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x. 74.


Menemsha bite. jii. 45.

Miami river. ii. 7.
Menomene river. ii. 10.

Miamis indians. ii. 6. 7. and the
Menomene, or fols-avoise, indians, illinois, originally one tribe. 7. at-

their language, number and resi- tentive to agriculture ; their number
ii. 10.

and annuity. 7. 12.
Mercer, richard. iv. 134.

Miantonemo, sachem of the narragan-
Mercer, mrs. iv. 134.

sets. iv. 42. or mecumel, comes
iii. 66.
to boston to make peace.

v. 144.
Merchants of boston send relief to his 145. 253. 254. conspiracy against

majesty's fleet in distress at caribbee the english; character and de-
islands. vi. 592.

signs. vi. 446. 447. appears at
Merchant adventurers, the first in court at boston; persuades massa-
massachusetts. ii. 68.

chusetts people that his intentions
Mercury, packet brig. iv. 285. are peaceable. 448. attacks un.
Mercy, william. viii. 46.

cas and is defeated. 450. is cap-
Merick, henry. iv. 240.

tured and put to death. 451. with
Merrick, william. vij. 138.

the consent of the commissioners of
Merrill, rev. nathaniel, of nottingham the united colonies. vii. 45. 46. 47.
west. iy. 78.

with canonicus, quarrels with ou-
Merrill, rev. gyles, minister of north samaquin. 75. 76. comes to bos-

parish of haverhill and plaistow. ton about gorton's affairs.. vi. 404.
iv. 78. his ordination, death and vii. P. 59. or miantonomeh, or me-
character. 147. 152

cumeh, kindly treated at boston;
Merrill, rev, nathaniel, of boscawen. his punishment for stealing there.

P. 64. 65. or mexanimo, troops
Merrill, james-c. iv. 147. 169. sent against. viii. 3. or miantomo.

136. joins capt. mason against the
Merrill, samuel. iv. 147. 169.

pequots. 122. 136. 148. ix. 182.
Merrill, rev. nathaniel, of lyndebo. or myantonemo, captured and put

rough, new hampshire. viii. 177. to death by uncas. 202. a friend
Merrimack river. iii. 137. 144. iv. to rhode island. 202.

76. 121. v. 17. vii. 18. 66. x. 72. Michigan lake. ii. 10. 11.
indians at.

Mickasew, its meaning. iv. 275.
Merrimack, new hampshire, its minis- | Middleborough, bills of mortality.
ters and churches. viji. 178.

ii. 261. ii. 169. vii. 142. cider.
Merrimack bridge. iv. 122.

Merrimack intelligencer. iv. 126. Middlebury, vermont, a statistical ac-
Merrimack bay, french vessel wrecked count of. ix. 123. scenery. 124.

alluvial soil. 125. 126. mills and
Merrit, henry. iv. 242.

manufactories. 127. marble manu-
Merry, of rochester. iv. 253. factory. 129. 130. face of coun-
jji. 66.

try and minerals. 131. iron ore.
Merry's pond. iv. 253.

133. facilities for manufacturing
Merry-meeting bay. ii. 229. ii. 118.

copperas. “ 134.

valuable marble.
its indians capture families there. 135. water; mineral spring; fer-
viii. 254.

tility of soil. 137. price of wood
Merton college. i. 165.

and of wheat at; fruit trees. 138.
Meserve, george. iii. 119.

gardening. 144.

catalogue of
Messinger, widow. viii. 197.

plants, with their botanical names.
Metapoiset. vii. 156.

146, et seq.
-, printer. ii. 283.

Middlebury river. ix. 123.
Methna, signification of. ii. 267. Middlecot, richard. viii. 44.
vii. 29.

Middle ground shoal. iii. 45.
Mexanimo. See miantonemo.

Middle pond. iii. 118.
Mexico, natives of. v. 27. See new Middlesex canal. ii. 174. iv. 193.

Middletown, new hampshire, descrip-
Miacomit. iji. 26.

tion of. iii. 120. incorporation.

v. 32.

v. 99.

