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captain escaped, and got ashore on the coast of Afric, of which he gives some account; thence he got over to Barbadoes, and thence into France.

Relation curieuse et nouvelle de Moscovie, contenant l'état de cet empire, 12. Paris, 1698. This account of Muscovy is composed by Mr. de Neuville, envoy from the king of Poland to the czar, who during his residence

there collected the best account of a way through Muscovy and Tartary to China, as convenient as any for travellers in Europe, which he says he was told by one that travelled it twice; but that the czar, at the request of the Dutch, has prohibited merchants trading that way.

Journal du voyage des grandes Indes, contenant tout ce qui s'y est fuit et passe par l'escadre de sa majesté, envoye sous le commandement de M. de la Haye, 12. Orleans, 1697. This is a voyage of the French fleet to the Indies in the year 1670: it describes Goa, and gives some account of these coasts, of taking the city of St. Thomas or Meliapor, and the losing it again to the Dutch and Infidels, with the return of the French.

Voyage d'Italie et de Grece, avec une dissertation sur la bi- . zarrerie des opinions des hommes, 129. Paris, 1698. This author set out from France in the year 1691, and gives such a description of the countries he passed through, and of the adventures that befel him, as renders it extremely diverting ; concluding, with a reflection upon the extravagant humours of men, whose behaviour he condemns in many particulars, which are rather pleasant and diverting than solid.' Journ. des Scay. vol. XXVI. p. 535.


SPANISH. Historia del Gran Tamorlan. Itinerario, y relacion de la emba rada que Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo le hizo por mandado del senor Rey D. Henrique tercero de Castilla. Sevil

, 1582, fol. This is the first Spanish book of travels, at least of any reputation, now extant, and is of no less than 300 years' antiquity; for though the book was published as above, the embassy was in the year 1 403, in which the author spent three years, saw a considerable part of Asia, following Tamerlan's camp, and besides what he saw during those years, had an ample account of all that mighty prince's wars : it is a book rare and of great value.

Comentarios do grande Al, honso de Albuquerque capitao general da India, collegidos por seu filho das proprias cortas, que

elle escrizio ao rey D. Manoel. Lisboa, 1576, fol.

This is a large relation of the actions of that great man, who was one of the first Portuguese conquerors of the East Indies; and a particular encomium of it is given by Anthony Ferreira in his poems.

Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeca de Vaca, y

Comentarios de Alvar Nunez Adelantado y governador de la provincia del Rio de la Plata. Valladolid, 1555, 4. The first

was writ by Alvar Nunez himself, wherein he gives an account of his shipwreck, and unparalleled sufferings in Florida. The second was composed by his order by Peter Fernandez, his secretary, and is an account of the province of the river of Plate, where he was governor: both curious and scarce.

Nuevo descubrimiento del gran Catayo, o reynos de Tibet en el anno de 1624. Madrid, 1627. It is writ by F. Anthony de Andrada, a Jesuit, who in it gives an account of his travels in the most remote eastern countries.

Verdadera description de la Tierra Santa como estava el anno de 1530. Alcala, 1531, 89. It is an exact account of the Holy Land at that time, writ by F. Anthony de Aranda, who travelled it all over as a pilgrim at that time.

El devoto peregrino viage de la Tierra Santa. Madrid, 1654, 4o. The description of the Holy Land, in a pious style, for the help of pilgrims, by F. Anthony del Castillo, a Franciscan ; who was superior of the monastery at Bethlehem.

Relacion de lo sucecido a los padres de la compania de Jesus en la India, y Japon, en los anos de 1630 y 1631. Valladolid, 4o. An account of the travels and actions of the Jesuits in India and Japan, by F. Antony Collaco.

Jornada de arcebispo de Goa D. F. Aleino de Meneses, &c. as serras de Malabar, et lugares em que moram os antigos Christaos de S. Thome. Coimbra, 1606, fol. It was writ by F. Antony de Gouve, of the order of St. Augustine, who treats very curiously of the inland parts of Malabar, and Christians of St. Thomas there.

Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos en las islas, y tierra firma del mar oceano, escrita por Antonio de Herrera. Madrid, 1615, 4 vols. fol. A most excellent and complete history of the discovery and conquest of America by the Spaniards, not omitting to mention the discoveries made at the same time by other nations. It reaches from Columbus's first discovery, an. 1492, till 1554, divided into four volumes, and those into eight decads, with a very just description of that vast continent.

Historia general de la India oriental, los descubriemientos y conquista que hon hecho los armos de Portugal en el Brasil, &c. hosta el ano de 1562. Valladolid, 1603, fol. This, though ancient, is the fullest account there was till that time of the Portuguese in the East Indies and Brasil, writ by F. Antony de S. Roman, of the order of St. Benedict.

Historia de la conquista espiritual de la provincia del Paraguay. Madrid, 1639, 4'. It is an account of the progress of the preaching Jesuits in that province, and written by one of them, who was rector of some colleges in that country.

Itinerario da India a Portugal per terra anno 1520. Coimbra, 1565, 16o. A journal of Antony Tenreiro's travels from India by land into Portugal. It was more rare in those days than now, yet there are good remarks to be found in it.

Viage desde Manila a la China. This voyage was performed by F. Augustin de Tordesillas, a Franciscan, but published by John Gonzales de Mendoza, An. 1585, being a voyage from the Philippine islands to China; which I have not seen, nor met with

any further account of it. Historia del descubrimiento, y conquista del Peru, de Augustin de Zarate. Sevilla, 1577, 89. The author was an examiner or controller of accounts in the king's household, and sent over to Peru to inquire into the king's revenue, during the rebellion in those parts, where he gathered materials for his history, which has always been in good esteem where known, as appears by its having been twice translated into Italian.

Historia da Ethiopia alta, do P. Baltasar Tellez, fol. He was a Portuguese Jesuit, who collected this history of Ethiopia from the writings of the Jesuits, who resided there. He is highly commended by D. Francisco Manoel in his epistles and his history, and no less by Georgius Cordosus in Agiologio.

Conquista de las islas Molucas, de Bartolome Leonardo de Argensola. Madrid, 1609, fol. This author was historiographer of the kingdom of Arragon, and the most accomplished master of the Spanish tongue in his time: so that his history is not only valuable for his excellent account of the Molucco islands, but for its language, wherein he has outdone most men. Manual

y relacion de las cosas del Peru, de F. Bernardino de Cardenas. Madrid, 1634, 4o. The author was a native of Peru, and bishop of Paraguay; so that his birth, education, and learning, qualified him to give a good account of that country.

Navigacion de oriente y noticias de la China, 1577, 8°. It is a short but ingenious treatise of the eastern voyages, and some affairs of China.

Historia de Yucatan, de Bernardo de Lizana. The author was a missioner in the province of Yucatan, whose history he writes, but intermixed with much devotion.

Historia de las cosas antiguas que los Indios usavan en su infidelidad, por F. Bernardino de Sahagun. This history treats of the idolatry, rites and ceremonies of the Indians, and of their government, laws, and politics. The same author also writ La Conquista, or the conquest of Mexico.

Historia verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva Espana, por Bernal Diaz del Castillo. fol. The author of this history of the conquest of Mexico, served in it under Cortes, from the beginning till the last; and therefore speaks as an eye-witness, having been in all the expeditions of note, and received what he could not be present at from those that were. He


he finished his work in the year 1568, but it was not published till some years after.

Relacion de las grandezas de Peru, Mexico, y los Angelos, de Bernardo de la Vega. Mexico, 1601, 8o. This is only a collec


tion of rarities in those parts, as the title imports. The author was canon of the church of Tucaman in South America.

Sitio naturaleza y propriedades de Mexico, de Diego de Cisneros, 1618. The author was physician to the marquis De Guadalcacar, viceroy of Peru, and gives a very good account of that place.

Decadas de Asia, de Joao de Barros. He finished three decades, in as many volumes, of the history of India; of which work the learned Nicholaus Antonius, in his Bibliotheca Hispana, p. 498, says it is a most complete work, which will last for ever to the honour of the compiler. His 4th volume and decade, which he left imperfect, was finished by John Baptist Labanha, historiographer to king Philip II. But after that James de Couto undertook to continue the history from the third decade, where Barros ended, and writ nine more; so that the whole work consists of twelve decades, but of these only seven have been printed at Lisbon.

