The Poetical Works of George Herbert

الغلاف الأمامي
G. Bell and sons, 1891 - 403 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 94 - The indorsement of supreme delight, Writ by a friend, and with his blood ; The couch of time ; care's balm and bay ; The week were dark, but for thy light. Thy torch doth show the way.
الصفحة 11 - Be thrifty, but not covetous : therefore give Thy need, thine honour, and thy friend his due. Never was scraper brave man. Get to live ; Then live, and use it : else, it is not true That thou hast gotten. Surely use alone Makes money not a contemptible stone.
الصفحة 71 - Must all be veiled, while he that reads, divines, Catching the sense at two removes? Shepherds are honest people ; let them sing : Riddle who list, for me, and pull for Prime : I envy no man's nightingale or spring ; Nor let them punish me with loss of rhyme, Who plainly say,
الصفحة 156 - Go seek elsewhere. I did; and going did a rainbow note: Surely, thought I, This is the lace of Peace's coat: I will search out the matter. But while I look'd, the clouds immediately Did break and scatter. Then went I to a garden, and did spy A gallant flower, The Crown Imperial: Sure, said I, Peace at the root must dwell.
الصفحة xix - Nethersole ; the first was not long after made Secretary of State ; and Sir Francis, not very long after his being orator, was made Secretary to the Lady Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia. In this place of orator, our George Herbert continued eight years, and managed it with as becoming and grave a gaiety as any had ever before or since his time. For he had acquired great learning, and was blest with a high fancy, a civil and sharp wit, and with a natural elegance, both in his behaviour, his tongue, and...
الصفحة xviii - ... and so much under her own eye, as to see and converse with him daily : but she managed this power over him without any such rigid sourness, as might make her company a torment to her child, but with such a sweetness...
الصفحة 78 - Teach me thy love to know ; That this new light, which now I see, May both the work and workman show : Then by a Sunbeam I will climb to thee. SIN. O THAT I could a sin once see ! We paint the devil foul, yet he Hath some good in him, all agree. Sin is flat opposite to th' Almighty, seeing It wants the good of virtue, and of being.
الصفحة 81 - To sever the good fellowship of dust, And spoil the meeting. What shall point out them, When they shall bow, and kneel, and fall down flat To kiss those heaps, which now they have in trust?
الصفحة xvii - London to obtain my wardship for his and her use jointly, which he obtained. Shortly after I was sent again to my studies in Oxford, where I had not been long but that an overture for a match with the daughter and heir of Sir William Herbert, of St.
الصفحة 87 - MY God, a verse is not a crown, No point of honour, or gay suit, No hawk, or banquet, or renown, Nor a good sword, nor yet a lute. It cannot vault, or dance, or play ; It never was in France or Spain ; Nor can it entertain the day "With a great stable or domain.

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