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x. 36.

121. schools, professional men and Millford, connecticut, settled. vi.
inhabitants. 121.

Midwifery, lectures on. i. 117. Mills, serjeant elisha. viii. 46.
Mighill, rev. thomas, of scituate. iv. Mills, amos. viii. 46.

Mills, samuel-j. missionary to indians.
Milbourne, peter, captain of the ar- ii. 1. 3. 22.
bella. v. 128.

Miltimore, rev. William, of falmouth,
Mildew, in new england. vi. 642. maine. iv. 181.
Mile-and-a-half money. iv. 88. Milton, vaccination at. i. 125.
Mile-end cove. ix. 198.

Milton hills. iy. 270.
Miles, capt. charles. viii. 46.

Mineral substances, mode of collect-
Military officers chosen by the court ing. i. 25.

of assistants. vii. P. 32. 34. cho- Minetares indians, their residence
sen by the freemen for life or good and number. ji. 35.
behaviour, excepting the major-ge. Ministers questioned about power of
neral, who is chosen annually. viii. the magistrates, and their answers.

vi. 396. 400. tax for the support
Military, twenty-six companies of, un- of. vii. P. 6. quarrel about the

dermassachusetts government ; manner of supporting them. vi.
drilled eight days a year ; each per- 412. meet at cambridge to consult
son fined five shillings for every neg-

about books opposed to congrega-
lect, without other exemption than tional government. 415. to be
ministers, deacons and magistrates. supported by their own congrega-
vii. 53. of massachusetts, in 1665. tions. v. 304. meeting of, at ips-
viii. 72. muster early in massachu- wich. iv. 158. about the standing
setts. i. (xxix.)

council; their resolves. vi. 387.
Military company, the first about bos- 388. of new hampshire, list of, in

ton, petitions to be incorporated ; 1767. iv. 78. of massachusetts,
petition rejected. v. 243. See an- defend inoculation for small-pox. i.
cient and honourable artillery com- 106.

Ministers of boston, their opinion con-
Military affairs, commissioners of, cerning episcopacy. ii. 133. 137.

have power of life and limb. v. 164, agree to send clergymen to virginia,
Military hospitals. i. 111.

vi. 410.
Millbrook. iv. 55. 62. or stony Ministers and churches in new hamp-
brook. x. 65.

shire. x. 54.
Mill river. iii. 166.

Ministry, a learned, opposed and de-
Miller, rev. john, of rowley, requested fended. iv. 12.

to go to virginia, and declines. vi. Minks. iii. 2.
410. 663. of yarmouth. vii. 13. Minot, of dorchester. iv. 91.

says the people of Minot, john, his letter to gov. shute
new england are traitors, because quoted. viii. 265.,
they have not the king's colours on Minot, judge george-r. i. (xii. xviii.)
the castle ; arrested, but dismissed. viii. 298.

Minoway-kautong indians, or gens de
Miller, lieut. viii. 157.

lai, their residence and numbers.
Miller, james. ii. 167. viij. 46.

Miller, ensign thomas. ii. 175. Mint, early in massachusetts. ii. 274.
Miller, rev. dr. samuel, of princeton, Miracle, a pretended. iv. 107.
new jersey. viii. 167.

Mirrick, james. viii. 106.
Miller, deacon thomas. ii. 171. Mirror of the times and general adver-
Miller, capt. joseph. ii. 176. 180. tiser, extract from. vii. 186.
Miller's retrospect, quoted. viii. 276. Mishawum, or charlestown. ii. 163.
Milles, john. vii. P. 5.

Mishawumut, its meaning. x. 174.
Milles, joy,

of the first bap- Miskenomge, its meaning. iii. 182.
Milles, recompense, J tism in boston. Misquamacock; carr, &c. decision re-
vii. P. 5.

lating to. vii. 91.

v. 241.



Misquitucket. iii. 175.

Mocquages indians. vii. 81.
Missionaries, english, in america. i. Moffatt, john. iii. 119.

