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Dana, rev. s. of orford, new hamp- Davenport, richard, comes out with
shire. iii. 108.

mr. endicott.

109. ensign.
Dana, hon. samuel, of charlestown. viii. 146. or damport, capt. lieut.
ii. 177. 178.

viii. 236. captain. iv. 50. killed
Dancing and carding at christmas by lightning, at the castle, boston
questioned. X. 182. 183.

harbour. vi. 642. vii. 56. 57.
"Dancing, mr. cotton “ does not sim- Davenport, rev. john, of new haven.
ply condemn.”
X. 183.

i. 201.

a great divine. ii. 260.
Dane, deliverance, her recantation re- arrives and goes to connecticut.
ferred to. iii. 221.

v. 262. vi. 317. 409. vii. 1. viii.
Dane, hon. nathan, of beverly. ii. 119. preaches before synod at
171. iii. 10.

cambridge. v. 304. his book on
Danforth, thomas, deputy governour the subject of baptism, &c. answer-

of massachusetts. iv. 77., extract ed by richard mather. vi. 590. be-
from his manuscript volume. iv. 104. comes minister at boston. vi. 602.
deputy governour of massachusetts dies. 603.' his method of forming
several years in succession. vi. a church. vii. 129. 130.
612. extracts from his manuscript Davenport, addington. X. 27.
volume of papers in the massachu- Davenport, richard. vii. 159.
setts historical society's library, Davenport, rev. addington, episcopal
principally about the year 1665. missionary to scituate. ii. 213. his
viii. 46. 88. 90.93. 112.

donation to society for propagating
Danforth, rev. samuel. vii. 29. his the gospel. iv. 238.

mistake corrected. vii. P. 64. viii. Davenport, rev. john, of stamford,
111. 112.

connecticut. iv. 297. his letter
Danforth, jonathan. ii. 162.

on episcopacy in connecticut. 301.
Danforth, nathaniel. X. 75.

Davidson, mary.

x. 178.
Danforth, abigail. x. 75.

Davidson, rev. william, of londonder.
Danforth, thomas, attorney, the only ry, new hampshire. iv. 78.

citizen of charlestown who adhered Davidson county, now kentucky. vii.
to the british. ii. 175.

Daniels, hannah. x. 179.

Davies, capt. of cape henry fort.
vii. 187.

viii. 209.
Darling, benjamin. iii. 111.

Da vinci, leonardo, his mistake. iii.
Darling, elizabeth. x. 178.

Dartmouth, lord. i. 151.

Davis, capt. james, comes to new
Darwin. i. 138.

england. v. 36.
Dasset, joseph. iv. 86.

Davis, capt. robert, comes to new
Dau, gerard. iii. 229.

england. v. 36.
D'aulnley. iv. 158. claims as far Davis, sergeant. viii. 147. captain
south as pemaquid.

v. 163. at of a troop of horse ; goes against the
war with la tour. vi. 478.

nianticks, vi. 465. commissioner
plained of, to massachusetts, by la to the dutch at new york. 547.
tour. 480. sends m. marie to Davis, thomas. iv. 170. 171.
conclude a peace at boston. 488. Davis,

preserves haverhill
captures a new england vessel meeting house." iv. 131.
bound to la tour. 492. asks re- Davis, deacon ebenezer. ii. 153.
paration for wrongs done by massa- Davis, jacob. x. 179.
chusetts people; receives as a pre- Davis, widow. x. 176.
sent, a sedan chair, which had been Davis, daniel. x. 177.
sent by the viceroy of mexico to Davis, capt. isaac. viii. 45.
his sister. 496. captures la tour's Davis, capt. john, of methuen. iv. 131.
fort, with its treasures. 497. con- Davis, hon. john, his discourse before
fiscates a vessel belonging to bos- massachusetts historical society. i.
ton. 521.

(i.—xxxi.) referred to. iv. 104.
Dauphin river. ii. 11.

president of massachu-

iii. 187.


