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Perkins, daniel. vii. 163.

literary committee, quoted. ix.
Perkins, george-w. vii. 163. 169. 224.
Perkins, jonas. vii. 170.

Philip, king, war with. i. (xxix.) iii.
Perley, rev. samuel, of seabrook, new 34. 187. 188. iv. 56. v. 59. vii.
hampshire. iv. 78.

150. 155. 158. anecdote of the
Peronie, capt. viii. 157.

gun-lock with which he was killed.
Perry, richard, assistant. v. 121. viii. iv. 63. a fac simile of his deed to

plymouth. 267. cause of his war.
Perry, william. iv. 240.

v. 71. killed.

defeated at
Perry, seth. viii. 197.

bridgewater. vii. 158. x. 66.
Perry, obadiah.
x. 54.

Phillips, rev. george, first minister of
Perry, capt. john, his book on repair.

watertown, character. ii. 94. 95.
ing breaches made by the sea, re- iv. 155. v. 128. of bocksted, eng-
ferred to. iii. 173.

land, arrives in massachusetts. 133.
Pessacus, sachem of narraganset. 135. 142. skilled in church go-

vi. 452. 453. flees to rhode island. vernment. 186. meets with diffi.
463. or pesicus, son of cononicus, culties. 186. requested to go to
troops sent against him; makes virginia, but declines. vi. 410. vii.
peace. viii. 2. 3.

19. P. 3. 4. 6. house burnt. P. 3.
Petaqumskocte. See puttequoms- sworn a freeman of massachusetts.

P. 29. 31. 38. notice of. P. 45.
Peters, rev. hugh, of salem, arrives. 46. dies viii. 17.

iii. 153. 154. vi. 363. sent to Phillips, john. vii. P. 4.
england. 371. or peter, returns Phillips, rev. samuel, of rowley. iv.
to england. viii 27. 119. his letter 155.
to dorchester. ix. 197.

Phillips, nathanjel. vi. 598.
Peters, andrew. viii. 107.

Phillips, samuel, bookseller, of boston.
Peters, rev. andrew, of middleton. ii. 102.
viii. 176.

Phillips, judge john, of charlestown,
Petersham. jii. 247. disarming at. his epitaph. ii. 179.
iv. 209.

Phillips, john, jun. impeached for
Peter's pond. iij. 2.

trading with an

enemy, claims
Petition for a general hospital. i.

viii. 240. 242.
127. for a college of physicians. Phillips, rev. samuel, of andover. iv.
i. 133. of brookline, to be incor- 155.
porated. ii. 144. of inhabitants Phillips, henry ii. 178.
of hingham. iv. 108. thrown over- Phillips, john. X. 28.
board in a storm. 115.

Phillips, col., of the yonkers, new
iji. 259.

york, his zeal for episcopacy. i.
Pettesquamsuck, or pattasquamscuck. 146.
viii. 96.

Phillips, hon. william. ii. 46.
Petuck's island. iv. 234.

Phillips, lieut. governour samuel. iii.
Pharmacopeia of massachusetts medi- 249. iv. 155.
cal society, referred to. i. 115.

Phillips, major general. iii. 245.
Phebe, a negro servant of john cod. Phillips, hon. john, of boston. ii.

man, sentenced to be transported 167.
for poisoning her master. ii. 166. Phillips, hon. william. ii. 48. lieu.
Phelps, william. vi. 308. vii. P. 60. tenant governour. iv. 155.
Phelps, deacon samuel. iii. 104. Phillips, willard. vii. 170.
Phenix society of charlestown. ii. Phillis, a negro servant of john cod-

man, burnt for poisoning her mas-
Phi beta kappa society, mr. buckmin- ter. ii. 166.
ster addresses. ii. 273.

Philpot, the martyr, in the time of
Philadelphia, small-pox at. vii. 73. queen mary, commits his papers to

adam winthrop. vii. P. 11.
Philadelphia philosophical society, Phinney, elias. ii. 178. 181.

transactions of its historical and Phipps, sir william, governour. iii.

habeas corpus.