158. ii. 206. among indians. 48. Mogg, a mischievous indian, killed by
Missions to indians, probable benefit lieut. tippin. vi. 632. 633.
of. ii. 20. 22.

Mohegan indians, friendly to the en-
Mississippi. ii. 4. 11. 14. 27. 40. glish. iv. 28. v. 14. about hud-
micissippi. viii. 250.

son's river. v. 33. their place of
Mississippi territory. ii. 28.

residence. viii. 123. ix. 201. at
Missouri river. ii. 23. 41. 42.

war with the narragansets. 201.
Missouri indians, their residence and Mohegan indian language, rev. dr. ed.
numbers. ii. 32.

wards's observations on, with an ad-
Missuckeke. iii. 182.

vertisement by j. pickering, esq. x.
Mistick. ii. 161. its tax. viii. 230.

81, et seq.

(And see index, x. 155.
Mistick river. ii. 89. vii. 39.

158.) errours in, corrected. 83.
Mistick indians. v. 32.

Mohegon, or hudson's river. ix. 99.
Mistick fight, gained by captain mason Molina, his excellent history of chili

and others, over the pequots. viii. referred to. ix. 229. 231. x. 120.

Mohootset pond. iv. 272. meaning
Mitchell, experience, a forefather. vii. of the name. iy. 275.
138. 147. 148. x. 57. 69.

Mohawk indians. ii. 6. iy. 130. or
Mitchell, rev. jonathan, of cambridge, moquawes, their league with the

his character. i. 205. arrives. english. v. 33. 34. vi. 629. their
199. his death and character. vi. number, etc. viii. 243. or maques.
605. and epitaph. 606. viii. 98. 111. 238. 239. or mawques.

vi. 629.

or maquas.

ix. 236. language.
Mitchell, edward. vii. 143. 148. See index. x. 155. 158.

Mompesson, sir giles, a patentee of
Mitchell, john. vii. 148.

new england. v. 217.
Mitchell, thomas. vii. 148.

Monamoiet, or chatham. iv. 228.
Mitchell, jacob. vii. 148. 159. Monckton, general. iii. 192. 194.
Mitchell, jacob. vii. 148.

Monchauset. iv. 265.
Mitchell, thomas. vii. 148.

Monchisses, its meaning. iv. 265.
Mitchell, experience. vii. 148. Money coined in massachusetts. i.
Mitchell, jacob. iii. 208.

(xi.) ii. 274.
Mitchell, col. edward. vii. 148. 151. Monhegan, early place for fishing.

v. 105. vi. 532.sir f. gorges has
Mitchell, rev.

of pembroke, a plantation at. ix. 85. mutineers
new hampshire. iv. 78.

left by capt. rocraft stay a winter
Mitchell, nathan. vii. 160. 161.

at. 9.
Mitchell, elisha. vii. 160. 161. Monhegan island, colony at.
Mitchell, nahum. vii. 160. 161. 170. which is broken up; account of.
x. 191.

Mitchell, daniel. vii. 160.

Monimet, or back river.
Mitchell, nathan. vii. 160.

Monk, george, innholder at boston,
Mitchell, cushing. vii. 148.

notice of. ii. 103.
Mitchell, asa. vii. 170.

Monk's hill. jii. 163. 204.
Mitchell, josiah-w. iv. 179.

Monponset, now halifax, massachu-
Mitchell, sylvanus-l. vii. 170.

setts. iji. 164.
iv. 179.

Monponset pond. iii. 164. vii. 157.
Mithridates, that wonderful monument 172. See moonponset pond.
of philological research, by the ade- Monroe,

ii. 247.
lungs, vater and humboldt, referred Monson. iv. 74.
to. ix. 231. 232. by professor vater. Monstreseur, capt. lieut. viii. 156.
X. 82. 102. 133. 150.

Montague's prairie. ii. 40.
vi. 529.

Montezuma. y. 27.
Mobile river. ii. 15.

