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Premier establissement de la foi dans la Nouvelle France. Par le P. le Clercq, missionaire, 2 vols. 12o. It is the complete history of Canada, or New-France, from the first discovery of it till this time, containing the discoveries, settling of colonies, conquests, and all other passages from those northern parts down to the gulph of Mexico, with the battles with the English and Iro quois, An. 1690. Journ. des Scav. vol. XX. p. 131.

Voyages en divers estats d'Europe et d'Asie, pour decouvrir un nouveau chemin a la Chine, 4. These travels were writ and performed by F. Avril, a Jesuit, who spent five years traversing Turkey, Persia, Muscovy, Poland, Prussia, Moldavia, and Tartary, and embarked in several seas to find out this way to China, to avoid the tedious voyage by the Cape of Good Hope and India. The relation is physical, geographical, hydrographical, and historical Journ. des Scav. vol. XX. p. 187.

Les arentures de Jaques Sadeur dans la decouverte, et le toyage de la Terre Australe, 120. This is a very extraordinary account of Terra Australis incognita, infinitely exceeding all that has been writ of it by others; the author being cast upon that country after the loss of the ship he was in, and living thirty years among those savages. He therefore treats of the manners of the people, their religion, employments, studies, wars, of the birds and beasts, and other rarities. Journ. des Scav. vol. XX. p. 256.

Voyages historiques de l'Europe, 8 vols. 12°. The first of these volumes treats only of France; the second of Spain and Portogal; the third of Italy; the fourth of England, Scotland, and Ireland; the fifth of the Seven United Provinces; the sixth of the empire; the seventh of Muscovy; the eighth of Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. These volumes are travels into the most considerable parts of Europe, and contain abundance of singularities not observed by other travellers and writers. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXI. p. 93, 95, 976.

Relation du voyage, et retour des Indes orientales, pendant les années 1690, 1691, par un garde de la marine servant sur le bord de M. Duquesne, commandant de l'Escadre, 12°. It has many curious observations during the voyage outward and homeward bound, and an account of all places the squadron touched at. Journ. des Scav, vol. XXI. p. 177.

Les voyages du sieur le Maire aur isles Canaries, Cape Verde, Senegal, et Gambie, 120. In this are many particulars of those African countries, little known, and scarce to be found in other travellers. Journ. des Scav, vol. XXIII. p. 364.

Nouvelle relation de la Chine, en l'année 1668, par le R. P. Gabriel d: Magaillans, de la compagnie de Jesus, só. This was originally writ in Portuguese, and ought to have been among the travels in that language, had we any number of them. It was thought worth translating into French first, and from that into English, but was never printed in its original language. It has

A Lyon.

the reputation of an exact and faithful account. Hist. des Ouvrages des Scav. vol. II. p. 203.

Relation universelle de l’Afrique ancienne et moderne, par le sicur de la Croix, 12o. 4 vols. Besides the chronology and geography, it has the customs, manners, religion, trade, plants, and other particulars of the continent

and islands, and what the king of France has done against the Barbary corsairs. An. 1688.

Le bouclier de l'Europe, contenant des avis politiques et chretiens, &c. Avec une relation de voyages faits dans la Turquie, la Thebaide, et la Barbarie. Par le R. R. Jean Coppin, 4o. This father was first a soldier, then consul for the French nation at Damietta in Egypt, and lastly, a religious man. The design of his work is to stir up christian princes to make war on the Turk, and accordingly his first and second books are taken up in showing of how great consequence that war is, the methods of managing it, the causes of the rise and decay of the Ottoman empire, and much more to that effect. In the following books he proceeds to his travels; first in Egypt, where he has many curious observations not to be found in other travellers, but more particularly, in that he took the pains to travel the great desert of Thebaida, where few besides him have been in these latter times; and this is the subject of his third and fourth books. The fifth treats of Barbary, Phænicia, and the Holy Land: and the work concludes with an cxact description of the city Damietta, where he resided some years. His relation is faithful, and deserves all credit, especially in those things he delivers as an eye-witness. It was published at Paris in the year 1686. Biblioth. Univers. vol. V. p. 103.