V. 43.

X. 65.

X. 83.

setts historical society; his letter | Deep bottom. iii. 17.
to rev. dr. j. freeman, about mourt's Deerfield, massachusetts, several of
relation. ix. 26. his letter from its inhabitants captured by indians.
alden bradford, esq. about duxbury, vi.

637. or pocomtuck. yiii.
x. 57–71.

ji. 142.

Deerfield, new hampshire. iv. 171.
iii. 66.

Deer hill.

X, 42
iv. 132.

De krusenstern, capt. iv. 98.
iv. 260.

De lancey, governour of new york. i.
Davison, secretary to queen elizabeth. 151.

Deland, benjamin. viii. 45.
Davison, daniel. viji. 107.

Delano, philip. vii. 138. X. 57. 62.
Davy. i. 138.

65. 68. 69.
Dawes, rev. ebenezer, of scituate. iv. Delano, or de la noye. X. 65.
233. 234. vii. 170.

Delano, samuel. 8 64. 65.
Day, the rebel, in massachusetts, re- Delano, thomas.
treats. iii. 247.

Delano, john. X. 65.
Day, robert. viii. 107.

Delaware indians, their residence,
D'bernicre, ensign, his journey of confederacy, agriculture, church,

military observation to worcester. language, number and annuity. ii.
iv. 205. to concord. 214.

6. 7. quarrel between the dutch &
Deacoris in massachusetts, how first new haven about trading with. vi.
ordained. vii, P. 5.

Dean, stephen. iii. 187.

Delaware, or lenni lepape, language.
Dean, rev. franeis, of andover. vii. 14. ix. 239.

a comparative vo-
Dean, mrs. her confessions. ii. 222.

cabulary of its various dialects. 135
Dean, rev. seth, of ringe, new hamp- -145.
shire. iv, 78.

Delaware, swedish fort at, burnt. vi.
Deane, thomas, owner, with others, of 431. ix. 112. new haven trading

the ship charles of oleron. iv. 102. house at, burnt by the dutch and
viji. 71. appeals the case of this swedes. vi. 434. 439.
ship to the king's commissioners. Delaware, lord, comes out governour
82. 83. suinmoned to make good of virginia, but returns to england.
his case before massachusetts gene- viii. 206.
ral court. viii. 88. 89. 105.

Delaware bay, account of. vi. 675.
Deane, hon. silas. ii. 223.

Delegates of connecticut, their letter
Deane, rev. samuel, of scituate. iv.

to governour trumbull. ii. 221.
235. 237.

Demeri, capt. viii. 157.
Dearborn, capt. henry. ï. 231.

Dencke, rev.

o quoted. x. 113.
Deaths in massachusetts between april

and december of the first year. vii. Denham, judge, takes order against
P. 6.

wakes and revels. vii. P. 77. 78.
Declaration of difficulties between the Denison, abner. iv. 179.

english and narragansets, published Denison, cornelius. iv. 179.
by the commissioners of united col. Denson, david. iv. 179.
onies vi. 454.

Denison, john. iii. 173. iy. 90. 93.
Declaration of massachusetts general Denison, mrs. iii. 173.

court about their proceedings Denman. i. 138.
against quakers. vi. 572.

Dennison, William, sworn a freeman.
Dedham, its church gathered. v. 279. vii. P. 63.

in the county of suffolk. vii. 9. Dennison, capt. daniel. viji. 229. his
Dedication of churches, producing letter from commissioners' court of

riots, etc. is forbidden; which rhode island. vii. 81. to them. 82.
makes bishop laud angry. vii. P. major. 55. major general. ii.
77. 78.

282. v. (iv.) agent to d'aulney.
Deeds, registry of, early established. vi. 494. commissioner to maine.
yi. 380.

542. agent for settling disputes

et seq.


v. 216.

between the dutch and new haven. Devens, david. ji. 176. 177. 180.
545. protests against the answer Devens, richard. ii. 176. character
of massachusetts to charles ii. viii. of. 177. instructer. 180.