Montgomery, general. ii. 237. 238.
Mobile bay. ii. 19. 27.

takes montreal; arrives at quebec,

V. 36.

X. 47.

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x. 192.

238. 329. attacks quebec. 243. Morrell, goodman. viii. 233.
slain; notice of. 246.

More's forge. vii. 172.
Monthly anthology. i. 255. ii. 273. Morey,

iy. 294.
Months, their names changed. iji. Morgan,

executed. ii. 102.

Morgan, captain. ii. 230. 234. 236.
Montreal, surrenders to gen. montgo- 239. 242. 244.

mery. ii. 238. earthquake at. iv. Moria river. ii. 42.
73. its donation to boston during Morning exercises, continuation of,
its port bill. ix. 161.

referred to. ii. 97.
Mont's hill. iv. 163. 282.

Morrice, william. vi. 562. secretary
Montvernon, new hampshire, its min- of charles ii. his letter referred to.
isters and churches. viii. 178.

viii. 76. 79.81 109.
Monumoy harbour. ii. 33.

Morrill, rev. moses, of biddeford. iv.
Moodey, mrs. of long island, assaulted 188.
by indians. vi. 346.

Morrill, rev. robie, of boscawen.
Moody, john, accident of his servants. 74.
vii. P. 96.

Morrill, joseph, of biddeford, his do-
Moody, rev. joshua. ii. 101. of nation to boston during its port bill.
portsmouth. vi. 608.

ix. 159.
Moody, capt. samuel, of saco; his Morris, serjeant richard, his pension

letter from father ralle. viii. 258. from massachusetts. viii. 234.
his letters to gov. shute about father Morris, roger, esq. viii. 155.
ralle's exciting indians against mas- Morris, lieut. viii. 156.
sachusetts. 265. 266.

Morrison, john. x. 176.
Moody, rev. john, of newmarket, new Morrison, rev. dr. robert, missionary
hampshire. iv. 78.

at canton, viii. 167.
Moody, rev, amos, of pelham, new , Morse, rev. asarelah, of tisbury. iii.
hampshire. iv. 78.

Moody, elizabeth.

Morse, sarah.
Moody, william. iv. 169.

Morse, rev. dr. j. his new year's ser-
Moody, moses-s. iv. 169.

mons referred to. ii. 169. 171. 173.
Moonponset pond. iv. 280. 281. 178. 180. 181. his report on indian
Moonponset, its meaning. iv. 281. affairs quoted. x. 152.
See monponset pond.

Morse, leonard. iv. 179.
Moore, george. iv. 224. 240.

Morse, samuel f. b. ii. 178.
Moore, dr. of nova scotia. viii. 284. Morse, sidney-e. ii. 178.
Moore, rev. soloinon, of new boston, Morse, richard-c. ii. 178.
new hampshire. viii. 176.

Mortality of pilgrims. i. (xxii.)
Moore, rev. jonathan, of rochester, Mortimer, of boston. ii. 103.

notice of difficulties with his peo- Morton, george. v. 82. 83.
ple. iv. 262. 263. his manuscripts. Morton, thomas, host of merry.mount.

ii. 90. iv. 35. a master of misrule.
Moore, serjeant samuel. ii. 175. a pettifogger of furnival's inn, cre-
Moore, mary
x. 179.

ates disturbances at mount wollas-
Moorhead, rev. john, of boston. viii. ton. v. 103. 104. sent to england

as a culprit; writes against new
Moose, numerous in new england; england ; dies at pascataqua.

indian method of taking, at mount 104. trial and punishment of. 137.
desert. ix, 19.