X. 29.

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X. 26.

190. expedition to canada. 255. Pilgrims, plymouth. See plymouth.
259. his arrival in massachusetts. Pilsbury, capt. george. iii. 195.

Pilsbury, rev. enoch, of litchfield. X.
I hipps, samuel. ii. 177.

Phipps, joseph. ii. 180.

Pilkington, rev. dr. bishop of durham.
Phipps, major joshua-b. ii. 180.

opposed to the consecration of
Picaneaux indians. ii. 42.

churches. vii. P. 51.
Pickering, gilbert. vi. 349.

Pinn, john. ix. 185.
Pickering, john. viii. 106.

Pimese poese. iv. 291.
Pickering, jonathan. viii. 106.

Pinacle hill. iii. 179.
Pickering, hon. timothy, commission. Pinchin, thomas. iv. 240.

er to western indians. ii. 249. Pinkeshaw indians, their residence,
letter to rev. dr. freeman, commu- numbers and annuity. ii. 8.
nicating a letter on the attempts | Pinkham, lydia. iii. 32.
to abolish slavery in pennsylvania. Pinkham, ebenezer. iv. 183.
viii. 183.

Pink ham, paul. x. 179.
Pickering, hon. john, observations on Pintard, john, esq.

x. 192.
north american indian languages, Piorias indians. ii 8.
introductory to eliot's indian gram- Pipe, capt. an indian chief, quoted.
mar. ix. 223. du ponceau's notes

x. 111.
and observations on eliot's indian Piper, nathaniel. viii. 107.
grammar addressed to. 313. sup- Piper, william, first settler of new
plementary observations on eliot's holderness, new hampshire. iü.
indian grammar. (xxx.) advertise- 116.
ment to dr. edwards's observations Piper, thomas, in. 119.
on the mohegan language. . x. 81. Pirates, beyond pascataqua.

V. 160.
notes on the same. 98, et post. dixy bull and others, the first in

new england. vii. P. 73.
Pickles, jonas. iv. 241.

Piscataqua. See pasca taqua.
Pidcoke, george. iv. 241.

Piscataquis river. viii. 115.
Pierce, rev. james, of cambridge and Piscataquis mountains. viii. 115.

exeter in england. vii. P. 69. Piscataquog. vii. 66.
Pierce, capt. john. See peirce. Pitcairn, major, marches his troops to
Pierce, capt. william. See peirce. concord. ii. 225. 226. iv. 216.
Pierce, michael. iv. 241. slain by Pitcher, rev. nathaniel, of scituate.
indians. 245.

iv. 233. 234.
Pierce, abraham. vii. 138.

X. 69.

Pitman, elizabeth. x. 178.
Pierce, daniel. viii. 106.

Pittsfield. iii. 248.
Pierce, solomon. viii. 46.

Pittsford, or kirby marble, remarkably
Pierce, jacob. viii. 46.

fine. ix. 136.
Pierce, rev. john, history of brookline. Plague, or pestilential fever, prevails
140. 161.

through new england, at st. chris..
Pierce, hayward, esq. iv. 245.

topher's, barbadoes, etc. vi. 531.
Pierce, rev. cyrus. iii. 269.

Pierce, jacob. ii. 180.

Plain dealing. iv. 93.
iv. 260.

Plain instruction for inoculating in
Pierson, rev. abraham, rector of yale small-pox, by dr. heberden, refer-

college. iv. 297. See peirson. red to. vii. 74.
Pigeons, great flocks of. vii. P. 21. Plainfield, an account of. viii. 167.

wild, peculiarities of. iv. 256. its extent, etc. 167. geology, min-
Pike, robert, commissioner to york. eralogy, and botany, with the times
vi. 593. 595. 600.

of flowering. 168. 171. curiosity,
Pike, rev. james, of somersworth, new schools, and library; church and
hampshire. iv. 78.

church members. 171. 172. his-
Pike, eleanor.

tory. 171. X. 41.
Pike, general, referred to. ii. 9. 11. Plaisted, capt. roger. vi. 599. of kit-
12. 23. 25. 28. x. 128. 130, et post.

tery. 600.

viii. 96.

x. 179.