Relaciones del Pegu, de Duarte Fernandez. Of this relation I find no further account.

Relacion de la provincia de Tucuman, de Fernando de Quintana. This relation is of good authority, and the author was one of the first that went over to inhabit that country.

Memorial y relacion las islas Philippinas, de Fernando de los rios Coronel. The author was a priest in good repute, and gives an account of the wealth, not only of the Philippine, but of the Molucco islands, representing at the same time what faults there are in the governments of those parts to be redressed.

Verdadeira informazao do Presse Joao das Indias, de Francisco Alvarez. Lisboa, 1540, fol. The author, a man of great probity, was sent by king Emanuel of Portugal into Ethiopia, with his ambassador Edward Galvao, and resided there six years, returning thence in the year 1533, and during his stay there had time to collect this historical account, in which he gives a description of the country, of its trade, and all things that happened there during the stay of the Portuguese.

Relazao dus provincias de Japan, Malabar, Cochinchina, 8c. do P. Francisco Cordim. The author was a Portuguese Jesuit, who had been in those parts; and his work was so well approved of, that it was thought worthy to be translated into French, and printed at Paris 1645.

IIistoria general de las Indias de Francisco Lopez de Gomara. This author wrote in a commendable style; but his history is of no credit, being full of false relations, as is made out by all other authors that write of those parts, some of whom were eye-witnesses of the things he misrepresents, and others received them upon much better information.

Conquista del Peru, por Francisco de Xeres. Salamanca, 1547, fol. The author was secretary to Francis Pizarro, the great discoverer and conqueror of Peru, and wrote this account of the conquest of that vast kingdom, as an eye-witness, which he

presented to the emperor Charles the Fifth.

Commentarios de los reges Incas del Peru. Lisboa, 1609, fol. Historia general del Peru, 1617, fol.

Historia de la Florida, y jornada que hizo a ella el governador Hernando de Soto. 1695, 4'. These three by Garcilaso de la Vega, who calls himself inca, as being the son of a Spaniard, who who was one of the conquerors of the kingdom of Peru, by an Indian woman of the imperial race of the incas, from whom he took that name. The history of the ancient incas he received from the natives, that of the actions of the Spaniards from his father and others, who had a share in them.

Trasado em que se contam muitopor estenso as cousas da China, e assi do regno de Ormus, pelo P. Gasparda Cruz. Ebora, 1569, 4o. The author, a Dominican friar, travelled as a missioner in India, Persia, and China, where he made his observations, and dedicated his work to king Sebastian of Portugal. Several authors of note make mention of him.

Historia general de las Indias. Salamanca, 1547, fol.
Historia del Estrecho de Magallones, 1552, fol.

Navigacion del Rio Marannon. These three by Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo, who, after many honourable employments in Spain, was sent governor of the city of Santo Domingo in Hispaniola, where he resided ten years, and compiled his history of the Indies mentioned in the first place, which he had divided into fifty books, whereof only nineteen are in the volume abovementioned; to which is added one called, Of Shipwrecks. The rest have not appeared, unless we allow his history of the straits of Magellan, the second here spoke of, to be his 20th book, which is published by itself. His account of the river Maranon is in the third volume of Ramusio's travels.

Tratado de la conquistu de las islas de Persia y Arabia, de las muchas gentes, diversas gentes, y estranas y grandes batallas que vio, por Juan Anzier. Salamanca, 1512, 4. The author, of whom we have no further account, assures he saw all he writes, which is all the character we can here give his work, but only that he treats of the conquest of the islands on the coasts of Arabia and Persia, and of several nations where he travelled, and the battles he was in.

Historia de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costumbres del gran regno de la China. Madrid, 1586, 8”. This history of the most remarkable things, and the customs and manners of China, was writ by F. John Gonzales de Mendoza, of the order of St. Augustin, who in the year 1580 was sent into China by king Philip the 2d of Spain, where he gathered the materials of his history, and composed it at his return.

Virtudes del Indio, de D. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, obispo

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