Devil, called hobbomack by indians.
Dennison, john. viii. 107.

vi. 657.
Dennison, joseph, jun. his donation to Devil's den, at gay head. ii. 43.
boston during its port bill. ix. Devine,

ii. 241.

Devon, council of, for ordering the
Denny, thomas. vii. P. 77.

affairs of new england. V. 84.
Dent's pathway to heaven. vii. P. 42. Devotion, edward. ii. 144. his do-
Deolph, major ezra.
x. 177.

nation' to schools in brookline.
De position of roger williams. vii. 75. 151. and of church plate. 153.

of william coddington. vii. 76. Devotion, john. ii. 141.
Deputies in massachusetts, question Devotion, rev. ebenezer, of suffield,

the negative voice of the assistants. connecticut. ii. 156.
v. 174. 175. claim judicial autho- De wache, thomas.
rity, which claim is opposed. vi. Dewesberry, hester. x. 65.

Dexter, his fine. viji. 231.
Deputies proposed to be allowed in Dexter, gregory. ix. 197.

new england, before its colonies Dexter, hon. samuel. ii. 46. estab-
came out. ix. 22.

lishes a professorship at harvard
Deputy governour, how chosen. vii. college. ii. 272.
P. 3.

Dexter, hon. samuel. iv. 189.
Derby, john. iv. 93.

Dexter, col. noah. iy. 303.
Derby, elias-h. i. 117. . 178. 179. Dexter, dr. aaron. i. 116. ii. 174.
Dermer, capt. thomas, attacked by vii. 181.

indians. iii. 80. mortally wound- Dexter, rev. elijah, of plympton. iv.
ed by indians. v. 40. redeems 261. 270.
two frenchmen from the indians. Dexter, dr. theodore. ii. 178. 180.
54. employed by sir f. gorges. 84. Dexter,

iv. 260.
sent with capt. j. smith to new eng- Dice and cards forbidden. vii. P. 23.
land, which voyage is unfortunate. Dickason; thomas. ji. 170.
ix. 7. at newfoundland, and re. Dickinson, rev. timothy, of holliston.
turns to england. 7. 8. carries iii. 112.
tisquantum to england, and thence Dickinson, rev. pliny, of walpole,
to new england, whence he coasts new hampshire. vii. 125.
carefully to virginia. 10. and Dicks, capt. anthony, captured by
thence back to hudson's river, mak- bull and others, pirates about pema.
ing discoveries. 11. after making quid. vii. P. 91.
discoveries on the coast for two Dier, john. viii. 152.
years, is wounded by the indians, Digby, sir kenelm, a benefactor of

and retiring to virginia, dies. 12. 13. harvard college. ii. 108.
De roche river. ii. 9. 10.

Digges, sir dudley, a patentee of new
De rosier, isaac, dutch secretary at england. v. 217.

budson's river, comes to plymouth Dillingham, john. vii. P. 4. sworn
with congratulations. v. 99.

a freeman. P. 29.
Descent of real estate altered in mas- Dillingham,

iv. 179.
sachusetts. vii. 154.

Dillon, count. ii. 242.
Des moyens. ii. 9.

Dimmack, thomas. i. 175. iv. 239.
Des moyens' river. ii. 39. 41.

Dinsmore, silas, agent to chactaw in-
Despard, mark. iv. 225.

dians. ï. 17. 22.
D'estaing, count, arrives off savan- Disarming of persons in several towns

nah, storms it, and sails with his of massachusetts, on account of
troops for the west indies. ii. 241. religious disputes. vii. 6.

Discourses before massachusetts med-
Detection of witchcraft. 2. 6.

ical society, a list of. i. 115.
Detroit taken. ii. 10.

Disney, lieut. viii. 156.