Journal, ou suite du voyage de Siam, en forme de lettres familieres, fait en 1685 et 1686, par Monsieur l'Abbé de Choisi, 8o. It is the third account of the French enibassadors sent to Siam; Monsieur de Chaumont, and P. Tachard, both before-mentioned, being the two others. It contains an exact journal of that voyage, has all the sea-terms, much of the same as F. Tachard, and several other remarks. He treats of the war in Bantam, of the island of Java, of Batavia, the power of the Dutch in India, of Siam, Tonquin, Cochin-china, &c Biblioth.Univers.vol. VI.p. 274.

Histoire naturelle et politique du royaume de Siam, par Monsieur Gervaise, 1688. 4. The author lived four years at the court of Siam, and affirms nothing but what he saw, or found in the best books of that country, as also by discourse by the best people there. He says little or nothing of what has been mentioned by other travellers to Siam, and adds much, which they, as being only passengers, could not observe. The work is divided into four parts: the first contains the description of the country; the second the laws, customs, manners, and government of that

p. 516.

nation; the third the religion; the fourth speaks of the king, royal family and court. Biblioth. Univers. vol. X.

Relation nouvelle et exacte d'un voyage de la Terre Sainte, oti description de l'etat present des lieux, se sont passées les princi. pales actions de la vie de Jesus Christ. Paris, 1688. 8°.' This is a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and therefore writ in a religious style, and contains an account of all the holy places in Pa lestine, and description of Malta ; and is a good guide for such as desire to travel into those parts.

Voyages de M. de Thevenot, en Asie et en Afrique. Paris, 1689. 3 vols. 120. It is to be observed, that whereas before mention is made of Thevenot's travels, that is a collection of other men, as appears there, but these are M. Thevenot's own travels, divided into three parts; the first of the eastern countries under the Turk; the second continues other eastern parts, proceeding towards Persia ; and the third the East-Indies. It is one of the most curious and exact works of this nature hitherto published, and well deserving to be read by all that are curious of travels. Biblioth. Univers. vol. XIII.


246. Voyages d'Amerique, histoire des aventurieres qui se sont signalez dans les Indes, &c. Par Alexander Olivier Oexmelin. Paris, 1688. 2 vols. 12°. This was a surgeon sent over in the service of the French West-India Company, and sold in America, where he lived several years. The author of the Biblioth. Univers. gives a great character of this work, and says, no man has yet given so good an account of the manner of living in those parts, besides very good descriptions, and all that is requisite in such a work; of which see more in the said Biblioth. Univers. vol. XVIII. p. 129.

Nouveau voyage d'Italie fait en l'année 1688, avec un memoire contenant des avis utiles à ceux qui voudront faire le meme voyage. A la Haye, 1691, 2 vols. 12°. Par Monsieur Misson. This author gives a general account of all things observable in Italy, and therefore is the more diverting. He begins his travels in Holland, of which he gives a short account, then crossing Germany and Tirol, he runs down Italy by the Adriatic shore, and returns on the other side through Tuscany, Genoa, Piedmont, Swisserland.

Voyage en divers etats d'Europe et d'Asie, entrepris pour decouvrir un nouveau chemin à la Chine. Par le P. Avril. Paris, 1693. 12°, The first book contains the author's travels from Marseilles to Erivan in Persia; the second from Erivan to Mos cow; in the third he gives an account of Tartary, but it was such as he received from others, for he was not in that country; and in the fourth, of his return to Poland, thence to Constantinople, and thence for want of health to France. Biblioth. Univers. vol. XXIV. p. 203.

Histoire de la revolution de Tempire du Mogol. Par Monsieur F. Bernier, 8o. This history of the revolution of the empire of the Mogul, contains the whole account of Aurenge Zeb dethroning his father, with all the intrigues and wars on that account; the description of Agra and Delhi, capital cities of that empire, many particulars of that court, the doctrines, customs, &c. of the Indians, the Mogul's journey to Cachemire, and many other curious observations made by the author in his travels in that country.

Relation d'un voyage en la Mauritanie. Par le Sieur Roland Frejus, 8o. · The author of this voyage into Mauritania was sent by the king of France's order, in the year 1666, to settle trade in the kingdom of Fez, and gives a very just, though brief account of his voyage and negotiation. There is added to it a letter of Monsieur Charant, who lived twenty-five years in Suez and Morocco, giving an account of the religion, manners, trade, &c. of those people.

