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de la Puebla de los Angelos. 4o. This is a treatise writ in defence of the Indians by the good bishop, and gives an account of their disposition and manners, in opposition to those that represented them as brutal, and scarce endued with reason. This, though it seems not a book of travels, being the manners and customs of strange nations, and by a traveller to those parts, very well deserves admittance among them.

Ethiopia oriental, e varia historia de cousas notaveis do oriente, do P. É. Joao dos Santos. Ebora, 1609, fol. It treats of the eastern parts of Afric, where the author, who was a Dominican, resided eleven years as a missioner, making his collections on the spot, which he after methodised in his own country.

Historia natural y moral de las Indias, por el P. Joseph de Acosta. Madrid, 1610, 40. This history is so well known and generally esteemed, that little needs be said of it; the universal character of it being better than what it can here receive, being the history natural and moral of the West Indies.

Description del nuevo orbe, y de los naturalez del, por el P. F. Luis Jeronymo de Ore. Lima, 1598, fol. The author was an American by birth, a great traveller in those parts, an able scholar, and of excellent natural parts; all which rendered him capable to write well upon this subject.

Description general de Africa, por Luis del Marmol Cararajal, 8 vols. fol. This is the fullest account extant of Afric, generally esteemed in all parts, and has been translated into French. The author being a slave at Morocco, there read and heard those accounts he afterwards published, of the interior parts of Afric which remain inaccessible to Christians. Thuanus and Ambrosius Morales, in their histories, commend this work.

Historia de Ethiopia, y

Historia de la orden de predicadores en Ethiopia, por F. Luis de Urreta, 2 vols. 4o. Both these generally condemned as fabulous, and particularly by F. Nicholas Godinho, in his book de Abyssinorum rebus.

Historia de las islas del Archipelago, China, Tartaria, Cochinchina, Malaca, Sian, Camboja; y Japon, por el P. Morcello de Ribadencira. Barcelona, 1601, 4o. This history of those eastern countries was collected there by the author, who travelled the greatest part of them as a missioner.

Relacion del nombre, sitio, plantas, &c. de regno de Sardenha, por el Dr. Martin Camillo. Barcelona, 1612, 4. This was a doctor of the civil law, who being sent by king Philip of Spain into Sardinia, to inspect all the courts there, travelled over the whole island of Sardinia, and took that opportunity to write this learned treatise of its name, situation, plants, conquests, conversion, fertility, towns, cities, and government.

Rclacion del Gocierno de los Quixos en Indias, 1608, 4?. An account of the province called Los Quixos in South America, writ by Dr. Peter de Castro Eorle of Lemos. What more to say of it I do not find.

Relacion de Philippinas, por el P. Pedro Chirino. Roma, 1604, 4o. The author of this account of the Philippine islands spent the greatest part of his life, and ended his days there, so that he was well acquainted with what he writ; but a great part of it consists of the actions of the Jesuits in those parts, he being of that society.

Primera parte de la Chronica de Peru, de Pedro Cieca de Leon. Antwerp, 1554, 8o. It treats of the limits and description of the provinces of Peru, the founding of cities, and the customs and manners of the Indians. Only this first part is extant, the other four, which the author promises, and were historical, having never been published; which is a great loss, for by the value of this first we may judge of the rest.

Historia da provincia de Santa Cruz, a que vulgarmente chamamos Brasil. The history of the province of Santa Cruz, vulgarly Brasil, by Peter de Magalhaens Gandavo. Lisbon, 1579, 4o. It is commended by Antonius Leo, in his Bibliotheca Indica.

Relacion dos reges de Persia y Ormuz, viage da India oriental a Italia por terra no anno de 1604. An account of the kings of Persia and Ormuz, and travels from India to Italy by land, in the year 1614, 4'. The author Peter Texeira, a Portuguese, who performed the journey,

Itinerario de las missiones orientales, con une sumaria relacion del imperio del gran Mogor. An account of the eastern missions, and of the empire of the Mogol. Rome, 1649,4°. Composed by Sebastian Manrique, of which we have no other particulars.

Cortas de D. Hernando Cortes Marque del Valle, de la conquista de Mexico, al emperador. The original letter writ by Cortes, the famous conqueror of Mexico, giving the emperor Charles the Fifth an account of his expedition. There is no need to speak of the value of such papers, than which nothing can be more authentic, as being the relation of a commander in chief to his sovereign.

