examining by E' ven ing, n. the close of questions, or experithe day.

ment. E vent' ful, a. full of inci. Ex4 am' ine, v.

to ask dents or changes. questions ; to consider; E vent u al lý, ad. in the

to sift. last result ; in the end. Ex4 ample, n. a pattern




or model ; precedent. out admission of anothEx4 as' pe rate, v. to vex ; to provoke ; to enrage.

Ex com mu' ni cate, v. Ex' c + vate, v. to hollow; to exclude from the felto cut into hollows.

lowship of the church. Exceed', v. to surpass ; to Ex cres' cence, n. some

excel; to go too far. what growing out of a. Excel', v. to outdo in good nother without use ; a

qualities ; to surpass superfluity Ex'cel lence,n.eminence; Ex cru'ci ate, v. to tordignity ; purity ; good. ture ; to torment.

Es cul pate, v. to clear Ex' cel lent, a. being of from the imputation of great virtue ; notable.

a fault. Ex cept', v. to leave out. Ex cur sion, n. a digres

to exempt ; to object sion; a ramble ; an into. pr. unless.

road. Ex cep' tion, n.

exclu- | Excu' 6sa ble, a. pardona. sion; thing excepted. ble. Ex cep' tion a ble, a. lia- Ex cu seo, v. to extenuate ble to objection.

by apology ; to pardon. Ex cess', n. superfluity ; Ex cuse!, n. an apology. intemperance.

Ex' e cra ble, a. hateful ; Ex ces' sive, a. beyond detestable. due dounds.

Ex' e crate, v. to curse ; Exchange', v. to give one to wish ill to.

thing for another. Ex' e cute, v. to perform ; barter.

to put to death Ex cise., n. a tax levied Execu' tion, n. a performupon commodities.

ance ; death inficted by Ex cite', v. to rouse ; to forms of law.

animate ; to stir up: Ex4 ec' u tive, a. having Ex claim', v. to cry out

power to act. with vehemence. Ext em' pla rý, a. worthy Ex clude', v. to shut out ; of imitation.

to debar ; to prohibit. Ex4 em' pli fy, v. to illusEx clulosion, n. a rejec. trate by example; to tion.

copy. Ex clu' sive lý, ad. with. | Extempt', v. to privilege ;



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to free from.

Ex4 ile', v. to banish; to Ex+ emp' tion, n. immuni

drive from a country. ty; privilege.

Ext ist'. v. to be ; to have Exer cise', v. to employ ; a being

to practise ; to exert. Ex4 ist' ence, n. state of

n. labour ; practice. being; actual possesEx4 er' tion, n. the act of sion of being exerting; effort.

Ex4 on' er ate, v. to un: Ex la' tion, n. what ri. load ; to disbu en.

ses in vapours ; the | Ext or bi tant, a, enormstate of evaporating ; ous ; excessive ; extravact of exhaling

agant. Ext hale), v. to send or Es' or cist, n. one who by draw out vapours

conjuration casts out fumes

devils, Ex4 haust', v. to drain ; to Ext or' di um, n. a pream

diminish ; to draw out ble ; a formal preface.

till nothing is left. Ex4 ot' ic, a. foreign ; not Ex4 haust' less, a, not to be produced in our emptied; inexhaustible.

country Ex4 hib' it, v. to show; to Ex pand', v. to spread ; to display.

spread out every way. Ex hi bi' tion, n. display ; Ex panse', n. a wide exact of exhibiting

tent or space ;

heaven. Ex4 bil a rate, v. to make Ex pa' tiate, v. to range

cheerful ; to fill with at large ; to enlarge upmirth.

on in language. Ext hort', v. to incite by Ex pect', v to wait for ;

words to any good ac- to apprehend good or tion.

evil. Ex4 hor ta' tion, n. the Ex pec a' tion, n a look.

form of words by which ing or waiting for ; one is exhorted.

hope. Ex' i gence, }

Ex pec' to rate, v. to e. Exigen cỷ,5

n. press

ject from the breast by ing necessity; demand ; coughing sudden occasion.

Ex pel di en cỹ n fitness ; Ex' ile, n. banishment ; a propriety ; expedience. person banished.

Ex pe' di ent, a. fit ; con

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venient ; quick ; expe.

out; to die ; to breathe ditious.

the last. Ex' pe dite, v. to facili- Ex plain', v. to expound ; tate ; to hasten.

to illustriate; to clear. quick ; nimble ; active. Ex pla na'tion, n. illusEx pe di" tion, n. haste ; tration.

a warlike enterprise ; Ex plan' a to rý, a. containspeed.

ing explanation. Ex pe di" tious, a. speedy; Ex' ple tive, a. something quick ; swift

used only to take up Ex peľ, v. to drive out ; room.

to force away ; to ban- Ex pli ca' tion, n. interish.

pretation ; explanation. Ex pend', v. to lay out; Ex' pli ca tive, a. having to spend.

a tendency to explain. Ex pense', n. cost ; char- Ex pli" cit, a. plain; clear;

ges; money expended. express. Ex pen' sive, a. extrava. Ex plode', v. to drive out

gant ; luxurious ; cost- with noise and violence. ly.

Ex ploit', n. an achieveEx pe' ri ence, n. know- ment ; & successful at

ledge gained by trial tempt. and practice.

Explore', v. to search in. Es per' i ment, n. the tri- to; to examine by trial.

al of any thing; proof. Ex plol (sion, n. the act of Experiment' al, a. found- driving out anything

ed upon experiment ; with noise and violence. real.

Ex plol 6sive, a. driving Ex pert', a. skilful ; intelli- out with noise and vio.

gent ; ready ; dextrous. lence. Ex' pi ate, v. to atone for. Ex port', v. to carry out Ex pi a' tion, atone

of a country. ment.

Ex' port, n. commodity Ex' pi a to rý, a. having carried out in traffick.

the power of expiation. Ex port a' tion, n. the act Ex pi ra' tion, n. the con: of carrying out commoclusion of a limited

dities into other coun. time ; death

tries. Expire', v. to breathe. Ex posem, v. to lay open :

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