Voyages en Asie, Afrique, et l'Amerique. Par Monsieur Jean Mocquet, 8o. See this

See this among the English, 8o. Voyage par Monsieur du Quesne aux Indes en 1691 et 1692, &c. See more of this among the English, 8.

Voyages historiques et curieux en Allemagne, Boheme, Suisse, Holland, &c. de Monsieur Charles Patin, 8o.

See this among the English.

Voyages aux Indes, de Dellon. 2 vols. 12.

Histoire de la Chine sous la domination des Tartares. Par le P. Greslon de la comp. de Jesus, 8o. Paris, 1672. We have here a succinct history of China from the year 1651 till 1669, delivered by a missioner resident there many years; his principal subject is the astronomy of China, which gained the first admission to the missioners; of which, and all its parts, and how used and practised there, he treats very ingeniously and learnedly. Giorn. de Letter.

Voyage du Levant. Par Monsieur de Loir, 12. A voyage to the Levant, in ten letters, containing all things remarkable in the islands of the Archipelago, Ephesus, Smyrna, Constantinople, Scutari, Negropont, Greece, the Morea, and all the coasts to Venice; in which are all the ancient and modern names of places, and what authors have said of them, compared with what was when the author travelled. A work no less learned than curious. Giorn, de Letter. An. 1673.

Voyage d'Angleterre, par Monsieur Sorbierre, 12°. This account of England is not methodical, but contains some observations worth reading.

Relation universelle de l'Afrique ancienne et moderne, par le Sieur de la Croix, 4 vols. 12°. Lyon, 1688. This is the fullest and



most perfect account yet extant of that great part of the world, being a judicious and laborious collection of all the best that has been writ on the subject. Giorn. de Letter. An. 1689.

Histoire de l'isle de Ceylon, par le capitaine Jean Ribeyro, traduite du Portugais en François, 12. Paris, 1701. This short history of Ceylon, though writ originally in Portuguese, and published in the year 1685, is here inserted in the French translation, because the translator Mr. le Grand has added to it several chapters, collected from the best authors that have writ of that island. It is divided into three books: the first is the description of the island, its government, religion, product, &c.: the second treats of the wars there between the Portuguese, the natives, and the Dutch: and the third, of the errors the Portuguese committed in their conquests of India, and the power of the Dutch in those parts. Journ. des Scav, vol. XXIX. p. 389.

Nourcuu memoires sur l'estat present de la Chine, par le P. Louis le Comte, 2 vols. 12o. Paris, 1696. F. le Comte's memoirs of China have appeared in English ; they have abundance of very remarkable passages and singular curiosities, and have been too much talked of to require much to be said of them. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXV. p. 58.

Dernieres discouvertes dans l'Amerique septentrionale de Monsicur de la Sale, miscs au jour par Monsicur le Chevalier Tonti, gorerneur du fort S. Louis aux Islinois, 12". Paris, 1697. This is an account of a vast discovery in North America, being the whole length of the river Mississipi, from the French plantations in Canada down to the gulph of Mexico to the southward, and from the same plantation to the source of the said river northwards. Journ. des Scav, vol. XIV. p. 311.

Relation d'un voyage fuit on 1696 et 1697, aux costes de l'./frique, detroit de Magellan, Brezil, Cayenne, et islis Antilles, par le Sicur Froger. This is a relation of an expedition of six French ships fitted out during the war with Spain in those years: it is looked upon as very faithful, and adorned with a great number of maps and cuts of all sorts. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXVI. p. 164.

Memuirs du Chevalier Beaujeu, contenant divers toifuges en Pologne, Allemagne, et en Hongrie, 12. Paris, 1679. The author of these memoirs having travelled in Poland, Germany, and Hungary, undertakes to rectify many mistakes in the maps, as to distances of places: he gives a particular account of these countries; and most especially of Poland, and all things relating to it. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXVI. p. 281.

Relation du voyage du Sieur de liontauban capitaine des Flibustiers en Guinée, dans l'année, 1695. This was a privater voyage, which ended in the blowing up the ship; but so that the

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