All Teens Destined for Greatness

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2005 - 164 من الصفحات
All Teens Destined for Greatness! is a collection of twelve true-life stories about teens who made their own choices. Some ended up with total freedom, some with tragic endings. Regardless, all of them eventually used their testimonies to help change their youth culture for the better by bringing truth to their youth. Want to know what TRUE LOVE really is? Well, let Jacob tell you about meeting the love of his life in middle school. Jacob was a football player, wrestler, and weightlifter who married his first love. You will meet Tim, who was the head of the largest gang in North Florida. After becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, and crime, Tim turned his life around and became one of the greatest leaders of his youth culture. Sue really just wanted to be popular in high school. She was not only beautiful, but a great cheerleader who learned to party hard! Find out what she got that she never bargained for and how that affected her relationship with the man of her college dreams.--publisher.

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Ugly Ducking No More
The Masterpiece
She Was Only As Sick As Her Secrets
Jesus Knew
A Million to One
Inside Out
Finding Mr Right
Unique Design
What Now?
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