141. complains of massachusetts
Moose mountain. iii. 120.

colony to the king. 145. his rail-
Moravians in new york.

i. 149.

ing letter to gov. Winthrop. 169.
their missionaries to indians. ii. 4. returns to new england, and is

brought before the court. vi. 427.
Morel, intended to superin- his letter against massachusetts peo-

tend the churches of new england. ple. 428. imprisoned and fined ;
v. 87. opened his commission too removes to agamenticus. 430. 662.

sent prisoner to england; his letters

x. 179.

x. 178.

iv. 264.

x. 32.


v. 88.


et seq.

opened by the government of mas- indian method of taking moose at,
sachusetts. vii. P. 30. his accusa- which are numerous there. 19.
tions against massachusetts. P. 85. Mount sod. iii. 75.

Mount wollaston. iii. 285.
Morton, nathaniel, secretary of ply- braintree, or merry-mount, difficul-
mouth colony, his memorial quoted. ties and profaneness at.

v. 102.
i. 169. iii. 208. corrected. vii. P. 104. people at, sell guns to in-
83. 91. colony records referred to. dians; desert the plantation. 104.
iii. 178. iv. 86. 91. vii. 190. vii. P. 66.
(prince's advertisement.)

Mountain hill. iii. 179.
Morton, john. ii. 173. iv. 91. Mountain indians. ii. 43.
Morton, 'rev. charles, biography of. Mountaineers indians, their residence

i. 158. of charlestown, his publica- and number. ii. 44.
tions. 160. of newington green. Mourt, george, author of mourt's re-
ii. 100. arrives. 115. described lation. ix. 28. probably one of the
by dunton. 116.

merchant adventurers. 29..
Morton, ephraim. iii. 190.

Mourt's relation of the beginning of
Morton, dr. ii. 115.

the plantation of plymouth. ix. 26,
Morton, john, schoolmaster at ply.

parts left out from the
mouth. iii. 173. 193. iv. 86. 90. abridgment contained in 8th massa-

chusetts historical collections, first
Morton, josiah. iv. 293.

series, are restored.

34, et seq.
Morton, nicholas. ii. 178.

a copy of, in the city library at phi-
Morton, phebe. iii. 193.

ladelphia, of which a transcript is
Morton, lieut. nathaniel. iv. 87. made under the care of mr. du
iv. 260. 284.

ponceau. 26. quoted. jii. 183.
Mosely, rev. elisha, of new gloucester. a compilation by several hands. ix.
iv. 181.

28. 29. 73.
Moshasuck river, land near granted Mouse river. ii. 42.

by canonicus to roger williams. jx. Mover, william. viii. 107.

Moxon, rev. of springfield,
Moss, rev. joseph, letter to dr. ma- poetry on. viii. 4.

ther requesting advice, books, &c. Mr. stricken from a man's name by
on the subject of the episcopal con. way of punishment. vii. P. 35.
troversy in connecticut. ii. 129. Muckquachuckquard, an indian deity.
133. of derby, connecticut. iv. ii. 112.

Muddy river. ii. 141. incorporated

a puritan. vii. P. by the name of brookline. 145.

iï. 203. 284. 285. iv. 101. vii.
iv. 249.

P. 66.
Moulton, robert. vii. P. 29. viii. Mud pond. iv. 193.

Mud island. viii. 174.
Moultonborough, new hampshire. iii. Muddy pond. iv. 268.

Muhhekaneew. See mohegan.
Moultrie, general. iii. 239. 249. Muhlenburg, frederic-augustus, speak-
Mounds, alden bradford's account of. er of the house of representatives in

i. 103. supposed to have been con- congress. viii. 316.
structed by madoc. ii. 36.

Mulberries. i. (xxi.)
Mount aldworth. iii. 80.


ii. 199.
Mount desert, or mount mansell. v. Mummy, found at cape cod by the

first settlers at plymouth. ix. 35.
Mount hope. iii. 188.

Munhiggen. See monhegan.
Mount independence. iii. 237. Munroe, dr. i. 108.
Mount feake. iii. 267, 268.

Munroe, robert. viii. 46.
Mount mansell, now mount desert. Munroe, jedidiah. viii. 46.

v. 15. viii. 115. the french dis- Munroe, ebenezer. viii. 46.
lodged from, by sir s. argall. ix. 5./ Munroe, timothy. viii. 46.

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