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Dispensary, boston. i. 127.

difficulties in its church,
Disputation concerning church mem- 277. 278. taxed £7 out of £50

bers and their children, in answer in massachusetts. vii. P. 1. its
to 21 questions. vi. 563—570. principal founders and first church
Dissenting interest in the middle members. P. 14. its church form-
states, account of. i. 156.

ed in plymouth, england. P. 14.
among first settlers of

fire at. P. 17. its tax. P. 31.
iv. 4-9.

57. viii. 230. and roxbury church
Dissuasive from the errours of the united. P. 64. people interfere
times, quoted. iv. 117.

with sir r. saltonstall's rights in
District medical societies, list of. i. connecticut. viii. 42. people from

Weymouth, england, arrive and set-
Dix, jonas. iii. 269.

tle at. vii. P. 96. first called ma-
Dix, john. iii. 269.

tapan. v. 134. 135.
Doane, john, assistant of plymouth. Dorpat, university of. iv. 98. ·

vii. P. 83. being a deacon, is Dorset, earl of. v. 151. 153.
excused from being assistant. P. Doten, edward. iv. 93. ix. 38.


iv. 260.
Dobson, capt. sails from boston east- Dotey, joseph. iv. 259.

ward, to trade, is captured by Dotte. See doten.
d'aulney, and his vessel confiscated. Double brook, or shingle brook. iii.
vi. 521.


viii. 153. 156. Doughty, john, proctor of Oxford
Doctrines, early disputes about in university, expelled. vii. P. 53.
massachusetts. iv. 4—18.

Douglass, dr. William. i. 106, 107.
Dod, rev.
vii. P. 12

iv. 80. quoted. 230. 295.
Dodge, david. ï. 176.

Dove, thomas, bishop of peterbo-
Dodge, rev. ezekiel, of abington. vii. rough, silences five nonconformists

in one day, and fifteen in one day.
Dodge, rev. joshua, of haverhill, his vii. P. 51. 52.
ordination. iy. 147.

Dover, new hampshire. iv. 72. first
Dodge, william. viii. 45.



divisions at,
Dogrib indians. ii. 38.

caused by messrs. knollis and lark-
Dolame indians. ii. 38.

ham. vi. 362. declared to belong
Dominica, its donation to boston dur- to massachusetts. 372. petition
ing its port bill. ix. 164.

to become a part of massachusetts,
Donations to massachusetts historical granted ; description of. vii. 33.

society. ii. 285. iii. 292. iv. 304. longevity in. X. 180.
vii. 297. viii. 329. 332. ix. 369. Dover cliff. iii. 80.
X. 188.

Dow, phebe. x. 178.
Donations, list of those inade by dif- Downham, deacon. iv. 270.

ferent towns, states and individuals Downing, emanuel, brother-in-law to
to boston, during its port bill. ix. governour winthrop. iv. 198. vi.
158, and post.

431. defeats the accusation of sir
Dongan, thomas, lieut. governour of f. gorges and capt. mason, against

new york, confirms patent of nan- massachusetts. vii. P. 85.
tucket. iii. 34.

Downing, sir george. vii. 29.
Dorby, rev. jonathan, minister at Downs, samuel. X. 179.

scituate, notice of. iv. 235. 237. Dowse, edward. ii. 178.
Dorchester, england, settles cape ann. Dowse, joseph. ii. 178.

v. 106. which settlement is soon Drake, sir francis, his voyage. v. 27.
broken up. 107.

Drake, john, a patentee of new eng.
Dorchester, massachusetts.

i. (ix.)

land. v. 217.
church at, gathered ; described by Drakes, ordnance, origin of the word.
johnson. ii. 90. settled.

v. 134.

vii. P. 37.
135. 158. 186. 273. many of its Drew, capt. i. 79.
church go to connecticut.

273. Drew,

iv. 280.



v. 24.