Plank, early price of, in massachusetts.

viii. 232. 233.
Planter, ship, brings ammunition to

massachusetts colony. viii. 229.
Plants at nantucket. iii. 24. at mid.

dlebury, vermont, a catalogue of,
with their botanical names. ix. 146,

et post.
Platform of 1648. i. (x.) (And see

cambridge and synod.) debated
and passed by massachusetts gen-
eral court. vi. 550. set forth by
the synod at cambridge.

v. 184.
vi. 537.

ji. 195.
Platte river, of the missouri. ii. 10.

23. 26. 28.
Pleasant pond. viii. 173. 174.
Plein river. viii. 251.
Plough patent for sagadehock arrives

in the ship plough. vii. P. 31.
Plough patent, or sagadehock. v. 141.

224. or ligonia, purchased by mr.

v. 368. dispute about.
Plough, ship, arrives with familists for

sagadehock. v. 141. capt. graves

vii. P. 31.
Ploughs, none in massachusetts. vii.

P. 88.
Plowed hill. ii. 168.
Plug pond. iv. 122.
Plums of several sorts found at ply-

mouth. ix. 62.
Plumb islands. viii. 174.
Plummer, ebenezer, of glassenbury,

connecticut, his donation to boston
during its port bill. ix. 159.
Plymouth beach lottery. iii. 172.
Plymouth, or accomack, or patuxet.

i. (xx.) number of the pilgrims
who arrived there, etc. (i. v. viii.
xx.) soon after arrival, addressed
in english by an indian. ii. 68.
church planted at. 59. 66. church
records quoted. vii. 163. furnish
soldiers against indians. iii. 169.
obtain a patent from virginia com-
pany. v. 48. difficulties in fixing
upon a place to remove to; profits,
how to be divided. 48. indians
carried off by pestilence just before
their arrival. 51. 54. reasons why
the pilgrims left holland ; propose
to go to guiana. 44. negotiate for
a settlement in virginia. . 45. 47.
opinions of church discipline; take

their patent from the virginia com-
pany in the name of john wincob.
47. to work wholly for the benefit
of the partners, and every thing to
be divided at the end of seven
years. 49. 50. patent from the
virginia company lost. 50. are car-
ried to cape cod, instead of hud.
son's river, by the knavery of the
dutch. 50. 53. vi. 666. 667. suffer
by cold and savages. 52. enter
into a combination for mutual gov-
ernment. 53. 61. 62.

choose john
carver governour. v. 53. assisted
by indians, who knew english. 55.
name clarke's island. 57. arrive
at plymouth harbour, december 16,
1620. 57. afflicted with sickness,
of which many die. 57. 58. ad-
dressed by samoset and squanto in
english. 58. instructed to plant
indian corn; make a league with

59. 60. government,
by the laws of england. 62. reli-
gious worship and discipline. 63.
first plant corn; english grain does
not succeed. 66. choose w. brad.
ford governour. 67. petition king
for new charter. 84. proposed
government of 85.

send com-
missioners to england. 86. assist-
ants increased to five. 90. 91.
governour allowed a double voice
on the casting vote. 91. cattle
first brought to, by edward winslow.
94. religious intolerance. 93. 94.
trades with indians at kennebeck.
94. beaver and other furs for eng-
land captured by the turks. 95.
96. lamentation at the death of
rev. mr. robinson. 96. send isaac
allerton to england to negotiate a
settlement with the adventurers.
98. make new division of land.
98. obliged to grind corn in mor-
tars ; governour affords assistance
to the crew of french vessel wreck-
ed in merriinack bay ; begin to trade
with the dutch at hudson's river.
99. choose edward winslow go-
vernour. 100. choose i. aller-
ton assistant. 67. send edward
winslow and stephen hopkins 'to
massasoit. 67. send boats to view
massachusetts bay. 68. joined by
35 new settlers: 69. receive a
snake's skin full of arrows from the



narragansets by way of defiance ;
returned full of powder and bullets.
70. erect a meeting-house and fort.
73. plant corn, each for himself,
instead of being maintained out of
the common stock. 79. procure
bass in abundance and ground nuts
for bread. 80. obtain a patent
from the earl of warwick and sir f.
gorges, which is confirmed by the
king. 82. obtain a patent for cape

