The Narrative of a Mission to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Somers Islands: With a Tour to Lake Ontario. To which is Added, The Mission, an Original Poem, with Copious Notes. Also, a Brief Account of Missionary Societies, and Much Interesting Information on Missions in General

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J. Johns, 53, St. Aubyn-street; sold also by Thomas Kaye, 42, Castle-street, Liverpool; Baynes, Paternoster-row; Williams and son, Stationer's court; Burton and Briggs, 156, Leadenhall-street; Booth, Duke-street, Manchester-square; Blanchard, City-road, London; and at all the Methodist preaching houses in town and country., 1816 - 289 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 135 - Who is among you that feareth the Lord, That obeyeth the voice of his servant, That walketh in darkness, and hath no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord, And stay upon his God.
الصفحة 129 - Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck up, even this whole land. And seekest thou great things for thyself? seek them not: for, behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the Lord : but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest.
الصفحة 70 - Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.
الصفحة 55 - Devotion alone should have stopped me, to join in the duties of the congregation ; but I must confess, that curiosity to hear the...
الصفحة 141 - ... laws, to be just, must give a reciprocation of right: that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force and not in conscience: and it is a problem which I give to the master to solve, whether the religious precepts against the violation of property were not framed for him as well as his slave? And whether the slave may not as justifiably take a little from one, who has taken all from him, as he may slay one who would slay him...
الصفحة 1 - The groans of nature in this nether world, Which heaven has heard for ages, have an end. Foretold by prophets, and by poets sung Whose fire was kindled at the prophets' lamp, The time of rest, the promised sabbath, comes.
الصفحة 55 - His peculiar phrases had that force of description that the original scene appeared to be, at that moment, acting before our eyes. We saw the very faces of the Jews ; the staring, frightful distortions of malice and rage. We saw the buffet; my soul kindled with a flame of indignation, and my hands were involuntarily and convulsively clenched.
الصفحة 93 - I venerate the man, whose heart is warm, Whose hands are pure, whose doctrine and whose life Coincident exhibit lucid proof That he is honest in the sacred cause.
الصفحة 162 - And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul's neck, and kissed him, sorrowing most of all for the words which he spake, that they should see his face no more.
الصفحة 34 - Happy, if with my latest breath I may but gasp his name ; Preach him to all, and cry in death, "Behold, behold the Lamb!

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