Corta do P. Gonzalo Rodrigues do sua embaixado a Ethiopia, e do que la le sucedeo com o seu Rey Claudio. A letter giving an account of the embassy of F. Gonzalo Rodriguez, sent by the king of Portugal to the emperor of Ethiopia. It is to be seen in F. Nicholas Godinho de rebus Abyssinorum, lib. II. cap. 58.

Relacion del viage que hizieron los capitones Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, y Gonsalo de Nodal hermanos al descubrimento del Estreco Nuevo de S. Vincente, y reconocimiento del de Magalhancs. This is an account of a voyage performed by the two captains above-named to the straits of St. Vincent, which we call strait Le Mayre, and to view that of Magellan, in the years 1618 and 1619. Madrid, 1621, 4°. It is an exact journal of their voyage and observations whilst they were out, which was eleven months; and they were both able seamen, who had served the king many years.

Viage a la santa ciudad de Jerusalem, descripcion suya y de toda la Tierra Santa, y peregrinacion al monte Sinai, por el P. Bernardo Italiano. Naples, 1632,8. A journey to Jerusalem, the description of that holy city and country, and a pilgrimage to mount Sinai, performed by the author, a Franciscan friar.

Relacion de los sagrados lugares de Jerusalem, y toda la Tierra Santa. The author F. Blaze de Buiza, a Franciscan, and collector of the charity gathered to pay the Turks the tribute for the privilege of those holy places. It is a curious relation, printed at Salamanca, 1624, 8°.

Tratado de las drogas, y medicinas de las Indias orientales. Burgos, 1578, 4o.

Tratado d l viage de las Indias orientales y loque se navega por aquellas partes. Both these by Christopher da Costa, a native of Tangier, who spent many years in his travels in Afric and Asia, and was a doctor of physic, which enabled him to write that most excellent treatise first mentioned of these two, of the plants and drugs of the East Indies. The second is of the East India voyage,

and of those seas. Relazao da navigazao de Duarte Lopez a Africa, e Congo, no anno de 1578.

Or Lopez his voyage to Afric, and the kingdom of Congo, which is to be seen in Latin in Theodore de Bry's collection.

Viage de D. Fradrique Henriquez de Ribera a Jerusalem. Lisboa, 1580, 4o. This is a pilgrimage to Jerusalem performed by this nobleman, who was marquis of Tarifa, and spent two years in it, setting out in November, 1518, and returning in October, 1520, when he left this monument of his piety and ingenuity.

Peregrinacao de Fernan Mendez Pinto. Lisboa, 1614, fol. Pinto's travels in India, so fabulous that the general consent of the world has exploded them, though some few have taken the pains to defend those chimeras.

Viage que hizo a Jerusalem Francisco Guerero. Sevil, 1645. This is another pilgrimage to Jerusalem, by a demi-canon of the cathedral of Sevil, and can only be a repetition of what we see in the others above-mentioned.

Chorographia de alguns lugares que stam em hum caminho que Fez Gaspor Barreiras, o anno de 1516, de Badajoz em Cassel la ate Milan en Italia. Coimbra, 1561, 4o. The author gives an account of the places he passed through in his journey from Badajoz in Spain, to the city of Milan. But Andrew de Resende complains that he stole notes which he friendly communicated to him, and inserted them as his own.

Itincrario da India per terra ute Portugal, com a descripzao de Jerusalem. Lisboa, 1611, 4". This journey was performed and

book writ by F. Gaspar de Sa, a Portuguese Franciscan, being a journal of his travels from India to Portugal by land, and a description of Jerusalem ; but of this sort there are several, and this I do not find has any thing more remarkable above others.

Viage de Jeronimo de Santistevan de Genora por el Cairo a la India, y sa buelta a Portugal. A voyage by Jerome de Santistevan from Genoa by the way of Grand Cairo to India, and his return to Portugal. It is to be seen in Italian in the first volume of Ramusio's collection.

Itinerario de Esparca a las Philippinas, y de alli ala China, y buelta por la India oriental. This is a voyage round the world by F. Martin Ignatius de Loyala, a Franciscan, who took his way from Spain to America, thence to the Philippine islands, thence to China, and so round home by the East Indies. It is printed in F. John Gonzales de Mendoza's history of China, with the author's name to it, in the edition of the year 1585, but the name is left out in that of 1586.