110. indians offer to kill
sir c. gardiner; forbidden by go-
'vernour winthrop. 149. hires the
ship hope, of ipswich, to displace
the french at penobscot. 162. has
a trading place at machias. 163.
quarrel about the sole right of trad-
ing at kennebeck. 167. 168. in-
formed of connecticut by the dutch.
170. build a trading house on con.
necticut river. 172. complain of
massachusetts about connecticut.
179. pestilential fever at. 194.
shallops cast away, and people
drowned. 201. refuse mrs. hutch-
inson and others liberty to plant
within its jurisdiction. vi. 336.
disputes about baptism among. 338.
receive letters from a committee of
lords and commons about gorton's
complaints. 507. sketch of,
from 1633 to 1678. 661. 666.
gives an honourable reception to
the king's commissioners. 664.
hold friendly vorrespondence with
the dutch at new york. 667., claim
to narraganset country. vii. 103.
105. 107. letter to, from rhode
island. 109. colony line run. 122.
indian title purchased. 143. scur-
vy fatal at. P. 19. undertakers.
P. 34. trucking house at penobscot
rifled by the french. P. 62. sick-
ness at; locusts numerous and de-
structive at. P. 92. great losses
by mr. allerton and the sinking of
capt. peirce's ship. P. 87. forms
of worship at. P. 70. gradually
given up. P.71. imposes a heavy
fine on him who should refuse the
office of governour, counsellor or
magistrate. P. 75. town nearly
abandoned.. P. 74. church dis.
misses duxbury people ; duxbury
becomes the second church in the
colony. P. 74. 75. measures ta.


ken to prevent the further decrease
of its town. P. 75. first chooses
seven assistants.

P. 83. which
number continues to the end of its
government. P. 83. informed of
fresh or connecticut river by the
dutch. P. 93. 94. set up a trade
ing house at connecticut river ;
form a company with massachu-
setts people to trade to that river;
project given over. P. 94. 95.
opposed in going up the connecticut
by the dutch ; set up their house at
(now) windsor. P. 95. infectious
fever at, fatal to whites and indians.
P. 96. mourt's relation of the be.
ginning and plantation of. ix. 26.
et seq. pilgrims about to sail from
southampion, letter of advice from
rev. john robinson. 30. 32. many
die of scurvy. 34. send a boat on
discovery from cape cod to fix upon
a place to settle. 37. which ex-
amines plymouth harbour. 40. 41.
see indians for the first time. 43.
lose their " great new rendezvous
by fire. 45. bring their goods on
shore. 46. choose miles standish
captain ; are approached in a friend-
ly way by two indians; bring their
ordnance on shore. 47. find deer
abundant; plant garden seeds. 48.
49. their journey to king massa-
soyt at packanokik. 49. 51. visit
| namaschet. 52. and nauset. 53.

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go to namaschet to assist massasoyt;
and to avenge the supposed death
of tisquantum. 54. visit massa-
chusetts bay. 57. first harvest
described; use the indian manure,
or fish; visited by massasoyt with
ninety indians. 60.

at peace with
all indians, who act with good faith.
61. first winter not more cold than
in england; without kine, horses
or sheep. 61. winslow's relation
of things remarkable at the planta-
tion of 74. differences between
the abridgment and original of wins.
low's relation. 79. pilgrims suffer
for want of food. 90. number
consisted of about one hundred.

manners, customs,
religious notions, etc. of indians
there. ix. 90. 91. becomes a part
of massachusetts. x. 2. sends sol-
diers against the pequots. 59. pre-

x. 58.