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Drew, john, of wales, arrives at ply- undertakers. P. 2. removes to
iv. 280.

boston. P. 6. viii. 1. 19. 99. 101.
Drew, thomas. X. 180.

agent to d'aulney. vi. 494.
viii. 112.

missioner. 466.

magistrate of
Drinking healths disused in massachu- massachusetts. vii. 129. assistant.

setts. vii. P. 5.
Drinking, persons fined for. vii. P. Dudley, governour joseph. i. 161.

ii. 100. 106. 146. his letter froin
Drinkwater iron works. iv. 236.

sir ed. andros. 260. his letter to
Druce, dr. john, of wenham. ii. 157. dr. cotton mather respecting an
arrives at new uncommon tooth.

263. address
kent. i. 79. 80.

to. iv. 64. address of fellows of
Drunkenness punished. vii. P. 34. harvard college to. 64. sent to
63. 68. 93.

england to answer complaints made
Dry dock at charlestown, the first in by heirs of mason and gorges. vi.
the country. ii. 166.

614. viii. 197. and sixteen others
Duck river. ii. 15.

appointed by james ii. to govern
Duck manufactory, early at haverhill. massachusetts,

iv. 154.

maine and narraganset. 180. and
Duck hill. X. 62.

the other gentlemen, named in the
Dudley, capt. roger. vii. P. 12. king's commission as president and
Dudley, governour thomas. i. (xxix.) council, their letter from massa-

deputy governour of massachusetts. chusetts general court about the
ji. 87. iii. 124. 128. 132. iv. 2. breach of charter regarding taxa-
110. v. 109. 124. 128. 133. erects tion and representation, and ad-
a house at newton. 136. 140. 148. ministration of justice, &c. 179.
149. 236. 237. 259. vi. 499. 542. 181. 182.
vii. 12. 16. 190. his character; a Dudley, paul, agent of massachusetts
lawyer, brought up by judge nich- to treat with the five nations; his
ols; a captain in netherlands; memorandum of their numbers, etc.
steward to the earl of lincoln; viii. 243. 245.
principal founder of newtown, now Dudley, william. iv. 136.
cambridge. vii. P. 12. 13. 15. 21. Dudley pond. iv. 63.
27. 28. 30. chosen deputy gover- Duggin, capt.

ji. 239.
nour by the general court. Þ. 28. Duke of york. iii. 34.
his letter to the countess of lincoln, Dukesberry, or duxbury. iv. 2.
about the colony, and the proper Duke's county, description of. iii.
persons to come to it. P. 24. ap- 38.

history of.

79. marriages,
pointed to prophecy in boston. P. births and deaths at. 64. 65. its
25. 31. 32. 34. 35. 38. 58. erects census at various periods. 88. 89.
his house at newtown. P. 36. 60. its indians. 94. named. 85.
61. 63. 65. 66. 68. 69. 72. 85. 86. Dummer, richard. iii. 144.

v. 259.
91. 92. 93. reconciled to gover- vii. P. 61. sworn a freeman. P.
nour winthrop: P. 66. his narrow 72. viii. 44. 233.
escape from having his house at Dummer, rev. shubael, ordained at
newtown burnt, and his family york. vi. 608.
blown up by gun powder. P. 71. Dummer, jeremy, a thorough scholar.
viii. 6. 11. 14. 17. 20. four times i. 30.
governour of massachusetts ; first Dummer, lieut. governour william.
major general of massachusetts. iii. iii. 163. iv. 136.
128. vi. 373. vii. 53. governour. Dunbar,

vii. 123.
139. iv. 157. his views of toleration. Dunbar, simeon. vii. 160. 169.
172. 201. v. 168. 237. vi. 374. Dunbar, asa. vii. 169.
519. his death, character and Dunbar, col. viii. 154. 155.
epitaph. 552.

governour. vii. Dunbar, capt. lieut. viii. 156.
20. prince's advertisement, and P. Duncan, nathaniel, his learning ; au.
1. 3. 5. 6. 8. 20. one of the five ditor general. iv. 24.

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