Taking Away the Veil: To See Beyond the Curtain of Illusion

الغلاف الأمامي
iUniverse, 01‏/07‏/2003 - 212 من الصفحات
All things natural tend to disguise the Truth, and language brings even more distortion to the absolute Word of God. This is precisely why so many have said that they do not understand the mysteries of the Bible. The author takes you beyond the veil to reveal the hidden realities of the Kingdom and bring forth answers to questions with Truth that has remained concealed for centuries. Are you really "born again"? The Nicodemian Theory! Who are the lost? What is the beginning of eternal life? Are we adopted? What is the great deception? Who is the only begotten Son of God? Who are the firstborn? Which is the generation that shall not pass away until all be fulfilled? What is the second coming? Matt 16:28, Luke 9:27, Pentecost? Will you ever be taken bodily into heaven as many claim in their teaching of the rapture? How do you receive the gift of salvation? What is Divine Proclamation? Find the answers to these and scores of crucial questions that have gone unanswered for generations. Many of the so-called contradictions in the Bible will melt away with these profound discoveries.

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