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pare troops against the narragansets built at. 99. town brook. 226.
and dutch. 60. pathway to dux- colony law about mackerel. 230.
bury. 62. 65. 66. taxes of; facts colony line run. 245. deed from
about pilgrims ; recognise the com- king philip. 267. alewife and her-
pact signed in 1620, and claim the ring fishery. 296. number of in-
privileges of freeborn englishmen. dians. 302.
68. fine persons for attending a Plymouth council established in the
quaker meeting, dancing, disturb- county of devon, england, for or-
ing church, shooting on sunday, dering the affairs of new england.
not attending public worship ; V. 84. grants to sir henry roswell
raise sixty men against the dutch ; and others lands between merri.
troubled by wolves. 69. armed mack and charles river. 108. re.
brig general arnold lost in its bar- signs its charter. 272. grants a
bour. iii. 195. peace of, disturb- part of connecticut to marquis
ed by indians. 85. arms to be sup- hamilton. vi. 309. grant to capt.
plied to inhabitants. 183. bridges johin mason of land between naum-
and brooks.


hills. 179. keag and merrimack. 614. grant
ponds. 180. islands and points. to inason and gorges land between
181. light-houses. 182. notes on; sagadehock and merrimack. 616.
original bounds. 102. census of. from naunkeak to pascataqua.
169. streets, wharves, aqueducts. 616. opinion of sir w.jones on these
169. bank, courts, manufactures. grants. 617.
170. remarks on its beach. 171. Plymouth, new hampshire, note on.
canal. 172. schools. 173. in- iii. 109. session of courts. 110.
dian names. 175. newspapers, professional men; schools and
libraries, museum. 177. chrono- academy ; settlement. 111. eccle-
logical details of. 183. fortifica- siastical history. 112 church, mar-
tion. 183. 187. watch-house. 183. riages and deaths. 113.
expenditures. 184. 186. 187. dis- Plympton. ii. 164. hurricane at.
tressed by wolves. 184. orders 166. productions. 165. 166.
of council of war ; town meetings.

vessels and distilleries. 167.
185. selectnien, grants of money, houses and publick buildings. 168.
parsonage house.


produc- 169. history of. iv. 267. wood.
tions and prices ; right of voting 267. rivers, brooks and ponds.
regulated. 187. 188. town coun- 268. military, manufactures and
cil ; endeavors to obtain a royal mills. 269. population ; religious
charter. 189. water course. 190. societies. 270. including carver
oyster proprietary.

storm & a part of halifax, history of. 283.
at; fever at; send a company Pocanoky. ii. 66.
against louisbourg. 192. spring Pocasset. iii. 14. 16.
shifted by an earthquake; fire club. Pocklinton, dr. his book against the
194. market ; elms. 195. beach, martyrs ordered to be published by
and scheme for repairing it. 195. bishop laud. vii. P.50.
196. church, history of. 198. se. Pocock,
cond church. 200. aborigines; bill Pocompheake. vi. 462.
of mortality of first parish. 201. of Pocontuck, or deerfield. viii. 153.
second parish. 202. of third parish. Podpis. iii. 21. 25. 26.
203. diseases. 203. last female na. Poem on gov. winthrop. iii, 123.
tive indian dies. 200. schools. iv. nonconformist's oath. iv. 104
78. 86. colony vote respecting Poge, cape. iii. 40. 46. 58. 72.
schools. 79. acts respecting schools. Poge pond. jji 55. 72.
80. grants to schools. 84. vote Point coupee. ii. 23.
regarding harvard college. 85. Point levi. ii. 236. 238 239.
schoolmasters. 86. slowness of ma- Point aux trembles. ii. 238.
ritime growth. 88. #first school. Point judith. iii. 46.
house. 88. 89. school fund. 89. Pointer, mistake corrected in.
schoolmasters. 90. first barque vii. P. 16.


v. 122.


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