Jornada da Terra Santa. Another Holy Land pilgrimage, by F. Nicholas Diaz, of the order of St. Dominic.

Itinerario da Terra Santa, e odas las suas particularidades. Another pilgrimage still to the Holy Land, by F. Pantaleo de Aveiro. Lisbon, 1593, 4°.

Relazao de Pedro Alvarez Cabral da sua navegazao a India oriental. This Cabral was the next after Gama sent by Emanuel king of Portugal into India ; and accidentally being drove thither by storms, discovered Brasil. This relation is to be seen in Italian in John Baptista Ramusio's collection.

Reluzao de Pedro de Cintra, dr sua navegarao a costa de Guinée, y a India. A voyage to the coast of Guinea and India, by Peter de Cintra, of which I find no more, but that it was translated into Italian by Aloisius Cadamustus.

Relazao do viage de Pedro Covillum de Lisboa a India per terra, e volta ao Cairo, 1587. This Covillam was one of the first sent from Portugal to discover India by land, before the way to it had been opened by sea; and this is the account of his travels thither, and back to Grand Cairo.

Viage que hizo a Jerusalem el P. F. Pedro de Santo Domingo, de la orden del mismo santo. This was a Dominican lay-brother, who

gave an account of his pilgrimage ; but enough of them. It was in the year 1600, and printed at Naples in 1604, 89.

Viage de Jerusalem de Pedro Gonzales Gallardo. Another Holy Land voyage, printed at Sevil, 1605, 8o.

Naufragio y peregrinacion en la costa del Peru, de Pedro Goreo de Victoria. This is an account of a shipwreck and travels in America by this Goveo in his youth; a book of no great fame, and therefore hard to find any account of it. Printed in 1610, 8.

Viage del mundo, por Pedro Ordonez de Zevallos, 4o. This though the author calls it the voyage of the world, only shows a piece of vanity, for it reaches no further than America, a part whereof the author saw, and writes of.

Relacion del voyage que hizo a la India Tomas Lopez, el anno de 1502. This voyage to India by Lopez is to be seen in Italian in Ramusio's collection.

Nuevo descubrimiento del gran Rio de las Amazonas. A new discovery of the great river of Amazons, by Christopher de Acuna, a Jesuit who went upon that expedition by order of the king of Spain. Madrid, 1641, 4°.

Relacion del voyage de los hermanos Nodales, de Diego Ramirez. This is a relation of the voyage made by the two brothers Bartholomew and Garcia de Nodal to the straits of Le Mayre; their own journal of this voyage was mentioned before, yet this relation is much commended by Anthony de Leon in his Biblioth. Ind. Occident. p. 91.

Relacion del naufragio de la nao Santiago, y itinerario de la gente, que della se salvo el anno de 1585. This is an account of a Portuguese ship cast away, and of the great sufferings of those that were saved. It is a very remarkable relation, and printed An. 1602, 8o.

Relacion del descubrimiento de las siete ciudades, de Fernando de Alarcon. The discovery of seven cities in North America, by Ferdinand de Alarcon. It is to be found in Italian in Ramusio's collection, vol. III.

Relacion del descubrimiento de las siete ciudades, de Francisco Vasquez Coronado. The discovery of the seven cities last mentioned by Coronado, and to be found in the same volume of Ramusio.

Tratado de las guerras de los Chichimecas. An account of those northern people in America, called Chichimecas, and the wars with them, by Gonzalo de los Casas, a native of Mexico, and lord of the province of Zanguitan in that country.

Relacion de lo sucedido a los padres de la compania de Jesus en la India Oriental y Japon en los anos 1600, 1601, 1607, y 1608. This account was first writ in Portuguese, and translated into Spanish, and has not very much but what relates to religious affairs.

Historia ecclesiastica del Japon desde del ano 1602, hosta el de 1621. This is an ecclesiastical history of Japan for those years above-mentioned, composed by F. James Collado, and printed at Madrid, An. 1623, in 4°. It was continued to the year 1622, by F. Jacintus Offanel, of the order of St. Dominic, as was the other.

Historia evangelica del regno de la China del P.F.Juan Baptista Morales. This history of China has been always in good repute; the author was a Dominican, and missioner first in Camboya, and

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